Cousins Reunion Ch. 06

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Chapter 06: Mira

I had come to visit Kay for what purpose? I wasn’t sure anymore. Tie up loose ends? Create new loose ends? Or, just like most guys, just to see if I could get more pussy? Even though it was my cousin’s pussy? We are a sad lot. Guys will do just about anything to get laid. Maybe I had come with good or even not so good intentions, but my cousin sure had an agenda of her own. That agenda was to fuck me. I think now, I clearly can admit that my agenda in visiting my cousin after all these years was to see if my underlying desires could be fulfilled.

Case closed. The desire, the want, the lust were obviously there for both of us. Kay was taking me places I had only fantasized about before. She was rapidly becoming an obsession. We wanted to fuck all the time. I think we truly, wanted, needed and loved each other; but there was also a component of pure lust. Lust so powerful I was afraid I was losing control. We were taking dangerous chances. What was I going to do? What were we going to do? I knew I could not give Kay up now that we were together again. My need was too great. I was scheduled to leave in two days. We needed to make the most of our remaining stime.

I found Kay in the kitchen making coffee. I boldly put my arms around her and fondled her breasts. “Where’s Parker?”

“He’s taking a nap. That’s pretty much his pattern. He fucks or masturbates then falls asleep.”

I turned Kay around, pulled her into me, feeling her breasts press against my chest. We kissed. Our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, we tasted and enjoyed the interplay of our lips and tongues.

“Any plans?” I asked after coming up for air.

“No. None. What would you like to do?”

“Play like Parker isn’t here.”

“But he is.”

“I know.”

“I love you.”

“I know.”

“That’s it?”



“I want you.”

Silence. We held each other. I listened to Kay breath. I felt her breasts move against my chest. I felt her warmth against my skin. I wanted her with me. What were we going to do?

“I leave in two days.”

“I know.”

“I miss you already.”

“I miss you too.”

“Come with me.”

“Jay, we can’t.”

“I know.”

Those words were on my mind as I crawled into bed. I was exhausted. The day had been both physically and mentally draining, pun not intended. Only two more days. Thank God we had that left.

I was drifting off or had already fallen asleep when I realized I wasn’t alone. Kay was snuggling beside me, her arm across my chest, her face nuzzled against my neck and shoulder.

“Mmmm. This is a pleasant surprise.”

“I just wanted to tell you that Parker is leaving early in the morning for Denver and won’t be back until the weekend. We’ll have the next two days alone. I want to make the most of them.” Kay kissed me, gave my cock a squeeze, and left.

I fell asleep with the pleasant thought of having my cousin to myself for two days.

The rich aroma of coffee wafting through the house greeted me as I stirred and wakened. I had my usual morning hard-on and full bladder. I went and relieved myself, with difficulty I might add, because of the intensity of my erection. My cock immediately started wilting after emptying my bladder.

I put on my cut-off sweats, a t-shirt and headed out to the kitchen. Parker was there, dressed, with a cup of coffee and the paper. “Good morning Parker.”

“Morning Jay. How’d you sleep?”

“Good thanks. This mountain air has done wonders for me. I feel great.”

“Glad to hear that. How are you and my wife getting along?”

“Very well. It has been fun getting to know each other again. I wish I could stay longer.”

“Well, I know Kay has enjoyed entertaining you. She has been nothing but smiles and in a good mood since you got here. You are obviously very compatible. What do you guys have on the agenda today?”

“I don’t have a clue. Kay has been the boss. I just follow her lead.”

“Yeah. That sounds illegal bahis like Kay. Well, I gotta go finish getting ready to go. I’ll say bye before I take off.”


Kay breezed in as Parker walked out. Parker just nodded at Kay. When Kay spotted me, her face broke out in a huge smile as she said good morning. She ran to me, sat in my lap, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

“Miss me?”

I kissed her back, reached under her robe, greeted, not by a nightgown, but by a warm naked breast ready to be fondled and caressed. I pulled back from the kiss, smiled and asked, “What do you think my little vixen?”

“Ah, yes, I think you did,” she replied as she squirmed in my lap feeling my cock hardening and twitching against her ass through the thin fabric of her robe. “I’m glad to feel I didn’t permanently wear you out. You seem to be ready for another day.”

I chuckled as she stood up. I admired her behind as she walked across the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee. She turned and leaned against the counter taking a sip. The edges of her robe fell apart, revealing her nakedness, the beauty of her body amazing me again. The full breasts, the curve of her waist, the flat of her belly leading down to the dark trimmed thatch that pointed the way to the puffy lips of her pussy, between her gorgeous legs, crossed at the ankles as she lounged against the counter relishing my attention.

We heard Parker coming down the hallway. Kay slowly stood up and lazily pulled her robe about herself as Parker walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t stand up because my now erect cock would be almost impossible to hide.

“I have to be off. Sorry I won’t be here to see you off Jay. Glad you and Kay could spend so much time together. I’ll call later Kay. You guys have fun.”

And with that, he was on his way.

Kay came back to the kitchen after walking him to the front door and seeing him out. Her robe again open, her lovely breasts exposed to my hungry eyes.

“Did I mention that my best friend Mira is coming over this morning?”

“No. But hey, no problem, I’ll just work out while you two are doing whatever you do.”

“That is what we do. Work out together. Actually, we do almost everything together.”

“Do you want me to just disappear for awhile?”

“No. We can just all work out together. She has been very anxious to meet you.”

“Anxious? “

“Yes. I talk to her almost every day. We don’t really have any secrets. She knows pretty much all there is to know about you, and us.”

“Jesus Kay. This is going to be a bit embarrassing. She knows about us in the sense of our relationship years ago? And now?”

“Yes.” I’m sorry. We are so close that it is natural for me to share my happiness with her. Are you mad?”

“Yes, no, I don’t know. It is just going to take some getting used to.”

“I guarantee, with Mira, it won’t take you long. You’ll see. You’ll love her like I do in no time?

“OK, if you say so. I’m going to go down a start working out. Guess I’ll see you in a bit.”

I took my coffee and headed down to the gym. I tuned on the news, on the small flat panel TV attached to the elliptical. I had worked up a good sweat when Kay, and I assumed Mira, came in. I stepped off the machine to say hi to the petite blond woman with Kay.

Kay introduced us. “Mira, Jay. Jay, Mira.”

“Jay, I feel like I know you already,” she said with a large welcome grin as she bounded over to me and gave me a big hug and a smack on the mouth.”

“Well hello to you too, Mira,” I stammered looking over at Kay who also had a big grin on her face. “I feel somewhat at a disadvantage.”

“Good. I always like having the advantage. She gave me another quick hug and said, “let’s change Kay,” and with that the two went into the change room.

I got back on the elliptical and resumed catching up on the news.

A few minutes later, the two emerged, Kay again in a brief thong bikini. My eyes were drawn to Mira, also wearing illegal bahis siteleri a brief thong bikini. Mira is shorter than Kay by two or three inches, short blond hair cut in a wedge style cut. Beautiful skin, well tanned with no tan lines that I could see. She has small breasts, but well proportioned for her size. As they walked by, I was able to see her bare bottom, tight and smooth just like Kay’s. Mira looked over her shoulder and caught me staring at her ass. She smiled without a trace of self-consciousness.

They went to a mat and began doing a yoga type routine that looked well practiced; they had obviously done it many times together. I was mesmerized. I was barely moving anymore as I watched their synchronized movements. They started in a seated almost lotus like position. Their eyes closed, I could tell they were calming themselves. Their breathing was coming into concert, both in timing and depth. As one, they stretched out with their arms and began a routine that stretched and exercised each joint of their body repeating each motion five times. They went from sitting to lying on their back to sitting and finished standing with a series of poses that were very erotic. My penis had been slowly swelling between my legs as I watched these two beautiful women performing before me, nearly naked. Their bodies flexed and turned before me, their muscles working underneath flawless skin covered with a sheen of sweat. Breasts moving freely under the small pieces of fabric as their torsos bent, leaned and twisted with slow and fluid movements. Their crotches often exposed, camel toes clearly evident, the material of the thong disappearing between their lovely butt cheeks.

God, I was getting turned on. They finished after about twenty minutes. They walked over to a massage table in the corner of the room I had not noticed yesterday. Kay stripped off her suit and lay down on her stomach. Mira proceeded to give Kay a very thorough and professional looking message. After finishing with Kay’s back, including a very thorough message of Kay’s tight bottom, Mira gave her a slap on the butt. Kay rolled over and Mira continued the message on Kay’s anterior side, finishing with a very gentle and tender message of Kay’s breasts. Jesus, it was so erotic. As Mira was finishing, Kay looked over and saw me watching. She glanced at my crotch and smiled, obviously seeing the large bulge in my shorts.

“Jay’s turn. I think he could use a good massage.”

Mira looked at me and said, “OK, come on over Jay.”

“Ummm, I…,” I stammered.

“It’s OK. Come on over,” Mira said.

I walked over and moved to lie down when Kay’s hands reached out and stopped me by catching my shorts, pulling them down, and having me step out of them. I must have been blushing furiously. Kay smiled and nodded at the table and I quickly laid face down and quickly rearranged my semi-erect member below me. Kay placed a towel across my ass.

“Just relax and enjoy Jay,” said Mira. “I do this for a living.” And with that, her warm hands touched my skin and she proceeded to give me the most wonderful massage I had ever had. It was deep, firm, probing, thorough and never painful. I was drifting into a trance like state. Not asleep, but relaxed and separate. I didn’t really notice the towel being removed, but I was now acutely aware that she was massaging my butt. Her warm strong fingers were working their magic on my gluteal muscles. I drifted back into that trance like state thoroughly enjoying Mira’s touch.

The gentle slap on my bottom signaled that Mira was ready for me to turn. My erection was now gone. I was totally relaxed and comfortable. I rolled over without hesitation looking forward to equal time on my anterior side. Mira place a hand towel over my penis and balls then continued with the massage. She slowly worked my arms, shoulders and neck. Then continued down my chest and abdomen. My legs and thighs were last. She pushed lightly against my inner thighs. I obligingly moved my legs further apart to give her freer canlı bahis siteleri access to my inner thighs. Slowly and methodically, she worked up from my feet to upper thighs where her fingers would brush against my flaccid penis and and my loosely hanging balls.

Kay called over from the sauna, “Come on you guys. Enough already. Let’s finish up with a few minutes in the sauna.”

Mira patted me on the thigh signaling she had finished.

I roused from my trance. “Mira, that was fantastic. I don’t think I have ever felt so totally relaxed and at peace. You have an incredible touch. Thank you so much.”

She smiled. “You are very welcome. Let’s go join Kay.”

I stood up a glanced over toward the sauna in time to see Kay walk in, still nude, and see Mira shed her bikini before following. The hand towel covering my penis had fallen to the floor. I picked it up and tossed it in the hamper, walked over to the sauna, took a deep breath and joined my nude cousin and her also nude best friend.

Mira scooted over to make room for me between them. They both were sitting on the lower bench, lounging back against the upper bench. I mimicked their posture. Their eyes were closed, faces relaxed, both looking totally at peace. I admired their forms. Kay’s breasts creamy white against a tanned body. Her dark pubic hair was highlighted by the surrounding white skin left by the bikini bottoms. Mira’s breasts are smaller than Kay’s, but just as beautifully shaped. Dark nipples disappeared into a dark tan covering her entire body, no tan lines visible. Her blond neatly trimmed pubic hair contrasting erotically with her dark skin.

My unabashed voyeurism was having consequences. My penis was filling with blood, it was no longer hanging flaccidly between my legs. It was growing heavier, stiffer and beginning to rise up across my thigh. I shifted trying to keep it down between my legs. Kay opened her eyes, saw my predicament and chuckled as she reached over and patted my thigh.

“Something come up Jay?”

“Very original Kay. I am kinda having some trouble here. Sorry.”

“No trouble at all is it Mira?”

“No, I agree. We suspected this would be the course of events. Kind of going according to plan.”

I was somewhat confused. Kay’s hand continued across my thigh, came in contact with and grasped my still engorging penis. She was gently stroking it to its full erect length when to my surprise I saw Mira reaching for and taking my balls in her hand. Both were sitting up and leaning forward, their breasts hanging from their chests. Kay removed her hand from my cock. Mira slid here hand from my balls, up my shaft and cupped the head of my painfully hard dick in her palm. Kay placed her hand on the base of my cock below Mira’s hand. They both stoked my sweat covered shaft. My hips were pumping into their grasping hands. I watched their breasts sway and ripple with the quickening movements of their arms.

A guttural moan rose from deep within my chest as I climaxed. Thick streams of sperm erupted from my cock and spurted onto my chest and stomach. Contraction after intense contraction forced thick semen from my body spreading waves of pleasurable sensations through my body.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Mira. “You weren’t exaggerating about his beautiful cock and forceful ejaculations. So much cum.”

Kay continued to milk the thick white seed from my member. It oozed out onto Mira’s hand. My breath was ragged and quick as my orgasm subsided.

I now realized that Kay had shared everything about our intimacies with Mira, both past and present. She was also now sharing me.

“Kay, you could have warned me that Mira knows about us. You might have discussed with me including her in our intimacies.”

“I know, but you know me, I much prefer the unexpected. I just thought it would be more fun and exciting this way. Forgive me?”

“Of course. You know I’ll do anything for you and now for Mira also, I suppose.”

“Good. I new you would love Mira. And you will love her even more I promise. Let’s all go take a shower and then get some breakfast.”

Kay led the way. We took our time lathering and washing each other very thoroughly in the oversized shower stall. Tits, asses, pussies and and one penis had never been so clean.

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