Cousin Maggie Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: The Morning After

I slept like a baby. That surprised me on several counts. First, I hadn’t slept with a woman beside me in nearly 3 years – since the end of my marriage. Second, the woman sleeping next to me was a blond bombshell who made Cindy Crawford look like the checkout girl at the local Food Lion. Finally, she was my mentally disadvantaged cousin Maggie whom from nearly the moment I picked her up at her group home to drive her to her mom’s house in Buffalo – I had been taking sexual advantage of her!

I’d used her as a dinner plate and as a urinal and as the oral receptacle of 2 loads of my hot thick spunk. Flipside, I did buy her a slice of pizza and did spread her legs wide and lick for all I was worth! Then, there’s this nice motel room I rented and the drive I was giving her….

OK, I may be an asshole, but just hours ago – Maggie told me that she loved me! I didn’t respond to her, in return – maybe that confirms my being an asshole or maybe that shows my sensitivity. Either way, I slept just fine.

I normally wake every day at 3 AM. That gives me time before going to the tedious paying job to work on writing projects – my true love. Of course, the bladder starts to feel full right about then, so it’s always a good time to start the day. Being on vacation didn’t matter to my body – it still woke up at the usual time for the usual reason.

I tried to move Maggie’s head off my chest without waking her up. She woke instantly. “Where are you going?” she asked.

Not far, I thought looking down at her perfectly rounded ass which I still hadn’t slipped my dick into. I may have used her somewhat, but I hadn’t actually fucked her…yet. “I have to get up to piss.” I told her.

“No you don’t,” Maggie replied and slid herself down to where her mouth was in line with my half erect cock, “I’m thirsty” she said just before putting the dick in her mouth and making an airtight seal. So, I peed. I drained my bladder entirely into my cousin Maggie’s mouth – who didn’t miss a single drop. 3 o’clock piss taken care of and I didn’t have to move an inch. Maggie crawled back up where she’d been snuggling and sleeping and gave me a fragrant Gaziantep Escort İlanları warm salty kiss before putting her head back on my chest. Within minutes, she was asleep again!

Not me! I was used to getting up at this time and staying up. I closed my eyes and tried, but within seconds I opened them again and knew it was hopeless. We’d left the desk light on when we came to bed and it gave me more than enough light to view my sweet cousin. She was lying on her left side to my right and the view of her thick blond pubic jungle was making my dick quickly stiffen. Thoughts of fucking her on a blanket out in a grassy meadow filled my mind and made me even more horny. I reached down and ran my hand down Maggie’s back as far as I could reach – not quite to the cute round ass. Maggie cooed and moaned and looked up at me with her “light up the world” smile. I shifted on the bed and moved over as far as I could to my left. Maggie’s head remained on my shoulder and she scooted over with me. I then rolled myself up to position myself on top of her. She pulled me in for big kiss and plunged her tongue into my mouth. My urine lingered on her breath.

She pulled me down so that my full weight was on her and then she wrapped her legs around me. I wanted to kiss my way down to her soft tangle of blond pubic curls – but her legs held me like a vise. I shifted a little and my cock touched a wet spot that could only be her pussy. A very wet spot. Another shift and my cock slide right inside her – all while our tongues played touch tag and other games. Her pussy was extremely warm and was squeezing in all the right places – I had to concentrate on NOT cumming! I didn’t want her to think that I usually shot off so quickly. An older guy in his 30’s getting to have sex with woman in her 20’s needs for both their sakes – for it to last more than a minute! I was really in trouble here!

Maggie removed her mouth from mine and said, “I want you to cum inside me!” Up to this point I wasn’t thinking about birth control, but that thought slammed into the side of my head and woke me from my horny daze…

…just as it was too late and I felt myself explode inside Maggie. What the fuck was I thinking? I pumped the rest into her, anyway – it was too late to pull out…

“I can’t get pregnant.” Maggie said tearfully, “Daddy had my tubes tied after I got pregnant when I was 13.”

“I didn’t know.” I didn’t. A family secret that would have been nice to know 2 minutes ago.

“I still love you…” Maggie gave me another smile, “I don’t think it’s gonna go away.” I knew she was fishing for the words in return, but I just couldn’t.

“I promised to wash your back in the shower.” I countered. It got me another smile, but not the one three little words would have gotten me! I climbed off Maggie and held out my hand and we walked into the bathroom, together. Maggie sat down on the toilet and peed and wiped while I turned on the water. It was nice and hot. Maggie was also nice and hot.

I tried to play the scene like in the movies, because that’s what Maggie related to best. I took the bar of soap and started at her upper back and lathered her up. I also slide my soapy hand around to her breast where I found a hardened nipple. After soaping her entire back, I ran my fingers up and down it and then pressed against her with my chest. We had soap all over us. Our kisses tasted like soap. I lathered her public hair and slide my hand in between Maggie’s legs. I tried to wash her cum filled pussy, but she kept giggling – so I left that to her.

Maggie took the soap and lathered me from head to ankle and then kissed each part after rinsing it – including my butt cheeks. We spent at least 30 minutes under the hot water playing before it finally began cooling and Maggie had to quickly rinse her pussy. Then we jumped back on the bed and played some more…

Maggie was very ticklish and I took advantage of that. Why not, I had taken advantage of her in nearly every other way! We tickled and touched and played and kissed and licked and eventually laid on our sides and began a 69 which lasted far longer than our earlier sex. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and licked her clit and she licked my cock like an ice cream cone and also sucked my balls. I squirted her in the face – which made her laugh and she sat on my face until I made her cum.

The police didn’t show up when she screamed in ecstasy and the fire department didn’t show up when she nearly drown me in pee. It was nearly 7 o’clock when we finally got up and dressed to go get breakfast – almost 4 hours of sex and sex play!

We hit the road by 8 o’clock and again headed toward Buffalo. This time, I thought to ask Maggie if she had to pee – and conveniently there was a deserted side road each time. We stopped to pee six times on that 3 hour drive that should have taken much less time. She watched me and I watched her. 10 minutes from home we fucked in the back seat of my car both of us unsure when the next time might be!

Aunt Beth was sitting on her porch when we pulled in the drive. She came running up to meet the car and to shower us with hugs and kisses. Aunt Beth is my late uncle Stew’s second wife and only 7 years older than me. Although not Maggie’s birth mother, she adopted her when she married Uncle Stew and they were mother and daughter in every way but blood!

The women left me to carry all the suitcases inside and Aunt Beth had a brunch laid out – in case we were hungry. We sat and gossiped about the rest of the family – who no longer lived in the area and couldn’t defend themselves and Aunt Beth offered to let me stay with them for the rest of my week’s vacation. I was moving back to the area and was scouting for a house or apartment. I couldn’t say no, so I said yes!

When I asked which room I was to use – both women pointed to Maggie’s bedroom. I looked at Aunt Beth and sheepishly asked, “How did you know?”

“I’ve been reading Maggie’s smiles and frowns since she was a little girl. I know the look of love and she hasn’t taken her eyes off you since you both got back. She also PUT your suitcases in her room. The car breaking down story wasn’t very original. But, if you really want to know – I bet myself this would happen when you agreed to pick Maggie up and bring her home. Think of it as a bit of matchmaking.”

Aunt Beth went on to relate minor details of her meeting Uncle Stew, when he drove her home from college as a favor to a friend many years back. The age difference between Stew and Beth was nearly the same as between Maggie and myself.

That night, I whispered, “I love you” in Maggie’s ear.

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