Couple’s Night Out

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Big Tits

Michelle loved Joe with all her heart. He was a miracle in her life. Everyday she thought about how lucky she was to have him, how good he was to her, and she gave thanks to the powers that be. She and Joe had been together nearly fifteen years. The start had been passionate, but rough. She had already been married and pregnant when they got together. Her first husband had abandoned her as if she were some kind of breeding stock! Her libido was very fired up at the time. It had no outlet. They had sex on their first “date”. She had known him for years before that, but never considered sex with him because she was married and faithful. Strangely, the relationship, which many might call a rebound, had worked out beautifully.

They had gotten married and were very happy. However they never really had time alone together without the kids. All though the years he had asked her what she wanted during sexual encounters. She found it difficult to say out loud in words what she wanted but she sometimes managed to say a few things. “To be fucked.” for instance, or, “Anything, let’s just get started.” She felt bad that although she was very sexual, she couldn’t say specifics the way he seemed to want.

The kids (they now had two) got older and Michelle felt that they were now old enough to be left alone overnight. Her mind began to work through scenarios. She started to plan for a very special, hot night alone. She told him that this was something she wanted just to test the waters with him, and make sure he would be open to it. He seemed to like the idea. Michelle decided this year, for Valentine’s Day, she would surprise her husband with something completely new.

Michelle and Joe had gotten obsessed with anal sex over the past seven years or so. They had tried it once but in ignorance, with little prep and no lube other than that naturally made by Michelle it didn’t go well at all. Still Joe had continued to use fingers on her frequently and at times, even his tongue.

Recently Michelle had done some research into how to do anal well. She had ordered her first shipment of toys. Now she had a really nice lube and a butt plug. It had bead like “knobs” that got bigger and bigger on it. They had played with that and found it very exciting. Joe was a little surprised that Michelle took the whole toy in and was seemingly begging for more the very first time they played with it. Now Michelle wanted more: she wanted Joe inside her ass!

The night before her surprise for Joe, they were screwing in bed. It was hitting both of them just right. Joe was on top of her, his pelvic bone hitting her clit hard each time he stroked into her. This was a rare position for them. They were both about to boil over.

Joe stopped, to keep from coming just yet. Michelle opened her green eyes. She looked into Joe’s deep blue eyes. She decided to do what he had been asking her for all along. She had made that decision a long time ago, but so far, the words wouldn’t come. Now, to her surprise, they did.

“Do you want to know what I want to do with you sexually tomorrow night?” She asked, fully aware that he was trying to hold off an orgasm right then. Michelle wondered if the words she were about to say would push him over the brink.

He blinked at her, as if shocked that she would have things she could admit she wanted to do, or really speak about them at all.

“Yes.” He said slightly out of breath from jack hammering into her just before, and being so close to coming.

“First I want to put that anal toy in you. While I work that in and out of you, I want you to fuck my mouth, forcefully, by using my hair to control me. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to suck every bit of your come down my throat and swallow it.” She told him this, watching his face and feeling him twitch inside her.

His pupils got bigger. Joe stayed completely still on the outside. His cock was still buried deeply inside Michelle’s pussy. It felt so good there but he couldn’t keep that hot joint completely still just then, even though he was trying to hold off.

“I would also like you to do some oral on me with, ice chips, until you are hard again,” She continued, with her eyes still locked on his. A naughty little smile tugged at her lips as she continued. “Next, I want you to fuck my cunt, while using the anal toy, which we will have to wash first, on me. When you get me really ready I want YOU in my ass, while I put the vibrating, dildo that also stimulates my clit in my cunt. After you come in my ass and I come, then the rest of the night is up to you.”

He didn’t say anything right away, just pulled her up and positioned her on her knees going at her doggie style, which was her favorite position and also one of his favorites, until they both came hard.

Later, while they lay side by side, he had comments to make. Although generally wonderful, he was a bit of a curmudgeon, quick to point out why something wouldn’t work.

“That might be difficult, you know. What almanbahis şikayet all you want to do, I mean with the kids around.” He said. “We could get caught just washing the toys off, in between.”

Michelle smiled, turning on her side and putting one leg across his middle. She touched him, her hand traveling down his torso and gliding on his skin.

“Oh, but we aren’t going to be home. The kids will not be with us.” She said softly, watching his face as he took that little bit of information in. He looked excited, and perhaps a bit apprehensive.

Michelle told Joe to be sure not to eat too much, sleep too little or drink too much cause they were going to do the full anal thing for the first time, if she had anything to say about it. They fell asleep with hands laced, smiles on their faces, sated for the night.

The next day, Michelle was very busy with the kids and some work outside the home. Around 3:30, she slipped out of the house with their son Drake, telling her husband nothing. Joe still didn’t know where they were going, exactly. She wanted a great deal of the night to be a surprise and romantic. She grabbed up her assorted bags from the house transferred them to the car, and with Drake, drove to the hotel. They went to check in and make the room ready.

Drake helped Michelle carry everything and get the room ready. Together they put out cobalt blue dishes and wine goblets. They also placed sixteen vanilla scented tea lights; French bread and a semi dry red wine in the room. Michelle stocked the mini fridge in the suite with three kinds of cheeses and grapes; and placed the knives, corkscrew, whipping cream, bananas and chocolate syrup. She didn’t tell Drake what the whipping cream and such was for, all she said was “desert.” She let Drake help her put a trail of rose petals from the door of the suite and throughout both rooms. The child was clearly jealous about the chocolate and whipped cream. She promised him a nice desert the next day if he and his sister did well on their night home alone.

While Drake put on his swim suit she unpacked the sexy lingerie, swim suits and sex toys, knowing the child was so excited about swimming he wouldn’t even see them. She put the butt plug on the coffee table with the lube. Michelle put the fine grade sand paper, G and/or P spot toy, vibrating dildo with clit stimulator, and massager, which she went ahead and plugged in near the bed in the bedroom. She put three different swimsuits in the living room, that she knew he liked her to wear and three different bustier and garter sets in the bedroom, draping such things over the TV and other furniture that they would not be using that night.

Michelle took Drake down to swim, bringing the ice bucket with her. As she suspected, Drake didn’t notice a single thing. He was far too caught up in his own ideas of fun, swimming and video games.

There she sat at the side of the pool, and thought about what she hoped would happen that night while Drake had fun swimming. Michelle always liked to get her money’s worth. The suite was only $109.per night before taxes, and her son loved to swim, so she had arranged this. Her teen daughter didn’t feel like swimming that particular day. She was sorry her precious girl had missed out on the fun.

The hotel also had a free cocktail and snack reception each night and full breakfast in the morning. Michelle didn’t really expect to use either but she wanted to let Joe know about it in case he did. She hoped they would be too busy doing naughty things to one another.

Joe had expressed worry that her plans might keep him from work the next night. She would never try to interfere with his work, and that fear of his stung her a bit. But she wasn’t about to let anything ruin her long wished for dream night away! Michelle had assured him that would not happen. He had also seemed a bit worried that he would not be able to live up to her elaborate scenario. So she had told him, she would simply be thrilled to be alone with him, and whatever he did, or didn’t want to do was just fine. She meant it, too.

In truth, this wasn’t her exact dream scenario but in some ways, it was better. Her dream was to do a picnic in the woods and fuck in wooded seclusion that was also semi public. That sort of thing would carry the risk of getting caught, though. In the hotel room, they’d be more comfortable, and there were no worries about interruptions.

After Drake had swum his little heart out, he also tried out the hot tub. He frequently shouted for her to “see” something he was doing. He was a happy adolescent boy showing off for his mother. She didn’t read a single word of the book she had brought between watching his shenanigans, and her day dreaming about the Valentine’s night to come.

She took the boy back up to change, and put the ice bucket in the mini fridge. They went home. Joe was still behind a computer. He didn’t even notice that his son had been swimming.

Michelle chuckled; telling herself almanbahis canlı casino a joke about men, in her head, then went to get a shower. For the first time in a long time she found herself shaving her entire genital region. For another surprise, she put on a red widow maker with a red G-string and pulled her stockings up into the garters. The outfit was trimmed in black. It was from Frederick’s of Hollywood and was given to her by her first husband, just before he had walked out.

She had thought that strange of him. He’d left her pregnant given her this sexy thing and said he was sure she would get plenty of use out of it! Michelle had been furious, because she had been completely faithful throughout their horrible marriage. Still, a naughty little voice inside her head had said, “Damned right, I will! Just you wait, jerk!” She had worn it on several occasions, even out in public with a black leather mini skirt in New Orleans.

Michelle looked over all the sexy garments she had found, unpacked and washed earlier in the week. She was unable to remember when she had last worn any of them. She put them on, and then over the top she donned a plain top and blue jeans, trying to look as innocuous as possible. Michelle only wanted to look fresh and wholesome until she took off her clothes for Joe.

Soon it was time. Dinner had been eaten and cleaned up. She picked up a bag with a few last things in it. All afternoon she had thought of more things to add into the evening. Joe and Michelle gave the kids hugs and kisses goodnight. Michelle called out a few last minute instructions to her two precious kids.

“Call us only if it is an emergency, otherwise I expect you each to be in charge of yourselves, only! That means if the bleeding won’t stop, or the house is on fire, call. Other than that, be nice to each other or leave each other alone,” She said. As she left she checked her cell phone to make sure the kids could reach her if they needed to. They would only be about five minutes away just in case. They weren’t really expecting a call or that they would have to rush home. The kids were old enough to handle most things at home very well. The kids were actually looking forward to being alone. The couple went to her car. since Joe didn’t know where they were going.

On the way Michelle filled him in on a few things. That she had gotten help selecting a bottle of wine she hoped they would both like. He was a bit of a wine snob. She usually preferred slightly sweet things to drink. The combination wasn’t the easiest thing to accommodate in one wine. She told him that she wanted to blindfold him, while she made some last minute preparations before he saw the rooms. He seemed a bit worried still, but agreeable for the moment.

She had him l close his eyes and put the blindfold on him then tugged him into the suite. While he stood there she ran around and lit the candles, turned on the music and grabbed the lube. They had about six CD’s they both loved, out of hundreds. So she had brought them to mask some of the sound they might make. Considering that they didn’t know how thin the walls in this hotel were she thought this was a good idea! Michelle told him he could take off the blindfold, but instead, he walked forward right into an armoire. Guilt immediately flooded her. Michelle began to think maybe all of this was a mistake.

She settled him into a chair. Michelle tried to make him comfortable as he cussed and rubbed his leg. Joe smiled at her and told her he was fine, not to worry. Michelle reached her hand out to stoke his fine sharp cheekbone, tears glittering in her eyes because she had let him get hurt. Thinking some alcohol might help, she went to get the wine.

“I want us to taste this first to make sure it’s okay. We can go get free drinks for the next two hours in the lobby if it’s not,” She said. “Maybe it will make you feel better too.” She felt she needed the liquid lubrication because she had been in pain 24/7 for over a week and, in fact, had brought some pills just in case she needed them. One way or another, she was going to take a break from that pain and enjoy this precious night alone with her husband.

His blue eyes lit up looking at the bottle.

“This should be great,” he said, taking the nearby corkscrew and opening the wine. Michelle got the cobalt blue wine goblets (a wedding present to them) and he poured for them. They moved to the couch tasting the red wine, both liked it. He looked around the room, then got up and looked at the bathroom and bedroom.

“You’ve really put a lot of thought and preparation into this,” he said. “I hope you aren’t disappointed,” he added, coming back to sit beside her again.

She wasn’t able to stand not touching him anymore, and put her long legs across his lap. “I could never be disappointed with you, my love,” she said, kissing him. Joe kissed her back. They melted together. When the kiss broke, she looked into his eyes. She asked him if he wanted to go downstairs almanbahis casino for free drinks, do what she had outlined for the night, or something else of his choosing?

“I don’t know that I can do everything you said you wanted fully, but I’d like to at least try.” He said. She grinned.

“Cool, then, let me just get you to stand up over there near that big chair. Then I’ll undress a little,” Michelle said.

She slowly pealed off the sharp stiletto black boots, then the shirt, which showed the cups of the red outfit underneath about to spill her tits out. Finally she took off the blue jeans that revealed the stockings, garters and red G-string. His eyes and face showed keen interest in all of this. Joe shucked off his own clothes quickly. She lubed up the anal plug and his ass, then handed the plug to him to insert, as they both preferred. Grabbing the can of whipped cream she sprayed some on his engorged cock and slid down to her knees to suck on him.

Joe took Michelle’s long blonde locks into his hand and bucked his cock at her a few times. He never really got rough with her like she had asked him too, though. She choked a little. They both laughed but Joe was moaning, too, with her working that toy in and out of his ass like that, while she was sucking on his cock.

The whipped cream was mostly eaten off of him, but what remained soon looked like come that had frothed on Michelle’s face and Joe’s cock. Michelle squirted some chocolate on him, too. She continued to suck at him, and his eyes rolled back into his head while he groaned.

Joe didn’t want to come yet. So eventually he stopped them and they went over to the couch, where they had spread a hotel towel, just in case there were any messy spills.

They drank some more wine. Joe asked Michelle what she wanted to do next. She turned red, and repeated that she would like him to give her some oral with ice. For years now, Michelle hadn’t really enjoyed receiving oral sex, while Joe had wanted to give it to her.

In fact, Michelle had been unable to enjoy a lot of things for a long time because of a past relationship. Now, though, she had been on the Internet with Joe’s permission, she had been role-playing and even cybering with other men. She had even cybered with some women. Her libido had gone into overdrive. Her natural enjoyment of all things sexual had been given back to her because Joe loved and trusted her enough to give her the freedom to explore!

Now, Joe was reaping the dividends of his love and support. Michelle told him that there was a bucket of ice in the mini fridge. He got it, placing it on the coffee table. Then he knelt before the sofa, pulling Michelle’s legs toward him while opening them up. He pulled her to the edge of the couch. Pulling aside her G string, Joe found another surprise, that she had shaved her entire mound for him bare. He looked at her with a smile on his lips and in his eyes. He began to lick her outer lips.

She jumped at first, from the frosty ice, but soon got used to it. Michelle had missed playing with ice for a few years. Soon, she was in a wet cool heaven that Joe made of her with his mouth. He nibbled and licked. He put ice inside her and finger fucked her. He sucked at her clit. It was simply wonderful. She found it surprising how hot she could feel when the ice ran out, and then how cold it was when Joe added more ice. Michelle absolutely loved it!

As Joe licked and sucked at her, he also pushed fingers into her. Secretly Michelle always wondered how many fingers he could get into her. One of her fantasies was about that very thing. He managed to get four fingers in her this Valentine’s night.

Michelle was very close to coming but like Joe, she didn’t want to come yet. She wanted to come with Joe inside her. She loved the way he felt when he was inside her. It was one of her favorite feelings in the world.

She pulled Joe up and kissed his mouth as a way of signaling that she enjoyed what he was doing, but wanted to move on to other things.

Joe washed the butt plug off in the bathroom sink. They went into the bedroom, walking on the rose petal pathway and lying on the petals on the bed.

Michelle got on her knees, looking over her shoulder for Joe with a wicked smile. He dripped the cold lube on her tiny ass hole, making her jump a little and laugh. Then he worked the butt plug into her. Michelle felt so tight that she was worried how they would get Joe’s much bigger cock inside her ass, but she was determined to do it this time.

She figured it would hurt. She expected that she wouldn’t really enjoy it but at least they would know what it was like and be able to say, “We did it!” Michelle was a little worried too that Joe might like it so much that he would want to do it more than fucking her vagina. If it did hurt and she didn’t enjoy it, well, she didn’t want to think about what the result of that might be. She trusted Joe to not want to keep hurting her, or do anything unpleasant to her but still that slight worry tugged at her.

She felt the plastic come through her first sphincter and gasped. It hurt a little, but it also felt so good! She could only imagine how much better Joe’s real warm cock would feel if they managed to get it in her.

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