Cosplay Convention

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Today was the start of the convention. You know the type. People go out of their way to dress up as all different types of characters from movies, comics, anime or the like. Jenna is not a massive geek, but she sure does love dressing up for these things. She’s a stickler for details. She loves combing through footage from the movies or photos of the props to make a costume that’s as screen accurate as possible. I was not as into the finer details, but I let Jenna interject here or there to tweak things on my costume to make it ‘better’ in her eyes. This year I was going as Boba Fett. I had the helmet, the armor, a blaster. It looked pretty good, in my opinion. Jenna probably would have given me more crap about it, but she was focused on her own costume. Perhaps costumes. She wouldn’t tell me what they were. She had them in her bag and was in the bathroom getting changed. She wanted it to be a surprise.

I should tell you more about Jenna. She’s a friend of mine. A friend with benefits, as they say. We’re by no means exclusive as we know we’re not meant for each other, long term, but we do enjoy pushing each other’s buttons, sometimes pushing each other into things we wouldn’t otherwise do. She’s a shy little thing. Petite, thin, long hair and small but perky and perfectly shaped breasts. She’s been known to go a little wild at times, but only if given the … proper motivation. She’ll stay in her shell in most situations, but when she gets going … well, let’s say it’s a thing to behold. For this weekend we were playing the part of boyfriend/girlfriend as it made her less likely to be hit on, and if she did find someone she wanted to ‘play’ with, she could make them be all stealthy and quick about it, and she could ignore them afterwards without having to come up with excuses. Plus she likes making guys nervous.

We had gotten there the night before so we hand plenty of time to get up and get ready, plus she needed a room to get changed, and the convention opened up a couple hours before we would be able to check in to a room, so it worked out better this way. I was already dressed and waiting for a while now. My costume, I’m sure, was easier to put on that hers… whatever it was.

“Ready?” Jenna asked from inside the bathroom.

“For a while now.” I answered, playfully.

Out from the bathroom she came, and what I saw I couldn’t quite believe. Slave Leia. She had the whole costume, as far as I could tell, spot on. The ‘bra’, the bikini-like bottoms with long flowing cover. The arm bands, and even the hair, braided with adornments. She even had the collar complete with chain hanging down.

“Wow!” was all I could get out as I watched in awe.

“You like it? I’m not 100% on the boots. I’m fairly sure they’re correct but the way the…”

“I don’t think anyone will even notice you’re wearing boots, to be honest.”

“You think so?”

“I mean… you’re practically nude, save for the panties.” She was wearing a pair of skin-colored panties under the costume.

“Ugh! Are they that obvious? I knew this was going to be a problem. I mean… without them is more accurate, but this thing isn’t exactly concealing. Carrie Fisher said that the guy that played Boba Fett could see everything, and …”

“I’m fine with that!” I joked.

“I’m sure you are, but there’s a lot of people down there. I can kinda handle a little side boob, and I was a little anxious as it was about basically wandering around that floor in barely covered panties, but without them … one wrong move and I’m libel to be arrested!”

“I doubt that. But in any case, no one’s going to have a problem with the panties.”

“I’ll have a problem with them. I spent a lot of time on this costume. I just … No. It’s fine. You’re right. No one will care. I’m just … I’ll be fine.” She resolved herself.

“So are you ready to go, then?”

“I think so…” she was lost in thought for a moment. “Ok. Lets go.” I put on my helmet and we headed out.

She gripped my arm anxiously as we headed out into the hallway. She was effectively walking around in public in what amounted to elaborate pasties and a narrow cloth covering her panties. By the time we got to the elevator, she was already starting to relax. As the elevator doors closed she stood there, lost in thought. She was on the side of the buttons and I waited a few seconds for her to push the one for the second floor where there was an indoor bridge across the road to the convention proper, but she just stared off, thinking deeply. I reached past her and hit the button, but she didn’t break out of it. As we started to descend I saw her hand fidget at the side of her bikini.

“It’s really bothering you, isn’t it?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Mmmmm” She confirmed, still staring off into nowhere.

“I’m sure no one’s going to care. They’re not that noticeable. Really!” I tried to reassure her.

“You know what? Fuck it.” she said and grabbing the side of her panties gave them a tug down, then bent over to ease them down her legs. balıkesir escort Just at that moment the elevator let out a “Ding!” and it slowed short of the convention floor. Someone else was getting on. She stood bolt upright and her panties fell to the floor. Her eyes wide with panic, she pulled one foot out, then just as the doors started to open, she kicked them into the corner of the elevator right in front of me. As the doors revealed a normal looking middle-aged couple, I bent down, grabbing them and balling them in my hand as I stood back up and placed them nonchalantly in my pocket. The couple walked in as we shuffled to the back corner to give them room. The man was obviously trying to non-obviously take in the sight while the woman was far more obviously doing the same.

“Wow. Nice costumes you two!” She proclaimed.

“Thanks!” I said cheerfully as Jenna squeezed my arm, managing only a smile in return.

We were only a few floors from the second, so it was only a few moments before the elevator slowed to a stop and the doors opened again. As we got off the woman called out “Have fun at the convention! Seriously, love the costume!” specifically targeting Jenna with the remark.

“Thanks!” Jenna replied, a bit shyly.

As we walked it became a little more obvious how daring her costume was. The drape down her back covered the back of her butt, but the sides were clearly on display, and you could see the underneath of her curves, combined with the lack of any cloth at her side made it obvious she was nude underneath. To top it off, as she walked the piece that held the front drape moved in such a way that from my position next to her I could catch brief glimpses down to her mound. There were others moving around us, but she was obviously focused on just moving forward and not acknowledging the attention she was getting .As we got to the end of the bridge, just before the stairs down to the lobby in front of the main doors for the con, I took her aside to talk to here where we couldn’t be heard.

“This is making you nervous, isn’t it?” I asked the obvious question.


“This is making you wet, isn’t it?”


I pulled the panties out of my pocket, bunched in my hand. “You want to put the panties back on?” I held them out to her.

“No. I can do this.” She said, more reassuring herself than me.

“Ok!” I moved to put them back in my pocket.

“Wait!” she reached out for them. I handed them back to her. She promptly dropped them in the trash next to us. “No more safety net! Here.” She handed me the end of her chain. “I’m your prisoner. Lead away!” and off we went into the con floor.

Jenna was quite the attraction on the floor as I paraded her around. Lots of people stopped us for pictures or were just otherwise ogling her. People even commented on my costume, too, though I think it was more to get a bit more time to ‘take in the sights’, if you will.

It was then that we ran into Luke Skywalker. Or, at least, someone dressed as him. It was quite a well done costume, and as luck would have it, was Luke from Return of the Jedi, which matched Jenna’s costume’s origin. He called out “Leia!” Jenna took one look at him and shouted back “Luke!” and dashed off to him as if he was saving her from me. He held up his lightsaber with one arm while taking Jenna in his other. I held up my blaster in kind and the people around us quite liked the show, taking pictures as we posed for them.

The two immediately clicked in their love for costume details and started chattering on about the color of this part, or the texture on what have you, or the minute details of who the hell cares. What I was noticing was the movements Jenna was making while showing her costume. Movements that no doubt would give ‘Luke’ glimpses of virtually every part of her.

This kept up for a while as we wandered around as a trio now and the two droned on about materials and sewing techniques. At one point Luke had to go to the bathroom, so we continued on to check out some more of the exhibits. After a minute or two, Jenna caught sight of a pack of slave Leias and practically dragged me in that direction. She split off when we got to them to join the pack. There must have been fifteen or twenty of them. It was crazy. A large crowd had gathered around taking pictures and the girls were moving into various poses to accommodate the onlookers. The girls then started comparing costumes and such, and that’s when Jenna told me that they were going to be a while and I should go off on my own for a bit. That was fine with me, as I was getting bored with all the costume talk, and most of the other Leias were more modestly covered than Jenna, so there wasn’t even that much to look at that I hadn’t already seen.

It was quite a while later when I noticed Jenna coming out of a side hallway with Luke. As I headed towards them, I saw them exchange a few words and he headed off as Jenna looked over and saw me. As I got to her she grabbed balıkesir escort bayan my arm and pulled me back into the hallway.

“I see you found Luke.”

“Yeah, he found the pack of Leias. Come’ere” she pulled me into an empty side conference room and closed the door.

I pulled off my helmet. “What were you two doing back here?”

“I needed him to help me with a clasp on my costume.” She peaked out the door’s window to see if anyone was nearby.

“Did it break?” I asked.

“No, I just wanted to flash him my tits.” She seemed confident no one was coming.

“Oh really? Did he like that?”

“He did indeed. He even let me inspect his lightsaber!” She said with a grin.

“Lightsaber, eh?”

“I sucked his cock.” She said bluntly.

“You blew your brother? Eeew!” I joked.

“Oh shut up!” She grabbed at the drape covering her butt, turned around, leaned over grabbing a chair to brace herself, and pulled the drape out of the way, revealing her bare butt and her completely shaven pussy. “Now, hurry up and fuck me before someone comes!”

“Well, damn! No argument here!” I said as I moved in behind her, opened up the front of my pants, fished out my stiffening cock, lined it up, and pushed in. She was extremely wet and I was in balls deep without much effort at all. “God, you’re practically dripping!”

“I’ve been practically nude in a room packed with strangers trying to sneak pictures of my pussy all day! Then Luke kept getting clear views down the front of my costume. Half the time we posed my leg brushed up against his front and I could feel his cock rub against me. Then a bunch of the Leias and I went off to one of these rooms to compare costumes and after spending twenty minutes basically exposing myself to a room of strange women and inspecting details of their costumes while being inches from tits, panties, and a few bare pussies. Then on the way out I ran into Luke. I couldn’t help it. I pulled him in here to ‘help me with my costume’. I unclasped the bra and my tits were on display, and before I knew it, he was feeling up my tits, and then I was feeling up his cock, and then I just had to see it … Uh!” She was close. “Then I was sucking… his… cock… Uh!” She was cumming. Her pussy was squeezing my cock trying to milk my cum out, which put me at the edge.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

“Don’t stop!” She demanded, and I didn’t, releasing my cum into her. As I pulled out, she held her hand under her pussy to catch the cum as it dripped out. Standing up with her hand still between her legs she gave a little shake of her hips, then lifted her hand up. It was covered in cum and she started licking it clean. “Don’t wanna make a mess!” She smiled. “Mmmm. You two taste very similar!” she added as she kept licking.

“You swallowed?”

“Of course! Didn’t miss a drop!” she grinned. I zipped up and straightened myself out. She did the same and after only a few moments she said “Let’s go back to the room to clean up and get changed. I need a break. I might end up blowing someone in the middle of the floor if I keep this up!”

“That’s not such a bad thing!” I joked.

“Shut up! You’ll get me arrested!”

We headed back onto the main floor as the bridge back to our hotel was on the other side. As we walked Jenna grabbed my arm and gave it a tight squeeze. She leaned in and whispered in my ear “I can feel you dripping out of me!” We kept walking and she would occasionally squeeze harder and squeak a little bit, no doubt as a little bit more dripped out each time.

We made our way out of the hall and I took off my helmet. “Aaah. This thing is so hot. I’ve been sweating bullets.” Back up the stairs, across the bridge and towards the elevators. Jenna pulled on my arm and said “It’s Luke!” I looked over and saw down the hallway towards the front desk was Luuke, apparently having a spirited discussion with the front desk staff. We diverted in that direction and as we got there Luke noticed us.

“Oh, hey guys!” he tried to be chipper, but he was obviously annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“The hotel doesn’t have my reservation. I mean, I have it right here,” he gestured to his phone “but they say they have no record of it. And they’re saying that the hotel’s booked up. All the other hotels around here are, too. Or at least the ones they’ve called so far. They’re on the phone with one now.”

“Wow, that sucks, man. Hopefully they can find a room for you.” I said.

“I mean… they’re being real nice about it, but I’m kinda screwed. I just needed the room for one night. My friends get in tomorrow and we have a suite reserved, though I should call them to double check, given how well this system’s working right now.”

“They have a room available, sir.” The desk attendant said.

“Which hotel?” he asked.

“The Regal, downtown.”

“Downtown? How far is that from here?”

“About 15 minutes by car.” she answered

“I don’t have escort balıkesir a car. I took an airport shuttle here and the convention is in this hotel!”

“I’m sorry sir, but that’s the closest hotel with a room available.”

“Uh… crap… uh…” was all he could get out.

“You could stay in our room!” Jenna offered.

“Huh? Really?” he unsurely added.

“Yeah! We have plenty of room. It’s no trouble at all!” She answered.

“You don’t mind?” He asked, directing it at us both.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all.” I answered, amused by the thought. “And you can get all caught up with your brother!” I prodded at Jenna.

“Oh, you!” Jenna poked back. “We’re headed up there now to get changed. Why don’t you come up and you can drop off your bag, maybe get changed if you want.”

“Thank you, so much, guys. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Oh, no trouble at all!” I replied.

“Thank you for your help!” He said to the attendant as we headed to the elevators.

He was apparently meeting his friends in the morning for the next day at the con, and they were going to get lined up for a panel for some upcoming show, or some such. I wasn’t paying much attention to the details, since Jenna’s costume was still one hell of a distraction.

Once we got up to the room Luke noticed the bed. “There’s just one bed?”

“Don’t worry. There’s plenty of room!” Jenna reassured him.

“It’s not the room. I just didn’t think…”

“I don’t mind. It’s a huge bed, and I’ll be too exhausted to care.” I admitted.

“Well, I…” he stammered out.

“You can sleep next to me!” Jenna chimed in. “I won’t make you sleep next to another guy. I know how you guys can get!” She joked.

“I… uh… alright. If you’re sure.”

“Can’t have you sleeping on the floor. You’re our guest!” I said, playing along. I wondered where this was going, though I had a pretty good idea.

Jenna headed into the bathroom to get changed. “You don’t mind if I get changed here, do you?” I asked Luke, cause I was dying to get out of this costume.

“Oh, no, not at all. I think I’ll do the same, if you don’t mind, that is.”

“Go right ahead!” I answered, and proceeded to get undressed. I’m not into guys, really, but Luke wasn’t that bad looking. Nothing to write home about, but not bad. He turned away from me as he changed his pants, so out of courtesy, I did the same, but I only put on a pair of shorts as I wanted to take a shower.

Jenna came out a couple minutes later, and even though her outfit covered more of her, it was just as sexy. She had on a cropped top, and a bra, but it can’t have been that thick because her nipples were rather obviously poking through. Her pleated skirt wasn’t excessively short, but it was by no means long at maybe mid-thigh or a touch less. Just long enough to be presentable, but short enough to be exceedingly sexy.

“You know, we’ve been calling you ‘Luke’ this whole time. I just realized we don’t know your name!” Jenna said, which I found amusing as she already had a load of his cum in her stomach.

“Actually, it really is Luke!” he said

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah. It kinda worked out that I somewhat look like him anyway, so it’s my go-to costume for these things.”

“Well, whaddaya know!” Jenna said.

“I’m gonna take a shower, real quick. I’ve been sweating bullets all day in that helmet.”

“I haven’t. My costume was really breezy!” Jenna chirped up.

“Oh, was it? I hadn’t noticed!” I joked back and took my bag into the bathroom.

After getting washed up and dressed I entered the room and Luke was already headed for the bathroom. “I’m just gonna…” He gestured to the bathroom, went in and closed the door.

Jenna came over and gave me a big kiss. She held my head to hers as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could taste cum on her. A lot of cum. “Mmm?”

She responded with an “Mmmm!” as she pushed what must have been his whole load into my mouth. We played with it back and forth a bit before breaking off.

“Sorry for the surprise. I just… well. I sat down next to him on the bed and we were talking, and as soon as the water turned on we were kissing and he was feeling my tits, then I was feeling his cock then he was fingering me, then he was eating me out, and then I was blowing him again, and, well, you know the results of that.”

“He ate you out?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yeah, why?” it took a second. “Oh!” she giggled.

“Do you think he noticed?”

“Not that he let on. I wiped up in the bathroom, but that stuff will be leaking out of me for hours, so I’m sure he got a fair share! I didn’t even think of that. Got so caught up in things!” she stared off with a grin on her face, delighted with the thought.

“Does he still think I’m your boyfriend?”

“Why do you think he was so nervous just then. You finished your shower, but I kept blowing him. He came just before you opened the door!”

“You just love torturing guys, don’t you?”

“I don’t hear them complaining!” she said with a huge smile on her face.

Just then the bathroom door opened and Luke came out. Jenna turned to him, still smiling. “Shall we head to dinner?”

Luke looked like he was half expecting a bomb to go off. “Yeah, where would you like to go?” I asked, pretending to be oblivious, and amused by the whole thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32