Confessions of the Conference

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We were on a two day conference for work. Overnight stop. After the first day activities everyone in our workshop group agreed to go for drinks after. You initially agreed but returned to your room after one drink. You didn’t say why at the time, just that you’re tired. The rest of us stayed out for more drinks.

Later in the evening you text to ask if we’re still out. I say we’re just finishing up. You seem disappointed. You now wanted to drink, needed a drink. I suggest I could bring up a bottle of wine for you. You’re happy with that. I get to your room, intending to just drop off the wine and return to my room. You invite me in. I suggest that it maybe wouldn’t be appropriate. You insist. Just one drink.

We soon polish of all of the wine. We’ve chatted, laughed a lot. Your phone then rings. I don’t hear what’s being said but your demeanour has changed. Raised voices on the phone. The call ends and I propose maybe I should leave. You just burst into tears. Not really knowing what to do I get up, move across to you and place my arms around you. You squeeze in tight appreciating the hug. I ask what’s up. You’re reluctant to say but it’s clear it’s also why you’d left after one drink earlier. We continue the cuddle.

Minutes pass. You’ve stopped crying now. Composure resumed. You pull out slightly and look up at me. Our eyes meet. Intensity builds. The stare lasts what seems an age. Then it happens. We both lean in to kiss at the same time. Lips locked. It’s a great kiss. Soft. Sexual. Heated. Minutes pass again and we’re still kissing. Not a word has been said. Our bodies are locked. My excitement is growing. You know it. That increases the heat. Your hand reaches down. You place it where I need you to place it. I let out a satisfied sigh. You whisper in my ear. “I want you”.

The lights are low, but I can see you. I run my hands through your hair. Eyes locked again. I reach round and slowly unzip your dress, leaning forward, kissing your neck. Your dress falls to the floor, the intensity kartal escort increases, our hearts are beating fast. I pick you up, you wrap your legs around my waist, we fall onto the bed, kissing.

We kiss passionately. More minutes pass. You break the hold and push me slowly back off the bed. You’re now perched on the end of the bed. Our eyes still locked. You grab me by the belt and pull me forward. No words are said. Slowly, still not moving your eyes from mine, you start to unbuckle me. I stop you. It’s not my time. I push you back on to the bed. You’re now laid back, legs hanging, just touching the floor. I stand above you taking you in.

You’re laid on the bed, vulnerable, covered only by your slender bra and briefs. Time to even up our state of undress. I slowly unbutton my shirt before flinging it to one side. Our eyes still locked. Not a word said. I quickly remove my other clothes leaving only my trunks. Parity restored. Now we’re equally vulnerable.

I lean forward, hovering gently above you. Another kiss. I whisper in your ear this time, breaking the silence, “I want you too”. I end the kiss and return to my feet. You’re disappointed but that won’t be for long.

I lean in again. I make my way up the bed. We’re face to face. We’re both shaking. This is intense. I lean in to kiss you. You anticipate I’m going for your lips but I divert to your neck, gently planting kisses on one side before moving to the other. You let out a gentle moan with each kiss. Your body is tense, your nerves are evident. I’m trying to hide mine but terrified inside. I move my kisses slowing down over your shoulder, down towards your chest, savouring your enticing aroma.

I reach behind your back, unclipping your bra. I fumble a little. You seem to forgive that. Nerves. You hesitantly pull away all that was covering your breasts, vulnerable once again. You clearly worry about what I might think. You needn’t. I take a moment to enjoy what’s before me. I kaynarca escort refocus and lean in again, this time planting kisses all around both breasts. You shiver in delight as I run my tongue across the left nipple. I circle my tongue around, then move on to the right side and repeat my actions. I’m not rushing this. I know you’re enjoying this and so am I. I move my tongue around each breast, giving attention to every part of you.

Time to move on. I gently slide the tips of my fingers, with a feather light touch, slowly tracing down your sides. Your back arches in delight, you bite your bottom lip. I like that. I’m doing something right. Still no words. I plant kisses under your bosom, moving down towards your navel, at the same time still gently stroking your sides. I was edging closer to your private area. It’s where I wanted to be but I wasn’t rushing. Some things shouldn’t be rushed. But I was moving closer.

As I moved further down, a first kiss was now felt on your hips. You clench your fists, grabbing the soft duvet. I’d found a sensitive area. You liked that. So I repeated my move. Again you reacted. My excitement couldn’t be hidden now. A bulge almost escaping my trunks, throbbing. I’m now just praying I could hold on.

I move from your hips to just above your private area, still covered by your briefs. Time for that to change. I place my fingers gently at the rim and begin to slide them away. You lift your legs, assisting me, giving me permission to move on. Briefs removed, again I savour what’s in front of me. You bite your lip again. This was intense. You were going to like what comes next.

I lean in again. Returning kisses to your hips. Now was the time. I gently run my tongue up your inner thigh stopping just before your pussy. You shiver and place your right hand on my head. Pressing gently, you want me down there. I repeat my last action. Up the thigh but again stopping. You pull on my hair as if to say ‘stop teasing’. kozyatağı escort I’m not sorry. You’ll soon get what you want.

Before proceeding down I move up your body back to your lips. A gentle kiss. “Are you ok?” You don’t speak. Just a nod. Another kiss on your lips and back down I go, repeating my earlier steps but at a greater pace. I can’t wait now. I have to go down on you.

Slowly i trace my tongue towards your mound. I hesitate above. Not because i want to stop. Just to calm myself. This was intense. Both our bodies now dripping with excitement. I edge closer. You feel my warm breath on your pussy. I hear you take a deep breath. I’m gentle. Lightly, I let my tongue touch your sweet spot. You jump, back arched. “Oh my god”. Your first words in a while. You liked that. I liked that. I was now rock hard.

You open your legs, slowly edging them apart, inviting me in. Again I gently lick you. Groans of pleasure ease out of you. I move my tongue slowly around, delving ever slightly deeper with each movement. Then it happens. My tongue makes contact with your clit. Wow. You really like that. “Yes” you whisper to yourself. Body now tense with pleasure. I continue to lick you, with occasional kisses. I’ve found your clit now. I’m not stopping. I circle my tongue, in and out. Flicking your clit each time.

Your body is moving now. Hips up and down, slowly mirroring my movements. Momentum is building. You’ll be cumming soon. I want to get you there. Quiet moans come from your mouth as I make each move. Intense heat fills the room. The smell of sex evident. I love that. A climax building. Your movements increase. I become slightly more aggressive, pressing my face into your now soaked pussy. Your grip on the duvet tightens. Then you move your hold to my back. Nails in. Pure passion.

You can’t hold on much longer. Body trembling. Quick up and down. “Yes…Yes…Yes…Yesssss”. You were there. I feel your juices flowing. “Oh my god” you repeat. Ecstasy. Your body girates. I keep licking and licking. Eventually, you push my head away. You need me to stop. It was too intense. Your movements slow. Chest now flush. “Wow”. I’d got you there. Your body calms. The room is quiet. I move up the bed and lay beside you, place a hand on your left breast. We say nothing. Just lay there. No words.

To be continued…

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