Concerned and Intrigued

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You are recovering at work, you can’t concentrate. You got a little drunk last night and you can’t remember what exactly it is that you told me. You are concerned and intrigued that you might have told me about your fantasy of using a cockcage. But you don’t really know. The only thing you’ve said to me this morning before i left for work was that I needed to be ready for tonight when I got home. I’m curious as to what that means.

I get out of the shower and towel off, and head to the closet, pulling out a box of toys that I know you haven’t seen. I’ve been waiting to use them on you, and when you told me what you wanted, it was hard to contain my excitement. I pull out a few things and lay them on the bed. Smirking, I go back to doing my hair and makeup. I leave my hair down and curly just how you like it. My makeup is just enough to accent my eyes, and the perfect amount to have you ruin as you gag me with your hard dick. I paint my lips with a deep red that would leave marks on your skin, especially when I suck you off.

I go to my closet, and pull out my black stockings, putting them on and then connecting them to a black garter belt. Then I find my black satin corset and matching thong, knowing my look will drive you crazy…but not without adding my black heels to the look. I take one of the chairs and put in in the center of the room, placing one of your silk ties over the back of the chair. It’s almost 5, you should be home soon. I quickly hide the rest of my toys around the room where you can’t see them. I hear you open the door and I walk out to greet you.

Your mouth drops to the floor, I can see you getting hard. I tell you to strip down to your boxers and meet me ataşehir escort in the bedroom. I hear you shut the door and fumble with your belt. You walk into the room and I tell you to have a seat. I turn around and bend down in front of you as your hands trail up the back of my legs and you go to touch my pussy, when I smack your hand. I turn around and straddle you and grind into your hips asking you if you like what I’m wearing.

You tell me you do, and how bad you want to fuck me on the floor, as your hands move back to my ass. You hear a faint click, and then I pull your hand back and hear a click again. You pull on your hand and I’ve already done the same with the other. I stand up and you give me a wild look. And I tell you to enjoy this, with a devilish grin. I slowly pull down my thong and then bunch it up before gagging you with it. My hands make their way to your hips and pull your boxers down and off you. You’re semi hard at this point, not know what I’m going to do to you.

I turn around grab something from the dresser, and kneel before you, not letting you see what I’m doing until you hear a click, and a hard tug on your cock and balls. I stand back up, and place a key around my neck, and you grumble in annoyance and look at your cock, which is straining against your cage. I laugh at you, as I walk behind you and glide the tie back and forth around your neck, whispering into your ear how I’m going to tease you and make you cum on yourself, sucking on your ear, before blindfolding you.

I walk away from you and you hear a sound like shutters, and realize I’ve taken pictures of you. You pull again the cuffs and avcılar escort start to argue, I put my finger against your lips and tell you if you’re a good boy that I’ll delete them. You loudly groan and nod your head, you don’t want to even hear my alternative. I move back and press a few buttons as I turn on some music, and slowly grind up on you, groping you, my mouth on different parts of your body, your cock throbbing with desire. I run my nails down your chest and over your thighs, my tongue teasing your trapped head, covered in pre-cum. I begin to lick you as you pull again your cuffs and try not to move your hips into my mouth even though you’re dying to do so.

I straddle you again, rubbing my wet pussy against you. After I take my corset off, I rub my tits on your chest, I move them back and forth across your face. Tracing your lips with my nipples, but not letting you taste them. You’re breathing heavily, I unblindfold you, telling you that you’ve been good. I tell that I’ll only release you after you make me cum. You agree to my terms, as I grip your arms and run my nails down your back, my mouth on your neck. I undo your cuffs and lead you to the bed, as I move to lay down you pull me back and bend me over the edge, as you kneel between my legs. Running your hands up my legs, spreading my cheeks and licking my ass making me moan softly, moving my hips into your face.

You turn around and lean up against the bed, and keep me where I am, telling me to sit on your face, as you look at me from underneath me. Your mouth is clamped on my clit, circling and sucking on it, my hips start to grind on you. One hand reaches up and pinches avrupa yakası escort and plays with my nipple as the other one fingers me in the ass and pussy. I ride your face faster and harder, moaning loudly as you work your tongue and hand faster, smacking my ass until I cum on your face. You steady me, as you know I’m about to fall, and then pull me down on top of your lap. You don’t say anything while I catch my breath but your eyes linger on the key resting between my tits. I remove the key from my neck and have you stand while I’m kneeling between you. I unlock you, you watch me drop the key and the cage as you grab my hair and tell me it’s your turn.

You smack me in the face with your hardened cock, and I go to touch you, but you tell me to put my hands behind my back. You let me lick your cock, and then have me take you in my mouth. You tilt your head back and groan as you’ve been dying to do this all damn day, slowly thrusting in my mouth, spit going everywhere. You tell me to look at you as you grab both sides of my head and begin to face fuck me, thrusting harder and deeper, making my eyes tear up and ruin my make up. You think I look so hot right now, you stop and grab me by my hair and have me lay down on the bed. You pin my hands down and glide your spit covered cock along my clit, making me squirm and beg for more. You don’t need to hear anymore and thrust into me deeply, making me arch my back. You are close to cumming and you stop moving, telling me to move my hips and fuck you from underneath you. You bend your head and suck on my nipples, kissing and teasing my neck and ears and I moan your name.

You wait and then slowly pull out of me, making me wince before collapsing on the bed and pulling me on top of you. I ask you how you liked that, you kiss me and tell me a lot. You ask me if I deleted those photos? I say yes I did, but we can always watch it again, giggling. You raise an eyebrow at me, and I tell you that I recorded it for you so you can watch it later. You laugh and tell me I’m a freak…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32