Chores for Peggy

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Chapter 1

Like many young boys growing up, I took on small odd jobs here and there to make a bit of spare cash and supplement a usually measly allowance. But unlike the many routine jobs taken by my friends – my mother found me weekend work for a friend of hers who lived in the neighborhood. The work involved was fairly routine: gardening work, vacuuming and other general household chores every Saturday morning, but the circumstances of my employment were far from usual. Peggy and her husband Dennis were in their late forties and their two children had already left home for college leaving the couple in a sumptuously large house – which is why they hired me to help them take care of some of the weekly chores necessary to care for their place.

What was different about the job however was a unique sexual tension that lingered in their house making my Saturday mornings a weekly event I looked forward to anxiously every week…and remembered with lustful fondness for the week following. For instance, Peggy’s attire on those lazy Saturday mornings was insufferably distracting for a man of any age, but for a high school aged boy with only awkward sexual experience to his credit, the air of sophistication that Peggy exuded was the very stuff of fantasy. She always opened the door in a silky bathrobe, having usually just emerged from the shower, and the robe clung to her body with sticky closeness, hugging her beautiful breasts and ass and leaving little to the imagination – it was as though she wore a liquid garment that molded perfectly to her form, accentuated all the more by her swaying walk. But what usually made me all the more enflamed were her long tanned and tapered legs coming to an end with the most perfectly manicured feet. I spent a lot of time taking in her legs with my eyes, trying carefully to avoid being caught in a lustful stare.

After a welcome like this, I typically spent the duration of my chores aroused to a painful state of stiffness fantasizing on some possible steamy encounter with this ravishing creature. But Peggy never gave any overt sign apart from the most tempting house wear that she knew of my intrigue or drooling interest. One morning however I was introduce to the sexual animal that is Peggy. Answering the door one Saturday, Peggy, unshowered, appeared distracted and in slight disarray. Her usually tidy gown was open sloppily down past her navel giving a stunning glimpse at the slope of her breasts and the taughtness of her skin. Her hair too was a mess and she was breathing heavily while I noticed a subtle shimmer to her skin.

“Are you OK?”, I asked her reflexively.

“Really, I’m fine René”, she breathlessly replied, “Please just go ahead with the vacuuming, I’ll be back down to let you know what else I had in mind for today.”

Quickly, she turned and bounded up the stairs, the shortness of her robe giving a peep at the bare orbs of her ass. Shaking my head in disbelief at this woman’s body, I proceeded to set up the vacuum to begin cleaning – but before the machine’s sound could shatter the silence I heard a woman cried out in a long and deep moan from an upstairs room. I stopped and listened some more and slowly made out the unmistakable sounds of two people having sex – no, two people fucking.

“Ahhhhrgghh…stick it all the way in you stud…split my pussy with your gorilla cock!!!”

Stunned for a moment, I waited for the reply.

“Oh baby – you’ve got me sooo hard!!”

I might just as well have been saying those words as my cock had swelled and snaked its way down my pant leg, pleading for attention and relief from its confines. The scene that I could only imagine above drew me powerfully, and scurrying as my dick pleasurably scraped against my jeans I quietly hurried up the stairs toward the master bedroom. There was no need to peek however because as I rounded the corner toward the room I noticed their door was wide open and that a tangled sweaty nest of flesh was gyrating just over the threshold on the floor. Peggy and Dennis were in a Kama Sutra pose and I had an unobstructed view as his veined and deep purple cock slid sloppily in and out of Peggy’s enflamed cunt.

I stared in blind lust at this scene before me. It took no time for Dennis to scream out in release as he wrenched his cock from Peggy’s body spraying creamy cum all over the place like an unmanned garden hose. At the same time, Peggy untangled her naked and glistening body and scrambled to take her husband’s still spewing rod into her mouth. As she dove for his cock, however, she gave a side glance locking her gaze with mine for what was certainly a brief moment, but seemed like an eternity. With a quick smile she turned her ravenous attention back to her husband’s cock, gobbling the remainder of his semen, as Dennis groaned and convulsed like a wounded animal on the carpet. Overwhelmed by what had just transpired, I looked down to notice that I had creamed all over the inside of my pants leaving a dark and obscene stain…I knew from casino siteleri this point on, Saturday morning chores would never be the same at the Sanford house.

As I arrived the following Saturday my mind and cock were already aroused by what awaited me at the Sanford’s. Nothing had been said about what had happened the weekend before but I knew that now all was out in the open, including my lust for Peggy. I trembled as I rung the bell and heard the usual padding of steps approaching the door. However that was where all things familiar ceased. Peggy swung wide the door and hurriedly pulled me inside, closing it behind me. I then turned to take her in all her naked glory. Her skin was flawless and a light chocolate brown. Her breasts, full and beautifully pendulous looked out at me with wide and erect nipples. But her crowning glory was her clean-shaven pussy framed by wide and luscious hips.

“You’ve seen me in a much more compromised state,” she started with a chuckle, “there’s no need for pretense any longer. I’ve always been much more relaxed around the house without clothes and didn’t figure you’d be uncomfortable with it given what you saw last Saturday.”

I gave a lame nod and a squeaky attempt to reassure her that I had no problems with it, but obviously, this new arrangement would make the battle with my hormones and cock and much more difficult affair. I went about my tasks that morning paying very little attention to what I was actually doing and more to the movements of Peggy as she went about the house in her usual elegant style, bending, reaching and occasionally mind-numbingly stretching, giving me a full and unobscured view of her sexy form – but this time there was no secrecy in my stares and Peggy often giggled at the effect I was having on her which I no longer tried to hide either.

As the morning wore on we both found ourselves in the kitchen together for a break and refreshment. We sat across from each other drinking sodas, Peggy with her legs spread temptingly open and no table in between us to obstruct my glaring gaze.

“Obviously you’re pleased with the show I’ve been giving”, she said suggestively, “you’ve been walking around with that hard on all day!”

I gulped at her candor and my cock leaped strongly in my shorts.

“But you’re naked Peggy,” I said, “and that’s bound to make a young guy horny. Besides you have a spectacular body and seeing you naked has always been a secret desire of mine, one I thought would never become reality.”

“Do you mean you’ve masturbated while thinking about my naked body?,” she said bluntly.

Nervously I replied, “There would be something wrong with me if I didn’t, don’t you think?”

What this obviously suggested was that at some point in the day I would be thinking back to the events of this morning and picturing myself ravishing Peggy’s pussy on the couch, the kitchen floor, if not every room in the house, stroking myself to a powerful pulsing climax. Apparently seizing on this inevitability, Peggy made an astonishing suggestion:

“Well, René, you might as well take advantage of your lust right now while you have the object of it right here in front of you. Go ahead and take your clothes off – I want to watch you take care of that small, or perhaps large problem of yours.”

After sporting an erection for 4 excruciating hours, this offer of relief, though unusual, was a welcome opportunity to carry my lust to the next stage. Without much consideration I pulled my shirt above my head and lowered my shorts and boxers in one swift motion leaving me naked but for my socks, sitting on the chair in front of Peggy. My cocked swayed and pulsed an angry red. Both our eyes were fixed to it as it represented both her and my desire. Neither spoke for a long moment until Peggy said urgently.

“Grab it, please. Grab it with your hand and start pumping your cock for me. Please…”

Her tone had changed from one in control of her thoughts to one who had been swept away in lustful passion. And to satisfy her and my desire I squeezed my engorged meat between my right hand and began pulling at it eagerly.

“Don’t hold back,” she said, “I love the sight of a man jerking off for me, and the eruption of come when you climax – please, I want to see you come – come all over the place”

With that she scooted between my legs, placing her hands on my thighs and rubbing them from my knees to desperately close to my flying hand.

“I want a close up look of your hard dick as you bring yourself off and shoot your load René – don’t disappoint me – you have such a sexy cock and I want to see it explode!”

As I increased the tempo of my motions, Peggy leaned directly above my shaft and let a large glob of saliva dribble from her lips onto the head of my cock oiling the already rapid pistoning of my hand over my cockhead.

“That’s it,” she whispered loudly, “ now it’s nice and slick so you can jerk it even harder and faster”

I was fast güvenilir casino approaching the brink, losing all control. I bucked wildly on the chair, intoxicated by Peggy’s touch on my legs as I squeezed my cock roughly.

“I want to fuck you Peggy – I want to fuck you all day and in every way – I want you to drain all the cum out of my body..”, I said, with a wildness that shocked even myself.

“Don’t worry René, there will be plenty of time for that, right now I just want to revel in your hot fuck juice – come on, stroke it harder – get there, get there you nasty boy!”

I was losing myself and my self control and felt the telltale contraction deep within my balls as my body readied to expel my seed like a geyser. And then it came and came. Peggy squealed as the first forceful shot spurting from my piss hole in a long white ribbon. It cleared her shoulder and landed with an audible splat on her back and the linoleum floor. Peggy quickly moved her wide open mouth above my spraying cock as the next streams raced into her mouth, slamming into the back of her throat. The scene was lurid and messy as some of the come that had found its mark came pouring back out of her mouth and onto my still pumping fist and enflamed cock. She then tore my hand from my shaft and plunged her mouth around the crown commingling the sloppy mixture of cum and saliva. Both of us were tense beyond breathing but I finally caught my breath in a loud moan that sounded more animal than man. Peggy’s smile told all that needed to be told as I looked at her face covered in sex grease. Though still overwhelmed by the intensity of the scene we quickly broke into raucous laughter as we fell to the floor in a twister tangle. Our passionate and sloppy kisses spoke of our desire and confirmed that this had not been a mistake and in fact only the beginning.

Just then, Dennis, whom I thought had not been home, walked into the kitchen and exclaimed:

“I was wondering when you two would be finished. I was getting thirsty for a beer but didn’t want to interrupt.”

Shocked at first, I would soon learn that not everything was as it seemed at the Sanford household…

Chapter 2

My introduction to the Sanford way had brought about an astonishing change to my weekly routine and for the week following my initiation, I could hardly keep Mrs. Sanford’s ravenous body out of my mind, or my cock out of my hand. Trying to fall asleep on Friday night was the hardest part, as though Christmas awaited me the following morning. Peggy had already given me the gift of seeing her naked and in an uninhibited fuck scene with her husband – but masturbating into her mouth on the very same day convinced me beyond doubt that Peggy had an unsatisfied taste for cock and all things sexual. It was hard to believe that such a sexy older woman would have the same sex drive as a young man 20 years her junior, but as I was to discover, even an oversexed high school kid was no match for Peggy’s all out erotic intensity.

I woke up on Saturday morning having hardly slept and wearing a hard on that was several hours old. Still, I resisted the temptation of stroking myself to a Peggy-inspired orgasm, confident that the opportunity for release was not far away. I checked my alarm clock obsessively, trying to speed along the time. Not able to contain myself any longer I quickly showered, pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and scurried out the door towards the Sanfords.

I arrived at their door an hour before I usually would and hoped that I wouldn’t come across as over-eager – after all I still was there ostensibly to clean up around the house and for all I knew, last weekend could have been an aberration and a mistake which Peggy had come to regret after a week’s reflection. I knocked tentatively on the door but there was no response. Listening closely however, I overheard the sound of the television coming from the living room from the other side of the house. Assuming the Sanfords were up, I tried the door handle – it turned and I pushed open the door letting myself inside.

I called out, “Peggy?,” but the answer never came. Removing my shoes I walked softly towards the living room and the dull noise from the television. Emerging from the hallway I first noticed the TV screen displaying a woman in a full body leotard demonstrating some yoga exercises. Spread out on a mat in front of the television was Peggy, her head pointing away from me, mimicking the position of the woman in the video. She was lying on her back with her legs pulled wide and back toward her chest grabbing her heels with her hands. I was stunned by Peggy’s flexibility – she was mimicking the host’s position perfectly, except there was one crucial difference: Peggy was perfectly naked.

Mrs. Sanford was oblivious to my presence as she breathed in a heavy rhythmic manner her eyes clenched meditatively. I stood there meditating myself on the spectacle only a few feet away as Peggy moved her outstretched legs around canlı casino hypnotically, at times hiding and at other times revealing her closely shaven pussy. Responding to the prompting of the woman on TV, Peggy pulled her legs backward, amazingly locking her feet behind her head in a mesmerizing display. Her pussy and asshole were now propped up facing the ceiling as her breasts squeezed between her legs. The litheness of her physique and pure sensuousness of her movements was causing my own breathing to intensify and I drooled at the sight of her in an imagined offering to my touch, taste and exploration. My fantasies from the past week had not been nearly as good as this reality and I wanted desperately to feel my naked flesh against her own.

I quickly and quietly removed all of my clothing and leaned against the wall to continue watching these morning exercises. My cock was already seething with lust as precum dripped profusely from its tip. I roughly grabbed hold of it and began stroking deeply in time with the yoga soundtrack. Soon, Peggy released herself from her compact position and stood to her feet facing the television. I reveled in her fully naked backside as she gently swayed to the music, her hands roaming over her body in a more sexual way than one might expect for a yoga routine. Her mere presence was giving me fits of fantasy as I began to stroke more urgently, keeping a week’s worth of expectation at bay. Just then, Peggy began to dip her head and back towards me as she slowly and tantalizingly fell into an arch position with her pelvis high in the air and only her hands and feet touching the mat below. It was at that moment that she saw me, albeit from an upside down position, and my hand froze on my cock, no more confident from the events of last week that my voyeurism and open arousal would be welcome.

“Well good morning sexy,” she said in the most serene and undisturbed tone, “I’m glad to see you came prepared for a morning of hard work”

Still arched sexily on the floor in front of me, Peggy gave a wink suggesting that not only was my behavior fine by her but in fact encouraged.

“Come over here and give me a hand will you,” she said smiling mischievously, “Naked yoga always gets me hot and bothered in the morning and my pussy needs some attention now that I see you and your strong hard cock.”

Without needing any more instructions I leaped over the back of the couch to the space in front of the TV, my cock bouncing and slapping sharply against my naked body. I moved over to her feet and without hesitation she spread her legs wide, still contorted in her yogic arch.

“Give my pussy all the attention it deserves René, just don’t fuck it…yet”, she implored.

I stepped between her legs, resting the shaft of my cock on top of her pussy as I slid my hands urgently all over her slightly sweaty flesh. I paused at her breasts, my fingers dancing over her nipples and squeezing them to pertness. As I caressed her breasts I thrust my cock along the folds of Peggy’s pussy, drawing the cock head back teasingly to its entrance and then sliding it sharply downwards between her ass cheeks, exploring the roughness of her puckered anus. I continued in this sawing motion as Peggy began moaning louder and more raggedly, pushing her hips upward in a frantic fucking motion. Her juices flowed freely coating my cock in a slippery mixture that made gliding the shaft across her pussy and ass all the easier.

I was amazed at how she could carry on while in such an awkward position, but she showed no signs of tiring. In fact the more she became turned on, the more powerful her motions became.

“That’s right René,” she gasped breathlessly, “stroke my clit with your cock!”

I couldn’t be happier to oblige and it wasn’t long before Peggy was shuddering in a convulsive orgasm, her body shimmering in a deep volcanic eruption. As she lost herself in her orgasm, I swiftly snuck around her body, dropped to my knees and plunged my raging cock into her mouth without warning. I immediately felt her frantic sucking on my rod as I fucked her face deeply to the back of her throat.

“God Peggy, your mouth is so hot and wet,” I barely let out, “You’re incredible, a dream come true.”

She momentarily took her mouth off my dick and growled in a wanton tone, “Just shut up and come in my throat René.”

At that, my lunging deepened as I felt my cock head slip past her tonsils and up into her throat. I grabbed her by the ass and raised her legs up and over my shoulders in one swift motion so that we were in an upright sixty-nine, gorging ourselves on each others enflamed and dripping organs. I thrust in earnest now reaching the blissful point of explosion as I clasped my mouth onto Peggy’s pussy screaming orgasmic nonsense into its depth. I shot piercing streams of cum into her throat as I held my cock root-deep at her mouth’s entrance. Collapsing in a fornicating heap, Peggy slowly and excruciatingly pulled her lips up my shaft giving one last popping suck on my head as I lurched in a mixture of pleasure and sensitive pain.

“Thanks for finishing off my morning workout René,” she said with a sarcastic grin, “I had other plans for you today but this unexpected surprise was a welcome beginning…”

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