Cheryl Takes a Fork in the Road

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This is primarily how my bio-mechanics professor became a member of the group we call our Fold. I’m taking poetic license in several places when I wasn’t present when it took place, and I have to rely on what was told to me.

I apologize for mixing past and present, first person and third person, but they help me tell this story. Actually, this is a compendium of events that happened to and by my Fold Sisters; therefore it’s rather long, about eighteen thousand words. Ergo, readers won’t have to wait between chapters to be written and uploaded.

BTW, this story has been self-edited and might offend trolls, but I don’t care. I’m fed up with their vitriol toward Literotica writers. Their nastiness is probably the only thing they’ve ever written. They don”t write stories, but have the gall to criticize others who do. Henceforth, I’ll just ignore their pettiness.

Yankee manager/catcher Yogi Berra, known for his ‘yogi-isms’, once said, “When you come to a fork in the road … take it.”

Cheryl Takes a Fork in the Road.

It was the end of the school year. I have to admit that it isn’t uncommon for me to get asked out on a date by an older grad student, but being a professor usually is enough of a reason for me to refuse and a reasonable excuse as well. However, this invitation was different – to put it mildly.

It was from this girl. I would normally say woman or young lady, but girl seems to be the most appropriate way of describing her. Young. Attractive. But I didn’t think anything more than that at the time. She was a senior, and I believe she attended at least two previous classes of mine. I never thought much of it back then, but looking back, I do notice that she always sat in the front row. She did what all the other students did and had her notebook on her desk with a pen in hand, but she never looked bored or sleepy during my lectures. Another time when I had dropped a dry erase marker on the floor and bent over to pick it up, I happened to look in her direction when I rose and caught her looking at my rear and biting her lip.

So aside from the ‘hindsight’ ogling, this girl, Ylly, had turned out to be a bright student to boot. She aced all of the exams and having had a few brief and completely professional chats, I gathered that she not only understood the material presented but had a very good grasp of the theory behind it.

It was that year that she graduated. I try to make it a habit of attending the graduation ceremony each year. Unlike the students, I actually enjoy hearing the commencement speeches year after year. Hearing countless speeches from different people, if you take them into the proper context, how can one not be inspired?

I remember after the ceremony was over, I saw Ylly with a group of women sharing smiles and big congratulatory hugs. It was a joyous occasion that all the students and families should be proud of. I am proud that I was part of all that as well, but it’s not for me to join in on their celebrations. But later that afternoon, she came by my office and found me. She told me how she had learned a lot from my classes, and I wished her well and told her that she had a bright future ahead of her. It was truthful, but nothing much more than what I say to other students.

As we wished each other well and said our goodbyes, she turned to leave after a bit of lingering. I thought she was just lost at how to segue out and say her farewell, but after a few steps away, she turned back towards me looking quite nervous. She was smiling broadly and began stammering out some rather strange question.

“Y-you like lunch with your company, right?”

I was puzzled and rightfully so, but seeing her squirming at her own words, I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic toward and slightly enamored of her youthful demeanor.

“What?” I asked – looking perplexed.

She laughed at herself and took a deep breath. “Would you like to have lunch with me and my family? They would really like to meet you, and I would really like to introduce you? Please?”

As I don’t normally accept invitations from my students, I don’t know why I said yes. When I look back at it now, I still can’t give a reasonable answer. Sure, it’s just lunch with a meet and greet like any other invitation from anyone else. Since I normally decline these offers, I believe it was because it was a request by a woman, a girl, that I felt it was safe to agree to it. I know deep down, there probably is more to it, but I don’t believe I’m ready to admit to it as yet.

Anyway, I agreed. Maybe it was a bit out of the ordinary – perhaps, but certainly nothing unique. I mean Ylly is a lovely, bright girl. She must have a lovely, bright family to complete the set, right? I’m sure we’ll have a conversation about her future and dabble into my expertise in my own research a little and enjoy some company with a meal. Really, what more is one to expect than just that?

After a few days passed, we had our lunch meeting at a rather posh restaurant. I wasn’t expecting one that was as upscale as this one, with a hostess and all the london escorts trimmings. I met Ylly’s ‘family’ in the restaurant lobby.

I was expecting to meet Dad and Mom along with a brother or sister and such, but not so. Instead, I met a group of women. The same that I saw at the graduation ceremony. Upon entering, Ylly greeted me and gave me a hug with a beaming smile. She then turned and introduced me to everyone.

“So I want you all to meet Miss Cheryl, my favorite professor,” she said and pointed each lady out to me.

“That’s Megan.” she pointed to the lanky girl with the face as bright as a halo – on the far right. She smiled and waved back at me looking like an adorable doll.

“That’s Kayla.” She was the one who stood just left of Megan and made her look dainty in comparison. She was taller and strong boned. She too greeted me politely.

“That’s Circe.” She stood in the center, and I found out later that she was the eldest of the bunch, but that was relative. She was only in her thirties and possibly forties, but she was an attractive lady, and she struck me as a very sharp person just by her appearance.

“We’re all very pleased to meet you. We’ve heard so much about you. All good, of course.” she said with a smile and shook my hand.

This is…” Ylly was interrupted by – “Alexa.” So nice to meet you in person.”

She looked at me pleasantly enough, her handshake was quite vigorous and determined. I felt as if she were looking through me with her icy blue eyes.

And last, but not least, this is Kaitlin.”

“Hello.” She said with a simple and cheerful smile.

“She’s my significant other,” Ylly said, and wrapped her arm around Kaitlin’s waist.

“Oh,” I said with a definite tone of astonishment, “That’s nice.”

I don’t know if I gave off any signs of surprise, but I would think my face turned red when I realized the implication of Ylly and Kaitlin’s relationship. What have I gotten myself into? I’m standing amidst a clutch of lesbians smiling at me like I was prey.

I thought about excusing myself right then and there, but then I thought that wouldn’t have been fair or politically correct. I could and should still be cordial about being invited. They were all very pleasant. What they do on their personal time doesn’t affect me and this lunch shouldn’t be any different.

“So, shall we?” Alexa said to everyone and we proceeded to the dining room.

We were met by our hostess. She was a very sharply dressed and groomed lady who was courteous and professional. However, once she saw our group, she seemed to let her hair down.

“Well. Well. Well.” she said, “Look what the cat dragged in.”

“Sylvi. Long time no pussy?” Alexa said and brazenly put her hand on the hostess’ breast, “You know you only have to ask.”

Sylvi scoffed and without any shame or surprise, she simply brushed Alexa’s hand off her body.

“Does it look like I could afford your services?” Evidently referring to Alexa’s penchant for abusing her sex partners, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

“As you probably are already aware, I price discriminate all of my customers. I’m sure I can fit into your budget.” Alexa said, gliding her fingers over Sylvi’s cheek.

“Are you sure you don’t mean price gouging?”

“Absolutely. We gouge, but not on the price.” Alexa said with a wicked smirk.

Sylvi smiled back in amusement. “And is that a new face I see among your flock? Another heavenly body to be anointed?”

Anointed? What are they talking about?

“I’m Cheryl. Ylly’s professor.” I said.

“Oh. Hello Ylly’s professor,” she said and glanced over at Ylly with a smile. Although I’m not certain, I thought I saw her wink at Ylly. “Little Ylly’s been diplomaed, I gather. Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” Ylly said.

“Our table please,” Circe said.

“Of course.” she said, “A sturdy one, I would presume?” she said to Alexa.

“You do your job exceedingly well,” Alexa said and we all followed behind Sylvi’s lead.

As we arrived at our table, Sylvi pulled out the chair for Circe to sit, while everybody else sat down on their own.

“Cheryl,” Alexa said, “sit here.”

It was the seat right next to her. Ylly made a sound as if she was about to object, but a glance from Alexa hushed her instantly. I sensed a bit of uneasiness growing and quickly sat down next to Alexa with Ylly on my other side.

“So, Ylly has told us how much she enjoys your classes. She says you’re really intelligent and her favorite professor.” Alexa said.

“Well, I’m quite flattered by those kind words. Ylly is a bright young lady. She’s a very quick learner and asks very good questions. I’m sure she’ll be a star in her career.” I said making Ylly smile with pride.

“Do you like women?” Alexa asked.

“What?” I chirped.

Here I was at the table as opposed to the restaurant lobby with my feet only a few steps away from the door. I couldn’t stand up and walk out without making a scene now. I wished I would’ve done what my brain told me just a few minutes ago.

“Do london escort you like women?” Alexa asked again.

I looked at all the other ladies seated at the table. They were waiting for my answer as if I were asked how the weather was or if I found the restaurant to my liking. They looked interested, but not necessarily eager. That’s how all of them acted, at least, except for Ylly. She was clearly sulking at something Alexa had said or done.

“Well, no. Not in the sense that you mean. And not that I’m judging.” I said.

“And neither are we,” Circe said with a smile.

It seemed like that had cleared the air of all of the implications of my sexual orientation right off the bat, which made the rest of the lunch conversation rather pleasant. I learned that Circe was an M.D., and Kaitlin was her med school protégé in training. Kayla was an R.N. and Alexa – an ex-R.N., and Ylly was continuing her schooling towards a double doctorate in medicine and biomedical engineering, my field. Only the youngest, Megan, who was just starting her college career was still undecided.

I saw the medical field theme was common among them, and I assumed they all had met through a common hospital experience or something similar. However, that wasn’t the case, and it was more coincidental, or influence after the fact, that these ladies chose their current paths. Being that Megan didn’t share that common thread, I asked about her.

Granted, these ladies are lesbians. Attractive lesbians. Feminine. Smooth. Curvy. Yet, even they have different avenues in meeting each other whether they be gay hangouts or internet sites or whatever.

Ylly began telling me about what she called, “lamb safari”. They were volunteer excursions to heavily populated places like malls and such, and they would pass out cards for a free woman’s clinic appointment.

I took all of this in – as if I were sitting on a chair full of tacks, but Ylly, Kaitlin, and Kayla smiled in shameless pride with Megan beaming. Alexa and Circe said nothing, but definitely had an approving attitude toward it all.

“And what happened, when you took up their offer?” I asked Megan with sincere interest.

Megan smiled clearly reminiscing, “They did things to me. Things that made me feel…happy.”

“What kind of things?”

“It would be easier to show you. Why don’t you come back with us?” Alexa asked. Come into my web, said the spider to the fly.

“Oh. No, thank you.” I said.

“Have you been to the movies before?” Alexa said.

“A theater? Of course.”

“And what do you do when you go?”

“Watch the movie?” I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

“You’re not expected to do any acting or singing or dancing, right?”


“Well, we aren’t expecting any of that either. We’re only asking you to come and watch, not to participate.” Alexa said.

I looked around the table at all the faces. Again, they were all interested in my response but not particularly eager. Except for Ylly. She did look eager and hopeful that I would come.

“You are interested to know about us, right? So why not come and see for yourself firsthand?” Alexa said.

Yes, I was curious, and my heart was drumming like a wound-up toy monkey – with nervousness – and a tinge of anticipation. The easy choice was to say no and be done with the whole thing and this lesbian gang. Good luck and goodbye and that would be that, or I could go along and see what sounds like bizarre and deviant sexual behavior. I may not be a lesbian, but I would only be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t somewhat curious.

“I wouldn’t have to do anything?” I said looking at everyone around the table.

“Not unless you want to,” Alexa said.

I looked over at Ylly and she nodded at me with a yearning eagerness that would’ve seemingly hurt her if I said no. So, just like the decision I made in the lobby, I went with my heart.

“Okay. Just for a while.”

That seemed to make everyone happy, and soon we were whisking away to some secluded cabin in the woods. Ylly rode with me as my GPS and to keep me company along the way. She still had that ear-to-ear smile.

“So how long have you been with your ‘family’?” I asked.

“A few years now. Some of us have actually just become family recently. I know you’re probably thinking we’re different and we weren’t what you were expecting. I know our family has its own unique quirks, but once you get to know us, we’re really no different from anybody else.”

“I’m sure you aren’t. I was taken aback when I realized your orientation, but I’m past that now. What you do that makes you happy doesn’t affect how good of a student you are. “

“Well…you are my favorite professor. That has something to do with it.”

“Oh. Well, I didn’t teach all of your classes and you managed those just fine and dandy it seems.” I said with an innocent smile.

I can see the implications she was making. Okay, this girl has a crush on me. Nothing wrong with that and nothing new or anything I can’t handle.

Soon, we passed a ranger’s london escort agency station and immediately turned right onto a graveled road and down quite a way from the highway. There were no other houses or other establishments around – nothing except trees and foliage. Finally, we came up to a very large, stone, and log cabin or lodge that seemed to just be in the middle of nowhere.

Ylly was smiling cheerfully as ever, but I have to admit I was feeling a bit uneasy at the whole situation. I knew Ylly. She was my student. She always sat in front of my class and was bright and intelligent. I didn’t know she was a lesbian, nor did I know that she and her ‘family’ spend their weekends at a secluded lodge right out of a horror movie.

“Come on. Everyone is inside already.” Ylly said and exited the car.

I followed along unsure of myself, debating if I should just change my mind and leave, but Ylly’s innocent enthusiasm seemed to have quelled some of my fears, and I followed along. As we got to the door, Ylly smiled with a sigh and looked at me with a shy grin.

“Rules of the Cabin,” she said and began to shed her clothes.

She removed everything. Her sweater. Her blouse. Her skirt. And yes, her bra and panties until she was completely nude as the day she was born. Her nipples were erect and perky from the cool air. Her pubes were clean-shaven except for a well manicured landing strip.

Ylly then smiled at me, not shyly, but rather proudly. She wasn’t ashamed to show off her nude body to me, but rather glad as if she wanted to do this all along.

She said that since I was a guest and it was the first time at the Cabin [with a capital C], I wasn’t required to take anything off but my shoes.

I was still fully clothed except for my shoes which I carried in with me when we entered the cabin. The light poured out into the doorway and air warmed my face. We walked in and immediately I was among a group of completely naked women. My throat constricted.

“Welcome to our Cabin,” Ylly said, proudly.

I looked around in surprise as everyone stood proudly naked with foxtails protruding from their backsides – all except Circe and Alexa. I got the impression that Circe and Alexa held matriarchal positions in this Family. I wasn’t expecting this, nor would I have guessed any of it in a million years.

“Cheryl. Come have a seat.” Alexa said and gestured to an empty chair next to her. Sitting next to Alexa and Circe, I was then treated to a very arousing spectacle.

In turn, Ylly, Kaitlin, Kayla and Meg, danced very titillating numbers. Ylly and Kaitlin did some hip gyrating Polynesian style dances that even I found very arousing.

Kayla performed a pole dance routine. She was so expert at it that she must’ve either had lessons or was an ex-stripper. She climbed the pole and slid down it with complete control and seemingly no worries at all about falling.

Meg performed her dance next. She was the best dancer in a traditional sense as she had all the right moves and rhythm.

All of the dances were in the nude, of course, which increased interest – and arousal.

Wine was served and we sat around talking. Somehow, I was less aware of their nudity and the tails they wore.

Circe explained that they were paired up; she with Alexa; Kayla with Megan; and Kaitlin with Ylly. Megan volunteered that her two sisters, Mya and Xii were also part of the Family, but hadn’t found partners as yet – so were not considered ‘Sisters’. Alexa said she owned a leather goods boutique, and that Xii managed the Shoppe.

Sometime into the evening, I couldn’t hold it in; with some hesitation, I asked about the tails they were wearing. Circe laughed and said it was nothing but a silly charade just to see how long it would be before I brought up the subject. Kayla had suggested it on the way back from the restaurant. Ylly piped up that some of them did wear tails in the surrounding forest just for fun. It wasn’t mandatory as the ‘no clothes’ rule in the Cabin.

I felt mixed emotions wearing clothing when everyone else was nude, but, at that point, I wasn’t comfortable about taking mine off. I must admit that I did a lot of looking at their nude bodies and was a bit aroused. I felt my panties get wet. Even in the girl’s locker room, I hadn’t seen such beautiful bodies. I wondered if having a beautiful body was a prerequisite for Family membership or if it was just a coincidence. If it were a prerequisite, I wonder if mine would pass muster – not that I’d even consider entering this group of lesbians. I’m straight, not ever bi.

However, I have had such bad luck with men, it would be nice to be done with dating and keeping men at bay. I have had fantasies about being with a woman, but that’s all they were – fantasies. I wouldn’t do that in real life – would I?

It grew late and time to leave. Ylly sketched a map to show me how to get back to the cabin, and they all invited me back whenever I pleased. No invitation necessary. No call ahead. Just drop in any time. One caveat – house rules – no clothing in the cabin but they would make an exception in my case – I could wear undies. On my way back to the city, I wondered if that meant bra and panties or just panties. I should have asked; however, at this point, it was moot. I had no intention of returning.

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