Charlotte’s Day Pt. 02

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The follow on to Charlotte’s Day.

This is only my second ever attempt at writing erotica, with the first part being the first! So please, all feedback welcomed.

All characters are in the final year of their formal education, and are therefore 18 years old.


Charlotte lay next to her new lover, still quivering, trying to contemplate what had just started.

“Are you ok sweety?” came the loving questions and gentle caress of Emily’s hand on her cheek.

“I’m better than ok, I’m just trying to take this all in,” Charlotte responded with a satisfied grin.

“Well this is just the start Charlotte!” commented Miss Stone. “I will sit with Charlotte for a while I think, and you three will put on a show for us.”

There was no questioning, no comments, just action from the Naomi, Dee and Emily. Charlotte and Miss Stone propped themselves up against the old wooden cupboards that ran all the way around the lab room. Emily and Dee quickly whispered to each other.

They moved Naomi’s beautiful, black frame into position right in front of the two voyeurs, giving them the perfect profile of her gorgeous body. Her large breasts proudly stuck out in front, with her large, but firm bum creating the perfect counter to her chest.

Emily proceeded to stand in front of Naomi and kiss her softly. It was a slightly hesitant kiss at first, but soon built to a battle of tongues. Dee placed herself in close proximity to the two, but was behind Naomi, her left hand began gently massaging Naomi’s left ass cheek. She lent in and began sucking on her neck, causing an audible moan from Naomi.

Charlotte simply looked on transfixed. She was statue-like as she attempted to take in all that was happening. Miss Jessica Stone watched on with a broad smile. Her own hands slowly explored her own body, before her left hand reached over and began stroking the inside of Charlotte’s right thigh.

Without missing a beat, both Emily and Dee suddenly dropped to their knees. Planting their faces under Naomi, they began to simultaneously eat her pussy and ass hole. Naomi groaned out in our pleasure and her knees almost buckled right there kartal sarışın escort and then.

The sight of these two white beauties propping up this black bombshell with their tongues caused Charlotte’s mouth to simply drop wide open in disbelief. The wanton display of lust these two were displaying whilst devouring Naomi’s most intimate parts was truly breathtaking.

Miss Stone’s hand was now on Charlotte’s young cunt and was gently rubbing up and down. Her silky index finger was running up and down the length of her slit, working its way between the folds. Suddenly Charlotte was aware of the sensation between her legs and shuddered.

She looked at there teacher. A hushed and guttural, “Don’t stop,” was all she managed.

Dee and Emily were soon deep in the crevices of Naomi’s lower body. “Fuck girls! Oh fuck, you eat me so right! This is so fucking sexy! You’re so gad damn sexy! Oh shit I’m gunna cum,” the expletives from Naomi’s mouth brilliantly summed up the atmosphere in the room.

Her legs began to quiver and she groped wildly at her own large breasts. Her dark skin carried a light sheen of sweat as her body built up to crash in a wave of orgasmic bliss. Emily’s tongue flicked wildly over Naomi’s clit. Dee’s tongue probed even deeper into her forbidden hole. And then it happened.

Naomi went silent momentarily. Her body visibly tensed up. Her legs opened wider and she dropped, forcing the two girls away from her body. She cried out and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came hard. Her pussy contracted and a stream of vaginal fluids sprayed across Emily’s face and body.

“Oh god…” was all she could muster before her legs shook and gave way. She collapsed to the floor with a wide grin and simply lay there, occasionally quivering as the aftershocks rocked her body.

Emily, now covered in a sheen of Naomi’s cum, moved over to Dee. “Please clean me off Dee,” she requested whilst presenting her wonderful naked body.

Charlotte couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. The girl she had loved had just put on a sex show for her and her teacher. She could feel kartal anal escort the heat rising inside. Miss Stone’s hand suddenly left her and she felt her move in. She whispered into Charlotte’s ear, “did you enjoy that?”

“Oh my yes,” came her eager response.

“Well I have one more surprise for you. I think your virginity needs to be properly taken.” Miss Stone’s voice carried a great degree of authority suddenly.

Charlotte was slightly confused, but the heightened sexuality in the air meant she could do nothing but comply. The heat in her body was now running the show. She was completely at the whims of her own lust, as well as that of her teacher’s.

“I want you to lie face up on the lab desk for me Charlotte,” requested Miss Stone.

The three girls now took their place sitting up against the cupboards. Naomi was pretty much propped up between the other two, still recovering from what had just happened. They eagerly looked on. Charlotte caught Emily’s eye as she stood and was reassured by the smile and wink that came her way from her lover.

Charlotte lay face up on the desk. She raised her knees to make it more comfortable. She heard the scrape of a lab stool move across the floor and was suddenly greeted by the site of Miss Jessica Stone cowering above her having stood up on the stool. She could stare right up between her teacher’s legs at the bald, still moist pussy, beyond the slightest of bulges in her stomach and beyond to the beautiful canyon that was formed by her more mature breasts.

Miss Stone proceeded to lean down and place her right knee over Charlotte’s face. Charlotte suddenly realised what was about to happen. She was going to taste her teacher’s pussy. This was it. The first cunt she would ever taste. Her mind raced and her body reacted. She felt her own love canal tighten and moisten.

Before she knew it, Miss Stone’s pussy was at her lips. Instinctively she began to lightly kiss the folds of her vagina. Before gaining a bit more confidence and letting her tongue slip inside them. A moan from her teacher reassured her she was doing it right. She picked up the kartal sınırsız escort pace, but was caught off guard when she felt Miss Stone’s mouth clamp onto her clit.

“Oh damn!” was all that escaped her mouth, but it was lost into the depths of her teachers sex. The vibrations of this moan sent a shiver down Jessica Stone’s body and her pussy tightened around Charlotte’s tongue.

They continued to explore the hot depths of each other for several minutes. Charlotte was concentrating so hard on pleasing her older lover that she hadn’t allowed herself to orgasm. She hadn’t noticed the other actions that were taking place around her either. Miss Stone suddenly let off from the eating of the new lesbian.

Charlotte suddenly felt something alien at her entrance. A round slightly cool object had been placed at her pussy hole. It slowly began to move forward and was no further than an inch or two into her when her body shot us and she came hard. She cried out deep into Miss Stone’s pussy and was rewarded with a flood of vaginal fluids directly into her waiting mouth as her teacher orgasmed.

Miss Stone rolled off the desk and sat with Naomi and Dee. Charlotte’s cum covered lips shone in the fluorescent light of the lab room as she looked up to see a sight she had only dreamed of. Emily stood at the end of the table, her pale naked body as beautiful as ever. Between her legs their protruded a plastic cock. It was buried inside Charlotte’s pussy. Emily had managed to bottom out during her new girlfriends orgasm.

Emily’s slight frame began to rock back and forth, sliding her false dick in and out of Charlotte’s tight pussy. She was gripping so tight that Emily could barely fuck her. But the filthy squelching sounds coming from her slit drover her on. Charlotte’s hips soon began moving and meeting the thrusts of her teenage fucker. The two built up place together, the contact of the strap on cock causing Emily’s arousal to build up.

Soon they were both crying out each other’s names as they came hard together. Forming a new bond. A bond of sex. A bond of love. The two kissed hard and Emily dismounted her.

Charlotte lay there wondering how it had all gotten so out of hand… Hours earlier she was an innocent Virgin at school. Now she was spread out on the science desk with her pussy gaping and her own sweet girl cum leaking from it.

She and never been happier though. She turned and smiled at the four beauties that sat beside the table. “Thank you..”

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