Chance Encounter

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It was a chance encounter. Something you never expected to happen. It was a beautiful day in November, unusually warm, and I had to unfortunately spend it in the laundry mat doing my laundry. I spent my time as I always do, reading a good book. This particular one was an erotic read. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and I read it. I was so into it, that I didn’t notice the man that had walked in until he spoke to me.

“Would you like some fries? I never eat the things myself.”

I politely declined, seeing as how I had just eaten lunch before I got there. However, I did take notice of him. He was a black man, well built, looked to be in his mid to late 30’s and had the nicest ass I’d seen in a long time. He finished eating and got up to fold his laundry that he had left to dry while he was gone to get his lunch. In the time since he had spoken to me, I had not read one word of my book. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

He picked up on my watching him, and I think it flattered him. He looked over at me and smiled and went back to his folding. I was trying to watch what he was folding, looking for signs of a wife or children, but all I saw where what I assumed were his clothes. I was getting hornier watching him than I was reading my book, possibly because this was a flesh and blood male, not words in a book.

He finished folding his clothes and took all but a couple things out to his car. He came back in and walked over to me. He bent down and kissed me roughly on the lips. I was in total shock. I had never kissed a black man before. He pulled back and apologized to me. I told him there was no need to be sorry. I enjoyed it. He asked if I would object to more. At that point in time, someone could have asked me anything mardin escort and I would have agreed.

I figured I’d either follow him to his place or just ride with him there, but he had different ideas. He told me to walk outside for a minute and he would signal when he wanted me to come back in. I walked outside and since I was so nervous, I lit up a cigarette. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. A few minutes later, he told me to come back in. As I walked in, I noticed the security cameras were covered with the articles of clothing he had left behind.

He walked up behind me and grabbed me. His hands slid sensually up my shirt and unsnapped my bra. He pulled it aside and took hold of my breasts. He took my nipples between his fingers and pinched and pulled. The feeling was unbelievable. He then pulled my shirt over my head and turned me to face him. His mouth went to my nipples- the sight of his dark mouth against my light skin made me shiver.

I had worn a skirt that day without any panties under it. This was a common thing for me to do because I loved the feel of a breeze blowing up my skirt and flirting lightly with my naked pussy. My mystery man soon discovered my lack of panties. He groaned when his hand went to cup my awaiting wet cunt and found nothing there to stop him from sliding right into me. He picked me up and carried me to a nearby table. He sat me on the edge of it and dropped to his knees and went to work teasing my pussy with his tongue. He flicked it around the edges of my lips, licking my inner thighs, going everywhere except for actually on my clit, which I could feel growing larger with anticipation. Then without warning of what he was about to do, he put direct pressure van escort on my clit and shoved 2 fingers inside me very quickly. It sent me over the edge and I came hard, screaming as I did. He finger fucked me for a couple of minutes while still attacking my clit with his talented tongue. It was driving me crazy. My bottom was moving around on the table so much it was rocking. I came again quickly yet he still didn’t stop his assault on my very sensitive clit.

Finally he stopped and I collapsed on the table. He climbed on top of me on the table and pulled his pants down. He placed his cock on my mouth and told me to suck it to get him hard. I willingly took his still soft cock into my mouth. Even flaccid it was huge and I wondered if it would grow as it got hard. I took it into my mouth and slowly took the whole thing into my mouth, sucking and licking as I did. As I felt it start to grow hard in my mouth, I pulled back for a moment. I had him lay on his back while I stood on the floor and bent over him so I could suck him and stroke him at the same time. I wasn’t sure that once it got to its full size that I’d be able to take the whole thing in my mouth.

He was moaning as I continued sucking his dick, telling me how great I was at it. My head was bobbing up and down and I grabbed his huge balls in my hand and gently squeezed them. I could feel them tighten as he released in my mouth. I could feel his hot cum spurting down my throat, but I kept sucking, swallowing all I could. A small bit dribbled out the side of my mouth but it didn’t stop me. After he had completely emptied his load in my mouth, I sucked for a few more minutes making sure he stayed hard. I stepped back and looked at what had been in my mouth. ankara escort Fully hard, he was at least 11 inches long and so huge in diameter that I actually got frightened of the though of it in me. I didn’t think it would all fit, but I knew I would have fun trying.

He pulled me over to the machines and bent me over one. He lowered his mouth one last time to my pussy to make sure it was wet enough that it wouldn’t hurt when he entered me, then stood back up and slowly inserted the head of his massive tool into the opening of my dripping cunt. He went slow, inserting his dick, inch by inch, teasing me by pulling out a little after a couple of inches were in. He was about halfway in when he pulled almost completely out of me then went hard all the way in. The shock hurt a little, but the pleasure overpowered any pain there might have been and I came again quickly. My whole body tensed up with my orgasm and he kept pumping all the way out and back in again. I came over and over again, it was as if I couldn’t stop. I had never experienced a multiple orgasm before, but the feeling of it was something unexplainable.

He started to slow down with his strokes, and I could tell he was about to come and just trying to hold off for a few more minutes. However, he couldn’t hold off any longer he said because I had such a tight pussy. He pulled out as he came and I turned around and took him into my mouth as he was cumming. This really sent him over the edge and I took all 11 inches of him into my mouth, deep throating his dick as he once again came down my throat. When he was through, we were both shaking.

We slowly got dressed and he went and took the articles of clothing back off the cameras. I suddenly realized that anyone could have walked in on us while we had been fucking. The thought of someone seeing me turned me on again. But by the time I turned around, he was gone. I felt a moment of sadness but hoped that I would see him there again. Doing my laundry doesn’t seem so much like a chore now, but a possible sexual adventure every time I go there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32