Caught in the Rain Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of my first ever story. The generous feedback I received for part one has inspired me to continue – thanks guys. Enjoy!


Sheila slowly slipped her hands inside my shorts and gripped the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger while weighing my balls with her free fingers. She let out an almost primal sigh, and then took her hand out. She stood up and sat on the heavy oak coffee table directly in front of me. Her legs were now wide open, and I could see her beautiful shaven cunt. She removed her robe and sat there, totally naked.

Only now did I appreciate what a sexy lady she was. Enormous breasts (which I later discovered to be 36FF) which only sagged slightly – not bad for a 45 year old mother of 3, a roundish belly, and a face that had wickedness all over it.

“Jack,” she said, “I want you to use me, treat me like a slut. Can you do that?”

Like I was going to refuse.

“So first, a treat for you.” she said.

And with that one hand moved down to her cunt and she began to finger fuck herself, while her other hand roamed over her breasts, occasionally Fatih escort bringing her enormous dark nipples up to her mouth for her to suck on. This was too much.

Within a minute my cock was out and in my hand, while I masturbated furiously. It was no good, if this carried on I was going to cum without even having laid a finger on her. I decided to do what she wanted. I took control.

“Stop.” I said abruptly. She did as I said. “Kneel in front of me, and suck my cock.”

Obediently, she got on her knees and without any preamble, swallowed me whole, gagging on my cock as she did. I looked down and saw that she was still fingering her wet cunt. Almost without warning she removed her mouth from my cock and beckoned me to slide forward slightly. I did so, wondering what she had in mind. I spread my legs a bit more and within seconds her tongue was flicking around my anus. This was too much for her it seemed. She began to orgasm violently but she kept her tongue inside my arsehole as she did. Once her orgasm had subsided she sank to the floor.

She wasn’t Fındıkzade escort bayan getting away with it that easily.

I picked her up and told her to ride me there on the sofa. She did as she was told, legs still quivering after her orgasm. She slid down on to my cock and began to ride me slowly, her beautiful tits in my face, my hands reaching round and gripping her chubby arse. Without warning I spanked her. Very hard. She squealed in delight. Interesting…

I told her to get off and to bend over the end of the sofa. How I hadn’t cum by now was a miracle, but I was about to change that. I entered her from behind and fucked her roughly, pulling her hair back and spanking that big arse. She was crying out in delight and she wanted more. I decided to chance my arm and gently inserted a finger into her arse. She groaned in delight and begged for my cock to replace my finger. I was happy to oblige.

I slid my cock into her inviting arse and proceeded to fuck it for all I was worth, spanking her at the same time.

“I’m your whore Jack, fuck Escort Gaziosmanpaşa me hard, treat me like a slut” She said in between moans of pleasure as she orgasmed time and again. I had never been with a woman who had cum so many times when being fucked. I loved it.

That kind of talk almost did for me. I could feel my balls tighten and had to pull out

I wanted to cum over her massive tits, and wanted her to cum as I did so.

I pushed her on to her back and told her to finger her cunt. As she did I began to finger her arse, first one finger, then two, then a third. As I did this she was licking my balls, covered in her own juices. I began to wank my cock, as I squatted over her face so she could take my balls into her mouth and suck on them. She then repeated her earlier trick, and began to tongue fuck my anus. That pushed me over the edge and My cock exploded, cum going all over her enormous tits. She screamed with pleasure as she too hit orgasm.

I collapsed beside her she she first licked her tits, then her fingers and then my now aching cock clean.

I looked at the time.

“Fucking hell, its one 1am.”

“The night is still young.” She said with an exaggerated mock innocence.

“And I’m here for another 3 days.” Came my reply.

“Well, I have a window in my schedule if you do.” Sheila whispered.

I didn’t need to check my diary.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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