Caught Between Brothers

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“Hey babe, I have some great news!” I feel my husband’s strong arms slide around my waist from behind. His head nuzzles into my neck planting kisses along my collarbone. I’m quickly distracted away from the dishes in the sink before me at the feeling of his hard body pressed into mine. Six years of marriage and the man still gets me going with a simple touch.

I relax my head back onto his shoulder as he continues kissing along my neck and jaw. His hands have slowly wandered up to grasp a handful of my unrestricted breast. I never was a fan of wearing a bra, especially around my own home. I’m blissfully relaxed, enjoying the feel of his hands on me when I remember he had something to tell me.

“What’s the great news?”

“Oh right, you know that garden shed you have been wanting me to build out back?”

“Yup.” I could care less about the damn shed right at the moment.

“Well, I just talked to Gabe and he said he would be able to come stay with us for a few weeks and help me get it built. He will still have to work but since he can do it all from his laptop, he’s able to stay here while we get it built.”

At the mention of my brother-in-law’s name, my eyes shoot open, and my body tenses up before I have a chance to stop it. I curse myself when Nate notices.

“What’s wrong? I thought you would be happy! You love my brother.” He pulls back, grabbing my hips and spinning me towards him. Within seconds, I am pinned to the counter with his unrelenting gaze on me. His eyes are filled with concern and I hate myself a little more with every passing moment.

“Of course I am happy about it. I am just surprised I guess. We haven’t seen your brother in, what, over a year?”

“I know, it’s been way too long. Which is why this is so great. I don’t understand, I thought you would be happy. You have been hounding me about this shed for months and now with two of us, it will get done that much faster. Plus, I get to spend some time with Gabe.” The way he is looking at me with a mix of hurt and confusion twists the knots in my stomach that much tighter.

“I am happy babe, I promise. When is he coming?” I plaster on a smile hoping like hell it looks real.

“He actually will be here tonight.” And there goes that attempt. Once again, the shock and concern wash over me, and once again, my husband doesn’t miss a thing.

“Alright, seriously Jenna, what is going on. Did something happen with Gabe? You have seemed determined to avoid my family over the past year. I hadn’t thought much of it until now but not going to lie, you are worrying me.”

“Babe, nothing happened with Gabe and I am not avoiding your family. I love your family, you know that and I promise I am excited about the shed. You know I hate surprises and last-minute company, that’s all. I don’t have groceries for dinner, especially not for an extra person. I need to pick up the house, get the guest room cleaned up and ready. I better get to work. If I make a list, can you run to the store?” I quickly turn back to the sink and the pile of dirty dishes. My cheeks are on fire and I can’t deal with Nate staring at me like that anymore. I am not lying when I say nothing has happened with his brother. The problem is, I have wanted it to and I hate myself for it. I love my husband to death. We were high school sweethearts, married at 19, and get along better than any couple I have ever met. Sometimes, it feels too perfect. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but all these years later and we are still happily in love.

The problem though is I also have a crush on his brother and have for as long as I can remember. Gabe is a few years older than Nate and the same age as my older brother Micha. I grew up with Gabe because he and Micha were best friends since kindergarten. He hung around our house all the time, eating dinner with my family, going on trips with us, etc. And I had the biggest crush on him from day one; I was three.

It wasn’t until years later that I was introduced to his little brother Nate. Our parents thought we would be so cute together than pushed us towards one another for years. I hated it for so long because I was convinced I was going to marry Gabe. Fate had other plans though and when Nate finally asked me out freshman year of high school, I decided to give him a chance. Cliche, but the rest was history. Except, my crush on his big brother never went away completely no matter how much I loved my husband. He was wrong about me avoiding his family. I was only avoiding one specific person. Now that person was coming to stay in our house for a few weeks. Shit.


When the doorbell finally rings, I am a nervous ball of energy. I ran around all afternoon cleaning, making the guest room perfect, and preparing dinner all while avoiding Nate as much as possible. I had yet to figure out how I would continue avoiding him over the next few weeks but that was a problem for tomorrow. I stay in the kitchen as long as possible, pointlessly hoping to delay the inevitable. My heart rate picks up even further almanbahis as I hear Nate and Gabe greet each other excitedly. The idea of the two men in the same room has my mind going in all kinds of dirty directions. I’m literally sweating by the time they reach the kitchen.

Nate and Gabe are complete opposites in almost all ways even though everybody would swear they were practically twins. Nate is the life of the party. Every person that meets him falls in love instantly. He oozes charm and charisma. He is the guy you can’t help but love. Gabe, on the other hand, is dark and mysterious and always looks like he is either angry or in pain but he hides it well. I can see why others think they are so much alike because when he is in a crowd of people or sitting at the table laughing and joking with his family, his personality is almost a mirror of my husband. But when nobody else is around, his cover slips and he becomes a different person, all dark and broody. I am also 95% sure he hates me because that dark angry look always seems directed right at me. He can talk to a stranger like he is their best friend but getting five words out of him when I am in the room is an impossible task.

Now is a perfect example. I watch the two men laugh and joke as they walk into the room. Gabe gives Nate a playful punch on the arm with an easy smile on his face. My guilt just grows as I see the joyful look on my husband’s face at having his big brother around. The moment they see me though, Gabe transforms into a different person in the blink of an eye. The smile drops and his signature glare takes over. He goes from happy and laughing to pissed off so fast it makes me dizzy. Nate doesn’t seem to notice as he happily chatters away. Gabe glares at me without even saying hi.

I do my best to ignore him and continue working on dinner. The deep timbre of his voice sends deep waves of desire through my body and by the time I set food on the table, my panties are soaked through, my cheeks are a deep shade of red, and my body is buzzing. I’m horny, I’m frustrated, and I want this man out of my house. He doesn’t seem to want to be here anymore than I want him here though which makes me wonder why he ever said yes to begin with. I sit quietly through dinner letting the two men catch up. Gabe tells Nate about his work and the projects he is working on. I don’t know a lot about what he does other than it is something in finance that he can work from anywhere as long as he has his laptop. Another example of his loner ways. Nate on the other hand could never do something like that. He enjoys going to work every day, getting his hands dirty, and the interactions with his coworkers. Being off work because of this virus has been killing him so I shouldn’t be surprised that we ended up in this situation with Gabe here and the shed finally getting started after 2 years of me asking.

Being laid off is definitely not my favorite thing in the world either, though it’s summer so I would have been off anyway being that I’m a teacher. I can’t even begin to explain how rough this year has been but we are making the best out of things and I do have to admit that getting some extra time with Nate the past few weeks has been so nice despite him getting a bit stir crazy.

Dinner drags on for what feels like hours. Having both men sitting so close to me has my nerves tingling under the surface of my skin. A few times an arm has brushed mine reaching for something, a leg bumped against my own under the table from both my husband and his brother. Each touch has felt like fire and by the time I am gathering plates and loading them in the dishwasher, I want nothing more than to drag my husband to bed and let him do all kinds of dirty things to my body.

“Hey, let me get this. You cooked, so it’s my turn to clean. Why don’t you go Gabe to the guest room and get him settled?” My mind instantly races to try to come up with some reason why that is a horrible idea. Our conversation from earlier though stops me from saying anything but a simple ‘okay’. I don’t want to give him any more reason to be suspicious.


“Alright, so towels are all in the linen closet just outside the bathroom here. The bed has fresh sheets, but if you need extras for any reason, they are in there as well. Um, I think that is about it.” Silence greets me, along with that damn death stare. “Make yourself at home,” I add, trying to be polite. What did I ever do to this man? Seriously!

He still says nothing, choosing to stand there and stare at me. The heated look in his emerald eyes has me breathless. I might as well be staring into Nate’s eyes as he fucks me. They have the exact same eyes, and that look…I’ve seen it many times before. Obviously, it doesn’t mean the same thing on Gabe as it does with Nate. But my mind can’t help but wonder. I am a glutton for punishment. As if he could sense all my horrible thoughts, Nate is suddenly at my side, his arm wrapping around my waist, pulling me into him.

“Everything okay?” He looks between Gabe and me with a look I can’t almanbahis giriş read on his face. Something passes between the brothers. A silent conversation happening that I’m not privy to. I feel his arm tighten around me as they look at each other and my heart rate spikes once again. Does he know? Can he tell how much I want this other man? Am I that obvious? Shit, can Gabe tell!?

“Alright, well if you need anything, our bedroom is just next door.” My voice comes out high pitched and shaky. Fuck! I dart from the room as quickly as possible, not waiting to see if Nate follows.

Once I’ve reached the safe confines of my bedroom, I sag against the door in relief. Relief to finally be away from Gabe and even from Nate. Relief from pretending things are a-okay. Relief from the tension filling my body since the moment I found out about our unexpected visitor. I debate for a moment between an ice-cold shower and a hot bubble bath. Despite the shower being the better option given my current state, I opt for a relaxing bath instead.

Ten minutes later, I’m fully submerged in hot water and lavender-scented bubbles. The jets are pulsing into the muscles on my back and the room is dark except for 5 or so candle flames filling the room with warmth. Yet, I’m still far from relaxed. I have yet to hear Nate come in the room and can’t help but wonder if he and Gabe are still talking. My mind has been racing trying to figure out what was being communicated in that unspoken conversation I witnessed and if it continued after I left the room. A huge part of me worried that Nate could see the feelings I had for his brother written all over my guilty face. I couldn’t bear the idea that he might think I didn’t love him or that I would ever cheat on him, especially with his own brother. Equally horrible was the thought that I would come between the two and hurt their relationship with one another. I knew how much Nate looked up to Gabe and how close the two were despite being so long since they have seen each other. They talked at least once a week on the phone and probably texted daily or close to.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear the door open and close. I didn’t notice Nate in the room until a glass of wine appeared in front of me like magic. Leave it to Nate to know what I need and get it for me before I even know myself. He always has been great at reading me, which isn’t the best thing at times like this. I groan in appreciation at the sweet taste on my tongue. I don’t trust myself with words right now so I stay silent with my eyes closed, feeling his stare on me.

Minutes pass without a word spoken prompting me to finally open my eyes. I’m met with that same heated stare I swore I saw on his brother earlier. Only with Nate, I know exactly what it means. If he notices my confused look, he ignores it. Opting instead to run his hands over my chest, gripping my heavy breasts in his hands just above the surface of the water. My body responds instantly, given that I have been worked up all day. I glance down to see my nipples tighten into small peaks.

“Close your eyes and relax baby” Nate growls in my ear. I have always loved the husky tone his voice takes on when he is turned on. His happy, cheerful demeanor changes drastically in the bedroom, and to be honest, he becomes much more like his brother. I watch the transformation happen before my eyes. He turns into a dark, in control, domineering man that mirrors Gabe. I shake my head at the comparison. Nope, not letting myself go there. Instead, I follow Nate’s orders and close my eyes, allowing the sensations to take over.

His hand has found its way to my neck, applying enough pressure to know it’s there but not enough to hurt me. I know I am safe with Nate, even when his dark side takes over. Kissing line my jaw, down my neck, and to my collarbone turning to little bits as they descend. I love it when he takes control and gets rough. Any other time, he treats me like a princess. He is careful and delicate with me, always gentle and loving. Don’t get me wrong, that side is amazing but I can’t deny that this other side does crazy things for me.

One hand continues to knead my breast, pinching and pulling at my hard nipple. The other has found its way under the water and the bubbles. The fact that I can’t see his hand on me drives me nuts. Thick, strong fingers graze lightly over my clit drawing a moan that I can’t manage to stop. He moves in soft, slow circles, taunting me. My mind wanders to Gabe next door. Wondering what he is doing and thinking. I imagine him undressing, stepping into the shower, hot water leaving a trail down his hard, muscular chest. Like Nate, he works out and it shows but their bodies are different in most other ways. Where Nate is slimmer with a runner’s build, Gabe is taller by several inches and built like a linebacker. His shoulders are broad and his chest wide. His arms and legs are like tree trunks. Nate moves with ease and grace, slipping silently around the house. Gabe, well, you can’t help but notice Gabe. His massive body takes up a whole door frame. I have spent almanbahis yeni giriş years flipping back and forth on which man was more “my type” but have since decided I couldn’t possibly choose. For as different as they are, I am equally attracted to both.

Nate fits perfectly at my side. He is shorter than Gabe’s 6’4 but considering I am only 5’2, he still towers over me. Both men’s eyes are a sparkling emerald green while mine are so blue they appear white at times. They each have golden-brown hair. Nate’s is clean cut on all sides and styled and Gabe’s is parted down the side with it long on top and closely shaven on the sides. I can always tell when he is frustrated because he runs his fingers through it until its a completely disheveled mess… which is almost all the time. I feel like a pixie next to either one with my short height, small frame, and bring red hair. I always found it funny that Gabe is the business guy while Nate works in a blue-collar factory job. Looking at them, you would think the exact opposite.

I like the idea that either man has the size and muscle to pick me up and manhandle me in the most delicious ways. Much like Nate does now. With a squeal of surprise, I am jerked from my thoughts at my husband lifting my soapy, wet body from the water. I drench the floor and his clothes as he picks me up and carries me to the bathroom vanity. The cold granite on my warm, bare ass shocks me, sending chills up my body. I don’t have a moment to process before Nate’s lips are on mine. His tongue pries my mouth open even as I try to resist. His teeth sink into my plump bottom lip all the while his hand is still wrapped around my throat. The most I fight against his kiss, the harder he squeezes. I can still breathe and he knows it but he also knows I get off on the helpless feeling of being controlled by him.

His other hand jerks my legs open where he trusts his clothed pelvis into me. His cock is rock hard, straining against the fabric of his jeans. The hard scrape of the fabric against my sensitive skin has me moaning uncontrollably. I tug at the drenched fabric of his shirt, wrestling it over his head. Nothing in the world feels better than his warm base skin against my own naked body. I feel safe and loved while at the same time, crazy with desire. I’m aware of his fingers digging into my thigh with bruising force as he holds my legs open for him. In the morning, I know I will feel embarrassed and self-conscious about the bruises he is leaving on my legs and the dark purple marks that will cover my neck but right now, I can’t bring myself to care. It feels like he is marking his territory all over me, something he has never done before. I briefly wonder if it is because of Gabe being here or because he knows that I don’t have to try to explain a hickey to a 6-year-old on Monday morning.

I’m back in the air with my legs wrapped tight around Nate’s waist. My fingers are scratching at his skull, wishing there was something to grab onto. Damn him and his grooming habits. Again, my mind drifts to Gabe knowing that if it was him, I could easily get a fist full of hair to tug on. As if he can sense my thoughts drifting, Nate throws me backward onto the bed without warning. I let out a small scream which quickly changes to a moan when he buries his face between my legs. Thoughts of keeping quiet fly out the door when he starts sucking my clit and pumping 2 fingers in and out of my slick, wet pussy. At the moment, I could care less if Gabe hears his brother fucking me. As a matter of fact, a small part of me wants him to hear. Fucked up, I know, but whatever.

An orgasm builds quickly, ripping through my body with more force than I think I can handle. I feel like I am drifting in and out of consciousness when I am jerked back to the present once again. In my haze of euphoria, I hadn’t noticed Nate undressing and climbing back on the bed until his cock is slamming inside me. No prep, no warning, and completely unforgiving. Yup, he knows something is up. Nate’s always been rough in the bedroom at times but never like this. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from complaining, but it feels like he is punishing me. Or maybe taking some aggression out of my body. Either way, I know he needs this, whatever this is and I am more than happy to give it to him.

He grabs my chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look him in the eye. I see such a mix of emotions reflected back at me. There is fear, anger, a hell of a lot of desire, but the love and adoration are still there too. Whatever this is, I know we will be okay. I meet his stare, refusing to back down. I cover the guilt I know is there the best I can.

“Say my name Jenna,” his command takes me by surprise. In six years of marriage, eleven being together, he has never asked me to say his name during sex. Shit. That can’t be good right? I give him what he needs, moaning his name louder than necessary as he pumps his hard cock in me. I’m sweating and quickly building to another orgasm while his length slams against my cervix over and over. Nate still holds my face, keeping my eyes trained on him. My jaw aches, my body is spent, but I don’t stop him. Over and over again, he slams into me until I am a screaming incoherent mess. I think this is what finally satisfies him as he finishes inside me without a word.

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