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It was 92 degrees in the shade and after a long day of mowing lawns and trimming trees, was ready to take a nice swim in my neighbor’s kidney shaped pool. I practically lived with Terry Hart, the 5’7″, boyishly handsome, well-tanned, 19-year-old, with a smooth face, big blue eyes, thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair, and a smooth well-toned 145 pound frame, from middle school until we graduated high school. I was still welcome during summer break of college and figured Terry would already be in the water, after all it was after 5:00 and he got off life guard duty at the public beach at 4:00.

I was already wearing my red Speedo that was a size small, but being a 19-year-old college kid, didn’t have too much spare cash to play with. I pulled my ten speed bike into the garage and walked in through the kitchen. I figured I would grab a cold soda on my way to the backyard. I heard muffled sounds in the livingroom and then a crash!

“Hello!” I called out through the kitchen. “Terry! Mrs. Hart! Is anybody home?”

Ummph mph!” Someone tried to call out!

Being nosy by nature went to investigate.

I found poor Roxy Hart, the 5’5″, Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 43-year-old, mother, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick just below her shoulders curly fiery-red hair, and the most remarkable 36GG-24-38 hourglass figure her overstuffed leopard print bra, matching spandex full-cut panty, and suntan controltop pantyhose hugged like a second skin, struggled on the plush red livingroom carpet, her well-manicured hands secured behind her back, her pencil thin ankles taped together, (I wondered how such dainty looking ankles could support so much woman), and a worn pair of pantyhose had been stuffed in her luscious mouth and two 3″ wide strips of stretchy flesh colored tape had been plastered over her pouty red lips! She was covered in sweat and in all the right places too! I could see her tiny blood-red nipples poking against the front of the too full bra cups, and the outline of her clean shaven vulva was quite noticeable. The poor MILF was completely helpless and at my mercy! The front of my red Speedo tented out prominently as my big baby-blue eyes took the beautiful sight in!

I must have stared a little too long and wasn’t paying attention. I was grabbed from behind and a cloth soaked in chloroform was pressed against my smooth baby face!

I was unconscious for quite a while. I felt someone kick my spandex clad butt a few times and slowly woke up on a queen sized bed with a leopard print bedspread on it. I looked in the full length mirror on the closet door and saw a poor helpless 5’6″, well-tanned, teenager with big baby-blue eyes, thick wavy golden-blonde hair and a nicely chiseled 135 pound frame, that my obscenely tight Speedo barely contained my suddenly very erect thick circumcised 8″ penis, it was me and my hands were taped behind my back, my ankles secured with the same 3″ wide stretchy flesh colored medical tape, a worn red spandex panty was jammed in my mouth and two wide strips of tape placed over my smooth baby face! I was no help to Mrs. Hart at all. I rolled over and saw the gorgeous ultra-buxom beauty struggle. Since it was summer the bedroom was still light enough for me to look around.

The dresser was a mess and jewelry box was knocked over and looted, the drawers were opened and clothes were scattered on the floor. I must have walked in on a burglary!

Roxy afyon escort meowed incoherently through her pantyhose stuffed mouth as I tried to figure out what happened and why I was more excited than ever! The house for the most part was quiet. I hoped the burglar was gone.

I didn’t figure out what happened right away, but from the smell of Roxy’s sweat and having her huge bosom pressed against my smooth well-tanned chest, knew why I was so excited that I had a climax in my spandex swimsuit without even touching myself! I had more than my share of erotic dreams with Mrs. Roxy Hart in them, but never beside her! I was embarrassed, but when she turned around, no easy task for a bound and gagged person and even harder for such a top heavy captive, got erect all over again! She moved her taped hands around and meowed incoherently again! I got the hint and rolled on my side so my hands were against her backside.

I at first tried to undo the tape around the gorgeous buxom redhead’s hands, but was too excited and could not resist touching her plump firm round bottom that the pantyhose and full-cut panty only emphasized too well! She was soaked from sweat and urine and I began to get wet as I moved around the urine soaked bedspread. Instead of helping her get loose busted a nut instead! I was too aroused to be of any help. She tried to work my tape loose though and kept bumping into me, which felt good!

It began to get dark. I wondered where Terry was, it wasn’t like him not to be home by this time. Then I remembered he was seeing a girl who worked in the town library. He had been flirting with her since he got back from college. May-be they went on a first date. It would have to be on this night, but then again it was Friday night.

Roxy had no more luck with my bound hands than I did with her’s, even though she tried a lot harder and spent a good hour with the stretchy flesh colored medical tape, that stuck like glue to our skin.

I had nothing but naughty thoughts as the sexiest woman in town struggled on her bed with me as an uninvited guest in it with her. I could do twenty years for what I was thinking and dreaming during this period of idle time. I needed to go to the bathroom!

Roxy rolled off of the bed and hopped across the dark room! I got hard watching as her enormous natural wonders bounced up and down, the bra barely contained them as she turned on the light by backing into the switch! She looked around and saw the unplugged phone on the floor, no wonder why it hadn’t rung at all, and she worked from home as a real estate agent, so not hearing it ring was unusual.

She nodded her head and meowed through her pantyhose stuffed mouth. She seemed angry with me. I finally rolled off of the bed and hopped over to her, no easy task for me, and I assumed a bigger challenge for her top heavy frame.

She hopped into the livingroom of her white ranch house with black trim and looked for the second phone, it was disconnected too. The kitchen trip was a waste of time; the phone was off of the yellow wall and lying on the marble counter top. She turned on the light and looked for something sharp. She awkwardly went for a drawer.

I wet my Speedo with warm yellow urine and stood in the middle of the puddle on her shiny black tiled floor. I just hoped we got loose soon; I had to take a crap!

Roxy fumbled with the contents of the drawer as I hopped to agrı escort help her out. I was a sweaty mess and now stunk, but she did too. I had wood in my Speedo again as she motioned me to turn around. The cold steel against my body made me tense up!

She carefully clipped the tape with a pair of scissors. I was finally free!

I cut her loose and we then pulled the tape from our mouths. I spit out the worn panty that tasted of Roxy.

“Oh my God!” Roxy gasp!

“Who did this?” I asked as she looked around the house that had been robbed and looked it!

“I don’t know.” Roxy said. “He was tall and wore a stocking over his head. He made me give him oral sex twice. If you didn’t show up he would have done more!”

“That is awful!” I said kind of jealous of the burglar.

A week later;

I sat in my favorite stool at the local diner and had a late breakfast. I liked to stop in at 10:00 to flirt with Sue Steele, a 5’4″, well-tanned, very pretty, 20-year-old, waitress, with a round face, thick curly honey-blonde hair, big deep blue eyes, and a fantastic 35C-25-37 hourglass figure her red t-shirt, skintight black spandex pants and white sneakers hugged a little too well, in high school she was a real chunker, and the change was quite remarkable. The conversation of the burglary came up for the third time in a week.

“Did you hear about the Marx’s?” Ann asked. “They were robbed last night by two guys wearing nylons over their heads.”

“Oh my God!” I gasp. “I went to school with Kim.”

“They held her and her mother hostage and made the father bring them to the Treasure Chest to steal the jewelry. Don was able to set off the store alarm when they left.”

I pictured Kim and her very pretty mother Kathy bound and gagged and felt excited, then guilty for feeling that way.

“This is the fourth robbery like that this summer.” Ann added. “I am getting a little scared.”

“But there was only one burglar in Roxy’s house.” I thought out loud. “May-be it is another team?”

“I overheard the police earlier and they said they made Kim and Kathy suck their pricks.” Ann whispered.

I left and went to work. I spent the rest of the day doing my yards and thinking about what Ann leaked out. At the end of the day I decided to take a swim.

Terry was swimming in the pool wearing his yellow Speedo and another guy, Michael Valdez, a movie star handsome, 5’11”, olive skinned, 24-year-old, with a smooth oval face, big dark brown eyes, thick well-groomed black hair, and a smooth chiseled 180 pound frame his black Speedo barely contained his big package was sitting on a deck chair drinking a beer. It was 4:30 and they were both feeling pretty good. Terry was never a drinker so this concerned me.

“Did you work today?” I asked Terry after he introduced me to his new friend.

“I quit that gig three weeks ago.” Terry grabbed a beer from the cooler. “Low pay and dealing with spoiled kids, not my kind of job.”

“Where are you working now?” I asked and it dawned on me I hadn’t seen him in quite a while.

“Odd jobs with Michael.” Terry said. “Hey get your swimsuit on.”

I went to his bedroom to put on my red Speedo. The room was a mess, but looked the same after the robbery. I was suspicious and opened the closet. A velvet bag filled with jewelry was on the floor as well as a pillow case filled with silver, from another burglary! I quickly akdere escort slipped into my Speedo! I had to call the police!

Michael walked into the room and noticed the sliding door to the closet open and the purple velvet bag on the floor. “You shouldn’t have looked little buddy.”

“You tied me up and gagged me!” I was mad! “And you had your way with Mrs. Hart!”

“And Terry recorded it.” Michael laughed as he picked up a roll of 4″ wide white medical tape and a black dirty bikini brief Terry wore recently. “Terry get in here right now!”

Terry almost knocked me over as he charged into his messy bedroom. He helped Michael tape my hands behind my back, ankles together and shoved the dirty underpants in my mouth and slapped two wide strips of tape over my lower face, while Michael chewed him out for being careless. Terry tried to defend himself, but only came up with lame excuses.

The front door opened!

I tried to yell through my underpants stuffed mouth to warn Roxy! I was so upset I wet me Speedo as the two Speedo clad men charged into the livingroom and grabbed the gorgeous ultra-buxom redhead! I hopped right behind and went to the kitchen and knocked the phone off of the hook and with a great deal of effort punched 9-1-1. I then hopped away as quickly as I could so they would see what I had done.

I was almost out of breath when I finally got into the very busy livingroom. I felt so guilty for having an erection, but the two town burglars were binding and gagging Roxy again!

Terry stuffed a balled up worn leopard print panty in his gorgeous mother’s luscious mouth as Michael taped her hands behind her back. She had just returned from the gym and her shiny red leotard, nude tights and white sneakers hugged her hourglass figure like a second skin and just restraining her hands behind her back made her already huge bustline look even bigger, as if that were possible. Poor Roxy was so upset she wet her leotard with urine as Terry wrapped a wide black scarf over her full red lips! Both men were very excited since their spandex bathingsuits didn’t conceal their packages well at all!

The front door burst open and four big cops grabbed Michael and Terry! The town crime wave was over and not a minute too soon!

Roxy was not as surprised as I thought she would be when we found out my childhood buddy and her son was involved in burglaries. It turned out college had changed him and he ran into Michael and soon they were doing small break-ins, and got bolder.

The police found footage of the burglaries on Terry laptop computer. He used a digital camera and filmed the victims including his own mother and even me on the bed.

I sat with her well into the night after the police and a few concerned neighbors left. She was very upset, but seemed to take it as well as a mother could after she found out he helped to rob her own house and allowed his partner in crime to have sex with her.

I made it a point to stop at her house after work to make sure she was alright and of course use the pool.

One night just as I was getting ready to leave she came up to me. “I never did reward you for saving me that night.” She purred.

“Oh I was saving myself too.” I gulped as her long red fingernails ran across the front of my wet red Speedo.

“Well you seem to always be aroused Todd.” Roxy cupped my tight balls with her hand. “Especially when I was tied up and gagged.”

“It was exciting, scaring, but for some reason you turned me on.” I confessed as she patted my hard frontal bulge.

“May-be we should explore this further.” She smiled and led me to her bedroom.

The end?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32