Cat’s Away, Mice Play Pt. 01

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Cast of Characters –

Mom – (Lisa) 42 year old IT Guru for a big company…works from home…a hottie

Dad – (Robert) 43 year old Financial Analyst who travels often

Aunt Vicki – 41 year old sister of mom…married and a knockout

Uncle Don – 45 year old husband of Aunt Vicki

Me – Josh… 20 year old college student living at home


Prologue –

Dad’s away on business & Aunt Vicki volunteers to cook & help out while mom is working on a big project from home…

I do virtual and live classes at school.


The Story –

It was Friday evening when dad came home and told us he had to go to the west coast for a couple of weeks and that he already spoke to Aunt Vicki who said she would come over and cook & help out mom while mom was working on a big project.

Mom thanked him for getting her help since she was going to be tied up. I told him it was fine with me too. I didn’t tell them that I fantasize about my hot aunt all the time and have jerked off to visions of her naked. I was really looking forward to Aunt Vicki’s visiting.

Dad used the weekend to get his stuff together for his trip. Mom was working on her project and I was just dreaming of my Aunt Vicki coming over.

Monday morning came & dad left on his trip. Mom disappeared to her computer and started work. I went to my live class and wouldn’t be home until late afternoon.

As luck would have it, by early afternoon the students were told to go home early for some stupid reason but I wasn’t going to argue. I went home and as I approached the house I saw my aunt’s car in the driveway. I thought it odd since I thought she would be here around dinner time.

I parked my car and went in the house but didn’t see anyone. As I looked downstairs I heard noises coming from upstairs so I quietly went up. As I got closer to mom’s bedroom, the noises got louder. When I got to my mom’s bedroom, the door was opened a little and I could clearly hearing moaning and voices. I peeked in and saw Aunt Vicki and mom naked on the bed with Aunt Vicki on top of my mom, rubbing their pussies together. I quickly took some cell phone pictures and left before I was seen.

I went downstairs in disbelief. My mom and her sister were having sex and I got pictures of them. I quietly left and drove away to think about what I was going to do about what I saw.

I found a spot to park and began thinking of what to do. Obviously I had several options:

I could do nothing

I could tell dad & Uncle Don

I could confront mom and/or Aunt Vicki or both or

I could use my pictures and what I saw to my benefit

After some thinking, I decided to use what I had for my benefit.

By the time I got home my aunt was gone. This was the opportunity I needed to confront mom.

I got in the house and called my mom who answered she was working in her office. After a few minutes gaziantep escort bayan mom came out and gave me a kiss and asked how my day went. I told her it went well.

“Josh, Aunt Vicki will be over later to fix dinner.”

“That’s great mom. I can’t wait to see her.”

Mom was going back to her office when I said, “Hey mom, there is something I want to talk to you about before you go back to work.”

“What’s that son?”

“Well, I don’t quite know how to say this, so I am just going to come out and say it.”

“Just tell me Josh.”

With that, I took out my cell phone and pulled up the pictures of mom & my aunt in bed and pushed my cell to her. As she looked in horror at the pictures, I said, “I got home early mom and this is what I saw mom.”

Mom looked at the pictures and replied, “It’s not what you think Josh.”

“Mom, it’s you and my aunt, your sister, having sex.”

“Oh God…please don’t tell anyone…I beg of you…please…I’ll do anything for you.”

“I kinda figured you’d say that. Tonight when Aunt Vicki is here, we will discuss what I want.”

I left and went to my room to think about what I wanted from them.

Finally, my aunt arrived and it was obvious my mom spoke to her already.

“Hi Aunt Vicki.”

“Hi Josh.”

“I spoke to your mom earlier about what you saw and she is very concerned, as I am about what you are going to do.”

Just then mom came in and said, “I think we should discuss this matter now.”

“I agree mom.”

We sat down in the living room and I started things off.

“First, I have no intention of telling dad or Uncle Don about what I saw.”

I continued, “But, there is a price you will both have to pay for my silence. Keep in mind I have pictures of you that mom has already seen just in case you don’t want to fulfill my requirements.”

They both said they understood.

I continued, “From now on you both will be available to me whenever I want.”

“Available for what, Josh?” My mother asked.

“Sex, mother dear. From now on you both will be at my disposal and will do anything I want. Is that understood?”

Aunt Vicki didn’t say a word but mom did, “You’re my son and I am not going to have sex with you.”

“I beg to differ mom. I could always show dad the pictures.”

Then my Aunt Vicki said, “Josh, whatever you want, is ok with me. Sis just do what he wants.”

“I can’t believe my own son is blackmailing us. Fine, Josh, whatever you want.”

“After dinner, you ladies and I will get to know one another on a very personal level.”

Dinner was very quiet and after we cleaned up, the three of us went upstairs to my mom’s bedroom.

“Ok ladies, get your clothes off.”

I watched as mom and aunt disrobed. It was the first time I really saw them naked in full view.

“Wow, you guys look terrific…definitely gaziantep escort telefonları sisters.”

I moved closer to them and touched their tits and ran my hands over their nakedness. I then told them to get on the bed. As they did that, I started to undress. As soon as I was almost naked, my hard cock popped out from my briefs. I heard a gasp from my aunt.

“Josh, your cock is so big and thick.”

Mom let out an ‘oh my.’

“Ok ladies, how about putting on a show for me?”

My aunt wasted no time in starting. She pulled her sister to her as their tits pressed together. Mom was hesitant and didn’t follow Aunt Vicki’s lead.

“Come on mom…just like you and Aunt Vicki when I saw you. You weren’t shy then.”

With my aunt all over mom, things got better and soon mom and my aunt were really into it. I watched them play awhile then joined them on the bed.

I got in the middle and said, “Ok ladies, pleasure me.”

Aunt Vicki looked at me then my hard cock and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we french kissed. I felt mom’s hands on me and said, “That’s it mom.”

Both women took their turns in kissing me and feeling me up. Mom and my aunt were both getting into now, like they had a choice.

Then my aunt said, “Is my nephew enjoying himself? Is this what he wants from his aunt and mother?”

I whispered, “That’s it ladies. This is just the beginning.”

As we continued I said, “Who wants to get fucked first?”

My aunt said, “You can fuck me first Josh.”

I mounted my aunt and my cock easily slipped in her wet cunt…I was living my fantasy… As I had my cock in my aunt, I could feel my mother’s hands touching my balls and I jumped a bit.

“Sorry son.”

Then she gently played with them as my cock was going in and out of her sister’s cunt. After a few minutes I was ready to cum. I told them to lay side by side and then I pulled my cock out and gave it a few jerks, then shot streams of cum on their faces, in their mouths and on their tits.

When I finished cumming I told them to lick my cum off of each other. They wasted no time in lapping up my cum.

Even though I just came, my cock was still hard. I turned to my mother and said, “Mom, you’re next,” and I moved over and mounted my mother. My aunt just looked at me as I slid my cock into my mother’s cunt. Aunt Vicki just watched.

I started fucking my mother slowly at first, then I picked up the pace. She started moaning and grabbing me as I fucked her harder.

“Vicki, my son is going to make me cum…Oh God…Oh God…”

With one last pump, I shot some cum into my mother’s cunt. She had one orgasm after another as Vicki moved over and kissed her. I pulled my cock out and we all rested awhile.

“That was pretty good ladies for the first time. It wasn’t so bad now, was it? Be honest.”

“Actually gaziantep escort videoları Josh, it was pretty good.”

“I hope you had your fun now son and you got your payoff.”

“Mom, this is just the beginning. This isn’t a one shot deal. You are both mine until I decide it’s over. Unless you want me to show your husband’s the pictures.”

“No Josh. Please don’t show the pictures to your uncle. I will do whatever you want however long you want.”

“You can’t show those pictures to your father. He will throw me out and I’ll have nothing. You win…you win.”

“That’s good to hear. Just enjoy it ladies. Look, you both get pussy and now a young cock. What more could you ask for?”

“Don’t go to far ladies. I have to pee. Anyone care to join me?”

When I got back to them, they were hugging and kissing. My cock already hard for the next go-around.

I laid on my back in the middle of them. “Who is going to start giving me a blow job?”

My mom looked at her sister and moved her face to my cock. She looked at me and opened her mouth and engulfed my cock head then moved her mouth up and down my shaft. As she was sucking my cock, I was sucking my aunt’s erect nipples, going from one to the other.

After a few minutes I told my mother I was going to cum. She started moving her mouth away but I pushed her head down and kept my cock in her mouth. A second later, I filled my mother’s mouth with my warm cum.

“Swallow my cum mother.”

I watched as she did swallow it all.

She just looked at her sister with a look of disgust.

“What’s the problem mom?”

“How can you do this to your mother?”

“How could you do this to dad? Didn’t you think you would ever be found out? Are you two lesbians mom? You love your sister and I love you both. Look, we are at least keeping it in the family.”

“We are not lesbians. We just love each other. And no, I didn’t think anyone would find out. And, as far as your father goes, I am sure he has been getting laid on the side, so what’s the big fucking deal with me and my sister?”

“Josh, you are a nice young man and I am ok with you fucking me whenever you want. But maybe you and I could work something out that doesn’t include your mother. Can we discuss it?”

“That might work. Let’s get dressed. Mom make coffee and we will talk about it.”

We all got dressed and mom went and made coffee and we all say around the table to discuss the situation.

“Aunt Vicki, what did you have in mind?”

“Use me, for whatever and however long you want. I really am ok with it. Besides, I like your cock.”

“Ok, but what about mom?”

“Leave her out of it.”

“What if I wanted my mother just to give me daily blow jobs?”

“Mom, is that acceptable?”

“I guess I can do that.”

“Ok. I’ll agree to that but there is one thing I want to do first.”

“What’s that son?”

“I want to take a video of the three of us fucking.”

“Ok son.”

“Ok Josh.”

“Aunt Vicki, come over tomorrow and we will shoot the video then mom will be somewhat off the hook and Aunt Vicki, you will be mine. Agreed?”

They both agreed.

Aunt Vicki left and mom went to her bedroom and I went to mine.

Look for Part 2

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