Carrie’s Birthday Treat

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Two days ago it had been my girlfriend’s birthday and I had been worrying over what to get her, as usual. In the past, I had bought her lovely presents, but now it was harder to find the right gift. I decided that this year it would have to be something different.
A few days before, while we had been lying in bed watching a porno movie, Carrie, that’s her name, had been talking about what it would be like to take on two men at once. The movie we had been watching had featured a stunning buxom blonde being ravished by a couple of well-hung studs. She had mentioned that it had been a long held fantasy to have two sets of hands on her body, and two cocks to play with. As I lay there thinking what I could give her for her birthday, her hand idly stroking my stiff cock, it occurred to me that making her fantasy come true would be a great gift, and one she would not forget in a hurry.
A while before, I was given a number by a vague acquaintance of a couple who arranged swinging parties in the next town. He had told me that he had attended a couple of the parties and they had been really hot. I decided to call and see if they could set up a party for Carrie, with the emphasis on inviting mostly guys. I felt it would be best if we didn’t know the people involved, it would make the experience that more exiting than if I had just invited the guys from the bar over one weekend. I made the call and arranged to meet with the couple the next day in a bar.
When I met with Claudia and Steve, I was impressed with the way they looked and with their confidence. They were a good-looking couple. Claudia was in her late twenties with long red hair and a great body. Her tits were fabulous. Steve was in his mid thirties and well built, obviously spending a lot of time in the gym. We chatted over a few drinks and I told them how I wanted to make Carrie’s fantasy to be the centre of attraction of a couple of guys. Claudia suggested that it might be more fun if there were more than two guys. She said that she had been planning to stage a party for about ten guys from the local soccer team and that this seemed too good an opportunity to miss, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I thought about this for a while, not sure whether Carrie would be up to such an experience, and decided to sleep on it telling Claudia that I would be in touch the next day to let her know whether it was on or not.
That night, I thought it best to test the water, so while lying in bed I raised the issue by putting on a particular tape that had a scene in which one girl is fucked every which way by a large group of guys. I asked Carrie what she thought about the idea of being taken by that many guys and was surprised by her reply that it would be great. I really hadn’t thought that she would be so adventurous. I was also surprised by Carrie’s reaction to the idea because as soon as the tape finished, Carrie dove under the duvet and gave me a long sloppy blowjob before mounting me and riding my cock like a demon.
The next morning, I phoned Claudia and told her we were on for the following Saturday. She was very pleased and said that she had already spoken to the guys about the possibility of a special party and said that they were really looking forward to seeing Carrie perform.


So, the actual day of her birthday arrived, and she was itching to know what I’d got for her. All I would say was that it was a surprise, but that she would enjoy it immensely. I told her that we would be going round to a friend’s house for a party, but that is as much as I wanted to give away. When it was time to start getting ready, I told Carrie to dress sexily, because I wanted to show her off that night. We both showered and dressed quickly. Carrie looked stunning in a low cut, black halter-neck party dress, which showed off her fabulous 36C tits. Carrie actually has a stunning figure. She is slim with a perfect rounded arse and, as I have already said, fabulous tits, crowned by large up-turned nipples. Oh, I forgot to mention that she is also incredibly beautiful with her thick, long blonde hair and large blue eyes and perfect bee-stung lips. I was already starting to feel my cock stiffen in my pants at the thought of what would occur later.
In the car, Carrie kept pestering me to tell her exactly where we were going and what present I had got for her. All I said was that she would love her present and that she would have the time of her life. When we eventually pulled up outside of Claudia and Steve’s house, she was confused, saying that she didn’t know anyone who lived here.
I rang the doorbell and Claudia, wearing a skimpy see-through white blouse and red hot pants, greeted us. Her dark nipples showed clearly through the material of her top. Carrie gave me an inquisitive sidelong glance, but I just smiled and introduced her to Claudia.
“Come on in, both of you.” Claudia said.
We walked in through the wide entrance hall, following Claudia into a spacious and tastefully decorated lounge. On the two large sofas and standing around the room were the guys. Again, Carrie gave me a questioning look.
“You know how we were talking the other night about your fantasy. Well tonight, you get to live your fantasy. I’ve arranged this special birthday treat for you. Happy birthday my love.” I said to Carrie.
Then the penny dropped. Carrie threw her hands up to her face and blushed noticeably as the dawning realisation sunk in. She turned to me and her eyes widened in shock.
“I can’t believe you’ve done this, for me. Why didn’t you say anything before? This is such a shock, oh my god, I don’t believe this.” She gasped.
“I didn’t say anything because I wanted it to be a surprise, and I didn’t want to give you the chance to refuse. I hope you don’t mind though, it was a bit of a liberty on my part.” I confessed.
“I don’t mind, certainly not if you don’t. Are you sure this is ok?” She asked.
“Positive darling, I just want you to have the best birthday present of all time.” I replied.
Carrie burst out laughing and everyone joined in, giving her a round of applause. Claudia handed us both a glass of wine and we all toasted Carrie’s birthday. I could see that she was going to enjoy tonight, her nipples had already hardened and were showing through the material of her dress.


We spent an hour or so chatting with everyone by way of introduction. There were fourteen people in the room, twelve guys, and two girls. The guys from the soccer team had chipped in and bought Carrie a birthday present, which she found very touching, and served to break the ice even more. By about 9pm we were all pretty much relaxed in each other’s company, the wine having done much to lighten the mood, along with the music in the background.
Claudia was introducing Carrie to the guys in turn, and it was plain to see that she was beginning to flirt with several of them already. As I watched her talking to the captain of the team, a guy called Danny, I noticed that she was leaning in close to him and his hand was sliding down her back and across the taught cheeks of her arse. I felt my cock twitch in my pants; sooner or later we were going to have to get on with the main event of the evening, and I was quite eager to see Claudia naked.
Steve came over and topped up my glass with wine and we chatted for a while.
“How you doing buddy? Everything alright?” He asked. I said I was fine.
“You know, I think the girls are about ready to get it on. Claudia’s just having a word with Carrie now. They’ll start everything off any moment now, so I thought I should run things by you, if you like.” He said.
“Yeah, that’d be fine. How will it go then?” I asked.
“Well, Claudia will let everyone know that they are ready to begin, then I guess the girls will want volunteers to get things kicked off. I think we should just hang back a bit at the start, let the girls get into the swing of things, then we my friend, can join in the fun. If it’s ok with you I’ll tape things for posterity and you can enjoy the event at home later, again and again.” He explained.
“That’d be great, I’d like that, yeah go ahead.” I replied.
Steve gave me a friendly pat on the back and then went off to get the video camera. Meanwhile I returned to watching Carrie. Claudia was whispering something to her and Carrie was nodding and agreeing with whatever it was Claudia was telling her. Then Claudia announced that they should start.
“Well you guys, I guess it’s about time we girlies saw some man meat. Do I have any volunteers?” She asked.
Several of the guys voiced their approval and began shedding their clothes. Claudia took Carrie over to one of the large sofas, and then facing her, she slipped her hands around Carrie’s back to undo the halter-neck. This done, Carrie’s dress slipped to the floor and she stepped out of it. Underneath she had been naked and the soft glow of the lights illuminated her perfect body. She stood, somewhat nervously, waiting for something to happen. I could see a look of nerves mixed with excitement on her face, and wondered whether she would notice me among all the attention she was about to receive.
Claudia, meanwhile, had shed her meagre clothing and now stood beside Carrie, looking equally as gorgeous. Five of the guys were now naked and sporting rigid cocks; a couple of the guys slowly stroked themselves to full hardness. I could see Carrie staring at one of the guys in front of her. He had a massive erection and I could see it throbbing, standing out before him. Carrie was almost salivating.
Claudia approached the guy, pulling him into Carrie’s arms. They embraced and kissed, his hands moving over her soft flesh. They parted and gently the guy helped Carrie sit down on the edge of the sofa. His cock bobbed up before Carrie’s face, the guy obviously wanted her to take it into her mouth, he pushed forward and Carrie was more Sex hikayeleri than willing to oblige.
She took his cock into her hand, wrapping her fingers around its considerable girth. Pulling him towards her, she parted her lips and lapped at the massive cockhead with her tongue. The guy moaned as she took him slowly into her mouth, just the head at first, then more and more of the shaft. Carrie is an expert at giving head and can easily take my nine inches deep into the back of her throat. This cock, however, was a little more than nine inches and much thicker than mine, but that fact didn’t put her off.
I watched as Carrie’s lips slowly engulfed more and more of the guys’ cock until she was more than three quarters of the way down the shaft. She then slowly pulled her head back exposing the shaft, now liberally coated in saliva before plunging her mouth down onto him again. She repeated this movement several more times, getting faster each time. Now she took the cockhead only into her mouth, sucking on it hard and pumping the cock in her hand. I could imagine how good this must have felt for the guy, as her tongue worked in little lapping motions at the underside of his cockhead.
Not wanting the guy to cum to quick, she let his cock go and called for another to take its place as the guy backed off stroking his cock to maintain the erection. Two guys moved forward to offer their cocks to Carrie’s eager mouth. I noticed that one of them was Danny, the team captain. The other was one of the younger guys, whose name was Gary.
Gary had a thick seven-inch cock, but Danny was as equally endowed as the first guy. They stood either side of Carrie, who took a cock in each hand, slowly wanking them in unison. She used her tongue to lick around Danny’s cockhead and down his shaft, and then swapped to Gary, taking his heavy balls into her mouth before running her tongue up along the underside of his shaft.


At this point, I let my attention switch from Carrie to Claudia. I had noticed her move to the end of the sofa with a huge black guy, named Peter, and the team’s goalkeeper, Julian in tow. Claudia laid back into the large soft cushions, her hand wrapped around Peter’s enormous cock, pulling him around to the side of the sofa. Julian got down on his knees between Claudia’s open legs and buried his face into her pussy.
Claudia moaned in response to the pussy licking Julian was administering and turned her head towards Peter’s cock, which hung above her head like a tree branch; it was that large. She reached up and took hold of it, her tongue snaking out towards the tip of his cock. Peter leant forward, resting his hands on the back of the sofa, and dipped the tip of his cock into Claudia’s open mouth. Like a sword swallower, Claudia took about eight inches of thick black cock into her mouth but was unable to manage the last two, but still, it was an impressive sight. As Peter drew his cock out of Claudia’s mouth, she gripped the shaft in her hand and pumped in back and forth, rubbing the tip of his cock over her lips and outstretched tongue. A thick drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his cock, leaving a glistening trail as Claudia smeared the saliva covered cockhead over her face.
Julian was now working two fingers deep into Claudia’s pussy. With his spare hand, he pulled apart the fleshy hood covering her clit, and using his tongue, lapped at the little hard bud. Claudia ground her hips into the sofa, moaning with pleasure. As he moved his fingers inside her, Claudia began to cum, screaming ‘YES, YES, YES’ at the top of her voice. Julian allowed her to climax fully and then changed positions with Peter. Claudia looked gratefully up into Julian’s eyes as she took his cock into her mouth, almost t as if to say ‘thank you’.
Peter got on his knees on the edge of the sofa and with his massive cock in hand; he guided himself into Claudia’s now wet pussy. She wasn’t quite ready for him yet, her pussy having only accommodated just two fingers, so his entry was slow. First the cockhead disappeared inside her, slowly followed by an inch or so with each forward thrust as her pussy became ccustomed to the size of his cock. After about a minute of this gentle entry, Peter had managed to get balls-deep into Claudia and was now starting to up the pace. Claudia’s mouth was so filled with Julian’s cock that her moans of pleasure were heavily muffled, all the same, it was obvious that she was really enjoying the sensation of having so much cock fill her pussy. Peter continued to fuck her hard and I could see beads of sweat forming across his back.
Claudia stopped sucking on Julian’s cock and softly told Peter to slow down. I was beginning to wonder why Claudia had said that when she added that it was her intention to make sure that Carrie’s treat was enhanced by a cum shower. She told Peter, and everyone else in earshot, that she wanted to get the guy’s off at the same time, or as near as damn-it, so that she, and especially Carrie, received the benefit of a large amount of cum. Peter was less aggrieved now that he knew what was in store


I was sure that Carrie had heard Claudia’s plans for them both because there was a definite murmur of approval from her as she sucked on yet another cock, this one belonging to Ramone, a stocky Mexican whose long, thin cock Carrie now had deep in the back of her throat.
I watched the hollowing of Carrie’s cheeks and the swallow reflex in her throat and knew that she was sucking Ramone’s cock really hard. She had done this to me on many occasions and I knew it was her guarantee for a hot load of cum. If she didn’t let up soon, Ramone was going to shoot his load. However, I think Carrie knew this too because she stopped sucking his cock and asked him if he wouldn’t mind, to eat her pussy. Ramone went down on her like a shot, sliding his tongue along her glistening pussy lips. She was already heavily wet, which I knew she would be; sucking cock really turns her on, and here she was with access to more cocks than she had ever imagined possible. She was bound to be turned on.
She was also aching for a cock inside her. She called over to Danny, who had been sitting on the opposite sofa, and almost begged him to fuck her. He was more than happy to oblige and joking ordered Ramone to ‘get the hell out my way’ as he charged across the room, cock in hand.
Carrie shifted and patted the sofa, indicating that Danny should sit down beside her. As soon as he had, she threw a leg over his and mounted his cock, sliding down its long shaft until she sat fully on his lap. She squirmed around on his cock, squealing in delight at the sensation of being filled by this mighty cock. Carrie leaned forward over the back of the sofa, draping her tits across Danny’s face. Slowly, she began to ride the length of Danny’s cock, which glistened with Carrie’s pussy juice. I could see her pussy lips stretched wide open as she slid up and down the thick shaft.
In between moans of pleasure, she called for more cock and almost at once Bobby and Bryan appeared behind the sofa, standing either side of Carrie. She reached out and pulled both cocks towards her mouth, rubbing the heads together as she attempted to suck both cocks at once. If these two weren’t the best of friends already, then surely they would be now. Unable to cram so much cock into her mouth at once, Carrie settled for sucking each cock in turn, letting the men fuck her mouth while she clung to the back of the sofa.
Still she wasn’t satisfied. She had a cock fucking her pussy; she had two cocks for her mouth, now she wanted one for her arse. Carrie called out to Jon, telling him to fuck her arse. She must have remembered the look of his cock because it was long but thin, perfect for her tight arse. Carrie and I had gotten into the joys of anal sex some time ago and I knew she enjoyed it. However, she also complained that I was too big for her to really enjoy it, so Jon’s cock would be a welcome addition to the proceedings.
Steve handed Jon a tube of lubricant as he got up to join in. He liberally coated his cock and Carrie’s arse with the stuff and then manoeuvred himself into position behind Carrie. She stopped riding Danny’s cock for long enough to allow Jon to enter her. Jon eased his long cock slowly into Carrie’s tight arsehole, gaining more ground with each thrust. Carrie started to moan loudly as both Danny and Jon filled her. The two men fucked Carrie’s holes, stretching her wide open, and she loved it. She had a cock in her pussy, one in her arse and two cocks smearing pre-cum all over her face.
For the first time, I caught sight of Steve wandering around the sofa with his video camera filming the two girls. I wondered how much more he was able to see from his vantagepoint, being in amongst the action so to speak. I found myself feeling slightly jealous of being left out, but then this was Carrie’s birthday treat, I would get my share of the action before the night ended.


Claudia was kneeling on the floor and now had four guys standing around her. The youngster, Randy and a stocky guy called Al had joined Julian and Peter. Claudia was taking it in turns to suck their cocks. She had her fingers wrapped tightly around Randy’s cock, pumping her right hand along the shaft and lapping at the cockhead with her outstretched tongue. Her left hand was similarly attending to Al’s cock. Both guys had intense expressions on their faces. Julian and Peter were standing slightly behind Claudia, stroking their own cocks and watching Claudia’s performance.
Every minute or so, Claudia would alternate between sucking and wanking the four cocks, keeping them all on the boil, but not quite bringing them to the brink. Steve wandered around with his video camera, making sure to get all of the action on film.
Things were beginning to come to a head now. All Sikiş hikayeleri of the guys had now been with the girls; only Gary and Ramone were not currently involved and of course I was still spectating along with Steve. It goes without saying that I was in a highly charged state myself. I’d managed to be content with watching, but my cock was bursting to be let loose from the confines of my pants. I could see also that Steve had a major hard-on himself and it was obvious that the guys were on the verge of exploding. Claudia knew this too and decided that it was time for the climax of the evening.
She called over to Gary and Ramone, obviously wanting to bring them along to the same state as the rest of the guys. She got Ramone to lie on his back and mounted his cock, which slid effortlessly into her wet pussy. She told Gary to get in behind her and fuck her arse. Gary used the lubrication jelly to ease his entry into Claudia’s arse, then began fucking her. Meanwhile, Randy, Al, Julian and Peter stood around her wanking themselves off.
Carrie, by now, was ecstatic; she was still being fucked by Danny and Jon and was on the verge of a third orgasm. Her whole body shook as she came and she screamed with pleasure. Never before had she been fucked so long and so hard and she was on the point of exhaustion. Even so, she wasn’t letting up; she rode both cocks as hard as ever and tried to maintain sucking the cocks of Bobby and Bryan.
Steve came over and said I should get a piece of the action because it wouldn’t be long before the climax. I needed no further encouragement as I slipped out of my clothes. Steve told Danny and Jon to let me take over, and as Carrie climbed off of Danny’s cock she welcomed me into her arms, pulling me close and kissing me deeply.
“Fuck me now, my love, I want your cock inside me now.” She whispered to me and I slid my throbbing cock into her pussy.
Carrie wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me deeper into her as I began thrusting. My cock and balls ached for release, and I struggled not to let go to soon, but I was fighting a losing battle. I looked over to Claudia, who was still fucking Gary and Ramone who, by the look on their faces, were now as close as everyone else to coming. Claudia decided that it was time. She moved closer to Carrie and I and knelt on the floor in front of the sofa.
“Carrie, I don’t think anyone can hold on much longer, I think its time we finished the guys off, come down and kneel beside me.” She said.
Carrie gave me a look as if to say sorry that we couldn’t fuck for longer, but I was on the verge of shooting my load anyway, so it didn’t really matter. I was as keen to unload over the two girls as every other man here was, so I withdrew from Carrie and helped her down beside Claudia.


Claudia now took control of everyone, she told the guys to form a circle around her and Carrie. She and Carrie would take on two cocks each at a time, to the finish. She said that she and Carrie wanted to be covered in cum.
Steve got himself into position directly in front of the girls. He had also rigged the camera to feedback through to the large TV behind the sofa so that the guys could see exactly what he could through the viewfinder. He zoomed in on the girls, hit a switch on the camera and the TV screen flickered into life, showing Claudia and Carrie from the chest up.
Randy and Al positioned themselves either side of Carrie and Ramone and Bryan moved in on Claudia. All four guys were stroking their cocks. Carrie grabbed Randy’s cock and pulled it towards her mouth. She sucked it into the back of her throat, pumping the shaft in her hand. Claudia did the same for Ramone.
I looked over to the TV and was amazed by the sight there. Steve had focused on Carrie, and her flushed face was a picture, with one cock in her mouth and a second close to her cheek being pumped furiously by Al.
All of a sudden, Randy started to grunt. Carrie pulled her mouth off of his cock and held the cockhead flat against her outstretched tongue. Randy shuddered and his cock exploded, sending a long jet of thick cum over Carrie’s tongue into the back of her mouth. Carrie lifted his cock away from her tongue as a second jet flew out of the pulsing cock, falling thickly across her cheekbone and rolling down the side of her face. Carrie pumped the cock in her hand, cum raining down on her face. The right side of her face was streaked with thick white cum. As Carrie let go of his cock, Randy stepped back, totally spent.
I continued to watch the TV screen, mesmerised. Al announced that he was about to come and Carrie turned to towards the fat cockhead, inches away from her face. Al pumped his cock and a thick glob of cum oozed from his cockhead, running down the underside of his cock, followed immediately by a powerful jet which splattered wetly across Carrie’s left cheek. Thick white cum flowed steadily from Al’s cock, each upward stroke of his fist sending it in strings over Carrie’s lips, tongue and chin from where it dangled, swaying back and forth before dropping off in thick globs onto her tits. Al squeezed on final glob of cum onto Carrie’s tongue and then the image on the screen changed, bringing Claudia into focus as Bryan came.
Claudia’s tongue lapped at the tip of Bryan’s cock, catching his cum as it spewed out of his cock. It rolled off of her tongue, clinging in thick ribbons to the side of her chin and then falling down onto her pert tits. Suddenly, Ramone’s cock came into shot, the fat cockhead pressed up against her cheek as a jet of cum erupted across her face splattering across the bridge of her nose. Ramone smeared his pulsing cockhead over Claudia’s cheek, coating the left side of her face with sticky cum. He pulled back and aimed his cock at her mouth as two powerful, successive jets erupted, thickly coating her tongue and lips.
The camera panned back to Carrie as Bobby stepped forward pounding his cock in his fist. Immediately, his cock erupted sending three quick spurts arcing above Carrie’s upturned face splattering down across her left cheek, over the bridge of her nose and across her forehead up into the hairline. Two more spurts hit her forming a thick pool under her bottom lip before slipping off, clinging to her chin and swinging like a sticky white pendulum.
Just then, Peter’s enormous cock came into view. He pushed it straight into Carrie’s open mouth, forcing it deep into the back of her throat. Carrie caught it in her right hand and pumped it into her mouth, taking more of the shaft down her throat.
Claudia called out my name and curling her finger at me, beckoned me over. I stepped forward and she took hold of my cock, pulling me into her mouth. I looked up from her face and turned my attention once again to the TV screen while Claudia’s tongue curled around the head of my cock.
Peter was about to unload and Carrie, sensing this, pulled his cock from between her lips. As soon as the massive cockhead came into view, Carrie let go of the shaft and let it hang free above her face as it began spewing out cum in long ropey jets. The shaft throbbed and jumped as spurt after spurt flew into the air, raining down onto Carrie’s face. Peter’s cock pulsed at least nine times, and each time the thick ribbon of cum arced above Carrie, and came splashing down over her face, drenching her. Two or three spurts flew high enough to clear her face completely, sending cum over her head and into her hair, the tail end of each spurt falling onto her forehead. Peter squeezed his cock, feeding the last few globs of cum onto Carrie’s tongue. Her face was now plastered with cum from four guys, and there was still more to come.
And then I saw my own cock on the TV, held firmly in Claudia’s hand as she slid her mouth up and down the shaft. I had been on temporary hold, fascinated by the sight of Carrie’s shower, but now, seeing my own cock and becoming alert to the sensation of Claudia’s sucking, I neared my own climax.
I felt my balls tighten in that old familiar way and my cocked twitched against Claudia’s tongue. I slid my hips back and took hold of my cock as Claudia tipped her head back, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, looking me right in the eyes. That did it. I felt a huge pulse run through the shaft of my cock, and shuddered as I came. A thick spurt of cum splashed into Claudia’s chin, followed by another. A third flew across her right cheek as I pumped my cock. I pressed my cockhead against Claudia’s tongue and coated it thickly. Claudia curled her tongue around my cockhead as another spurt burst from it, shooting over her upper lip and pooling under her nose.
My cock pulsed again sending a thick ribbon of cum across her opposite cheek. Claudia kept her tongue curling around my cockhead, sending cum all over the place. It clung to her teeth forming spidery webs criss-crossing her mouth. A thick glob stuck to the tip of her nose. I saw a pool of cum under her tongue that oozed out of the corners of her mouth when, finally, she sucked on the end of my cock. Claudia’s face was now almost as messy as Carrie’s, having taken three loads of cum.
Julian and Jon stepped in and took my place before Claudia, pumping their cocks in unison. Both were very close to letting rip. Julian was the first to start, but no sooner than his first spurt came splashing down over Claudia’s face, Jon also came. The two men stood over Claudia pumping their cocks sending a white rain of cum all over her face. It went everywhere. In her in her hair, across both cheeks, her right eye was glued shut from an almost simultaneous double hit. Her lips and chin were plastered and three long strings of cum dangled loosely from her chin. Where the combined cum had dripped off of her face, her upper chest was now thickly coated. The two men squeezed the last of their cum into Claudia’s mouth and stepped back.
Steve swung the camera back to Carrie’s sticky face. The bulk of cum had now run off of her face and her front was also streaked Erotik hikaye and sticky. Danny and Gary had now stepped forward and were presenting themselves to Carrie, who obligingly took Gary’s cock into her mouth.
Gary moved his hips back and forth, fucking Carrie’s mouth while Danny wanked his cock inches above Carrie’s forehead. Then he too came, his thick cum spilling out of his cockhead, rather that blasting out like the others. He emptied his balls over Carrie’s forehead, the cum forming a river of white as it flowed down over the bridge of her nose, forming a deep pool high on her cheek, under her eye. Then Gary announced his climax. Carrie kept his pulsing cock in her mouth, only releasing it when he had finished. She looked straight at the camera, opened her mouth, and pushed her tongue forward, bringing with it a huge amount of cum spilling out over the sides of her chin and running off in long ribbons onto her tits. Danny pushed his fat cockhead against the pool of his cum, spreading it out over Carrie’s face.
Carrie had now taken six big loads over her face and in her mouth, and boy did it look like it. She was smothered. Her face was glistening in the light, shinny with cum. The hair at the sides of her face and at her forehead was plastered down to the skin, there was even cum in her ear. But there was one more load yet to come.
Steve came over and asked me to take the camera then peeled off his pants revealing a long fat cock. It must have been easily nine and half inches long and a good two inches thick. I remember Claudia telling me, earlier in the evening, about Steve’s cock and his ability to cum bucket loads, I guess Carrie was about to benefit from this now.
I took the camera and focused in on Carrie’s face and Steve’s cock. Carrie took hold of the cock and licked all around the fat head then slowly ran her tongue down along Steve’s shaft to his balls. She took each ball into her mouth and sucked them hard. I could see Steve’s cock twitching in anticipation. With her lips clamped to the underside of his cock, Carrie ran her mouth back up the shaft and flicked her tongue across the sensitive ridge of skin underneath the head. She sank her lips over Steve’s cockhead and sucked it deep into her mouth, taking it all the way down. Slowly she pulled her mouth back, right to the head then plunged her mouth down again. She did this repeatedly, getting faster each time.
I could see bubbles of spit forming at the corners of her mouth as she deep throated Steve’s cock. Every now and then she would take the cockhead right out of her mouth and long strings of spit would drop from her lips to mingle with the cum on her chest.
Steve was very close to his climax now, his breathing now hard and fast. I made sure I had the best angle on the shot, framing it to get Carrie’s entire head and Steve’s groin area in-shot.
Carrie sensed Steve’s imminent eruption and pulled his cockhead from her throat and onto her outstretched tongue. Steve started to groan.
“Oh, baby I’m gonna cum now.” He moaned, taking his cock from Carrie’s hand and twisting his fist around the top of his shaft, wanking himself.
Carrie looked up into Steve’s face, then lowered her eyes, and looked directly into the camera, to me.
“Oh yes baby, come on my face, cum all over my face. I want it now.” She whispered.
I could barely keep the camera still. Then Steve’s cock began spewing out thick cum in long ropey jets. It spat once sending a thick gob of cum onto her chin, splashing down onto her chest. It spat again, and left three thick trails of cum on the left side of her face, from her chin, up across her cheek, over her eye, across her forehead and into her hair. It spat again, this time flying off over the top of her head. Steve adjusted his aim and directed three heavy spurts into Carrie’s mouth, across her tongue. His cum pooled on and around her tongue, there was so much of it. She pushed her tongue forward and an amount of cum that looked equal to a whole egg white spilled over her lips.
Steve’s cum was so thick that it clung heavily wherever it landed, not running off her face, and it was still coming, though not as heavily now. Three more spurts landed on her right cheek and a final glob, the size of a hazelnut, was squeezed onto her tongue.
Carrie leaned forward into Steve’s cock running her tongue over the underside of the head, pursing her lips together over the sensitive spot there. She reached up and took hold of Steve’s cock again, pulling him into her mouth. Her lips slid along the shaft as she desperately tried to suck more cum from his cock. She twisted her mouth back up along the shaft and rubbed the cockhead over her face then licked his cock where it had been smeared with his cum.
Carrie gave his cock a couple more tugs the Steve stepped back, making room for Claudia. She shuffled up to Carrie and began licking Steve’s cum of her face, holding Carrie’s head in her hands. Her tongue worked all around Carrie’s face, lapping up her husbands thick cum from where it clung to Carrie’s skin.
When she had cleaned all of Steve’s cum from Carrie’s face, Claudia bent forward and kissed Carrie full on the mouth. I could see their tongues entwining and what was left of Steve’s cum passing between them. This was going to be one seriously horny video.


Between them, Claudia and Carrie had, so far, taken twelve loads of cum, the bulk of which went to Carrie in honour of her birthday, and the evening was not yet at a close. After a short period of rest, it seemed Randy was ready to go again, his youth obviously giving him an advantage over his fellow teammates. That is apart from the black stallion Peter, whose massive cock was again waving around in front of him and leaking pre-cum.
Carrie bowed to Claudia’s desire for more fucking and sat back in the sofa to watch, along with everyone else. I sat with Carrie, her hand lazily stroking the shaft of my cock.
Steve had again taken on the duties of chief camera operator and was moving closer to Claudia, who had pushed Randy down onto the sofa and was kneeling between his legs. She took hold of his cock and sank her mouth down over it. Peter got in behind Claudia, spread her legs apart, and plunged his cock deep into her pussy. He fucked her hard, punching his cock into her, his belly smacking audibly against her upturned butt cheeks. Claudia moaned and groaned around Randy’s cock.
Prizing apart her butt cheeks with one hand and wetting his middle finger with her own pussy juice, Peter pushed it into Claudia’s arsehole. She squealed with pleasure as the finger moved in and out, in rhythm with his cock.
At the other end, Claudia was busy going to work on Randy’s young cock. The boy was just that, a boy of eighteen. He had a youthful but fit body and a cock any man would be proud of, standing a full eight inches and two inches thick. Claudia had her hand wrapped round the cock holding it bolt upright with her tongue flat against the underside of the head, wanking it against her mouth. The cockhead and half the shaft were covered in saliva. Strings of spit dripped from the corners of Claudia’s mouth as she gave Randy an exceedingly sloppy blowjob.
Peter’s fucking, and the fingering of her arse, was bringing Claudia to climax. She bucked against Peter’s pistoning cock pushing back into him as he thrust forward. With her hot breath panting over Randy’s cock, she came forcefully, her muffled cries vibrating against the cockhead causing Randy to lose control. His cock exploded for a second time, cum surging up the shaft and flowing out over Claudia’s lips, tongue, and pumping hand.
Claudia kept pumping his cock, squeezing lightly on the upstroke to force his cum up and out. She moved the spewing cock over her face, coating her cheeks and chin with thick white cum. Randy’s cum continued to bubble up out of his cock, now running back down Claudia’s hand. She licked at the cumhole scooping the globs of cum onto her tongue. Randy sagged back against the back of the sofa, spent. Claudia licked her lips.
Peter still fucked Claudia as hard as he could but he was finding her too much of a match. No matter how much he gave her, she wanted more, demanding that he fuck her harder. Finally Peter could take more and pulling his cock out of her pussy, he flipped Claudia over and kneeling astride her came over her face in two long jets of thick cum, splattering across her right cheek. Although not as powerful as his previous effort, this reduced climax still produced a steady flow of cum which fell onto Claudia’s tongue. She swallowed; savouring the taste then took Peter’s cock into her mouth for one final suck.
Finally, Peter sat down on the floor in front of Claudia as Steve focused in on her cum coated face, filling the frame as Claudia looked directly into the lens licking her lips.
“Now that’s what I call a party picture.” Steve said out loud, and everyone clapped, agreeing with him.

W e all sat around the room, quietly contemplating the evening’s events whilst Steve and Claudia played the perfect hosts, bringing drinks around to everyone. Claudia sat down next to Carrie and myself and we chatted. She asked whether Carrie had enjoyed her birthday surprise, which of course she had. Claudia explained that she and Steve usually hosted a party about once a month. I suggested that we may be interested in coming over again and Claudia was thrilled that we might become regulars to the parties.
Claudia admitted that she found Carrie very attractive and wondered whether she would be interested in putting on a show with her next time round. You can imagine my reaction when Carrie said she would love that.
Next time round will be next weekend, for Claudia’s birthday, and Carrie and I are really looking forward to it. It will be a smaller party this time. Apart from myself, Carrie, Claudia and Steve, there will probably be another couple and two or three single guys, but it will be a lot of fun all the same, and another story entirely.

The End

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