Caroline’s Mom Ch. 06

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After we finished making love, or then again maybe it was just really nasty fucking, we fell asleep in each others arms. The sound of some hot sex in the next room woke us. That was Jeff’s room and for a while I was worried that Rachel would be upset. She just grinned at me and whispered.


Then she crawled down between my legs.

” You won’t mind if I suck you off while you listen.”

“It will be almost like getting a blow job while watching porn.”

Her head dipped and she began to lick me . . . Rachel’s mouth opened and her lips enveloped one testicle. Her mouth filled with saliva and her tongue caressed it. She slid her mouth off the wet orb and proceeded to do the same with the other. Her hands went to the back of my thighs, forcing my hips up. Caroline’s tongue worked its way down over my scrotum, toward my perineum. Her tongue searches for my anus. She slowly licked around it, and her hand began to caress my shaft. Caroline lifted her head and said, “Don’t cum yet, I want you in my mouth when you do.” Her head dipped down, and her tongue found my anus. She speared it with her tongue, Her lingual digit seemed to be searching ever nook and cranny. I clenched my fists and groaned loudly as the pleasure increased. The pre-cum leaked from the tip wetting my cock and her hand. Her mouth left my anus, and her tongue tasted my drippings.

“Shit, now you’ve done it, I’m gonna cum.”

She smiled and said, “Not yet baby, let me show you how good I can be with my tongue.”

Her tongue left my cock and returned to my ass hole. Her hands spread my cheeks, and her lips made a tight seal around the pucker. She began to suck on my anus as her tongue penetrated me.


“I’m gonna cum all over the place. I can’t hold it.”

My cock began to twitch. Caroline dove for my cock, burying it in her throat in one swallow. Her finger went into my anus and pressed on my prostate. She began a rhythmic swallowing, which caressed my cock in much the same ways as a woman’s vagina does when she cums. Her other hand caressed my balls, as I moaned louder and louder. My pre-cum flowed out of me in a steady stream. It was not ataşehir ucuz escort long before the twitching in my cock became a throbbing. I could no longer think. It seemed as if my whole body was anticipating the cum. Then it happened as I erupted, her lips came up along the shaft until only the tip remained in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and little white rivulets leaked from the corners of her mouth. As the spurts ended she held my cock in her mouth. When my last drip ended she opened her mouth and allowed all my cum to run over my cock and balls. She smiled at me through her cum coated lips and said.

“Oh I made a mess, guess I’ll have to clean it up with my lips and tongue. If you get hard by the time I finish I guess we will just have to fuck.”

It took Caroline about a half an hour to lick me clean.

“Who is the better cock sucker, me or mom?”

I did not answer but my hard cock showed that I enjoyed it.

She straddled me and climbed across my cock. Her pussy hovered at the tip of my penis, her fluids dripping down onto my hardness. Then she rubbed the tip against her clitoris. With a loud groan she sat down hard. She took me in as deep as I could go. Her hot wet velvet glove caressed my maleness with strong squeezes. Caroline lay on top of me her lips at my ear as she whispered. “Tomorrow you are going to take my ass. I’m going to give you my only cherry. Please buy some lube.” Then she began to clench and unclench her internal muscles. Her lips and mouth found mine. Her tongue invaded my mouth and took what it wanted. I had never been kissed so demandingly by a woman before. Caroline took her time, but she was in to hurry to end this session. Her hips moved slowly and her muscles continued to caress my hardness. She moaned and nibbled on my neck and ears. She however would not let me caress her. Her only intent seemed to be to pleasure me. “Do you want to cum? Do you want to fill my pussy with your hot sperm? Ask me to make you cum.” With that she stopped moving and clenching. She waited until I asked her, then she began to clench and unclench her vaginal walls constantly. Faster and faster her hot wet ataşehir yabancı escort sheath gripped me. I trembled and clenched my teeth. I sweated not wanting this to end, but at the same time racing to the finish line. It did not take long till I erupted deep into her vagina. Discharging so copiously, that it dripped out onto my belly and balls. She crawled down between my legs and licked me clean of our mixed juices. The we fell asleep in each others arms.

Morning came and she teased me about having made love to both mother and daughter. I teased her about the new type of mother daughter talks this would lead to. She giggled and kissed me. She asked if I ever fantasized about having mother and daughter in bed together, I told her I had never thought of her that way until now. But now that I had it might conjure up some very exciting dreams. I teased her about wanting her mother and she told me she had no desire to eat pussy, but that she might like to get eaten by me while I fuck her mother. Who know maybe we could get a king size bed and all sleep together.

We walked around campus arm in arm. We ate breakfast in a little bistro and then walked to the drugstore. She led me down the family planning aisle and picked up a tube of KY jelly. She told me if I wanted her ass I had better pay for it. As I paid for our purchase she whispered in my ear that tonight I was going to go where no man had gone before.

We left campus and she took me to a lingerie store. There she tried on several nightgowns. All were white. She told the salesperson that I was going to deflower her tonight and she wanted to feel like a bride. The peignoir set she found was so beautiful and innocent it belonged on a sixteen-year-old girl. When I told her that she told me I could have had her virginity at her sweet sixteen. She had already decided that if I wanted it she would give it to me. But she was my best friend and I was too young to read her hints.

Later we went out to dinner. Caroline seemed to be rushing us through dinner. She wanted very much to do what she had decided to do. I took my time and nearly drove her crazy. I then ataşehir escort bayan took her back to my room and left her to her own devices while I got us a nice bottle of wine to share. I knew that while I was gone the “virgin bride” was going to prepare herself for the anal deflowering. When I got back to the room she was standing in the corner silhouetted by the small night lamp. I could see every thing through a haze of sheer lace. She wore no underwear but the peignoir obscured everything just enough to make it interest.

I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply slipping the sheer robe off her body leaving the short nightgown on her. I caressed her breasts and felt her nipples harden with desire. She moaned into my mouth. My tongue dueled with hers as I loosened her gown and let it fall to the floor. I knelt before and kissed her wet vagina. I whispered and told her she could still back out if she didn’t want to do this. When she told me that if I stopped she would never forgive me I continued to eat her. I asked her to lay face down on the bed while I get her ready. I began by kissing her neck ad slowly licking her shoulders. Slowly I made my way to her rosebud. I penetrated her with my tongue and licked her until she begged me to take her ass. I reached for the KY and lubed the area around her pucker. I then greased my cock well and placed it at her rear entrance. She rose to her knees keeping her head on the mattress.

“Are you ready now Caroline.”

“Please hurry, be gentle, I’m afraid you will hurt me.”

” trust me.”

I spread her buttocks apart and put the head of my cock at her entrance. I pushed at her butt hole and felt it start to give.

“Oh! Alan it’s too big.”

“Should I stop.”

“Don’t you dare. Just go slow.”

“Like this?”

“More please.”

I thrust into her the head popping through her sphincter.

“Ahhhhh Deeper.”

My cock went in further I began to saw in and out going a little deeper every time. Her hips began thrusting back at me. Soon I was buried in that hot tight ass. I began to thrust in and out of her newly deflowered entrance. We both worked back and forth establishing a rhythm. Before long our peaks were approaching.

“Alan it’s so good”

I could only grunt and before long I emptied my seed into her clenching anus. She then teased me about having all three holes of both mother and daughter.

“Am I as good as Mom is?.”

I did not answer.

To Be Continued…

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