Canadian Delight

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It had been along and tiring flight even though I had an overnight stay in Hong Kong. I got through customs to find Trish waiting. We kissed and cuddled each other both sensing the six months we spent waiting was going to be well worth the wait.

I remembered the warmth she emitted as we exited the airport and I felt the sub zero temperature. Not what I was used to coming from mid thirty maximums. However sitting in the rear and the heaters going it was comfortable.

I felt Trish running her hand over my cock which took little to arouse and even seemed to surprise her. It was an hour’s drive to her apartment. By the time we reached there it was close to midday. In real terms it was 4am the following day back in Australia.

Having being chauffeured the distance to the apartment we were at last alone together.

Once through the door Trish locked it and came to me and we hugged and kissed again. This time her hand unzipped my fly and in no time my pants were at my ankles along with my jocks. Even though tired my cock was rigid as she caressed it lovingly. Going down on her knees her mouth encircled my heated meat and began blowing me. Having been without any sex for three years it did not take me long to fill her eager mouth full of my sperm. She swallowed and gulped until I was dry.

Trish almanbahis then stood and stripped before me. Again my cock responds to the beautiful site of her nakedness. She led me toward her bedroom and into the en-suit where we showered together. I felt a lot more refreshed as we lay naked on the bed. Her hands again bought my cock to an erection. I responded to feeling her wet cunt that I had so many times seen half a world away over the pc cam. I slid two fingers inside her passage making her moan out loud.

Could all the things we chatted about were for real? I sensed so as we continued to fondle each other intensely. I kissed her fully and tasted some sperm still in her mouth. I lifted her legs and parted them widely as I penetrated deep into her wet pussy.

“Faster and harder she crooned.” I was pleased to accommodate her. The first of three climaxes followed rapidly. I had never seen a woman go off as quick or repeatedly as she did. I filled her sopping passage shortly afterwards making her cum yet once again.

As I lay spent and somewhat exhausted I drifted off to sleep cuddled into her naked breasts.

I did not awake till some hours later. A most pleasant awakening it was too. I thought it a dream as my cock once again throbbed. My eyes opened to see Trish almanbahis giriş engulfing my raging hard on. Once again she milked my balls of its sperm. Swallowing most of it she moved up and French kissed me. She knew I loved the taste of sperm from out time online together and with her tongue transferred the remainder into my mouth. Our tongues dueled with the remaining sperm until both of us swallowed it all.

Again we showered and soaped each other. I then knelt and tongued out her wet passage knowing shortly we would be fucking again. I made her go back to the bed where I instructed her to bend over the edge with her legs parted wide.

I saw her inviting asshole stare back at me. Gently I inserted my index finger and very surprised as the ease it went into her tight passage. Nothing had been a lie to what we had discussed over the last six months. Hearing her moans of delight as my index finger went into the hilt I tried two fingers that went in as easily as the first. This is exactly the way I had fantasized the way it would be maybe even better.

“Would you like to replace those fingers with your cock?” she asked in a tone of desperation. I did not need to answer or be asked again as I replaced my fingers with my cock-head. It did not meet the resistance I had anticipated. It was almanbahis yeni giriş tight but very enjoyable as I delved deep into her rectum. I had approached her with gentleness but I got the call of deeper and harder. Again I sensed this girl was all I had been looking for in a woman.

Trish was of average looks and slightly well built with medium sized breasts. So who was I to complain? In fact I was very appreciative of all she told me over the net had come true so far. If the remainder did not I would have been more than happy. I guess in a way I was letting Trish lead the way in how far she wanted to go.

I continued to bring her to climax five times before I could hold back no more and spurted my cum deep inside her.

Feeling a little exhausted I lay back to feel her hand brush the end of my now sensitive cock. I kept my erection before some twenty minutes later Trish mounted me. Her pussy grabbed at my cock tightly as she rode herself up and down my shaft. I was in no hurry to climax again as I looked into her contented and smiling face.

Again she had multiple climaxes before she bought me to climax once more.

We ate supper and much to my own regret I had to deny her as jet lag had set in. I slept deeply until the following morning.

Our trust was there for each other and it showed as Trish asked to be tied to the bed and spanked before being fucked again.

I secured her wrists to the bed-head legs and then drew up and tied her legs parted and spread leaving her very venerable…TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32