Camilla Pt. 02

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Let me start by saying that being in my office at 9pm, squatting in front of my desk with my pencil skirt pulled up to my waist with my bare ass sucking this boy’s cock – loudly sucking this boy’s cock was totally my choice. He loved it. His head was tilted back, and mouth sagged open in disbelief as his manager, sucked his big dick to persuade him to stay on the project. He’d look down to see my head bobbing up and down in his thick veiny cock and my ass quivering with the jerking of my head back and forth on his dick – and he’d just gasp and roll his had back again, probably thinking about baseball or whiteboards or something so that this moment would last longer. It was right where I wanted to be.

When I got the project, I knew they gave it to me because it was destined to fail. It was feature-bloated, way behind, undefined, and circling the bowl just waiting for someone smart to flush it down. But it was a “corporate initiative,” and those fuckers didn’t want to associate themselves with – so they gave it to me. It was the closest to anal any of them would ever get with me. I was impressed they kept straight faces as they slid the project folder across the desk to me. I took it, smiled, thanked them, assholes.

To make things worse, they structured the project based on it being completed. Usually, they provide incentives based on features being delivered; a download button and payout, a group of pages and a payout, content being updated, a payout. But the basket of money was so big, I dropped my pretty-faced guard and let my eyebrows arch – just a bit. I couldn’t contain my surprise. It was an unrealistic number because the project was impossible, so it really didn’t matter what bonus they put at the end of it – I wasn’t going to get it – or so they hoped.

I subscribe to the belief there’s a good reason that the female of the species is usually the bigger animal; bigger, smarter, more tenacious. The term “papa bear” is generally associated with some pimp in a trailer in Vegas with a bunch of skinny whores. The term “mama bear” is used for a woman on a mission; who can’t be stopped, whose so full of wrath that other animals get out of the way. Yes, males are built for those one-note battles; fighting, wall smashing, fucking, but women manage the kingdoms, the logistics, and where to put those one-note soldiers to smash down walls. If I could deliver this website – when I delivered this website – not only would I would get a lot of money, but I would have the chance to give a big “fuck you” to the assholes that thought I couldn’t do it.

And that’s what I needed, I scoured my Rolodex for a workhorse. I needed someone who would listen to me and do the work based on my decisions. I didn’t want some petty spry college girl who would want to bond over 10pm dinners and expect to braid each other’s fucking hair after pouring out her heart over pickleback shots and then get the 1/2 step promotion from intern to associate because the leadership perverts want to encourage “gender diversity” all the while keeping me right where I was when I started. The company was filled with women of ambitious, dangerous women. What I needed was someone that would deliver, and that just go home.

This would be harder than expected because people genuinely remember after years and years that you fired them, or were a bitch to them, or was the reason they transferred departments. Yes, I left behind some burned villages in my rise to the top – but I did say the company was filled with ambitious, dangerous women, didn’t I? My mother would her yellow smoke-stained finger and say, “you reap what you sow.” So to make things harder, I needed to find someone that would be redemptive, and show that I wasn’t the crazy bitch of last quarter, I was fixing the wrongs and a Fahrettin Altay Escort better person than one that got me here.

Peter was a young, good looking intern that I found was only in the company for a few months. I had seen him at his desk when I was walking out myself at 9 and 10pm putting the time in and burning the candle down. He was perfect. Did I mention he was good looking? He looked like he played basketball or football during his college years. He was tall, dark, and quiet. I loved the way he tucked in his shirts and how they showed his broad, muscular shoulders. He had a sheepish smile that he let loose on me when I spoke with him, but it was hidden under a face that was tipped down. It was intoxicating thinking this delicious young man saw me as higher up the food chain and embarrassed by my attention. My fingers itched to run my hands across his shaved skull and feel the heat of his body.

With Peter, they couldn’t whisper “women hire women and men hire themselves.” I would show that I was hiring one of them. They would see, they would wish, themselves into this handsome young man and just know that I was converted. He was green enough that it was impossible to think he did the work, and I didn’t need to braid his hair.

Thankfully, he accepted the job. He relocated into my office to work.

In the first few days, I noticed immediately that his body and that he wears very low cut underwear that I can see through his tight pants. His muscles bulge and press through the fabric of his shirt and pants.

I find myself first putting folders flat on the desk, so he has to lean his strong shoulders over to look at them, so I can get closer to them. Then I place the folders open in front of me, so he has to move closer to me to read them. He’s hard, muscular and virile. By the second week, I find reasons to arrange things, so I bump into him.

My body is the product of obsessive pilates, squats, and high-end spas. My body is generous, thick, and curvy. I fold my arms under them to push them up, so Peter notices them. I see his eyes flick down to them.

I begin wanting him to notice me. I find myself putting on the most beautiful lingerie, black with gold threading, or white with pink. When I cloth myself in the morning, I see him standing, naked near my bed, his huge cock erect and ready for me. I obediently put on the sexiest underwear I have – and find myself going out early on Saturdays to buy more. The shades of my lipstick go from a muted ‘no need to look at me’ pink to a ‘come and fuck me’ maroon. I am driven to distraction to see if notices these changes.

The project is going well, he turns out better than I expected, and his productivity is surprising. He’s also earnest, and my quiet flirts crashed against a quiet industriousness.

And then one night, a Friday, he breaks. I had worn a tight white shirt and black and red push up bra; something that I would never image wearing for anyone at any time ever before meeting him. He could see it through my starched white shirt. I had belted my waist with a soft, leather black belt that made my curves more accentuated. A tight, pencil skirt displayed my round ass in no uncertain terms and, just in case he looked down, I wore a faintly patterned pantyhose. We were worn down from a long week, I’m sure his self-control was weak.

“I like your… shoes,” he said.

“My what?”

“Your shoes.” He realized what he said, and it was too late to take it back. “I… saw them in an advertisement – those are the ones with the red bottom – they’re nice.”

“Thank you, Peter.” I did a quick spin for him, sharing all of my curves with him. “Do you notice anything else about me?”

“No? Wait, what do you mean?”

“I Fahrettin Altay Escort Bayan mean, what else do you notice about me?”


I feigned a pout, biting my glossy wet bottom lip. “Oh, you wound me, Peter. You don’t notice anything?”

“You… You are…” he searched for the words.

I leaned back on my desk and let my crossed legs slide forward slightly.

I reached up and unbuttoned the top and second button of my shirt, letting my lingerie peek through.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Whatever you want me to do, Peter. Is there something you want me to do?”

I got close so that my breath fell on his look of disbelief.

“Peter, you’re doing a wonderful job, what is it you’d like me to do to thank you tonight?” My hand slipped down to his crotch, and I felt an immense, hard cock along one leg. “Wow. Very nice, Peter.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Peter, I love how we’re getting this done. If this is completed in time, I get to say ‘fuck you’ to all those assholes who pushed me aside for years.” My hands closed around his waist and slid up his sides.

I pressed my hips against his. Feeling his cock press up against my womanhood began making me dizzy.

“That’s worth something in my world, something… huge.”

“I… I… I don’t know…”

“You don’t have to know these things, Peter, ” I whispered roughly in his ear. My tongue circled, nibbled, and plunged wetly. He smelled amazing, delicious, young. “Let me reward you.”

I grabbed the back of his kneck and mashed his frozen face against mine, kissing him passionately. With my other hand, I undid his belt and zipper and reached under tight, thong underwear to pull out a thick, heavy, uncircumcised cock.

“Oh, yes, baby.” His eyes were still wide as we twirled and pushed him back against the desk.

I took a step back and pulled my shirt apart, letting my breasts burst through the shirt. Peter’s cock bounced up in attention.

“You like that baby?” I laughed, “what about this?”

I turned and hiked up my pencil skirt to my waist, revealing black lace thigh highs and a thin, French-cut thong.

“Noooooo…” he whispered in a breath.

I spanked myself hard, letting my cheek tremble with the hit. I jiggled for a second and then spun around again.

“This is for being such a good boy,” I said.

I crawled over to him, letting my hair fall in front of my face like the messy whore I was going to be for him.

I reached him and grabbed his cock in one hand and his tight buttock in another.

He took another breath before I dove atop his fleshy missile.

My wet lips slipped down and pulled back slowly at first. I felt every knob and bump of his fat meat in my mouth, pulsing and jumping with every tickle of my tongue.

When he was wet and glistening, I pumped his dick with my hand as I took one hairy ball in my mouth, rolling its softness around with my tongue in my soft, warm mouth. He gasped again and let out a little yell. I moaned softly, letting him feel the vibrations of my throat up to his shaft.

I grabbed his hand and placed it atop my head, encouraging him to push me down. I felt him do it reluctantly.

I sucked harder and faster. My head bobbed up and down, the gurgling and slurping got louder. I (finally!) felt his hand push against the back of my head, pushing me down harder.

“Yes, Peter! Force me to suck your cock!”

He let out a yelp and grabbed my head with two hands and pumped me up and down on his meat stick. His hips thrust back and forth, smashing his hard, muscular pelvis against my face. His pubic hair was sour and musky.

I was stroking myself hard Escort Fahrettin Altay flicking and circling, the sounds of us getting me wet and hot.

“Oh, God!” Peter choked out a scream.

“Peter!” yelled young girl’s voice from behind me.

His stiff cock ripped from my throat, he fell back, and to the side.

I spun round to see one of those braid-my-fucking-hair interns at the door. She was wearing the latest, corporate androgyny with a look of disbelief on her face.

“What the fuck, Peter?” she cried again.

“Wait! It’s not what this looks like.” He painfully folded his huge stiff cock into his pants.

I stood and slipped down my dress and buttoned my shirt as she stormed into my office and punched him across the face. By the time I had wiped his slick precum from my face and straightened my glasses, she was done hitting him and was crying in a heap in his arms.

Fucking girls.

“Peter,” I said over the din of her sobbing. “Let’s pretend this never happened, OK?”


“You, what is your name?”

“Krystal, Ms. Hnark.” Yes, she wouldn’t ever jeopardize a potential connection – good. I know this kind of person.

“Krystal? OK. Look, these things happen. People work together, and they work closely, and the success of the work gets in front of what’s really important, right?”

“You were sucking my co – my dick!” Peter said incredulously.

“What the fuck, Peter?” I said firmly. “Why are you hurting this woman any more than what’s been done?”

“What?” he said.

“Just stop, Peter. Just stop.” Krystal said through tears.

“How are we going to make this right, Peter?” I said blandly.

“I… I don’t know…” he responded helplessly.

“OK, look.” I offered. “This isn’t you, right, Peter? This isn’t where you want to get to here, is it?”

“No,” he said, on the verge of tears.

“Krystal,” I said. “How is that project you’re working on going?”

“It’s tough!” she blubbered. “We never get to spend any time together, and now he’s doing… this!”

“OK, so how about Peter transfers to your project to help you out – and you and he can spend more time together.”

“Could you really make that happen?” she asked.

“I can make a lot of things happen, Krystal. But I just want you to be happy.”

“Thank you, Ms. Hnark.”

“Peter, we can sort out the rest of the details tomorrow. Can you make the transition between these two projects by the end of the week?”

“Yes,” he was lost, zombie-like. “I can.”

“OK, you two. Then let’s stop for today and start again tomorrow.”

“It’s Friday,” said Krystal the Ambitious, “but we can come on Saturday?”

I paused to show them I was thinking about it.

“No. Let’s take a break and start fresh on Monday, can you do that?”

“Yes,” they said. Krystal said with eager brilliance, Peter echoed it with a confused, far off look.

They left together, after wishing me goodnight, hand, and hand.


But thank god I dodged that bullet. I straightened myself up a little and gave them time to get into the elevators.

I took a breath and went to the nearest water fountain.

There I saw a heavy, older man filling a tiny paper cup from the fountain machine.

“Hello,” he said quietly.

“Hello – working late?”

“Working late?”

“Actually, I’m leaving early this evening. Just getting some water before I leave.”

A workhorse.

“Oh? Early?”

“Yes, my project finished, and I just was closing it up, not much work to do.”

“Really? do you have another lined up?” If he didn’t – he may be worried about losing his job.

“Not yet – but there’s always something for me to do.”

“How would you like to work on a real barn burner?”

“Barn burners are my thing. I’m in.” He smiled and stretched out his hand to shake on it. His suit was dark, pin-striped, expensive, and said he was good at what he did. His balding head and girth said he wasn’t good at other things. I shook his mitt.

“Welcome aboard -?”

“Ed. Please call me, Ed.”

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