Calvin and Amber

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Calvin was the bad boy that parents were always afraid their daughters would bring home to meet the parents. He was a six foot tall, 180 pound boy with black slicked back hair. He bought a motorcycle when he was 16, got his first tattoo and fucked no less than a dozen girls in his class. When he was 17, he got his first two tattoos, dropped out of school and banged another 15 girls from his school.

The girls loved him because he was the tall dark handsome bad boy. Even the most popular girls in the school were attracted to him, and he ended up having sex with most of them. Most of the girls were smart enough to just have sex with him, knowing that they needed to get on with their lives of college and careers later. But others would have dropped out of everything just to be with him ‘for eternity.’

After dropping out of school, he took a job in the local garage doing auto repairs and body work. He was actually quite good and had quite a following after relatively short period of time. In his spare time he turned his second hand cycle into a masterpiece. The pipes were like mirrors and the eagle painting on the gas tank was done by a friend who made a living painting vehicles.

Cal was enjoying his devil-may-care life of doing what he loved during the day and then fucking a steady stream of girls who wanted a bad boy. When he turned 21, he realized that he needed to move on past the high school girls, and there seemed to be a lot of single women 21 and under wanting to settle down with someone like him. But the guys from the garage were all married, and were living their sex lives vicariously through him, so they all coached him not to get serious about any of his conquests.

The guys were finishing up the engine tune up on a classic 1962 Triumph TR3 that Cal had been drooling over all day long. He thought this was the hottest car he had ever seen. The shop owner, George, said, “Cal, if you think that car is a beauty, wait till you see who picks it up.”

Just then, Amber walked into the office with a big smile on her face. “Hey guys,” she said. “Did you take care of my baby today?”

Cal had his back to the door, but he saw George and Pat’s faces light up when he heard the voice. He turned around and saw the woman that he would happily spend the rest of his life with. Amber was about 5’7″ tall and was wearing a short skirt and a button up the front top that she filled out very nicely. She was a little slender and appeared to have ‘B’ size breasts. Not only was she beautiful, but her smile lit up the room.

George had a huge grin on his face and said, “Yes Amber, we took care of your baby. We did the tune up and checked the b rakes, belts and hoses. We saw a couple of places where the paint had small chips so we touched them up with some of the paint we had left from before. So it’s as good as new. Amber’s smile never left her face as she walked over and gave George a big hug.

“You guys really take good care of me. Since the weather is warming, I want to put the SUV in the garage and put a few miles on the Triumph.” Without even asking the cost, she handed George her charge card. Then she turned to Cal, gave him a big smile and held out her hand. “Hi. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Amber.”

“Uh, I uh, I’m Calvin. Uh Cal, I mean.” He shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you Cal.”

“Same here,” he mumbled. “I like your car..”

“Thanks. I’ll take you for a ride someday if you want.,” she said.

Cal was regaining his cool composure. No woman had ever rattled him like this before. “Yeah, that would be great. Just say when.” He was thinking how much he would enjoy pounding this pussy and ass with his big cock. He needed to make this woman his.

Amber smiled and said, “How about if I meet you here tomorrow afternoon around 4:00? I’ll take you for a ride and then we can stop for a burger and a beer someplace.” He nodded and she said, “See you then.” She hugged George again and left. All of them walked to the window to watch Amber get into the Triumph. Her short skirt displayed almost all of her beautiful legs to the men.

When she left, the men all approached Cal and told them how much they envied him. Cal said, “She’s going to be a notch on my belt before you know it.” The men looked at each other and grinned.

Saturday afternoon, Amber wheeled into the lot and Cal hopped into the Triumph. He noticed she was wearing short shorts and a tank top and she noticed him wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. As she drove them through the country using as many curving roads as she could, she told him that she was 25 years old and had inherited a little money and used it to build a real estate company. The company was doing quite well and she had eight real estate agents working for her.

Cal heard most of what she said, but most of his attention was focused on her legs and her hard nipples pushing on her tank top. He knew that after he fucked this bitch, he might just keep her around for a while. He reached his hand over and put it on her anadolu yakası escort thigh. She took her eyes off the road long enough to look into his eyes, smile and then shook her head slightly back and forth. He didn’t even hesitate when he removed his hand, and thought, “This may take a little more work than most of my women.”

Calvin told Amber about his life during dinner at a local tavern. He showed her photos from his phone of before and after shots of some of his customization jobs on bikes and cars. He could tell she was impressed. She asked if he ever did restorations. When he nodded, she said, “I have an old Willy’s Jeep from the 1940’s that needs restored. Would you do it for me? I’ll pay whatever it costs.” He nodded his head. “I’ll have it towed to the garage in a week or so,” she said.

When she took him back to the garage, he leaned over to kiss her. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said, “Let’s do this again. OK?”

“Su-sure,” he said. “OK.”

“OK, how about either tomorrow afternoon or next Saturday?”

Cal said, “Well, uh, I’m free tomorrow.”

“Great. I’ll meet you here at 2:00. We can go to a movie and then back to my place for a cookout.”

“Sounds good,” he said as he got out of her car and watched her drive away. “This is going to take a little work, but it’s soo-oo-o going to be worth it.”

The next afternoon, Amber showed up with a short skirt and tight tee shirt. Cal felt his cock starting to jump around in his jeans as soon as she got out of the car. She said, “Can we take your bike for ride today? I haven’t ridden a bike in a while.”

“Well, uh, sure. But you have a skirt on.”

She laughed and said, “That’s OK. I’ll be careful.”

He hopped on his bike and she got on behind him. When he looked down and back, he could see her thong. She giggled at him and said, “Stop staring, silly. Let’s go.”

They took a long ride into the country and stopped near a small wooded area. When they walked into the trees, Cal stopped and kissed her. His hands began wandering down to her breasts when she pulled his hands from her body and said, “I want you to eat my pussy,” as she reached down and removed her thong. She walked over and sat on a tree stump.

Calvin thought, “This isn’t the way it usually goes. Usually the woman sucks my cock and then I fuck her. After that, she wants it all the time. But, if I have to start licking this bitch’s snatch, then so be it. After I do that for a little while, then I’ll fuck her.”

Cal got on his knees and spent the next four minutes licking Amber’s pussy, which was the sweetest thing he had ever had his mouth on. When he tried to pull away, she grabbed his hair and shoved his face back into her wet pussy. A few minutes later, when he tried to pull away again, she grabbed his ears and said, “I’ll tell you when you’re finished with my pussy,” and then shoved him back in.

He licked and sucked and probed her pussy with his tongue for 25 minutes, and when she finally came, she had him sit on the stump. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and then jerked him off to climax. She smiled at him and said, “Let’s go get something to eat.”

“Wha-What about . . . “

She reached up and kissed him and started towards his motorcycle. Cal followed along behind. They ended up at a burger joint where they spent the next hour talking and eating their burgers and fries.

When he dropped her back at her car, she kissed him again and said, “See you later, Cal. I had fun today.”

As she drove away, he stood there scratching his head wondering, “What in the hell happened today? I’ve never gone out more than once with a girl without getting head and fucked.”

The next morning he made two phone calls. The first was to Trudy, one of his prior girlfriends. “Hey bitch,” he said. “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight and we can have some fun. Good. Good. See you around 8:00.” He knew that Trudy would milk his balls a few times and get him back in control. He also called Amber, and asked about Saturday and she readily agreed.

That night went exactly as planned. Trudy got to his apartment, was handed a beer and then stripped and fucked. He did the same thing with another of his bitches the next night.

On Saturday, Cal planned to take Amber to a party hosted by a few of his ‘bad boy’ friends. He borrowed George’s car and picked her up. She wore another short skirt and tee shirt and on the way to the party she put her hand on his thigh and worked it up to his crotch. She rubbed his cock on the outside of his pants the whole way to the party, but wouldn’t let him put his hand on her thigh.

The party was held in a big old house and appeared to have about 30 people,. There were about 20 guys and they all appeared to be kind of rough looking. They all stood around drinking, smoking and talking during the evening, and by 10:00, everyone was feeling pretty buzzed. As Amber walked atalar escort around the house, several of the men patted her ass or groped her breasts. She noticed that most of the women were now on their knees sucking cock or getting tag teamed by two men.

Cal put his arm around her and grabbed her breast. “Let’s go upstairs,” he said. She nodded.

They found an empty bedroom and Cal slid both arms around her and grabbed both breasts. As he was trying to lift her shirt over her head, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He removed her top and she began jerking his cock. “I want to fuck you,” he said. “Take off your clothes.” Instead of taking off her clothes, she unfastened and dropped his pants. “Uh, er, uh, change of plans. Suck my cock.”

She smiled at him, stepped back and removed her panties. She lifted her skirt and sat on the bed. “Lick my pussy,” she demanded..

He had no intention of licking her pussy tonight. He was going to fuck her right here and now. He crossed the room and attempted to stick his cock into her pussy, but somehow found himself on his knees with his thumb in some kind of judo or kung fu hold that was fucking painful. She smiled down at him and gently pushed his face into her pussy as she reminded him, “I’ll tell you when you’re done.”

After he made her cum, she jerked him off and then put her top and panties back on. She smiled at him and said, “Let’s go get another drink,” as she walked from the room. She let him keep his arm around her for the next hour, and she listened to the other guys telling him what a hot bitch he has. She had a couple more drinks and even let a few of the guys pat her ass and grope her breasts again. When they left, she jerked him off again in the car on the way home.

He was pissed at not getting a blow job or getting laid so when they got to her house, he just gave her a quick kiss and stormed away. “I’m done with that tight assed bitch,” he thought. “Who in the fuck does she think she is not sucking my cock? All my bitches suck my cock! I’m finished with her.”

But by the next day, he was calling her again. “Hey babe. Do you want to go out again?”

“I can’t today, Cal. But I’m free next Friday night.”

On Friday, after dinner and a movie, they ended back at his place. As soon as they got inside his door, she turned, unzipped and unfastened his pants. The pants fell to the floor as she lifted the tee shirt over his head, “Step out of those pants,” she said as she grabbed his cock and led him into his bedroom.

He thought, “This is a first for me. Never. Fucking never have I been the first one or the only one naked in a room. I need to get on the ball here.” When they got to the bedroom, he lifted her shirt over her head and unfastened and removed her bra. She reached down and took off her skirt and thong.

She sat on the bed and said, “Crawl over here and eat my pussy and then I’m going to fuck you.”

He was now getting good at pleasuring her with his mouth so it only took him 10 minutes to make her cum. As he was about to climb on top and fuck her, she stood up and ordered, “Lay on your back.” Without giving it a second thought, he laid on his back and she slowly climbed on top of him and squatted over his cock. Slowly she sank her wet pussy onto his big cock until he was balls deep. He reached up and held on to her beautiful breasts.

Amber rode his cock like no one had ever ridden his cock before. She moved up and down and side to side. Amber turned and twisted and squirmed on his cock. She manipulated his cock so well that the poor guy only lasted two minutes before blowing his load deep into her pussy. When she climbed off his cock, she reached down and scooped up a finger full of cum. He watched as she took half of it into her mouth and then turned and pushed her finger into his mouth to clean off the rest. Without thinking, he sucked the rest from her finger.

As they were getting dressed, he was thinking that he never would have believed that he would have done anything that disgusting. Eating his own cum? Oh shit. And Amber on top? No way. He was a man and men should be on top. Shouldn’t they? But man, that bitch sure knew how to use her pussy. He had never experienced a pussy that could manipulate a cock like hers.

They spent the rest of the evening together and she had him lick her pussy again before climbing on top of him for a second fuck. As she rode his cock, he was moaning and yelling, “Oh fuck me! Oh yesss.”

As she continued to ride him she smirked and looked down at him and said, “This cock is mine, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes. My cock belongs to you Amber. Oh shit, baby. Your pussy is so sweet. Ah, fuck me.”

After he came, she collapsed on him and kissed him hard. She grinned at him and said, “You’re my bitch Cal.”

“Wha-what? I-I-I can’t be . . . but, wha . . . ” he whined.

“Shut up bitch and kiss me,” she said. She grabbed him by the hair and kissed ataşehir escort him again. She reached down and cupped his balls and said, “Tell me that you’re my bitch.”

“I-I-I can . . . “

She applied a small amount of pressure and said, “What?”

“Ah. Oh shi . . . OK. OK. I-I’m your b-bitch.”

She smiled at him and got up, walked across the room and sat in a chair. “Now, bitch, crawl over here and lick my pussy.”

Cal rolled out of bed onto the floor and crawled over to Amber and buried his face into her used pussy. He licked it for a few minutes and then she lifted her legs and said, “Clean my ass, bitch.”

Without hesitation, he shoved his tongue into her beautiful ass. He licked and sucked back and forth between her pussy and her ass hole making Amber cum two more times. When he was finished, she stood up and put her clothes on. He walked her to the door of his apartment and she turned around, kissed him and then ran her tongue lightly along his nose. “She said, “Good night bitch,” and walked out the door.

“What the fuck is the matter with me?” Cal thought to himself the next morning. “That cunt called em her bitch and then made me admit to being her bitch. I’m done with her. That’s never happened to me before and it damn well won’t ever happen again. I am totally fucking humiliated. Shit, if one of my friends had seen that, I would be a laughing stock. I need to call one of my bitches and get back in charge. There is no way I’ll ever let this cunt turn me into her bitch.”

By Thursday night, Cal was going crazy. He had been laid a few times by some of his ex girlfriends, but he was addicted to Amber’s sweet pussy. He fought the urge all day and then finally gave in and called her that evening. “Hey baby, are you free Saturday night? I thought we might spend the evening together. Maybe the whole night.”

She chuckled and said, “I’ll bet you did.” She appeared to think for a second and then said, “OK, let’s see what happens. Why don’t you come over around 5:00 and cook a couple of steaks on my grill?”

“Sure baby. See you then.”

On Saturday night, Cal arrived at Amber’s house and was greeted with a kiss at the door. Before she shoved her tongue into his mouth, she quickly reached down and cupped his cock and balls and asked, “Whose cock is this?”

“Wha . . .Uh . . . It’s uh . . . it’s yours baby.”

She smiled and said, “That’s right bitch. Now pull it out so I can see it.” He immediately complied. She reached down and began jerking his cock and kissed him again. She got on her knees and slowly slid his cock into her mouth.

He thought, “This is what I’ve been waiting for; her mouth on my cock.” She sucked and jerked his cock until he came into her mouth. She appeared to swallow it and then stood up and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him in for a kiss. As he felt her tongue starting to move into his mouth, he opened his mouth wide and received a big load of cum that he had just shot into Amber’s mouth.

As she pulled back from the kiss and looked at his shocked face, she said, “Swallow it, bitch.” He stood there staring at her. “Did you hear what I said?” He nodded. “Then swallow it.”

He swallowed the cum and almost gagged, which made Amber laugh at him. “Here Cal. Have a beer.” Cal ripped the top off and downed almost half of it in one gulp.

After Cal finished his beer, she had him barbeque the two steaks on the grill while Amber got the salads and potatoes ready. After dinner, they each had another drink, and then Amber said, “Strip bitch. I want to fuck you.”

Without comment, Cal took off his clothes and assumed the position on his back. Amber also stripped and then mounted Cal’s cock and rode it for the next ten minutes. She thought to herself, “He must have either jerked off or fucked one of his sluts to last this long.” When he blew his load, she laid on top of him. She said, “I like having you as my bitch. Whenever I want this cock, I expect you to come running, understand?” He nodded his head. “Good. Now, do you want to go again, or do you want to watch television?”

Cal hesitated and then said, “I-I want to w-watch television and rest up before we do it again. Maybe we could have another drink.” She nodded and walked to the kitchen for beer. They watched a movie and towards the end, Cal leaned over and began squeezing Amber’s breasts. Just as he thought he was about to take control, she said, “I want you to lick my pussy and ass hole before we fuck again.” She had him lie on the floor and then sat her wet pussy on his face. Eventually she slid back so he could rim and probe her ass. His cock was hard as a rock. She leaned down and sucked his cock while he was rimming her ass.

She walked on her knees down to his cock, lifted her body and impaled herself on it. She then rocked and bounced and twisted his cock for eight minutes before he blew his third load of the night into her pussy.

When she looked at his face, he said, “I-I’m your bitch Amber. This cock belongs to you.” She smiled knowingly at her bitch.

Amber let Cal spend the night with her. She woke him once to sit on his face and another time to fuck him. Over breakfast, Amber said, “Do you have any plans today?” He shook his head no. “Good. I’m having a couple of my friends over this afternoon and I want you here. Since you’re my bitch, I may have you fuck them too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32