Burger Shack Snack Attack

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All at once, everything around me stopped beeping and the lights went out. The sizzling of french fries gradually abated as the heat in the fryer abated. A little bit of moonlight trickled in through the single window in the prep area. My eyes adjusted and I could see the entirety of the kitchen – though I’m not sure if it’d be best called a kitchen at all. It was just the food prep area of a burger shack. The power had gone out, and now everything that had formerly been in color was cast in shades of grey. It was a new way to see my workplace, and after I thought about the inconvenience of what just occurred, I realized I liked it much better. Everything was quiet. There weren’t a million things to attend to. That being said, I wasn’t really sure what to do now. The digital electronic food thermometers on the fridges were out so I grabbed a few of the back up thermometers we occasionally stick the meat with when we’re trying to pretend we actually adhere to food safety standards and shoved them in the fridge. I was pretty sure that our district manager wouldn’t abide tossing all the product that went bad during this time unless it was actually documented that it’d gone bad.

Can’t have that food waste percentage not meeting standards, you know? Whatever. I didn’t really care but I’m sure my store manager would appreciate the gesture, and I resented the place enough to want a reason to discard hundreds of dollars worth of this slop anyways. I couldn’t believe I was still working here after YEARS, and not even in college at the same time. I guess it was my own fault for dropping out after a few semesters of medical school pre-requisites because I couldn’t stand living with my batshit insane family – therefore I had to work a job like this full time just to cover my living expenses. Worse than that, I had to pretend to care. I leaned on a counter and thought about it – kind of dazed for having nothing to do. I’m sure my manager would come get me soon to task me with something arduous that we had to do while the power was out. I wondered at whether or not I was pretending anymore. It’d gotten fuzzier and fuzzier as the months went by and I tried to find things in this job to enjoy so I didn’t hate my life so much. “Stockholm syndrome,” I thought to myself. Then the best part of my job burst through the swinging doors to the food prep area.

“Jess?” Cheryl asked.

“Here.” I said with a pert smile. Cheryl was my store manager. We’d worked together since she was a shift supervisor, and she actually ended up running this store after the previous store manager was fired for being a complete jackass. It’d only taken like eight years for that to happen.

“So the power’s out.” She remarked, and I wondered what she did with the rest of her brain considering this job probably only used like 3% of it.

“Yeah. I stuck some meat thermometers in the fridge so we don’t give anyone Z. Coli.” She laughed at my deadpan joke. I tended to exclusively joke about things that one maybe ought not to – usually death or other forms of misfortune. I was thankful she got me, otherwise I might be scolded annoyingly often for my off color remarks. I’d liked her since the day I met her but it’d taken a long time to really set in, and even longer for me to be comfortable around her. I think right about the time she was promoted was right about the time I eased up. I didn’t have to worry as much about her priorities considering our former manager had been axed and she ran the place. I knew she liked me. Probably to the extent of breaking some boring policy about preferential treatment of subordinates.

“So then do we get to go home?” I asked.

“Well, no the power might come back on and all ..” She replied. I nodded in response, a bit disappointed because I wanted to sleep but happy to have this time with her. Our little burger shack was 24/7, and only took two people to run it after midnight. Typically I was stuck with some sleazeball who was working very hard to get fired, soon. Every time he stepped out of line with some crass comment about the teenage chick fry cooks I basically told Cheryl verbatim and she was exasperated – every time. He’d been spoken to, and I’m pretty sure he was going to be out within the next week. The opening shift supervisor had finally grown a pair enough to repeat what he said to her as well so that was that. Cheryl was nice but I’m sure at this point she was over it and ready to get rid of him.

“But I can order pizza! There’s a vegan pizza place that delivers I think ..” She was already scrolling through her phone looking up the number.

“Thank you. I’m just vegetarian.” I smiled as I reminded her.

“Oh yes … I’m trying a new episcopalian diet -“


“Yes, that.”

I wandered over and we stood shoulder to shoulder looking over the vegetarian pizza menu. I felt a bit guilty for how much I loved being around her. She might inappropriately prefer me as a subordinate, but I inappropriately preferred her in some very different ways. Now, being here alone in the dark …

“Hey, I have some emergency candles in my car that I’m going to go grab.” I interrupted myself. I was distinctly paranoid İstanbul Escort that how much I was into her was incredibly obvious. We’d worked together for a long time, and it used to be just a crush, but as time went by I found that the only thing I really liked about this job was her. Since we were alone, I was worried about doing something impulsive. I’d never thought about it enough to try to figure out what that something was, but based on how I felt I worried it’d be incredibly offensive. Firable, nearly. I took my time getting the candles, and thinking about it.

Next to the emergency kit in the trunk of my car were some old school papers. I found myself having an existential crisis on the spot. It was nearly a panic attack. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing here. It was a dead end job even if I was up for a promotion, and even if I really enjoyed working for her. I didn’t have much of a plan when I closed the trunk of the car, but I caught my reflection on one of the windows and I knew something had to change. The sudden confluence of impulsiveness, urgency, and the lack of a plan had my heart racing. I took a few deep breaths. I’d always managed to calm myself down before when the existential dread of meaningless capitalist labor chipping away at my life force took over. I could at least one more time. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do – but the urge to quit was overwhelming. Equally powerful was the urge to confess how I felt about Cheryl. Or like, to make out with her. I wasn’t sure what I intended with that. I had no idea what I was doing but I was going to do it.

When I got back in, I burst through the swinging doors into the food prep area. I was, however, immediately stunned by the image of her bending over to wipe down a cabinet. “Hey,” I said, and ran my free hand through my short hair. She stood up and didn’t notice anything about my stare. Thank god. “If we’re stuck here, why don’t we just take the night off and hang out?”

“Take the night off and hang out? That doesn’t sound like you.” She laughed. I laughed a little bit too. It didn’t, but I suddenly decided I didn’t care about my job and I wanted to do whatever made me happy. Detail cleaning did not make me happy.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a refreshing change.” She smiled. I smiled too.

“You’re way too professional for a burger shack fry cook. Sometimes I feel like you should be the manager, not me.” In a weird way, she might as well have been flirting with me. That’s what happens when you sexualize your manager. Positive performance evaluations might as well be flirting for how I experienced it. That being said, I consciously knew the difference. There was that nagging sense of guilt. I was a bit worried about what I might put her through tonight. If only losing one of her favorite employees. She looked a little bit crestfallen because I didn’t warm up to the compliment. She didn’t know what I was thinking about. I’m sure it’d be hard to wrap her head around how much I loved how she spoke to me. I made myself smile. She looked relieved. I tried to muster some kind of bravado. I couldn’t stay like this – frustrated, unfulfilled, and hating life. It was a long shot but maybe I could get everything I wanted out of tonight.

I turned away from her and took off my apron. Hung it up.

“There’s something else we could do …” I started, still looking away. If what I’d just said before was out of character, the very tone of my voice must’ve been out of this world for her. I’m pretty sure that up until right now, I’d been about as asexual as spongebob squarepants. But now, I sounded husky enough to pull a dogsled.

“Oh?” There was some very genuine curiosity in that one syllable as it fell out of her mouth. Intrigue. I turned around. I couldn’t help but smile. I couldn’t do the sexy-serious thing much at all, and I’d found it was usually to my benefit in the bedroom.

” … Well,” I said, meeting her eyes. “You could kiss me.” A chaste proposal, of course. For everything I felt I was surprised that I didn’t just get down on one knee then and there. I guess I had more self control than I gave myself credit for. She continued to look intrigued but at a loss for a reply. I’m sure I’d just put her in a pickle. That little managerial brain was working overtime to figure out how to preserve both of our jobs right about now, I think. ” – And if you like that, then -” I dared to proceed when I maybe shouldn’t have started this at all. Her phone lit up brightly.

“Pizza’s here!” She exclaimed. I wasn’t sure how to react to that given it wasn’t a response to what I said at all. She shoved her phone in her pocket and pulled out a lighter, then handed it to me. “I’m gonna go get that, and you should set up those candles. It’s too dark in here.” I wasn’t sure what to make of that either. I caught her eye before she walked away but it was too dark to gleam anything informational from a glance. Was she uncomfortable? Was it just that normal nervousness that can accompany desire? Not a damn clue. She left, and I followed instructions. Except, I set everything up in her office. I took some time to move papers and make sure that İstanbul Escort Bayan in any nervousness a candle wouldn’t be knocked over onto something flammable. She took longer than would be expected to return, and every passing moment was agony. I tried to tell myself that it was okay if I lost everything tonight – my job and my coworker whom I adored, and wished to be so much more than my coworker. I was truly about to be more upset about the latter. I was the fastest frycook this side of the mississippi and I’d won the frycook championships three years in a row. I could cook fries anywhere. I think I wanted to go back to school but I wasn’t planning that far ahead.

“Pizza’s here.” She said again, this time in a lovely sing song voice. I relaxed a little bit. I tried to remind myself that even if she was about to fire me, or like write me up for sexual harassment, she didn’t seem the type to make it any more painful than it had to be. I hoped. I oscillated between being incredibly keen on seeing this out and regretting everything quite a lot at breathtaking speed. She just sat down with me. And we ate pizza.

“So -” I started.

“Eat the darn pizza. I’m thinking.” I’m pretty sure darn was the closest thing I’d ever heard her say to a swear. I’d never swore here either. One time she referenced smoking weed but my eyes popped out of my skull so fast that she took it back on the spot. Little did she know I was a massive stoner. Anyways, I relaxed a bit after being told what to do. I knew what was expected of me – at least for a few minutes. I ate the darn pizza. She finished a slice. I did too, and moved onto another. She was clearly thinking very intensely, and didn’t pick up another slice.

“Yes or no answers, okay?” She asked. I nodded.

“So you’re into me?” I nodded.

“And you want me to kiss you?” I nodded again and she smirked. I could see candlelight glint off of her teeth. Wasn’t sure how she had such a brilliant smile with all the coffee she drank.

“And you know you’re already getting promoted right? That has nothing to do with this.”

“Oh I -“

“Yes or no.”


She continued to think. I was done eating pizza, and kind of just waiting for her to speak. I found myself finally relaxing a bit more about how I felt about her. She hadn’t freaked out yet. I felt as though I were lapsing into a pleasant dream, entirely enthralled with her once I let myself be. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. My cheeks burned, and I couldn’t believe it. I brought my hand up to my cheek. She leaned back in her chair. My entire body was rigid from the shock of just that.

“You like that?” She asked – her own voice becoming sultry.


“You don’t have to give yes or no answers anymore.”

“I liked that.” She busted up laughing and I fell even more in love. She grinned at me. I felt like I might be having an out of body experience.

“Come with me!” She exclaimed gleefully and got out of her chair, grabbing my hand and dragging me along. To my credit, I didn’t stumble. She grabbed something from her office as we left and continued through the food prep area. She led me into a side hallway near the three compartment sink. I didn’t know why we were over here but something about being trapped in the enclosed space with her was incredibly arousing. I was totally waiting to be shoved up against a wall. But she ended up pulling down this extendable ladder that leg to the roof. She let go of my hand and began to climb. She took her keys off her belt loop and unlocked the door to the rooftop. This night was getting better and better. The sleazeball overnight supervisor had promised to let me go up there but had yet to deliver. I’d much rather be up there with her.

I followed her up to the roof and when I emerged I saw that she was laying out a blanket. She laid down, and seeing me dumbstruck she waved me over. You ever like someone so much that it just renders you useless? That was me right then and there. Thank god she had no problem telling me what to do. I sat down next to her and took in the view. Our little burger shack was only one story but you could see out over a lot of the neighborhood. It had this nice sensation of being above it all. Shortly, though, my attention would return to the beautiful woman laying next to me. She stretched out her arms and managed to look totally relaxed. I did my best but I was still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of nowhere and tell me I was being punked. Despite being almost completely bereft of confidence, I did make a move.

I straddled her hips with my knees and settled down on top of her, staring into those gorgeous brown eyes. I found myself sighing and relaxing. Her fingers trailed up and down my arm.

“So, the pizza guy cut you off – what else do you want to do?” I pushed my hair over my shoulder and leaned down over her until my mouth was right next to her ear. I started whispering. Her hand kept moving over my arm – the simple gesture enough to encourage me to keep going. I could feel her tensing and untensing underneath me, as well as any changes to how fast she was breathing. It Escort İstanbul was magical to have this effect on her. I took her earlobe in my teeth briefly and bit down, eliciting a small gasp. Seeing how much she wanted me, my inhibitions seemed to vanish.

Then suddenly her hands were on my shoulders and she sat up. I was pushed back and sitting on her lap facing her. One hand snaked underneath my arm and wrapped around my waist, holding me there. Her other hand rested on my cheek as she began to speak sweetly.

“You’re a smart cookie. I’m sure you’ve figured this out .. ” She said with a touch of sadness. She tried to smile. “You’re so fired.”

All I felt was relief. When I smiled, her smile became much more.

“You can’t fire me, I quit.” I replied happily. I’d always wanted to say that. Never to her, but it was comic and welcome. I kissed her until I felt one hand bunching my shirt, and the other pulling my hair while pushing my head closer. I grasped at her back and felt so much of my being just coalescing with hers. I felt the heat between us, and I felt myself getting wet. She pulled on my hair, this time pulling my head back and kissed at my neck. It started as kissing. My head fell back and I felt her licking, sucking, and biting. Marking me all over. Still controlling the motion of my head, she brought me closer and started whispering in my ear. I’d been all lovey-dovey, but what she was saying made my head spin. The romantic part of me almost wanted to protest. But beggars can’t be choosers and she was certainly going to have me begging soon.

“Would you like that?” She asked and I nodded. Her grip tightened, and she bit my neck, harder.

“Please!” I gasped. Her grip released and she gave my neck another nip – right on a sore spot, before starting to take off my belt. There’s a certain technique for making any belt into a usable pair of handcuffs, and she seemed to have it memorized. In no time my hands were restrained behind my back.

“Safe word?”

“R-” I paused and thought for a moment. Typically I liked absurd and unsexy safe words. The kind that bring you up short. I was about to say Roy. But that’d ruin the entire night when a safe word is meant just to pause it. “Republican.”

“Good girl.”

I fell forward with my hands bound behind my back and buried my face in the crook of her neck in embarrassment. She held me there for a generous moment before bringing up her knees and giving me a gentle push to have me lean back. My work shirt was some ridiculous collared button up dweeb attire.

“Won’t be needing this anymore.” She ripped it. Buttons popped off everywhere. I moaned. Another reason I was glad to be restrained was that I turned into a bit of a pillow princess when I was this turned on. Slow it down a little bit and I can function. But biting, the ripping of clothes, calling me what she did – no way. I was putty in her hands. In an effort to steady my fundamentally unsteady state, I wrapped my legs around her back. I’m still leaning back over her knees, and she takes my hair in her hand again – this time to support me a bit. Her other hand goes to my chest, and pulls down my tank top. Thank god I burned all my bras in the second wave of feminism a long time ago because after that I’m completely exposed to her ministrations. She takes time pinching my nipples and grasping as much of each breast that will fit in her hand. I feel her digging in with her nails.

I can tell after a moment that she’s playing with me for her own enjoyment, and god I love it. I push my chest forward into her touch, even when it hurts. She spends a lot of time there, and the more she does, the more I squirm in her lap. When she first brings her mouth to my chest she’s gentle, but it doesn’t last. She starts to mark up the flesh there just as it is on my neck. Her teeth venture away from the softer flesh of my breasts and towards my clavicle, but her bites become worse. The sounds I make become sharper, more pained. She nips at a small amount of gathered skin – which hurts more keenly than a larger bite. Her hand leaves my head and goes to the belt-cuffs on my wrist, holding me there and emphasizing my restraint even as my hips buck in her lap. I find myself realizing I have no idea how far she’d love to go with this, and it’s a wonderful thought. I moan in between the sharper noises of sudden pain every time her teeth dig into my skin. I fall silent when I feel her slowly increasing the pressure until my skin breaks. And then she licks that same spot, whisking away the blood.

“Kiss me.” She says, and I do – I can taste my own blood on her lips. She bites my bottom lip and I’m scared to bleed more. I pull away – making it worse, but she moderates the pressure so the skin doesn’t cleave. I think I feel her own lips pulling into a grin. I imagine she’s grinning. I’m entirely undone before her – not a damn thought in my head aside from glimpses of fear among a sea of arousal. And even that is just part of the motion of the ocean. Then all at once she stops tormenting me and brings me to her, her head in the crook of my neck. We’re both breathing hard. I feel her imparting gentle kisses on the bite marks. I find myself sighing. I’m incredibly aroused though, and it’s anything but peaceful even though I feel exhausted already. Emotionally, I’m quite exhausted. Physically, my body is humming with the best energy yet every part of me feels liquid. I doubt I could move with any grace given the freedom to do so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32