Brooke Bound In Pleasure

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Brooke was checking herself out in the mirror before her date. She was checking out her outfit as it fit her body. She didn’t care about this date in particular but she did care what she looked like, and even she had to say she was looking cute. That’s what mattered tonight.

Brooke was looking at her reflection, cocking her hip to the side with her phone in hand. Taking pictures was a small way to boost confidence and a reminder of how beautiful she is. Brooke was wearing a tight small black t-shirt with white writing that said “Yes these are my boobs, buy me a drink and they might do a trick”. Pink acid wash jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Brooke had a breast enhancement a while back, so the small shirt gives her a tight form-fitting look. Her toned and flat belly shape could be seen in the shirt easily. Brooke’s small, bubbly, tight, and round ass helped her jeans be so tight and form-fitting as well. Brooke turned around to take a back shot picture and liked how her long dark hair fell down her back after it was straightened.

Brooke didn’t want to go on this date, her friends set it up and didn’t really give her an option. She wore the shirt because she secretly loved the attention she got from guys and girls but was tired of being coy about it, best to just jump right into it. Yeah, she knew she looked like a Barbie doll designed by Playboy.

Jeez they are tits get over it, She would always think.

She wore the pink jeans because, well because it made her ass and legs look good; so why not wear them? None of this means she was at all in any way interested in meeting a guy.

Brooke wasn’t against partying and meeting a nice guy, it was just more about her business. Brooke was twenty-nine and had her own business, which alone took up a lot of her mental capacity. Her business is unique, she owns a business that builds and sells custom swords. She even has classes on different sword-wielding techniques. Ever since the new sword-based fighting video game where you go into the game, came out, her business has been non-stop. Brooke has a nerdy side with a love for swords and sword collecting. When she isn’t teaching a class, she is working on the non-profit she started helping animals find homes.

Brooke was not a stranger to a bar, or how to handle a guy.

“Take that phrase meaning however you like” she smirks.

But, her work is important because it’s her’s and she was proud of it. Why waste that by losing focus on getting drunk and dating?


When Brooke arrived at the bar she was immediately greeted by her friends. They were sitting in a booth in the back of the bar. They stood up and yelled her name, waving their arms in the air to make sure that she had seen them. Clearly, they have already started drinking.

The place was crowded but looked like what you would see a bar look like on any sitcom. The walls were adorned with knickknacks and other memorabilia. From the front door, Brook notices that the bar is on the left of the building and goes back to the back wall. The rest of the building is filled with tables, booths, and all the people serving food from the kitchen. It’s a good thing her friends had gotten a booth for them because it’s hard to get a seat in a bar on a Saturday night.

Waving to her friends and walking to where they were sitting Brook smiles and hugs the first girl that meets at the booth.

“HEY! BITCHES!” Brooke yells out in a fun and excited tone.

Ashley hugs her first then pulls away smiling and says “What up with the shirt? You trying to get people to look at your tits?”

“I’m pretty sure the tits are going to get them to look at my tits!” Brooke says not missing a beat making the four girls laugh.

A waitress arrives with a round flat tray on top of her hand. The tray has five shot glasses that have been expertly placed in a circle. The liquid in the plain-looking glasses is a shimmering light pink color.

Brooke sees the shots and says “Looks like you have already put in an order”

All of the girls grab a shot glass tapping together in the air and cheer before tipping it backward and swallowing all of the contents of the glass. After the first shot, the girls all took their seats in the booth. Brooke was going to cut to the chase like she normally does, and just say she didn’t want to go on a date but these were her girls and she hasn’t spent time out with them for a while now. That’s why she waited for another shot or two to come out and even ordered a big bacon cheeseburger before getting to the point.

Catching up with the girls was fun for her, the burger was delicious as her drunk brain wanted to mention more times than what was needed. Brooke even decided that she didn’t need to bring up the blind date, if they weren’t then she didn’t need to either.

Just as Brooke thought she was going to make it through the night not being pestered by some drunk and grabby guy, Ashley spoke up.

“So Brooke are you excited to meet your blind date?”

Confused, Brooke just looks Adana Escort at her and gives a little white lie. “I mean I would be but it looks like he never showed up” She didn’t want to hurt her feelings. “Honestly it has been nice hanging out with all of you either way.”

Ashley smiles, she must know that Brooke didn’t want to come out here. That she would rather be at home with her two dogs right now watching something on Netflix sitting around in her big t-shirt and nothing underneath. “Oh, Brooke he isn’t here because I told him a different time than you. See I knew you would have bolted as soon as you could if he were here waiting for you. Also, I wanted to get a little bit of alcohol in you to help you relax.” Ashley smirks at Brooke, then nods at the doorway behind her.

Brooke turns around to look at the door and notices a large man walking in the door. Wondering if this was the blind date because he was sexy and not a total waste of time. The man was easily in his thirties, a big barrel-chested man, with arms that looked like could bench press her without ease.

A task that wasn’t too challenging as she was maybe a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet.

The boobs didn’t help her weight less. She thought to herself.

Seeing the man even sobered Brooke up a little bit. Maybe it was just natural over time, but it felt like it was instant from seeing him. How could his looks just slap her sober like that? She could still feel the buzz but it was calmed down almost as if someone ruined your mellow but in a tingly way. She had to admit that she thought about what it would feel like to have those huge meaty hands wrapped around her throat. Maybe that was her drunk mind still working against her good judgment.


As time passed Brooke realized that she never got this man’s name. Yet here she was giggling at one of his jokes walking out of the bar with him. Now she was getting into his car. Knowing this night was leading to one thing, and one thing only. How could she stop herself? He was like three times her size and she just had to know what it felt like to have his huge, thick hands on her body.

Getting into the man’s car, she feels a little bit awkward. Brooke never feels awkward, why now? Would it be all the dirty thoughts that she had already processed in her head about this man? The problem now, she has already sat in the piercing quietness for far too long for it not to be awkward to ask for his name.

Why was it so quiet? What kind of car was this? She thought while her mouth got dry.

Now Nervousness! she thought out loud.

What was happening to her she thought to herself. Brooke is never nervous, at least not around guys she likes. Something was different about this guy, but what was it, and why is it having such an effect on her? Brooke started to look around the car.

It was clean and well taken care of, either he cares about the things that he owns or possibly has the money to keep it clean like this. But why no music? Why not play music on the way to his place? Brooke was going to say something about the music at least.

“Ah” Brooked croaked out, her mouth dry and her voice so soft it was inaudible.

Brooke went back to being quiet she didn’t want him to think she wasn’t into this, because, she was almost down for anything for someone so sexy. The car ride wasn’t that long before they pulled into a nice and pleasant suburb. Brooke looked around noticing that most of the front door lights were turned off.

Must not have too many robberies. She thought as she watches each house pass by. After a few more turns he slowly pulls into a nice driveway with a perfectly maintained lawn. Or at least it looks that way since it’s a pretty dark tonight.

“Well this is me” the man says making sure the parking brake was set. The sound of his voice alone made Brooke jump a little in her seat.

“Umm yeah it’s ahh nice” she said not knowing if he was trying to spark small talk or if it was the polite thing to do at this moment. “Do you have roommates?” She asks because if they were going to play small talk then she might as well get some information out of it.

She looked at him in the dim light reflecting on them from the garage door. He smiled and Brooke couldn’t help but smile back, it was almost infectious. What was he thinking? She couldn’t handle it anymore she just had to know. Before she could say something he spoke again.

“I know what you’re doing” he smiled bigger and continued. “You were asking if I had roommates to figure out how much you had to worry about walking into and how loud you were allowed to be for what we have planned.”

That completely caught Brooke off guard, how did he know? Maybe it wasn’t that hard to figure out, but he said it outright. What guy just speaks their mind?

“The answer is no I don’t have any roommates and yes I live alone. And yes! You are allowed to moan and scream as much as you would like to.” This time he had a smirk on his face

“Oh, you think Adana Escort Bayan I’ll be moaning or screaming? Pretty confident with yourself huh?” Brooke smirks this time.

“Wouldn’t have brought you to my place if I didn’t know absolutely just that” he mysteriously raised his eyebrow as he worked on getting out of the car without another word.

Brooke, again, was caught off guard. His confidence is dangerous for her and she knew it. His looks, his large hands, large body, speaking his mind, and now confidence? Brooke could feel her heart racing, she went to turn to open the door and noticed she was already a little wet. He was already turning her on without even touching her. Before she could grab the handle of the door it was already opening. He was playing the old-world gentleman, Brooke was really in trouble now.

Setting out in a huff, she stomps her feet standing up quickly.

Now he has opened the door for me? she thought.

If he does one more thing that makes her hot! Brooke can’t take it anymore. “For the love of GOD!!!” she huffs and puffs stomping her feet as if she were pissed and about to walk away.

“Oh I’m sorry I just…”

Brooke made sure to not let him see her face or she would have given it away. She stomped her way up the steps of his porch; she puts her back against the front door. She lets him see her little smirk, telling him she was never going to leave and she had other plans.

“Well come on then. Open this door for me like the gentleman you are being, unless your planning on having your way with me on the front lawn.” She smiled bigger this time. Brooke saw, not only did she catch him off guard with the sex talk but also the relief on his face after he thought he truly messed it up. She had to let out a giggle at watching him squirm.


After stepping into the doorway of the man’s house she notices a few things. First, this man was not an interior designer. Second, everything was spotless. Last but not least, Brooke was going to get down on her knees for this man and try to fit his cock in her mouth. That last part was just a thought of everything that was a huge turn-on for her, not a revelation of the house.

Brooke noticed the walls were bare white and a few movie posters, or some type of car company poster hanging in odd placements. The couch wasn’t terrible she thought, but it wasn’t something he picked out. Most likely free or very cheap, it looked like a decent size for the living room it was just… out of place. Next, none of the kitchen matched or went well together.

Walking in behind her he placed his hand on her waist with an arm around her but not in a sexual way. She felt it was more of a comforting manner. “Would you like something to drink?”

Brooke looks up at him. “What? I didn’t get drunk enough for you at the bar?” She smirked.

“I meant something like a glass of water”

She realize he was being genuine and now pulled his arm around and that was the worst part. She wanted him to keep his hands on her. “Oh umm,” she looks at him moving his arm away, and debated on saying something. “Yeah I guess water would be nice”

After he came back with the water they took a seat on the couch and Brooke was shocked. Most guys would have already taken her to the bedroom and the night would be over in a few minutes. Then she could guilt him into buying her some late-night fast food and taking her home. It’s simple, she makes the guy cum fast then they always want to make it up to her saying it’s not how they normally are. But this man brought her a glass of watch and they were sitting on the couch. She had to set some ground rules and fast.

“OK! Here’s how this is gonna work”

The man smiles and looks at her “How’s what gonna go?”

“This! Ok look I’m not looking for a relationship”

“With you owning a business I guess I could understand”

“Yes…” taken back from his understanding “But!”

“There’s a but huh?”

“Yes there’s a but”

“Is it your butt”


“You said there’s a butt and I just hope it’s your butt”

Brooke was so confused for a moment then noticed his smile and realized he was making a joke.

“It might be” she laughed a little bit.

“Good. It’s a good butt”

“Shut up! And let me speak” she laughs a little more

“Yes ma’am”

Backing down? Already not a good sign. She thought to herself.

“Ok, I’m not looking for a relationship or anything. Here’s what I suggest. You have me for the night for as long as you can and for whatever you want but nothing else. After tonight we never see each other again. One night of fun and then nothing else” Brooke was already sensing that he was going to be a boring lay, but she had some to drink and he turned her on for being nice and a gentleman. That’s all nice and good on the streets but she knew herself and she wanted something a little more aggressive than a gentleman in the bedroom.

“So one night? And that’s all?”

“Yes, that’s it! Escort Adana Think you can abide by the rules?”

The man smirked and says “Sure! I appreciate the openness. So a legitimate one-night stand”


Brooke was surprised to hear this man agree to her terms. Most guys would try and argue for more, turning it into friends with benefits. Why didn’t he argue? Is he that confident in himself or just not into her enough to argue for more? She tried to not let that get to her but it was already seeping into her self-consciousness.

I’ll make you want more of me you big… she let her thoughts run off.

The man grabs her hand standing her up slowly Brooke just realized it was happening, and she has yet to get to know enough about him to feel less of a cheap hooker.

“What do you do for work? What’s your favorite color?” She asked frantically.

Leading her with his hand behind him pulling her along. “You said a legitimate one-night stand right?” he looked behind her smirking.

“Yes. But like what is your favorite season?” she was grasping at the air like when you grasp for the water in the shower when you slip and she’s feeling just as idiotic when that happens. He was pulling her down the hallway, not forcefully which makes it worst for her because she knows she could pull away easily, and yet she hasn’t.

Getting her to a closed door at the end of the hallway, which was wide enough to fit three people shoulder to shoulder. Well, one of the large man with his broad shoulders. This was it, she was about to enter a room and have sex with a man she didn’t even know the name of; this is officially going to be the most slutty thing she has ever done.

Then he looks at her again with that smile, the one that makes her feel like he knew exactly what was on her mind. Somehow or another this man must be reading her thoughts because what came out of his mouth next almost floored her.

“Bodyguard for someone pretty famous, red, and the very beginning of summer. You know right before it gets extremely hot but the most beautiful on the lake.”

At first, she had no clue what he was even talking about. The way he answered was just a jumbled mess. Only then, after a lot of mind processing time did she realize he answered every question in order that she asked. Brooke also realized she asked all of those questions back to back without a break in between. That’s when he smirked again and turn the knob on the door letting it open to reveal his room.

The room itself was Just as boring as the rest of the house, maybe more since these walls were completely bare. The bed was at least off the ground and it had a headboard. The bedding was bland with color and the headboard was just that, boring and had no character.

“So your words were anything I wanted yes?”

Brooke was still trying to take in the boring room still then turns back to him and speaks up. “Uh yeah anything within reason of course”

“Really? What’s off limits?”

“Well, I’m not going to handle knives or anything with shit evolved” she had to smile at the man making a face like he smelled Something bad.

“Ok, then I’ll say maybe we have a safe word and it can be..”

“NO! It’s going to be a phrase. And the phrase will be something I’ll come up with.”

That’s right girls don’t let your partner come up with the safe word. Think of one yourself so you know you won’t forget it plus sometimes it’s better to be a phrase because then you might get one word in and realize you like it and regret it when they stop. Because it won’t feel the same after you already stopped them even if it were an accident. She smiled proud of herself thinking of that. She came up with the phrase and made him repeat it multiple times so he didn’t forget it. She was very proud of that thought even if it were to herself.

Brooke wasn’t completely confident that she would need to use the phrase unless it was because he was being too strong handed but he isn’t the type to be rough. Brooke has predicted he will be very vanilla, at least he was a gentleman and that’s what’s working for him.

Without warning the man grabbed her by the waist pulling her close to his body. Brooke almost let out a small yelp but his lips were already on hers and she couldn’t fight it. His soft lips were gently but also forcefully against her lips. His tongue already playing against hers, while his hand slid down grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. His other hand was behind her head in her hair and Brooke was helpless to his grip.

She couldn’t fight if she wanted to, he was showing real signs of dominance, and she was loving every second of it. His big strong hands were just what she thought they would be. While they were making out music started to play, she has no idea how or when he even started the music but it was playing to his mystery. The first song that played was “Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray, and the irony wasn’t lost on Brooke.

The man was easily three times her size and he didn’t stay bent over to make out with her, which was another sign of dominance to her. It wasn’t long before she felt her feet leave the ground, he was lifting her as if she were nothing. She felt his strong hands squeezing her ass and thighs which started to make her feel hot again.

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