Bound Ch. 02

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You lay spread on our bed and test your restraints. You know from experience that the cuffs are secure around your wrists and ankles but you pull on the cords they are attached to. You quickly find that each cord is connected to the others. Pulling with your right arm causes the restraints to tug at your left arm and both legs.

Your nipples ache to be touched as you lay helpless. Little fires seem to dance up and down the bar that pierces them. These fires seem to feed on the larger fire between your legs. You can tell that your clit is swollen and each wriggle you make causes the soft lace of your thong to gently slide against it. This light touch does nothing to satisfy your desire for stronger contact but you can’t stop writhing on the bed.

Your soft opening has become very wet and you can feel trickles of nectar sliding down into the crack of your ass. Your lick your lips and softly whimper knowing that I will provide you with release but only in my own time. You hear the door opening again and quietly moan my name.

“You look even better than before” I remark. “I’ve found food but for some reason I didn’t feel like almanbahis adres eating alone.”

You can hear the grin in my voice and your eyes try to pierce the blindfold to see my face. The smell of a ripe apple drifts through the room as you hear me crunch into one. I lean towards your ear and whisper “Hmm, now that I’m here I should help occupy your time.”

The sound of the chest at the foot of the bed opening redoubles the desire burning within you. You know what kind of toys rest within it and can’t wait for me to start using them on you. My weight on one side of the bed alerts you to my location and you feel my hand firmly grasp one of your breasts. The sudden touch brings another moan to your lips and a sticky, wet touch to the tip of your nipple evokes another. The same ritual repeats with your other breast before you feel my weight leave the bed.

Before long the gel I had applied to the tips of your nipples begins to work. Your complete focus is drawn to them as their sensitivity begins to increase. Where soft tingles once were strong, loud, shouting tingles reside. You know that they are fully almanbahis adresi engorged and know that they look like two proud erections atop of the mound of your breasts.

With your focus on your breasts you don’t notice the sound of a vibrator being turned on. You are introduced to its presence when I press it against the inside of your left thigh. You instantly recognize the feel of our small, four inch vibrator as I slide it along your thigh. It slowly slips from your knee up towards your center and while your nipples are still yelling for your attention your real desire now is to feel that vibe on your clit or sliding into you. Any kind of stimulation more than your lacy black thong is providing would be a relief.

The vibe gets closer and closer to your dripping wet pussy but the closer it gets the slower it moves up your leg. Eventually I press it against the top of your groin, so close to your opening that the vibrations transmitted through your skin can be felt in your clit eliciting more delightful moans from your lips.

I pause there, so close to what you want and your frustration mounts until almanbahis adres you try and shift your hips to get the vibe where you want it. I quickly pull the vibe away when you move and start again near your right knee. Once again I start slowly sliding the vibe up your leg.

Your breath has settled into a quick, light rhythm broken by occasional moans and whimpers by the time the vibe is halfway up your thigh. Your nipples continue to throb, sending bolts of pleasure towards your clit. You are dying to have anything solid touch your clit by now but you know that begging will only prolong my teasing.

Eventually the vibe reaches the top of your thigh but the sensations through your body only make your need for it to be pressed against your center stronger. You make another desperate attempt to shift your hips and receive the stimulation you crave but once again I pull the vibe away before there is any contact.

You next feel the vibe as I slide it down your skin under the top of your thong. Your hips press up against its pressure trying to reach your goal. I softly laugh and you hear packing tape being unrolled. Your urgency increases as you writhe and move, needing to have even just a little touch on your clit.

I hold you down with my palm on top of the vibe and you can feel tape against your skin as I secure the vibe to your mound an inch away from your sopping wet, aching, tingling clit.

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