Born to Be Ch. 08

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A.N. Double whammy chappy upload!

We’re back in the sack with everyone’s favorite interracial couple x) Grab your butt plugs and panties we’re going in! I know I said last chapter was one of my favorites, but Imma be real with you, this chapter, and next chapter is one of my favorites as well XD

The Following Contains: Strap-on cock dicking down the girliest femboy in town x)

I’m walkin on sunshiiiine whooooa.


Now this was the way that Ashley preferred to wake up, first, and without imminent doom looming over him.

After the shenanigans of the butt plug yesterday, Selena took Ashley home and basically carried him around the whole time since he couldn’t walk right to save his life. Even with the plug removed, his little legs had just had enough. Much to Selena’s further delight, she loved showing off her strength to him. Always picking little Ashley up, hauling him around like he weighed nothing at all. Bridal style, piggy back, caveman, all of the above.

A day was going to come when Ashley forgot what the floor felt like if she had her way. And most of the time Ashley whined about it, feeling so tiny and weak compared to his 6’5 two hundred and seventy pound wall of Amazon muscle and sex. But he made an exception for today since his legs truly didn’t want to cooperate with him.

Needless to say, they both decided to get a pretty early night. With him unable to do much aside from just sit and reflect on what an epic experience it was.

They actually skipped goodnight sex in favor of letting Ashley rest up so that his muscles could recuperate enough to get back in the game again. And now here he was the following morning, being spooned from behind by his lover like always, and just reminiscing.

When he returned to his position at the front desk, Vanessa went on and on about how she wanted to start making bets with him. Like, how many boys phone numbers they could get in a single day, or who could get flirted with the most, or who got checked out the most on walks around the gym.

Ashley of course was very out of it during the conversation, having just been fucked wild and raw in his boss’s office. So he was a little fuzzy on the details, and thankfully Vanessa accepted that. Not trying to get him into anymore bets while he was basically cum drunk. She wanted him to be fully coherent if they ever decided to make a bet with each other. Plus, they obviously needed the big ladies approval before they did anything like that.

Vanessa was no two-timer, as much as she obviously had a thing for Ashley, she’d never move in on her girls love life.

But on the subject of cum drunk and love lives, Ashley rolled over in bed and looked up to his sweetly sleeping Amazon Goddess. A content, peaceful look on her face as she dreamed along, and Ashley couldn’t help but smile.

It was Saturday so they both could sleep in on this day off, and given that Selena really liked her sleep, he could tell that her excitement causing her to wake up early the day before might have had her a little extra tired too. Which was rare given that this woman was such a powerhouse when it came to any physical activity. So Ashley was taking this moment to enjoy her in her relaxed, serene state. No pervy taunting, or lingering threat of a butt smack, just him and her in a quiet, comfy spot, together.

Ashley hummed happily, reaching up with his tiny hand to feel along the curves of her arm, lazily draped over his waist. God he loved her, she was crazy with all of her perverted fantasies and deviant acts that just made Ashley want to die of embarrassment. But all of it made him awaken to the sexual being he never knew he had inside of him, everything that she did to him made him feel so good. So happy and wildly in love, he never even knew he could have orgasms the way he did now.

Rather than a large surge of pleasure that lasted a few seconds then wavered off, he now got to experience longer orgasms that just kept going. And they weren’t one and done, they could happen over and over and over again, giving him so many orgasms and ecstasy unlike anything he’d ever dreamed of.

The sex was heavenly, and the personality was so frustratingly lovely. Sometimes he wanted to just slap her cocky grin right off her face, with all of her teasing and gloating. Showing off about how strong she was, how she could hold him down with one hand and just have her way with him and there was nothing he could do to ever stop her.

Sometimes it made him roll his eyes with annoyance, but most of the time it made his heart swoon. She was so big and powerful, but not like a grossly built muscle man, she was feminine and womanly. Funny and playful, she made him laugh and took care of him, she gave him a home! Gave him a job, and gave him her heart too.

Ashley dipped his head to her arm and pressed his lips to her dark skin. The little pink lips giving it a gentle, quiet smooch. He would have loved to kiss her full lips, but he kaynarca escort didn’t want to risk climbing up her body and waking her up. Since she was over a head taller than him, he couldn’t make it without a lot of movement.

He sighed happily through his nostrils, and for a moment, just considered laying here with her until she woke up. But, after yesterday, he felt like he owed her a little something. He was so scared and worried about the whole thing when it ended up being one of the sexiest, and fun experiences of his life. So maybe he could pay her back in some form.

Obviously he couldn’t come up with an idea that involved sex toys for her, he didn’t know enough about them or how they worked. But what he did know pleeeeenty about…was food.

Ashley could cook some mean meals and Selena very much could vouch for this. And when was the last time he made her breakfast in bed? Not yesterday for obvious reasons, and a lot of days they simply got up, made something quick and easy, then left due to them having a very similar work schedule and same place of employment.

So it had been a little while since he made her a nice meal, why not make her one today?

Ashley thought about it for a moment and nodded to himself, then started to very carefully fenagle his way out of Selena’s embrace. Using his tiny size to his advantage, Ashley slipped down out of the loose hold her arm held him in, and slunk under the covers. Pausing for a moment though as he made it down there to look over Selena’s absolutely beautiful naked body.

She almost always slept naked, not including her strap-ons, while Ashley usually elected to at least where underwear and a nightie. Though it usually didn’t last too long since they had sex before sleeping pretty regularly. Last night being the one in a hundred nights they took a break from it, so Ashley had on a silky pink thong and an oversized t-shirt covering up his upper body.

The shirt was Selena’s of course, one of her bedtime shirts she never wore so Ashley was able to steal them. “Like a typical girlfriend.” Ashley could feel the first blush of the day already creeping in at that thought. But thankfully, nobody else could see it, and since Selena was asleep, he could take all the time he wanted to just stare at her glorious tits. Sculpted abs and tummy, her hips and thighs which had a perfect swell to them.

Selena was the stuff of every man’s dreams, such a magnificent body. Her dark colored skin, so smooth and silky despite her strict regimen she kept. She was just so…woman! Such a woman in every way of the word, no one could have ever guessed that someone just so mind bogglingly sexy could get her rocks off by sticking a fake cock up a boy’s butt. While that boy himself was dressed like, acting like, and sounding like a girl!

Ashley may be girly now, but Selena was aaaaalways womanly.

He chewed his lip looking over her body beneath the blankets, and he felt the itch in his hands, wanting to just reach out and touch her. Just a little…but thankfully he had some willpower left in him despite everything. If he tried to play with her D cup tits, he risked waking her up, which meant no breakfast in bed surprise present. She’d probably pull him into her and not let him leave until she fucked a good orgasm or two out of him.

Which sounded quite appealing, but then breakfast in bed wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, plus she’d probably just get up to watch him make it. So no matter how much he wanted to, he resisted the urge to touch his lover, then continued to slink his way down through the smooth blankets. Until he felt his feet come over the edge and the rest of his body followed suit.

Ashley then tiptoed along the fluffy white carpet, to the bedroom door and gently pulled it open. No creaks thankfully, and held it ajar just enough to fit his petite body through the space, then slid through.

Once Ashley made it out of the danger zone, he crept down the carpeted steps until he made it to the hardwood floored kitchen. There he breathed a sigh he didn’t realize he was holding, then started to go to work.

“Okay…now what should I make you…” He whispered to himself, opening the fridge and scanning about. Bacon and eggs was the obvious default, but he wanted to go bigger for today. The amount of bliss he went through yesterday was enough to warrent a nice big ‘thank you for fucking me Daddy’ reward. “Hmmm…toast is a given…maybe some sausage?” He debated, standing before the open fridge door. A huge stainless steel double door machine with an ice maker and water dispenser. A chef’s dream fridge that rarely held good food ingredients before Ashley showed up.

He actually giggled at that thought, thinking about how perfect Selena was to him, but also how much of a mess she was before he showed up to help bring some balance to her life. Her home, while large and luxurious, was practically empty before Ashley. Any room you spoke in had an echo, too much open space.

And küçükyalı escort her diet? Don’t even get him started on her diet.

Selena was a fitness nut, but her eating habits weren’t exactly pro-health. She ordered take out a loooooooot. Like way more than any healthy human should, granted it wasn’t all fast food greasy burgers and tacos etc. She got a lot of chinese, pizza, chicken, meat, all easy and unhealthy stuff that gave you plenty of protein. But would definitely kill her before she hit forty.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like vegetables or anything like that, Selena just for all of her positives and feats of amazement…couldn’t cook. He remembered her telling him this the first time he entered her home and immediately knew he’d have to rescue her from herself.

Cooking was so fun to Ashley, plus watching someone really enjoy a meal you prepared was just so satisfying to him. Especially when you loved that person with all your heart. He could remember the day he forced her to go shopping with him to get him all the supplies he needed to be her little chef from now on. And his smile grew while he stared off into the light of the fridge, his supple bare legs crossing where he stood.

‘What am I gonna need red pepper for?’

‘It’s seasoning Selena.’

‘Seasoning? …like…a seasonal food?’

Ashley could practically feel the sting on his forehead to this day where he facepalmed. She was so smart in so many other matters of the world, but cooking, cleaning, decoration, she was absolutely hopeless.

But that’s where he came in!

He bent over to reach in and grab some ingredients, the t-shirt riding up enough to expose his thong clad bottom. Ashley realized this and quickly looked over his shoulder to ensure Selena hadn’t gotten up and was staring at him from the stairs. She had done that before when he thought he was alone, and it was both creepy…and kinda hot too.

Thankfully though, she was nowhere to be seen, so Ashley was able to shake his head and resume picking out what he needed. He was going to make her the breakfast of champions!

He grabbed all his ingredients, biting a package of bacon in between his teeth, and nudging the door shut with his booty. Then walked over to the stove, set everything down on the countertop, and got to work. Cranking up the dials of the gas stove, spraying down a frying pan to set it in place, and lastly retrieved his phone so he could play some quiet music while he worked at his craft.

All the while continuing to think back fondly on everything him and Selena had gone through so far.

His confidence at first when it came to being the girlfriend of the relationship, was abysmally low. As to be expected of course, but look at him now! And that wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, he felt important in his lovers life. Important, cared about, wanted, and needed. Without him, Selena would probably still be reheating leftover chinese and famous pizza.

Plus, her closet would be a pigsty.

‘How do you even find anything in here?’ Ashley asked, elbow deep in a pile of clothing.

Selena shrugged, ‘I usually just pick through the hamper until it runs empty then rinse and repeat.’

She was such a guy! Ashley giggled some more, using a spatula to arrange the thick strips of bacon on the pan. Followed by opening up some fresh batter to begin making some pancakes as well, she was getting a full, Queen worthy breakfast! Something she never would’ve gotten without him.

Selena often talked to him during their late nights together on the couch, binge watching Game Of Thrones back in the glory days before dumb and dumber fucked up the ending. And without any provoking from Ashley, she would often cuddle into him, kiss his growing out hair and whisper ‘I don’t know what I’d do without you baby.’

Which sounds like just a cutesy couple thing to say back and forth, at least that’s what Ashley interpreted it as at first. But she said it more than once, quite often actually when they had just a quiet moment together. She’d look into his eyes, hug him close and whisper that same statement. Holding him extra tight, like if she let him go he’d fade away in the wind.

This was something that he brought up to Vanessa maybe about a month ago, since he didn’t no too much about Selena’s past aside from just what she told him. But that was probably just surface stuff, things she told everyone. So he snooped a little with her best friend, and Vanessa, being one for gossip, informed him a little.

Selena had been single for years, yeeeeears. Despite being as beautiful, fun and playful as she was. Now of course that didn’t mean she didn’t have any boyfriends, she had a few, but before Ashley, there was a long dry spell of no romance in her life. Which was the time she used to grow her business and open up Lunar Lifters. But according to Vanessa, Selena had lived a very lonely few years before him.

They talked about it sometimes, about how sancaktepe escort she had tried some dating apps, tried approaching some guys in the gym that she liked. And even managed to go out with some of them, but not one of them could give her what she wanted.

Ashley almost felt a little sad as he cracked two eggs into another pan to cook them sunny side up. Selena was amazing, but she had a very specific fetish that was basically ruining her love life for her. It was something she needed, not just a fetish that would peak it’s head up in her pervy mind every now and again, she didn’t feel right without it.

And again, there were some boys who were interested in being her bottom, Ashley wasn’t the first in that department. But none of them were able to do what he did for her. Which was be essentially, the perma bottom, and girlfriend in the relationship.

He went basically all in with her, putting one hundred percent of his heart into this and investing everything. Taking on the appearance of a girl, the attitude of one, and telling everyone he met that he was one. He was committing to this for her, and no one else before him was willing to take that step and be with her the way she wanted them to be.

That’s probably why Selena said that phrase over and over, Vanessa told Ashley about some of their conversations. Because all ‘girls’ talk about their relationships, and Selena said that Ashley was her diamond. How she had never felt like this before, and she wanted life to be perfect for him. Because she didn’t know what she’d do without him, probably be lonely and eating at crappy take out places for her whole life.

Remembering Vanessa tell him all this made Ashley wanna just run upstairs and hug his beautiful girlfriend right now. He couldn’t imagine how hard it must’ve been going through life thinking she was going to be alone based on how her sexual preferences worked. She didn’t want a girl, she wanted a boy who was willing to be a girl. Ashley was so young that he had never even really gotten the chance to experience what it was like to be truly lonely before he met Selena.

She was his first relationship, his first kiss, his first time, his first everything. And he wanted her to be his last too. If it meant making sure her heart never felt the pain of not having someone to fall asleep with every night, he would bare with whatever sick, sadistic fetish she could conjure up in her mind short of like eating his family or something.

With all of this in mind, Ashley cooked with a renewed vigor! Wanting his girlfriend to wake up to the best breakfast ever, so he practically hopped back and forth around the kitchen, grabbing butter, syrup, sugar, zipping back and forth while shaking his cute little booty to the rhythm of the song. Checking the stairs periodically to ensure he wasn’t being watched, and put all of his effort into making sure it was absolutely perfect. Nibbling on a some of his own ingredients as he went along since he also had to have some breakfast too.

He put on some coffee next, brewing it up to exactly how she liked it, cut up some fresh fruit, poured a glass of orange juice, and prepared the tray. Selena had a few TV dinner style trays in her house which just helped reinforce how she had a few lonely meals prior to Ashley. But today, it was being used as the silver platter to present to her.

The meal was arranged beautifully, a plate of eggs and bacon with buttered toast, little bit of salt added, a short stack of homemade pancakes, slathered in syrup with a square cut of butter on top. A small side dish of pork sausages, a little bowl of fruit like strawberries, blueberries, pears, and more. A mug of piping hot coffee, two cream, two sugar, and a tall glass of ice cold OJ.

All prepared with love, Ashley felt proud of himself as he carried the tray up the carpeted steps and made it to the bedroom door. She had yet to awaken so he assumed he’d have to set this beside her on the nightstand and hope that she got up soon otherwise it would start to get cold.

Nudging the bedroom door open with his plump booty, he peeked inside. And there she was, his ebony Goddess still laying in bed. Exactly where he left her, only before he got to take another two steps inside, she started to stir.

“Mmm…” Selena softly mumbled, reaching out in front of her and feeling along the empty space in the bed where Ashley was supposed to be. Her little body warmer and cuddle buddy was missing, so in her groggy state, she slowly rolled over. Bed head prominent in her long locks of dark hair, rubbing one eye as the other opened up to look around. Falling on the form of her smile girlfriend Ashley, entering the room with a tray in hand. “Mm…baby?”

“Perfect timing!” Ashley inwardly cheered, “Good morning sleepy head.” He smiled, taking a few more steps closer to the bed.

And that’s when he got close enough for her to start to smell the sweet and savoury aroma of the food. The first sniff audible enough for Ashley to hear it, along with the second and third. “Hmm…what’s that?” Selena asked, her voice still a little raspy, thick with slumber and curiosity, she pushed herself up on her elbow. Eyes blinked several times to try and clear her vision and get a good look at what was going on.

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