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I remember it well, January 1979…one of the biggest winter storms N.E. Ohio had. I was working in downtown Cleveland, it was five o’clock right after work when the snow was already about a foot deep and still falling. Being a young adult at the time it all seemed fun to me, my friend Mel and I met at the old terminal tower lounge for drinks after work. We enjoyed the company of her coworkers who were very entertaining. We talked, drank, laughed, and drank more not paying attention to time. At eleven-thirty we decided it was time to move onto our next weekend adventure.

We made it outside and started to laugh at the amount of snow, at least three and one-half feet now! The city was snowed in, no cars, no buses… hotels were putting people up for the night. We made it to a nearby hotel, the desk clerk already knew we needed a room. She explained we would have to wait until the room was ready and showed us the restaurant. We eagerly headed in, sat and ordered munchies and more beverage. Still giggling at our new unexpected adventure we were approached by two men, asking if they could join our table since there was no room anywhere. Mel glanced at me, winked and smiled.

We agreed and let them join. They introduced themselves…Mitchell and Michael. After initial chat, I could feel Mel’s foot nudging mine, I look her way and she excused us and almost dragged me to the ladies room. Once inside I fell onto the sofa and questioned her motives. Mel smiled a devilish grin and asked if I noticed how handsome the two guys were. Of course I noticed I exclaimed. Mel then asked me if it was ok if she sort of got together with Michael…sure I told her. We returned to the table, and Mel using only a fraction of her sensuality began to capture Michael’s full attention.

I turned to Mitchell and attempted more small talk, I was not very good at this. Mitchell was dark and handsome…bronzed skin black man with hazel green eyes that seemed to sparkle like the falling snow. His build was strong and muscular with a great ass…yes I was not totally geeky!! He was a great conversationalist who made me feel comfortable. Music had started to play, it was upbeat and Michael and Mel were up and dancing. Mitchell and I watched them and smiled, they were getting very friendly on the dance floor.

I saw Michael’s hand slide behind Mel’s tight fitting skirt and squeeze her bum, Mel responded by moving her hips closer to him and moving very slowly against him. I was getting warm just watching them. Mitchell cleared his throat turned to me as our eyes met I blushed…I felt he knew what I was thinking and feeling. He asked if I wanted to dance, I quietly declined explaining after this evening I doubt I could get up and dance. He agreed, and started to explain his plans for the evening…how there were no more rooms, and the hotel offered to let some people stay in the lounge.

He wanted to get home since sleeping on a lounge floor or chair did not appeal to him, we both sighed. My eyes were still on Mel and Michael, their activities have progressed to making love with their movements. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed her blouse opened, and the large bulge Michael had. I hadn’t noticed Mitchell watching me watch them, he let out a low chuckle and exclaimed how sexy my mouth looked when my lips were slightly Kıbrıs Escort opened. My head spun back to him only to see those green eyes sparkling into mine.

Mel and Michael came back to the table just then. They were flushed and breathless. Mel grabbed my hand saying come on all…lets go to our room!! I tilted my head and followed…Mel got the key from the desk and all four of us made our way to the elevators. Mel pressed the top floor, I started to protest because I didn’t want a ride…Mel showed me our room keypass and sure enough it was the top floor. I couldn’t believe it we were given a great apartment like suite with all the accommodations, stocked bar, large screen TV, movies adult of course, and three bedrooms all with super-king beds. This was great.

Mel immediately took Michael to one of the bathrooms leaving Mitchell and I alone. Mitchell smiled taking my coat and bags and hanging them in the closet. I felt nervous now… I was not like Mel who could just let go. Oh, I wanted to but just didn’t know how. I started to apologize for the storm, my actions or lack of them and everything…but Mitchell wouldn’t have it. He took my hand led me to the love seat and started to talk about how they got stuck downtown, and continued to explain a lot about himself…where he worked, who Michael was etc. I was more relaxed by his easy manner. He found the remote and turned the television on…yes the channel was already set for the erotic movies.

He started to change it but I worked up enough nerve to let him know I enjoyed the movie. Just then, we heard Mel and Michael…sounds of lust and passion surrounded us. I was so horny, I wanted to play too but was too shy to begin. I excused myself to the other bedroom and bath. I filled the bath with warm bubbles and let myself sink slowly in. Ahh… just what I needed. I had forgotten about Mitchell in the other room. I must have been in the tub a long time and I was lightly sleeping when I heard a concerned voice asking if I was all right? In my dream state I didn’t respond right away…I heard another question and a knock. Then there he was looking upset, worried…standing next to the tub just starring down at me.

My eyes opened and I gasped, “oh…I…”, Mitchell shook his head smiling and told me I gave him a scare. I laughed, and apologized again. He didn’t turn to leave, and I didn’t want him to. I reached out my hand, he took it and knelt. He gazed at my face searching. I moved closer and kissed him. His lips were warm, my tongue flicked out to taste those lips. His lips parted and our kiss deepened as our tongues delved into each others mouths. It was a long hot passionate kiss, when we released both of us needed more.

Mitchell stood asking if her could join me in the tub… of course I agreed. I watched him undress…my pussy quivered when I saw his large thick cock…it was only half erect and still rather large. He slowly got in and sat across from me. I thighs touching his legs. He found a soft sponge and began to stoke and lather all of my exposed parts. I let my head fall back and eyes close. He moved, and I felt his fingers gently sliding from my throat down to my swelled breast. He stopped at each nipple to massage and pull them till they stood like ripe cherries. I felt his warm wet mouth cover each nipple, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan he sucked each and gently twirled his tongue making me arch to him moaning.

He kissed my mouth whispering to join him…I followed him to the bed. Before I could lay down he wrapped his arms around me kissing my face, lips, and neck. A deep throaty moan escaped my lips, he lifted me onto my back on the bed. I reached for him, my thighs were moist not from the tub but from my own moisture. My cunt lips parted and puffy were glistening with my juices. Oh God how I wanted him. He stood there looking down at me saying “no, not yet”.

He spread my legs, knelt between them and used his marvelous mouth to kiss and nibble my swollen cunt lips. His tongue found my clit, he sucked it between his teeth and gently nibbled as his tongue flicked up and down driving me to the edge. My hands grasped his head pressing his mouth harder into me. My moans were louder, and my body began to shudder. He stopped saying he wanted to feel me cum on him. He moved over me, taking my legs around his strong arms spreading me wide.

Through my lashes I saw his enormous hard shaft. He placed the head of his cock at my pussy entrance, rubbing up and down on my clit. His cock was wet with my juices, his thick head entered my hot wet hole. Slowly, just past the inner lips, then with a thrust he buried his cock deep inside. I gasped with pleasure, my inner walls were wet and throbbing against his cock. He was so thick I felt every inch of him. He slowly withdrew almost all of the way to thrust back in again brushing my clit. My hips moved up to meet him, his eyes were smiling into mine as we both watched each others faces. Our lips met in a deep kiss, covering throaty moans. Our movements were faster now, I could feel his balls bouncing against my ass.

His cock grew harder and larger and my breathing grew rapid. He groaned that he could feel my pussy pulling and tightening around him, I wanted to cum. I begged for him to fuck me hard, and harder…with a moan he thrust his wet shaft in and out of my wet hungry hole until I cried out that I was cumming!! He continued to pump me fast and hard only stopping to feel my cum throbs against his cock head. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like eternity when I slowly came back to earth. I sighed and smiled, then realized he did not cum!! I began to apologize…Mitchelll just smiled and said its ok, there is more to come.

After a sip of my drink and a short rest, I let my hands travel over his body. I marveled at how beautiful this man is. As my fingers found his still wet hard cock, it jumped to life. I giggled and he asked if I was ready for more. Umm, yes and my lips surrounded his cock before he could move. He laid back and moaned how good it felt. My head started to bob faster up and down on his hard shaft, faster and faster until he gently stopped me. He asked me to kneel, I favored doggie style and was very excited after sucking his cock so I hurriedly knelt with my ass high in the air. He told me how sexy my back was as he gently caressed my ass and thighs. His hands spread my ass cheeks, and I felt his tongue circling my anus.

No one has ever done this to me, I squealed with delight. His fingers rubbed my clit, and entered my saturated pussy. He drew some of Escort Kıbrıs my juices up to my asshole, I felt his finger pressing against it wanting to enter. My ass was fairly virginal…only had a couple of fingers it a few times. Mitchell asked me if I liked anal, I shyly explained that I was not very experienced in that but I was so hot I wanted to do everything. He left the bed, and returned with a small tube of lubricant. He applied a generous amount to my anus, and some to his cock. I felt his kisses all over my thighs and ass. He told me to rub my clit…I obeyed.

I masturbated my clit until the warmth of a new climax was approaching. Mitchell gently worked one finger tip into my tight ass making me moan. He didn’t push hard, he let my anal muscles suck the rest of his digit in. My head dropped to the flat bed, my lips sucked my fingers as I felt this new sensation. I began to move my hips up and down…sliding his finger in and out of my hot ass. On one return, I felt something thicker entering…at first I stopped my backward movement. Then my lust took over and pressed my hips down hard onto his two fingers now lodged in my hole. I could feel my anus stretching to fit more. They mixture of lust, passion and pain made my cunt throb and ooze more juice.

Mitchell let his fingers slide out, he was kneeling behind me spreading my ass. He told me to relax, I continued to frig my clit making it swell and very sensitive. I felt the large head of his cock against my asshole, he was holding it steady and pushing gently for entrance. At first I thought he was too large, but after a few moments I felt the head pop into the outer ring of anal muscles. I cried out and gasped, “Ohhh yess…more…please…more!”

With this he pushed on deeper and my ass sucked his cock in halfway!! Oh God I groaned…he held still again, I caught my breath and slid down taking his entire length up into my hot ass tunnel. Mitchell groaned aloud now, say how hot and tight my ass was. Once his cock was buried deep inside, I began to move slowly at first, swaying forward and back groaning with each movement. Feeling more sensual and lusty than ever before. I could feel every vein of his cock rubbing deep inside my ass. God it felt so good. He told me to keep touching my clit.

I did and soon my cunt began to throb. I heard him groan he was going to cum too… he grabbed my hips, and started to thrust faster in and out of my aching asshole. I was gasping with each thrust, my groans of pleasure echoing in the air. My asshole was being taken, and fucked so deeply it was quivering. As my orgasm started, his cock grew inside me causing me to thrust my hips faster to meet his. This huge thick cock now sliding in and out of my hot wet ass tunnel made me cum so hard I heard Mitchell cry out, “Ohh God…your squeezing me sooo tight…God…I,…I’mm cumming in yoouu!!!”

He thrust a few more times all the way out and back in again hard, finally shooting his hot cum deep up into my ass tunnel. We collapsed onto the bed still joined, my cunt and asshole throbbing his cock being squeezed inside. He kept me next to him, holding me and telling me how wonderful I was. We kissed softly, and fell asleep still joined.

As I slept I dreamed of being taken anally, my bum wriggled against him. This woke him slightly he watched me sleep, smiled and let himself fall back to sleep with thoughts of more to come. This was the most exciting blizzard ever…in more ways than one. Of course it lasted more then just that night but that’s another story.

Hope you enjoyed my story. I’m sure part two will cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32