Noodles Ch. 07

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(The final chapter. Please read 1-6 before proceeding.)

George and Sue sat out in their living room while Marsha and a newly cleaned up Jacob were in the guest room talking. As George and Sue sat in silence, both wondered if they went too far in bringing these people over from the UK for a visit. Both knew that inviting Jacob over was for the sole purpose of Sue fulfilling fantasies she discussed online with him. Marsha flew with him as the devoted wife, not knowing she would find herself not only in George’s arms, but in his bed as well. Neither knew that all the tension from all that time would come to a head three days prior to their imminent departure back over the Atlantic.

As they sat there, George noticed that Sue’s teddy straps were still falling off her shoulders. George looked at her for a moment, remembering their wedding day when she wore something similar. George remembered that the sight of her body gift wrapped gave him the hardest erection to that point. He started to remember the passionate kisses, the arms holding each other closer while in that hotel room. He remembered feeling horrible because he couldn’t afford the honeymoon he wanted to take her on. The whole wedding was a frugal affair . George pondered on it so much as Sue looked at him, jarring him from his memories.

George looked at her, a face cocked to one side looking into his eyes. It was if she could read his mind that he was lost in thought although what thought it was escaped her vision at that moment. It was then she slid closer to him, leaving a hint less subtle than most as George’s arms surrounded her, his shoulder providing a place for Sue Bostancı Esmer Escort to lay her head and begin to sob softly.

In Sue’s heart, she felt she caused all this pain. Why did she have to have all these unfulfilled fantasies in her head? Why did she get online and find this rough Scotsman and share her intimate parts with him without her husband’s knowledge? Each question was dispersed among her tears as George held her close, blaming himself for his contribution to the argument in the other room. Except, that there wasn’t any shouting in the other room. This struck George as odd. As he slid away from Sue, she wiped her eyes a bit and followed.

As they edged closer to the room, a moan was heard. George remembered how he moaned like that when Marsha took his member down her throat the first time. As his cock grew rigid at the thought, Sue cracked the door open a bit and gasped quietly. There on the bed was a prone Jacob, his chest exposed as Marsha’s mouth was firmly planted on his member, sucking him hard. She herself was already topless, her breasts pushing against the bed as she allowed her mouth to inhale more of her husband’s johnson .

As they both watched this, Jacob motioned for Sue to come closer. As Sue walked towards him slowly, she allowed the straps of her teddy to fall down, almost exposing her nipples to the air. George walked behind her to help her slip off the outfit as she leaned over kissing Jacob on the lips. Jacob’s hand reached behind her and rubbed her now exposed bottom as George watched. George then walked behind Marsha and began to remove the outfit she was wearing in an Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort effort to tease her from behind. Marsha’s moans were more audible now as the feeling of Jacob finally in her mouth was driving her close. It only took one lick from George on her labia from underneath to drive her over the edge, her cry almost inaudible.

She then took her mouth off long enough to yell at George to fuck her hard. George undid his pants and slid deep inside her in one go, feeling Marsha’s glove like it was an old acquaintance long unseen. As George began slowly pounding into a helpless Marsha, Sue’s legs were now straddled over Jacob’s face, his tongue working her clit like a musical instrument being tuned. Sue’s moans were practically competing with Marsha’s as both neared climax. It was then that Marsha took her mouth off again and began to stroke Jacob with her hands, daring him to cum on her face. Jacob complied, sending shot after shot into Marsha’s mouth, on her tits and face. Sue leapt off of Jacob and began kissing Marsha, licking whatever cum she could from her as George watched. The sight of their gooey making out caused him to lose his control and Marsha’s treasure was filled with the essence of George.

It wasn’t long until all were talking again, kissing each other when possible. A few stray gropes breaking the ice as Sue began to orally manipulate Jacob to hardness. George looked as Sue went nuts until he saw Marsha joining her, licking wherever Sue’s mouth was not. Jacob had a grin of contentment on his face as they continued until both of them rose and began to perform the same teamwork on Bostancı Evi Olan Escort George. George was then the one who was content as he watched Jacob take his piece and penetrate Sue from behind. It was only a moment before George realized that Sue wasn’t taking him by conventional methods. As Jacob pounded into her, he could hear his wife cursing at him, begging for him to fuck her ass hard.

Before George had a chance to react, Marsha deep throated his member and George was in divine pleasure. He watched his temptress swallow his meat slowly, enjoying every moment as it disappeared. George then felt empowered as he slowly got on his knees forcing Marsha to slide lower until he was able to grab her hair. Her eyes were shocked as George wrapped the tresses around his hand and slowly began to gyrate his hips, fucking Marsha’s mouth in the progress. He could feel her moans on his dick as he watched Sue’s mouth bury itself in Marsha’s muff. Jacob’s eyes betrayed his thoughts as he watched his wife being face fucked by this yankee novice.

As he edged closer to climax, Marsha pulled back and turned around so her brown starfish was in view. It was finally an opportunity to try something new as George started sliding into her rear entrance. Once his balls hit the cheeks, he began to fuck her harder, each stroke earning a comment from Marsha. He felt his climax churn again as Marsha begged him to cum hard. Her anus was soon filled with more seed as Jacob filled Sue up.

The last few days were rarely different as both couples spent the majority of time out of their clothes and inside each other. Sue and Marsha were able to explore their lesbian sides more, even having the chance to bring the dancer over for a thorough working over. As George enjoyed the last few days of his vacation, he wondered what the future held in store. It was already agreed that they were to visit Marsha and Jacob next round and they would be introduced to more ideas.

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