Nicole Pleases Three

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This happened a couple of years before Nicole and I were married. We had been dating for about 3 years and had always enjoyed a great sex life. Both being very open with each other, we had discussed our fantasies freely, often trying them out in the privacy of our basement apartment.

We experimented with anal sex, which we both enjoyed and had a gel dildo we would use on Nicole to give her the sensation of having two cocks to herself and also tried some light bondage. The fantasy of having two cocks at once was a particular favorite of hers and during sex she would often ask me to slide the dildo into her pussy and fuck her with it as she was sucking my cock.

Over time this became our most common fantasy during sex and I was beginning to think more and more of watching her being fucked by another guy. I often wondered how I would feel watching a stranger sliding his cock into Nicole’s pussy and fucking her on our bed. I guess she had been thinking the same, because one night just after we’d had sex, she asked me if would ever consider doing it for real. I was cautious at first, but after seeing the excitement on her face, I told her that I would be very much into trying it at least once.

I left it up to her to arrange as long as the guy she chose was clean and not too old. It was on my mind all the time, now that it might actually happen. About 2 weeks later she told me that she had set up a meeting at our place for the Friday night, but there was one small difference from the original plan. When she had made the suggestion to a guy at work, a friend of his had been listening and before she knew it, they both talked her into coming round to our place.

She told them she would check with me first, but thought I’d be into the idea. It made no real difference to me, just sounded even wilder. I couldn’t stop thinking of Nicole naked on our bed with two guys kissing and touching her and then potentially both of them fucking her. Nicole loved this idea. The night came and we spent the afternoon having sex and then both getting showered and cleaned up. We shaved her pussy lips leaving a small patch of her soft brown pubic hair above her clit and shaved my balls clean of hair and trimmed the rest of my pubic hair short.

A few rules were in place such as; they could both fuck her pussy or ass (her idea) but they had to pull out if they were about to cum in her pussy (my idea) but were allowed to cum in her ass. They were not allowed to touch me, unless it was due to a certain position they were in while fucking Nicole. The door rang at exactly 7 p.m. and Nicole invited them both inside. Nicole introduced them as Ryan and Mike. They were around 25 or 26 and both white with good looking bodies and they seemed very clean. We sat and chatted for a bit over a few drinks, then there was an awkward silence.

Nicole asked them both to join her in our bedroom while she explained a few ground rules. I watched the three of them enter the bedroom and immediately felt my cock start to grow in my pants. My heart was racing, but I waited for about 10 minutes before going through. When I opened the door, the two guys were standing by the bed naked and Nicole was sitting on the bed wearing only a pair of white cotton panties.

She looked a little nervous, but I guess that was to be expected, we had never done anything like this before. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room and watched as they sat next to her on the bed. Their cocks were both hard, but not fully, and both thicker and longer than my own. They each placed a hand on Nicole’s thighs and began to stroke them gently as her legs opened a little. Ryan then turned her face towards his and they started to kiss. I could see her nipples stiffen as they kissed and watched as Mike cupped one of her breasts in his hand and started sucking and licking her nipple.

By this time I was getting pretty horny, so I pulled my jeans down and held my hot, stiff cock in my hand. Nicole lay back on the bed and stretched her arms up over her head as their hands stroked her stomach, breasts and thighs, and passed teasingly over the front of her panties. I kicked my jeans off and held my cock firmly in one hand, then rolled my foreskin down slowly, revealing the fat, purple head. I then began to jerk off slowly as I gazed at Nicole and realized she was starting to relax and was getting hornier by the second.

She lay on her back and continued to kiss Ryan passionately as Mike kissed and licked her nipples, then slid his hand down over her stomach and over the front of her panties. She pushed her hips up against his hand and I was now eager to see her pussy exposed. He slipped his hand inside them and began to rub his fingers over her warm, moist mound. As she pressed her pussy up to his hand she said to me “Honey, get me out of these fucking panties” and raised her hips.

I stood up and went over to the bed and placed my hands on her thighs and slid them up istanbul escort until I reached her panties. She looked down at me and smiled as I hooked my fingers around them and pulled them down slowly over her thighs and right off, leaving her now totally naked on our bed with two naked men. I sat back down and watched as Mike’s fingers toyed with her lips and brushed over his clit, then saw him push a finger inside her and pull it out all wet and shiny.

The moisture soon spread across her smooth lips and in seconds her entire pussy was glistening with her own sweet juices. Her legs opened wider as he stroked her and she sat up for a second and looked down at him kissing her soft belly and making his way down between her legs. She reached out and took hold of Ryan’s balls as he moved closer to her on the bed. She caressed his smooth shaven balls and ran her fingers up and down the underside of his shaft, barely touching the thick head as she reached the end. He moved closer still to her face as he knelt beside her and she then brought her mouth up to meet his swollen cock.

My own cock stiffened as her tongue came out and licked around his bulbous tip, leaving saliva hanging from the underside, then she pushed her lips over the entire head almost filling her mouth. She sucked up and down a few times and moved her tightly clenched fist up and down his shaft as he let out a deep sigh. She then put her head back down on the bed and rubbed the full length his cock across her wet lips, kissing his balls as they brushed the side of her face and then turning her head to the side as she reached the head to take it into her mouth.

I could see the saliva build up on the side of her mouth as his shaft slid across and then trickle down onto her neck. It was early in the evening and we had barely started, but I was keen to cum right now and sensed that the other two might be as well. I mean we had all night, so why not! I had also been watching her pussy lips swell with the attention down there and Mike had began to kiss her clit and lick the sides of her pussy, dipping his tongue into her a few times.

“Let me see you sucking them both off Nicole” I said as I stood up.

She moved Ryan’s cock away from her face; “I’d love to. Come up here Mike” she said, as he was still between her legs. I watched her as she turned over onto her stomach and knelt up on the bed then bent over to take hold of their cocks firmly in each hand. Her ass was towards me and I had a great view of both her moist pussy and her asshole as she turned over, but I was keen to watch her perform before maybe fucking her or eating her from behind. She moved quickly and took hold of their cocks, jerking them off slowly as the guys placed their hands on her back and reached under her chest to fondle her hanging breasts.

I moved to the side on the bed and stroked her smooth ass cheeks and the back of her thighs as she took the head of Mike’s cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked up and down as she pumped her fist on his shaft, while also pumping Ryan’s cock with her other hand. They were both groaning as she was really jerking them off quite fast and hard. She then looked up at Mike as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and replaced it with Ryan’s, jerking Mike faster and harder, her fingers wet with saliva.

She gripped the underside of his tip tightly between her thumb and index finger, something she did a lot while masturbating me, and I watched as Mike’s face started to turn red. She pumped him hard and fast until he took hold of her hair and said “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum, Nicole, I’m gonna cum” She looked up at him once more as she took Ryan’s cock from her mouth. “Well go on then, cum” she said as she opened her mouth and looked up into his eyes.

This was the moment I had dreamed of for so long and it was about to happen right in front of me, I took hold of my cock and started to jerk off waiting to see Nicole take her first load of cum. Ryan also held his cock and started to jerk off as he watched Nicole turn her attention to Mike’s cock. His balls tensed up and his cock twitched a couple of times before the cum exploded from his fat, red tip. The first jet shot clear over her head and splashed onto her back, just above her ass, then as the spurts became less powerful they hit her in the face.

She desperately tried to pull his cock down and point the spurts of cum into her mouth, but it just kept spraying the thick, white cream across her cheeks and nose. She continued to jerk him off as he came and then held her open mouth over the tip of his cock and I watched as his cum shot inside several times and dripped out onto the bed. She then took his cock into her mouth when the cum started to just spill out slowly.

I could see his cock pulsing as the last of the sperm filled her mouth, then she pulled it out and ran her fingers up and down over the swollen head, cum covering her delicate fingers. escort bayan Mike then sat back on the bed and held his cock as it softened, sliding his hand up and down the wet shaft. I decided to fuck her as she gave Ryan the same treatment, so I moved behind her on the bed and held her by the hips as she took hold of Ryan’s cock. There was a pool of sperm on her back and I wiped both hands in it and began smearing it down across her ass.

I rolled my fingers in the thick cum and brushed them over her asshole as I raised my cock and pressed it between her wet cunt lips. I sank my cock in quickly and started to fuck her, knowing that I’d cum very soon indeed. As I pounded her pussy I continued to rub the cum on my hands all over her ass and around her hips, feeling the sperm building up inside me.

I could hear her hand smacking away at Ryan’s cock and the bed was shaking as I pumped her from behind and she jerked him off vigorously. He started to moan a little and knowing he was ready to cum was too much for me. I held her hips tight and let out a quiet “Oh fuck” as I started to cum deep inside her hot pussy. After several spurts I heard her being hit in the face with Ryan’s cum and saw some of his sperm hit the bed and land in her hair.

I pulled my cock from inside her and stroked it quickly as my cum sprayed up onto her asshole and then down over her open pussy. I rubbed my cock up and down between her cheeks as the cum began oozing out of her pussy onto the bed. Ryan’s cock was now in her mouth and he was lying back on the bed, eyes closed. She took him from her mouth and he sat back holding his cock as it bent over and went slightly limp.

She rolled onto her back and lay there in front of us with her legs wide open. I couldn’t quite believe this was my Nicole lying there naked with three different loads of sperm on her body. The room was now smelling of cum and sweat and had the feel of sex in the air. She looked so good with my cum trickling from her pussy and smeared all over the insides of her thighs and her face covered in Mike and Ryan’s sperm.

She wiped some of the cum from her face and then put both hands between her legs and started to play with her wet, slippery pussy. “Wow, that was great. I love the taste of cum on my tongue and the feel of it on my skin, but I hope you’re not done” she said. Ryan then said, “We only just got started Nicole, there’s lots more where that came from.” She looked over at me and said, “Did you enjoy that Honey? If you did I want you to kiss me, right now?”

I looked at the thick cum on her face and thought of her having these two guys cum in her mouth, but she looked so great lying there. I moved up the bed and lay beside her, looking over at Mike and Ryan, hoping this wasn’t too gross for them and that it wouldn’t spoil things. She held my face and we both opened our mouths and kissed deeply, licking and circling each other’s tongues.

I could taste the salty sperm on her lips and inside her mouth and felt closer to her than ever before. I fondled her breasts gently and stroked up and down over her stomach, touching her damp patch of pubic hair as my hand went between her thighs. She then motioned for Ryan to lean over and kiss her, which he did, and then she asked Mike to kiss her. I think this was her way of keeping it very intimate and making sure she was in control.

We alternated kissing her and rubbing her stomach and pussy for a quite some time, but before too long she was breathing heavily and writhing around on the bed. It was her turn to cum now and she certainly deserved to after helping the three us orgasm into her mouth and pussy. I knew what she loved so I helped by getting Ryan and Mike into positions that would be best for her.

We flipped her over onto her front, with her legs open and raised her up onto all fours. I spread her ass cheeks and asked Mike to stroke her ass and start giving her beautiful asshole some gentle massaging. He sat behind her to one side taking her ass cheeks in his strong hands and gripped them tight, caressing them and then opening them to reveal my wife’s sweet little pink asshole.

Of all the women I’ve fucked, she has by far the hottest and sweetest ass and I know it’s the one thing that can make her crazy. Mike rubbed around her hole with his thumbs, then stretched her ass cheeks open as he bent over and let the tip of his tongue flick over it, leaving it wet and shiny with his saliva. Ryan and I watched intently as Mike gave Nicole’s ass some love, lapping at it with his tongue fully extended, the tip poking it gently. She moaned as soon as she felt his hot tongue on her hole and moved around on the bed in desperation.

I told Ryan to get behind her and taste her ass, which he did promptly and as soon as Mike moved his head back out of the way, Ryan’s tongue was on her asshole, licking feverishly. I loved this sight and my cock was now fully erect again and as I Bostancı escort looked at Mike and Ryan’s cock’s, they were also well on their way to full hardness. I enjoyed a few moments of watching them lick and suck Nicole’s ass, then Mike started to rub a finger over her ass, pressing into it ever so slightly.

Nicole loved this attention and as soon as the tip of his finger went inside her, she pushed back onto it and the three of us watched as Mike’s finger slid gracefully into Nicole’s ass. This seemed to be the signal to get things moving again so I lay on my back and slid my head under Nicole and between her legs. I gazed up her pussy just inches above my face and marveled at the sight of her clit and cunt lips with cum still from hanging them and dripping out onto the bed.

I put my hands around her waist and pulled my mouth up to meet her soaking pussy, licking the length of her cunt and tasting my sperm and her juices mixed together. I let my tongue open her up as Mike started licking her ass again, both of us licking and sucking her holes only inches apart. She took hold of a pillow and held it tight as we ate both her holes. Soft moans and deeper grunts coming from her as she buried her face in the pillow.

I held her pussy open for Ryan to see, as he was now up on his knees behind her and I was really hoping he would push his cock into her pussy so that I could watch her being fucked at close range as I licked her clit. I waited for a while and he was certainly thinking of it when I eventually said “Fuck her Ryan, go on fuck her” He held his cock up and gave it a few long slow strokes and then placed it against her wet, sticky pussy. I had a great view as she pushed back a little as she felt his cock touching her then the head of his cock parted her lips and penetrated my sweet Nicole’s cunt.

I sighed as I saw another guys cock slip into my future wife’s pussy, it was one thing to watch her jerk someone off, but to see her fucking another guy was great. His balls came very close to me as I licked her clit and he pushed the entire length of his cock into her cunt. He soon started to build up a nice pace and within minutes was fucking her steadily, his large balls slapping at her cum filled cunt as I tried to lick her pussy lips once in a while.

Things were really hotting up now with Ryan fucking her pussy from behind and Mike now finger fucking her asshole, Nicole sounded like she was in heaven, grunting and groaning away. I sat up opposite Mike and we both watched as Ryan began riding Nicole, each of us fingering her asshole and licking at it. I wondered if her ass would be next on the list and who should get to fuck it first, I felt that I should leave it for them to enjoy and knew that it would be the way to make Nicole cum.

Ryan was in a real rhythm now and the noise of his balls hitting her wet hole was getting Mike and I stiff again. Mike was intent on poking and probing Nicole’s ass and I was quite happy to watch him fingering her ass and seeing her muscle loosen up for a possible fucking. I reached for my cock and jerked off a little as I felt my cock get back to full erection, then reached between her legs and started to rub her clit as Ryan seemed to be nearing another climax.

Suddenly, every muscle in Nicole’s body tensed up as he pumped away at her pussy and he started slamming him cock into her and holding it deep inside her. This was to be her first orgasm of the night, but Ryan knew that he couldn’t cum in her pussy. I waited for him to pull out and Mike and I were both ready for a good show of cum hitting her ass and back.

Then Nicole reached between her legs and moved my hand out of the way and took Ryan’s balls and pressed them hard against her pussy, as if urging him to ejaculate into her. With no more than a few strokes her body went limp and we had to hold her up as a wave of ecstasy went through her. Ryan kept pumping her and I felt that he was too close to pull out now. Mike looked over at me and we both knew he was going to cum in her pussy, his legs strained and he gave a final push deep into her.

Then with his face dripping with sweat he let out a painful sounding groan as his cum started to flood between her pussy lips and deep inside her hot hole. He held her hips tight as his cock emptied its juice into my sweet Nicole’s pussy, slowly withdrawing it as his orgasm subsided.

“I’m so sorry,” he said as his cock flopped from her cunt, his cum deep inside her did not spill out at all. Mike and I held her ass cheeks, opened them slightly, and looked at her well-fucked pussy. We each touched her lips and felt the heat generated by Ryan’s cock sliding in and out of her, then a small amount of cum appeared at the entrance to her cunt. Mike pulled her lips open and we watched as the sperm started to run down her pussy and drip onto the bed.

I was so tempted to finger her and thought what the hell, so I slid a finger into her and stirred it around in the hot sperm, feeling it cover my fingers and trickle down onto my wrist. Mike then entered her with a finger and we both started rubbing her pussy and watching the cum as it spilled from deep inside her and made a damp patch on the sheets below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32