Birthday Treat: My Own Wench Ch. 02

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A second serving of the ‘wench’ Vanessa

My birthday gift at the club from Trudy was such a hit, we decided to re-visit it and enjoy another night in control of our serving wench, Vanessa. Trudy had bought me the present some weeks ago and had enjoyed having an opportunity to have someone serving her too. She had enjoyed it so much, she was involved again even though we were not actually partners. After some planning we decided to take along a couple of extras that we knew the club allowed and which would enhance our, and our wench’s, experience.

We had asked for Vanessa in advance, as she “served” us well last time and we booked her out for the evening. She came over as we sat down, and her evening attire was slightly different from last time. Although she had a low cut blouse on of the same shiny blue material and with buttons down the front, this time it was paired with a lustrous, black leather skirt, black net patterned nylons and the heeled, strappy sandals. We would discover very shortly what was underneath! She took our drinks orders, but I spoke before she went to collect them.

“Good evening, Vanessa, nice to know you will be pleasing us again this evening. Now, open your blouse, we want to see your breasts out of your bra please.”

Vanessa smiled her glorious smile, and undid the top three buttons revealing her magnificent pale orbas spilling out of her half cup, lacy, black bra. She played briefly with her nipples through the fabric before easing the cup down and exposing, one by one, her large pinky brown nipples. They were soft nubs of flesh at the moment, but I knew this would not last long. Trudy reached forward and tugged on both of the wench’s points of flesh, and they grew hard at her touch. Once aroused, we sent her packing to get our drinks and relaxed back to watch her cross the club, nipples and fantastic breasts on show. Her speedy return meant we could move on a little, and after a quick sip I ordered her to approach me. Lifting the soft leather skirt I checked to see if they were tights and as last time, they were. I looked her in the eye, and said, “I am disappointed, as you know we don’t approve of tights. Take them off and then bend over and lift your skirt as Trudy is going to punish you.”

Vanessa did as she was told, and as on the first occasion we had her services, she took off her tights. Sliding them down modestly from under her skirt, she replaced her heeled shoes and handed Trudy the tights as ordered. She turned around and bent over, lifting her fine leather skirt to display to us a large, firm pair of ass cheeks and the tight white fabric of the thong disappearing between them. I reached out and yanked them down, leaving them halfway down her firm thighs and revealing a hint of a pair of wet pussy lips between them. Trudy stood to one side and spanked hard onto these cheeks, twelve times swiping her hand down as Vanessa took each one silently. When Trudy had finished I spoke again.

“Stay there, you will receive a small present that you will keep in place until I allow it to be replaced with something else.”

I reached into my pocket and took out the anal beads we had brought along for our wench’s “pleasure”. The string of 9 beads were around 10 inches in length. I slicked them in the free flowing juices coming from her parted cunt lips and then fed the first small ones into her tight, rear hole. Vanessa gasped as each one sank in, but quickly settled with a swipe of my hand to an already punished cheek. One by one I pushed the balls in, each one slightly larger than the last, filling more and more and more of her rear passage with these invaders. The wench’s breathing was getting faster as I pushed the last, four centimetre diameter bead, into place and asked her to stand up. She did so, somewhat unsteadily at first as she got used to the intrusion in her ass.

“We are going to enjoy a drink, so you may serve others with drinks in the club as normal. Remeber though that you remain ours to serve ankara bayan escortlar in all other ways. You will remain as you are, you breasts on display to ensure you realise who is in charge, and your panties are left here. At each table you will ask one person to play with your breasts and nipples for as long as they wish. We would like you to return within twenty minutes, and onm your return you will kneel and immediately suck my cock until Trudy tells you to stop. Now, you may go.”

Vanessa handed over the panties that had fallen around her ankles and turned to go back to normal duties. Trudy and I watched as we drank. We noticed our wench stop at the first tale, lean in to speak and the two women who had ordered a drink looked over towards us. We saw Vanessa nod in confirmation, and one of the women reached out and took a handful of her pendulous breast, hanging out of her silky black bra. Vanessa arched, the woman clearly pulling hard before sending our wench on her way to fetch drinks. This was great, and Trudy and I looked at each other in delight. Over the next twenty minutes our wench served four more tables with drinks, and on each occasion her large, firm breasts were mauled by one or more of the guests at the table. We saw her approach, and I realised I was getting hard inside my chinos. I asked Trudy how she was feeling, and in reply she took my hand and slipped it under her skirt and placed it on her bare mound! Trudy had arrived here without knickers, and my fingers were moved around to explore the entrance to Trudy’s gorgeous cunt and found it slick with her juices.

Vanessa arrived back as I was exploring Trudy’s warm and wet folds, and as instructed she immediately went to her knees and reached to undo my trousers. As she slipped them off my cock sprang free, waving slightly in the open air as her lips just sank and engulfed its whole length immediately. I could feel it growing harder inside her mouth and moved to make myself comfortable, reluctantly freeing Trudy from the attentions of my soaking wet fingers. As the wench served me, so Trudy decided to serve the wench. Going around to her raised ass cheeks, she began teasing the ring on the end of the long string of anal beads. Vanessa growled around my cock as Trudy tugged and pushed the beads back and forth. I was now getting close to cumming, and I had no intention of filling my wench’s mouth with my hot cum. Or, at least not yet!

I indicated for the wench to stop. She let my cock slip out of her fantastic lips and it stood proudly, waving gently in front of her face. I noticed her ber breasts were still red, her nipples solidly erect from the mauling and teasing they had received at the hands of various guests of the club. Trudy stopped playing with the wench’s anal beads, and stood to the side of Vanessa’s head. Lifting her skirt to display her stocking clad legs framing a smooth, shaven cunt she just said, “Lick wench until I say stop”.

Vanessa was quick to follow her orders, but as she moved around I could see she was struggling to contain her own feelings, as the beads played with her feelings in her rear hole. She bent quickly to her task, and gave me a sight I continually fantasise about – a woman giving my friend a good time. I don’t know if the wench does this regularly, but I had remembered she did it before when planning tonight. As last time, she took to it with the same gusto she did all our orders. Wrapping her hands around Trudy’s thighs she brought my friend’s sopping wet cunt lips to her face and sank her tongue between them. Trudy gasped, and my erect cock twitched even more, as the wench did her best to bring Trudy to a speedy orgasm. Trudy was writhing as the wench’s tongue worked its magic, spearing her lips and teasing her clit as she slowly brought my friend towards her peak. Trudy struggled to fight it off but I let it go, and Trudy came hard, suddenly bucking and writhing on our wench’s face. Vanessa’s lips were coated in the slick juices of Trudy’s ankara seksi escortlar orgasm, and she slurped away at the sexy fluids as they flooded into her waiting mouth. As Trudy calmed down, I tapped Vanessa on our shoulder.

Vanessa turned around and I motioned her to stand. This next order would be fun to watch, but I wasn’t sure how we would all react.

“Trudy loves the taste of cum, and I thought it only fair to give her some. So, I am going to cum into you and let Trudy take her fill from you. But as she likes it so much, that won’t be enough, so you will then go and ask at each of the tables where you served a man for some more, collected in your pussy. Each time you get some you will bring it back here for Trudy to drink her fill from your well used cunt.’

I bent her over and lifted her skirt up again, revealing her round and naked cheeks. Without warning I slid my erect cock home, one single motion plunging it all the way and felt her silky walls grip my member. She felt tight and full, as my cock slid past the anal beads filling her rear hole, teasing my hard flesh through the thin membrane. I started to thrust away, knowing that I wouldn’t last long after all the attention her perfect mouth had given me. After pounding away as hard as I could, and getting the wench rocking back and forward as she gripped the table edge, I felt the familiar tingle and exploded inside her. I filled her up as much as I could then quickly withdrew, leaving Trudy to take over.

She smiled at Vanessa and knelt behind her, placing her lips over the wench’s cunt and spearing her tongue between them. I watched as Trudy lapped up the results of my explosion, mixed with the wench’s own copiously flowing juices, as she was clearly getting aroused from all the attention. Trudy just loves cum, and she made a very good job of cleaning up Vanessa’s full love tube before standing up and patting her on her full ass cheeks. The wench stood as well and nodded her understanding of the instructions she had received. She left us and went to the first of the three tables she had served that actually had a man on it. She leaned in and spoke to the couple, and the man glanced across at us. Trudy nodded to him, and his female partner did the same. We watched as the man laid our wench on her back on the table and pushed her black skirt out of the way. Lifting her legs up around his waist, he freed his cock and plunged straight in. He really gave Vanessa a pounding as he hammered away, and his female companion lazily tugged again at her exposed breasts as he did so. After a while she moved next to her husband and reached to stroke his balls as his slick, coated cock still pounded Vanessa’s cunt. She stocking that very sensitive bit of the perneum to encourage his orgasm, and it certainly did the trick, Vanessa arching her back as she and the man came together.

He reluctantly pulled his still erect cock out of Vanessa’s well-used pussy, and our wench quickly returned to us, smoothing her skirt down in a mistaken gesture of modesty. Lifting it up again, Trudy wasted no time in diving back in and drinking her fill, licking around the engorged and well used lips as she sucked another mans cum from Vanessa’s cunt. The wench was beginning to writhe again before Trudy finished, as Trudy was tugging gently away at the beads still filling her rear hole. Vanessa would not be allowed to cum again just yet, and was quickly sent on her way again. This time the table had two men waiting, already their cocks out in anticipation and not even checking with us as they clearly had the message. Bending the wench forward, the first plunged his small cock straight in and began to hump at Vanessa, but without really doing anything for her. His mate was stroking his own cock, and waiting his turn. It was soon to come as the first guy quickly blew his load into Vanessa. Before she could bring her ‘load’ back for Trudy, the second man turned her round and shoved her forward onto his table. Only then bayan ankara escort did we get a real look at his cock, and it was a big one!

We watched as the wench took this larger cock in, inch by inch. I could see she thought she had it all and was settling down to be shagged senseless again when he just kept pushing. Alarm followed by arousal as she was penetrated deeper and deeper, mouthing silently, “Nooo,, oh, god, yeessss,” as he drove the last bit of his long firm member into her waiting folds. He withdrew slowly, and slammed home again hard, forcing the wench to move along the table, her tortured nipples bruised against the hard wooden surface. Time and again he did this as he settled in to a rhythm and soon the wench was moaning and groaning as she was taken to the limit. She exploded and yelled aloud as her orgasm took her over, before her hole was filled again with the explosion from the man’s pounding cock. As he took his cock out, she smiled and then saw we were watching and waiting. A look of horror spread across her face.

The wench approached us quickly, all efforts at modesty gone. She arrived and immediately started to apologies for not returning after the first man had filled her up. Before she could finish, Trudy interrupted and said, “Bend over, and don’t waste anymore, its dribbling down your glorious thighs and its mine. We will deal with your indiscretions shortly.”

With that she went to work, and spread Vanessa’s thighs wide to pierce her cunt lips time and again, the lips that had just had four different cocks cum between them. She slurped hungrily at Vanessa’s bruised and engorged lips, chasing the dribbles down the inside of her thighs and making the wench tingle and shiver as she fought off more rising sensations. Trudy wasn’t about to let her have more fun before she got herself an orgasm, so she reluctantly stood up. I stepped closer to them both.

“Vanessa, we think you have served us well enough, but you have not always been following our instructions properly, so you will have to be admonished for this. Bend over now to receive your punishment, and at the same time you will use your mouth, hands and anything else you want to bring my friend to another orgasm. You better be good, as I plan on spanking your cheeks until Trudy has cum….”

I bent the wench over and made her kneel, doggy fashion, in front of Trudy’s open legs, and she shuffled forward. Trudy parted her thighs willingly and Vanessa had no choice but to go to work again on Trudy’s naked, gaping pussy. As she started, so did I, bringing my hand smartly down on Vanessa’s upturned ass cheek. She took it, and continued to work away at Trudy’s lips, bringing one hand up to play with her clit as I rained blows down on her unprotected bare ass. I could see the ring at the end of the beads ready for tugging, and as each blow landed the wench moaned in both pain and pleasure. I was really hitting quite hard now, but this only served to drive her on and plough her fingers into Trudy’s cunt as she move her mouth to work on Trudy’s clit. I could feel the wench squirming as her ass cheeks glowed redder and redder, my blows being spread all over her taut flesh. When I realised she and Trudy were about to cum I started to tug the beads out, one by one. The wench erupted as the pressure of these were released, and Trudy came almost in a gush all over the wench’s face. What I hadn’t noticed as I spanked Vanessa so hard were the two men who had filled her up had come over to watch and had been busy wanking until they were ready. As Vanessa and Trudy came, I looked up to see one approach each side of Vanessa and spray their second load of cum onto her waiting ass cheeks, burning with the spanking they had just received.

At last they, and the two girls, had come down and their pleasure was spent. Trudy was flushed and happy, covering herself up and grinning. I watched as the wench stood up, cum sliding down her ass cheeks as her skirt stuck to them. Her face was covered in Trudy’s glistening juices, but she was smiling too. I nodded that she could go, as Trudy and I were about to leave, but I asked if she had enjoyed her serving role.

“Mmm, I did, and if you don’t mind me being so forward, I would love to serve you again…..”

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