Bev at the Bar Ch. 01

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Bev is one of those women that I always gravitate towards. We both have an exhibitionist streak and when we are together push each other to new limits. She caught my eye the first time I saw her, short brown hair, dark brown eyes, bee sting lips, always pouting. Her shirt was undone one button more than socially acceptable, creamy breasts showing above a low cut bra, jeans that were tight enough to be painted on. I went over and asked her to dance, got a coy smile as she slid off her bar stool. I took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. We exchanged names and pleasantries, and I boldly let my eyes wander over her jiggling tits, not caring if she caught me. She smiled and gave her breasts a little extra shimmy, asking if I liked what I saw. I grinned back and told her she dressed so people could look, so I was just doing what she wanted. We finished our dance and I bought her a drink while we sat with our backs to the bar, watching many of the patrons give her body the once over. She asked if I minded others looking down her open shirt while she was with me and I told her no, in fact, I enjoyed others looking at the woman I was with.

“The girls wish they had the guts, the other guys wish they were me.”

She smiled and was quiet for a minute, then answered that most guys got really possessive and jealous, and I chuckled as I explained she wasn’t mine to be possessive about, and I was not like most guys.

We danced again, this time I had her turned with her back to me.

“More people can see how sexy you are this way.” I whispered, and I could hear her laugh as she ground her ass against me. I caressed her sides, lightly cupping her breasts for a moment, then ran my hands down her flat stomach until the tips of my fingers slid into the tops of her jeans, pulling her closer to me.

“You have some pretty sexy moves yourself.” she giggled, placing her hands on top of mine as we moved our hips as one. We continued flirting with each other as we shared another drink, then I saw her eyes flit over another couple.

“He’s pretty cute.” Bev commented, and I nodded.

“So go dance with him.”

She rolled her eyes.

“He’s got a girl with him.” “I bet she would çanakkale escort like to dance.” I answered then walked over and asked her. She smiled, looked at her guy for a second, and said yes, and I looked back at Bev as I took her excuse to the dance floor. I was flirting with this young lady but noticed Bev now had her guy out on the dance floor, but far away from us. I let my hands wander down onto the top of her butt with no complaints, not really trying to start anything but more to challenge Bev. In no time at all I could see she was working her body against the “cute guy”, his hands slipping down to cup her delectable bottom, and when they turned she caught my eye and smiled. We finished our dances and met back at the bar both grinning like school kids and that kind of thing became the basis of our relationship. We had sex, never breathtaking, but the exhibitionist side was never boring.

One morning we got together and Bev was looking delicious in unbuttoned blouse and jeans, and she decided we should go shopping for jeans for me. She had picked a thrift store staffed by young ladies and explained to the sales girl that she wanted a pair of jeans that fit me very well.

“He’s got such a cute butt and a nice package.” she told her confidentially, “Help me find something that really shows him off.”

The sales girl was a bit nervous with this discussion of my better bits so openly in front of me, but the two of them picked out a few pairs for me to try. The store is pretty well empty as Bev pulls the curtain aside in the change booth for me to enter, her eyes sparkling as she tells me to take off my t shirt also so she can check the top of the jeans. I slip off my sandals and peel off my shirt, then drop my trousers, no underwear to impede the process, then hear Bev say.

“See isn’t that the cutest little tush.”

I turn to see she is still holding the curtain open and the two of them are looking at me naked. I can tell she is in one of her moods so just give her a grin, but quickly pull on the first pair before I turn around. The jeans are not very tight and both girls inspect me before shaking their heads no.

“Nothing çanakkale escort bayan shows in those baby, try another pair.” Bev tells me, holding the curtain back and smiling.

I try on a couple more pairs, my inhibitions disappearing, letting the girls watch as I tuck my cock and balls in carefully to miss the zipper, but still no pair tight enough for Bev’s approval.

The last pair is really tight, I struggle a little even slipping my legs in, can feel the seam sliding up my butt cheeks, wedge my prick in and let the girls have a look. Bev likes these, has me turn away and I can feel her hand cupping my ass, asking the sales girl if she likes how they fit on my butt. She nervously mumbles they look fine and Bev spins me to check out the front.

“Mmm, your balls show really nice baby, but where’s the beef?”

Bev’s hand slides up to cup my balls, then slides along my shaft. She turns to the sales girl and says coyly.

“I like it better when he wears it down his pants leg, it shows so much better don’t you think?”

The sales girl is not sure what to say and just nods her head. Bev looks around the store then whispers to her conspirator.

“Nobody”s looking are they?”

Before the sales girl can answer Bev has my button undone and my zipper down, her hand slipping onto my cock, pumping me once or twice while the sales girl watches, then slips my pole down my pant leg. It takes a second or two before she is happy with my placement then slides her hand out and does me back up. I am a little swollen thanks to her ministrations, and the added thickness is quite apparent down my leg.

“Oh yeah baby, these fit great.” She gushes, her fingers tracing along the ridge of my head. Her fingers are still tracing over my balls as she asks the sales girls opinion.

“Doesn’t his cock look good enough to make you want to jump his bones?”

The sales girls eyes are locked on my bulge, her mouth slightly open. Bev just chuckles and tells her I will wear them home.

The next time we get together I am wearing her now favorite jeans, as we are going to a local cabaret for some drinks and dancing. escort çanakkale Bev is wearing tight jeans as usual and a wraparound sweater with a sexy half cup bra underneath. We drive to the club and I park in the back, telling her we are a bit early, so we have time to enjoy a quick joint first. Dope makes her even more of a flirt and her fingers squeeze my prick, saying how she wants to keep me swollen and showing all night. I smile back and tell her I am going to make sure she “shows” just as much as me. I kiss her deeply as my hands go to her breasts, freeing them from her little bra, pulling at her nipples making them hard and thick. I suck each little morsel into my mouth, scraping them lightly with my teeth until they are rock hard, her aureole puckered with excitement. I take a moment to survey my handiwork, then adjust her bra so it’s not lifting her breasts up and out, but cupping them naturally. I make her lean forward and keep adjusting until I have her nipples visible. Bev looks at my handiwork and adjusts the ties on her sweater a little so more of her bra shows.

“I’m guessing you want me to lean forward a lot tonight?” she teased, checking out the view in the vanity mirror.

“Every time you want someone to see your pointy hard nipples.” I answered, then reached for the snap on her jeans. She smiled and raised her ass so I could peel them down and off, then slip her tiny thong panties off. I make myself comfortable between her spread legs and start teasing her pussy with my fingers and mouth, pulling at her smooth lips, sucking her clit hard, watching her labia swell with excitement. She is very close to cumming when I stop and hand her back her panties.

“Don’t want you cumming quite yet honey, just want you really randy tonight, ready for anything.”

“You are such a tease.” she whispers in a deep sexy voice as she pulls her panties back up. “I’m going to be wet right through my jeans.”

I pull the front panel of her thong deep in between her swollen slick lips, forcing them apart, then pull at them a little to make them stand out even more from her pantie stuffed slit.

“Your panties will help keep you dry, and make your lips show even more when you tug your jeans up nice and tight.”

We have to get out of the car for her to pull her jeans up as tight as she can, the center seam disappearing between her engorged cunt lips. She smiles at me, excited about how she is showing so much, and does her belt up tight to hold her jeans in place.

“Now we are ready to go in.” I say with a chuckle.

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