Best Friends Of The Same Sex

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They say that opposites attract. I think that this saying is true and not just in romantic situations. My name is Ronald Brown and I have a story to share with you. It’s about me and somebody who kind of, sort of matters to me a lot. First and foremost I have to let you know something. I’m a guy who gets wild and does all manners of things so if you’re faint-hearted, maybe you should split while you still can. If you’re a tough-minded soul, then stick around.

I’ve been friends with Stephen Novak since we were in high school. Looking at us, you’d never think that we would hang out. I’m a six-foot-two, 240-pound black man. I play football, and sometimes I wrestle. I almost made MVP of my college football during my first year on the team. I won first place at a state wrestling championship in the 235-pound weight class. I’m a star athlete. It takes a lot of work but my old man David, who is a detective with the Boston police department, raised me to be a fine young man. My mother Marie is a teacher. We’re a middle-class family living in the big city.

My buddy Stephen is the exact opposite of me. He’s white, for one thing. He’s also one of those artsy types. He loves art and music. He knows how to knit. He’s also gay. Yep, my buddy Stephen is gay. Everyone knows that Stephen is gay. In high school, he was a member of the Gay Straight Alliance. What I like about Stephen is that even though he’s a skinny white dude going to school with a lot of arrogant inner-city kids, he never took crap from anybody. It didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman, black or white, Stephen never took crap from people. He stood his ground no matter what. I admire that about him.

We were friendly in high school. We didn’t hang out with the same crowds but we had some things in common. I like to paint, if you can believe that. I love to draw. It’s a hobby I learned growing up and my mother always encouraged me to do it. She liked Stephen. I told Stephen to downplay his ‘habits’ while in my house, not because I was ashamed of him but because black people are notoriously homophobic, my parents included. Me, I’ve always been a liberal at heart. Somehow, both Stephen and I ended up at Amherst after graduating from high school. I went there to study Criminal Justice since I wanted to become a policeman like my dad. Stephen went there to study Business administration. Would you believe that we ended up roommates?

The college scene wasn’t really my thing, to tell you the truth. There were a lot more females than males at Amherst and I didn’t like being a double minority : black and male. There were three chicks for every dude at that school and most of the chicks were white. A lot of the students at school were rich brats. There’s this chick named Laurel in my Criminology class who is absolutely loaded. Her father works at the State House, as part of the Governor’s office. There’s this other guy named Michael who was also filthy rich. Yeah, I wasn’t comfortable at school.

Stephen Novak was having a blast. There were lots of openly gay students at Amherst. Some of Stephen’s friends were pretty interesting. His buddy Paul, a tall Latino guy was actually the son of a wealthy Puerto Rican politician. There was this big black dyke named Amanda who was the daughter of a well-known congressman. So many of the gay students were rebels. Stephen started dating this guy named Louis Stern. Louis was this tall, good-looking guy who had blond hair and gray eyes. Unlike all of Stephen’s queer pals, he did not look queer at all. Louis didn’t talk or act effeminate at all. He was so different from the rest of Stephen’s clique, most of which were effeminate men and macho women.

I learned a bit about Louis. He came from Utah and he wasn’t gay. Louis was a former high school volleyball player who was exploring his bisexuality while at the University of Massachusetts. He was totally güvenilir bahis easy to talk to. He talked and looked like a regular guy. He was into sports and video games. The dude even had the picture of a big-booty girl in his dorm room. He told me that the girl resembled his ex-girlfriend, a sultry bombshell named Samantha who left him when he revealed to her that he was bisexual. I found Louis to be a lot more interesting than any of Stephen’s pals. I did not know that gay and bisexual guys could be people who looked just like me. Oh, I wasn’t a homophobe. It’s just that almost every gay guy I met was into fashion design and every gay girl looked like she had more testosterone than my football team buddies.

Man, Stephen was a very social dude and his life was sometimes draining on mine. Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve had to go pick the dude up from a bar while he was drunk. I was busy with school and football and when I wasn’t busy, I was frustrated as hell. The females at Amherst left me cold, man. Almost all of them were skinny chicks with no chests and no butts. I longed for the curvy black and Hispanic chicks I knew back in the hood. How I missed home!

Things started getting more interesting when Stephen began hanging out with this girl named Katherine Oliver. This chick was alright. She was a tall, good-looking girl with blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was very hot and had a really fine, sexy and full round butt. This chick had it going on. She was on the Softball team. When I heard that, I was crestfallen. Most softball players were dykes. Fortunately for me, Katherine was a heterosexual young woman. I asked Stephen to introduce me, hoping that for once, my long-standing friendship with the gay dude would help me score with a female. Things didn’t exactly work out as I had planned.

I asked Katherine out but she shot me down. Apparently, she didn’t date black men. That was cold. It bothered me but I didn’t care. It saddened me, though. I told Stephen about it. He got really mad at her and told the bitch not to call him or hang with him anymore. I was proud of my gay buddy for what he did. He stuck up for me. How times had changed. Back in high school, I was on top and all the females wanted me. Now, I was just a single brother in the city. I approached Sarah, this fine Jamaican girl from one of my classes. She wasn’t into me. Like a lot of black females, she loved taking a brother down. I shrugged it off and moved on. Stephen tried to cheer me up by setting me up with some of his female friends. The heterosexual ones, I mean.

Thus, Stephen introduced me to this chick named Jessica. Jessica was a slender girl with dark brown hair, pale white skin and dark brown eyes. She was rather pretty, in a tomboyish kind of way. She came from Quincy, Massachusetts and was studying Nursing. Jessica was not what I expected. After the fiasco with Katherine, I was hesitant to date any woman, regardless of race. Jessica was nice, though. This girl loved sports. She was into kick-boxing and also baseball. I like sporty girls. Maybe it’s because my mother was a very sporty woman and I admired that about it. Jessica and I hung out a few times. She was a nice girl but she just didn’t light my fire. I saw her as a buddy, not as a potential girlfriend. Sorry but that’s how it is.

Jessica didn’t relent, though. This girl pursued me relentlessly and I must admit, having a girl like that interested in me to this extent was flattering. I gave in, of course. Jessica was a nice-looking girl and she was good company. She liked me. Why go against it? Especially since I had been flying solo for the past six months. One night, when Jessica asked me to check out her dorm, I did. I came inside and as soon as the door was locked, the girl put the moves on me.

I didn’t resist her when she kissed me. I kissed her back. We got right down to business. güvenilir bahis siteleri I kissed and caressed her body. Jessica unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my pants. She then pushed me onto the bed none too gently and then climbed on top of me. At this point, the brat was stripped down to her bra and panties. I looked at her. There was a wild look on her face. I laughed. This girl was a freak! We definitely got our freak on. I put on a condom and then we did it. I stuck my cock inside her and she began riding me like a jockey on a horse. I put my hands on her hips and thrust into her. Jessica was some kind of freaky. While we fucked, she was cussing louder than a New York cab driver. Man, the words that came out of this chick’s mouth would have made a hood rat proud! I put her on all fours and took her from behind. As I fucked her like this, she got even louder. We fucked and sucked the night away.

After this initial encounter, Jessica and I ended up getting together for sex a few more times. Then, as abruptly as it started, her interest in me vanished. I didn’t really care. At least I got some booty out of it. I had been at Amherst for six months and so far, I was a very lonely brother. People seem to think that football players are popular everywhere they go. At school, I felt almost invisible. Again, I was a poor young black man trying to get his education to make it in life. Unfortunately, college girls only wanted rich men. Oh, well. To hell with the bitches! I focused on my school and got better grades than I usually got. I even made Dean’s List that semester.

When Spring Break neared us, I thought my luck in the romance department would change. It didn’t. Stephen, for once, wasn’t doing much better than I was. One night, he came to tell me what happened. Stephen Novak had introduced his lover, the hunky Louis Stern to openly bisexual activist Michelle Spellman. Louis and Michelle had fallen in love and left Stephen in the dust. My poor buddy was inconsolable. I looked at Stephen. My poor friend. He was weeping. For the past few months, things have been tough but I didn’t cry. My dad told me that a man doesn’t cry. That’s for bitches and sissies. When I looked at Stephen, I didn’t see a bitch or a sissy. I saw a friend in pain. I just held him in my arms, a gesture which surprised the both of us.

Stephen stopped weeping and looked into my eyes. I looked at him and smiled. Looking at him like that reminded me of all those times in high school when other students bothered him. I always had his back, even though my teammates bugged me about it. I would approach whatever guy or girl was bugging my friend and tell them to back off or else. None of them ever wanted to find out what “or else” meant. Something about a huge and potentially dangerous black man standing in front of you makes you quake in fear. At least, that’s how the homophones used to react. I never had to use force to get my way. I always won through intimidation. All in the name of protecting a friend.

Stephen smiled at me and gently touched my cheek. I froze. What was he doing? As he touched my face gently, I thought that his hand felt so nice against my skin. I also thought that this was wrong somehow and normal people shouldn’t touch each other like that. But something inside me didn’t care. I found myself touching Stephen back and then something happened which surprised the both of us. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. Time and again in my life, I have been told that two men shouldn’t be together in any kind of romantic or sexual union. I had been told this by my preacher and by society. But when Stephen kissed me, all those thought went out the window and all those voices were silenced.

When we kissed, it took me to another world. I thought I knew what passion was. I had done it with girls before and sex with them was alright but this, this was iddaa siteleri new. There was an intensity in this kiss, a slow but powerful buildup from deep inside me that I could no longer deny. I had never felt anything like this before. I pulled Stephen into my arms and we embraced. We fell on the bed together and ended up on the floor.

He was on top of me, his slender body on top of my heavily muscled form. I looked at him, and we kissed again. I felt my cock grow hard in my pants. He felt it too. Quickly, we undressed each other. Our hot, naked bodies were pressed together. He started touching me. Touching me in ways I had never been touched before. It was amazing. Even more amazing was the way my body responded to his touch. It was like magic, like a virgin piano responding to the touch of Mozart.

Stephen licked me from my head to my toes, as if I were the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. When he took my cock in his mouth, it was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I’d gotten sloppy blowjobs from girls back in school but this guy was a pro. He knew just how to work it. He pleasured my body in ways I couldn’t fathom. Finally, when I came, he did something no one had ever done before. He tasted my seed, and drank from me. I looked at him with wide eyes. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled at me.

I smiled at him and hesitantly touched his face. He smiled and didn’t resist as I pulled him closer. Once more he was on top of me. I looked at him. I wanted this young man more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life. I had never felt an urge or a need as powerful as this one. It was like being thirsty in the desert or hungry in a famine. A deep hunger had been awakened inside me and would not be sated until I had him. He looked into my eyes, and understood. Without a word being spoken, he knew what I wanted. He wanted the same thing. He wanted me inside him. And so I entered him.

I felt his tender flesh yield as I entered him. Stephen gasped. I was looking into my best friend’s face as I went into him. He opened himself up to me, hearing my wordless plea and welcoming me inside him. This was so different from any sexual act I had ever done. Oh, I had only been with women before, for one thing. But this wasn’t it. As I thrust into him, and looked into his eyes, I realized that this was different from anything I’d ever done because this wasn’t fucking. I had never been with someone I liked sexually. I had never been with anyone I felt anything more than lust for. This wasn’t fucking. This was making love. When I fucked someone, I didn’t usually want to look into their faces, but I did with Stephen.

As I went inside him, he put his arms around me, drawing me closer. I found myself embracing him as well. I felt a rush in my loins. I knew what was coming. So did he. I came, and moments later, I saw the evidence of my lover’s orgasm as he came as well. I reached for his member and stroked it as he came. Stephen cried out in pleasure and so did I. When all was done, we kissed again, and went back to bed. I fell asleep with his arms around me.

When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked. I was shocked by last night’s events. But not in the way you might think. I lay there, looking at Stephen. He was already awake, and dressed. He had gotten down to the dining hall of the dorm and gotten the both of us plenty to eat and drink. He smiled at me. I smiled back. All that happened last night came back to me. Stephen seemed a bit nervous. Maybe he thought I regretted what we did together. I didn’t. Hell, I wish we’d done it sooner.

Stephen stood there, looking so nervous. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. He put down the tray and then started to talk about last night. I got up and looked at him. I stood naked before him and he looked me up and down before licking his lips. I grinned and kissed him, before heading into the shower. I turned on the warm water, and gestured to him. Moments later he was inside with me, clothes and all. We made love again in the shower. This was the start of something new and wonderful for the both of us.

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