Beach Trip

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They were finally on their way Abby thought as she sat on the plane waiting for take off. Her husband sat next to her reading one of the magazines he bought at the airport. She knew he needed this break; he worked at a large company. She doesn’t really know what it is he does even though he’s explained it a hundred times but its so technical it goes over her head.

She looked over at him and thought if this man had introduced himself as her husband a few years ago she wouldn’t believe it. He went from a man who stood straight backed at 5’9 tall, with dark black hair and in amazing shape, to a man that slouched with almost completely grey hair and had more than just a simple gut. But with the amount of time he spends behind a desk and with the stress of his job she couldn’t be surprised.

Then she thought of how she had changed over the years. In high school and college she had been proud of her slim, tight body. She had gold blond hair, stood at 5’11 bright blue eyes, perky C cup tits, flat tummy, long shapely legs, and a tight little ass. Well her hair and eyes haven’t changed, but the rest of her had.

It started when she had their first child, Andrew, she had gained a lot of baby weight and didn’t loose much of it when about two years later she had Becky. She had felt like a balloon her whole body blew up. She had barley been able to fit into a DD bra, had a gut, each leg was bigger than they used to be put together, and her ass got just huge. Well it took years but she had gotten back in shape, mostly. She had gotten her stomach back to its flat, toned self, her legs where still bigger than they had been but now where toned with only a little jiggle in her hips. However, she wasn’t able to loose the weight in her tits though through working out had firmed them up so they only had the slightest sag, and her ass, well she never got her flat tight one back, was what her friends called a big bubble butt. Though she didn’t really like how her body was now her husband seemed to like it, and she has caught plenty of men including her kids’ friends checking her out.

Then of course there are her kids, once her little babies now both all grown up and living their own lives. Andrew, though he prefers Andy, who’s only a few months shy of 21. He took after her side of the family and looks more like her brother than her husband, is 6’6 tall, blond hair, blue eyes and has a sleek swimmers build instead of the stocky build of his dad. He’s taking online college classes, lives in an apartment not far from their house, and has a job at the local school as an assistant coach.

And her little Becky, just turned 18 last week in fact on the same day she graduated high school. She babysits for a few families in the area but other than that has never had a job. She takes after her dad’s family members, and looks a lot like his mom. She is 5’1, has straight jet black hair, green eyes, she wears a D cup bra, and her ass is on the big side but not a big bubble butt.

Because of the last minute purchase of the tickets she and her husband sat together in the back of first class, Andy was sitting alone a few rows ahead of them, and aksaray escort Becky was sitting next to the window near the front with an older man next to her. At the last minute one last passenger boarded the plane and sat next to Andy. He couldn’t have been happier.

She was in her mid twenties, had gorgeous red hair, the most dazzling green eyes he’d ever seen, and when she smiled at him he felt like his heart stopped. Then there was her body he didn’t remember ever seeing one like hers, her legs where toned and seemed to go on forever, her tits where huge and seemed to defy gravity hanging high on her chest and looked 100% natural to him, and when she turned he saw the most perfect ass ever. He had to shift to hide the hard on she gave him.

“Hi I’m Beth,” she said as she sat down.

“Hi Beth, I’m Andy,” he answered feeling like a boy talking to his first crush.

“Are you traveling alone?”

“No going on vacation with my parents and little sister.”

“Oh that sounds fun,” she smiled and soon they were having a nice conversation.

While the rest of her family was relaxing and having great conversations, she was stuck next to an old man who wouldn’t leave her alone. “So what’s a pretty little thing like you doin’ travelin’ alone?”

“I’m not traveling alone I just didn’t get a seat with one of my family because of the crap choices they had left.”

“Well I guess you bad luck was my good luck. So youngin what your name? Or do I just call you sexy?”

“Its Becky now if you don’t mind I’m kind of tired and would like to take a nap.”

“Well I just leave you lone fer now and you rest that perty head of yours.” He left her alone after that and she was soon asleep.


A few hours later they where in the air. Andy and Beth had continued their conversation the whole time with each word he felt like he was falling in love more and more. They talked about everything; his family. Her family, what they planned to do with their lives and so much more. Finally he just had to ask, “Beth are you single?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“Yes. If you aren’t busy maybe we could you know get together for lunch or dinner sometime?”

“I’d love to, but I’ll have to check what my shooting schedule is.”

“Shooting schedule?”

“Yes I’m a model. I’m flying out to be one of the models for a new bikini line the company has coming out. You know if you aren’t busy your family can come out and watch one day if I get it Okayed.”

“I’d love to but I’ll have to ask them.”

Up front Becky woke up to see the old man watching her. “How was the nap there Becky?”

“Uh ok,” she answered feeling uncomfortable.

“You know I hate these long flights there just never anything to do.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, sir.”

“Oh no need for that sir stuff just call me B.C.”

“Ok B.C., how about reading a book or magazine if you’re bored?”

“I don’t really go in for that readin’ thing.” They spent the next ten or so minutes in silence. “Hey Becky I know what we could do to pass the time.”

“Hey what’s that?”

“You fatih escort could suck my cock.”

“What! You can be serious.”

“Oh I’m dead serious.”

“What make’s you think I’d just suck off a complete stranger? You’re a perv. Now leave me alone.”

“Now don’t just dismiss me that fast I’d make it worth your while.”

“Fuck off pervert I’m not a whore and even if I were you couldn’t pay me enough to suck your winked old dick.”

“Well lets just see what I got in my wallet and see if you change that pretty mind of yours,” he pulls his wallet out of his coat pocket, pulls out a large wad of bills, and starts counting, “Ok Becky I have $22,000 in hundreds here and its all yours.”

“Your joking right? That much for a blowjob?”

“Hey what do I care about a few bucks I have a whole lot more where that came from. But if you do this its not just a simple blowjob you’ll have to suck my cock from now to the time we land. So what do you say want this cash?”

“Fuck that’s a lot of money but I’m not like that.”

“Ok tell you what you do as I asked from now to landing and I’ll not only give you this but when we land I’ll give you another $3,000/ Now how can you say no to $25,000 just to suck a cock for a few hours.”

“Oh god I really shouldn’t but that just so much money. Ok I’ll do it but I keep your wallet until we lad and you get the $3,000. Deal?”

“Deal,” he shakes her hand and gives her his wallet which she puts in her pocket. He then grabs the blanket and throws it over his legs and lap, “Ok sexy get on under there and get to sucking.”

She climbs under the blanket and unzips his pants when she reaches in to pull him out she gasps, “Holy shit there’s no way that’s real.”

“Oh its real alright that’s why they call me B.C. you know Big Cock.”

“Big its fucking huge it must be a foot long and as thick as my wrist.”

“13 inches but that don’t matter I paid you to suck now suck.” For the next twenty minutes she sucks his cock. At first only able to get less than half his length down her throat but slowly takes more and more until all 13 thick inches are sliding in and out of her throat. At the twenty minute mark almost to the second he grabs her head and holds it to his crotch as he shoots a huge load down her throat. When he finally lets her go she pulls off fast gasping for air. “Baby when you catch your breath get your pretty mouth back to work.”

After a few minutes she gets back to sucking. And he’s soon hard again. After he came twice more he grabs her head and shoves himself down her throat again. “Ssssh Becky some one’s coming so just hold it there.”

“Excuse me sir?”

“Yes how may I help you ma’am?”

“Oh well my daughter is in the seat next to you and I wanted to talk to her do you know where she went?”

“No sugar I don’t fer sure. I think she said she was going to the bathroom.”

“Well I looked but they’re all empty.”

“Don’t worry she didn’t leave the plane she may be closer than you think. Besides you got yourself a sexy little girl I’m sure she met some eyüp escort nice guy and they’re fooling around somewhere.”

“Well my Becky isn’t like that.”

“You never know miss I know of a girl a lot like your sweet daughter who agreed to suck a friends cock on a plane for $25,000.”

“Well she was a lucky girl to get that much for a blowjob but my daughter wouldn’t. Well I’m going back to my seat whenever she comes back tell her to go talk to me.”

After she walked away he let Becky go. “What *pant* the *gasp* fuck? I *pant, pant* could have *gasp* suffocated.”

“Sorry ho but your mamma wouldn’t go away. Now so she don’t bother us again go tell her the captain brought you to the cockpit in hopes of fucking you or something then get your ass back to sucking me.”

She cleaned up her face then went back to talk to her mom. “Hi mom the guy next to me said you were looking for me.”

“Yes I just wanted to see how you were but where did you go?”

“Oh the co-pilot stated talking to me when he came out for coffee or something and brought me to the cockpit. I think he was hoping to stick his cock in me.”

“Did he?”

“Mom! Damn what kind of girl do you think I am?”

Abby leans close not to wake her husband and whispers, “I think you’re the kind of girl who’d suck an old man’s cock for a shit load of money if the $25000 he told me about is what he really paid you.”

Becky’s face went white as a sheet, “Mom how’d you know?”

“Well you feet sticking out from under the blanket over his lap was a big hint. So did he really pay you that much?”

Becky told her everything but instead of her mom freaking out like she expected. “Mom aren’t you mad or something?”

“Well normally I’d freak my baby girl was doing that to a stranger and in public but you’re an adult now so can do what you want I guess, that’s a lot of money, and we are on vacation after all,” she just smiles.

A little shocked at her mom’s reaction to the whole thing she walks almost in a daze back to her seat. “Hey did it go alright with your momma?” She just nodded. “Well I know we’ll be landing soon but I think you have time to suck out one more load of my cum.”

“Ok but try to cum fast if my family finds out.”

“Don’t worry.” She gets back under the blanket and this time makes sure her feet are covered. She sucks his huge log for the next half hour until she’s swallowing another big load of cum. Not long after that the captain announces they will be landing in just a few minutes.


After the plane landed and everyone unboarded the family went to bag pick up. While her dad and brother were getting the bags Becky slipped away and met up with B.C. She gave him his credit card where he pulled out the $3000 and they exchanged the money for his wallet. She returned to her family just in time to see them pulling the bags off the belt.

“So how was everyone flight?” her dad asked.

“Dad I met the most amazing girl ever,” Andy said, “We have plans to meet up later.”

“And you Becky?”

“It sucked daddy the man next to me just wouldn’t let up. In fact my jaws a little sore from it all, but it was worth it,” she winked at her mom.

“Well sorry to hear that baby but you’re right it was worth it we’re here now. Hey who’s hungry?”

“I’m starving dad that plane food was horrible,” Andy answers.

“The food wasn’t great but the snack I had tasted pretty good, big brother.”

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