Best of Enemies Ch. 01

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“You are going to 75 High Street, shop called Carters Jewellers.” The voice came over the radio. Mark scribbled it down and acknowledged it.

“Yeah, roger control, 75 High Street,” he confirmed.

“You have an elderly female, collapsed,” the voice continued.

“All received control, we’re mobile.” Mark put the radio back on its hook and turned to his crewmate.

“Ok, let’s go and see what the lady has given us.”

He flicked the switch and the lights came on, closely followed by the wailers as his crewmate swung the vehicle out, cursing at the traffic. He fastened his seatbelt and leant forward to grab a pair of gloves from the box on the dashboard, pulling them over his long fingers as he flexed them.

They pulled up outside the jeweller’s and booked themselves on scene. Moving through the ambulance they picked up their responder bags and opened the back doors. The manager of the shop hovered nervously as they walked down the steps and Mark slipped easily into work mode as he reassured him. Mark enjoyed his job, there were good days and bad days but on the whole, most were good.

They dealt with their patient and loaded her into the vehicle. Mark climbed in and spoke to her gently and confidently as they drove to the hospital. Once they handed her into the care of the ER staff, he phoned his dispatch desk to deal with the paperwork and gave them everything they needed to complete the job.

“Hello, dispatch,” the voice said.

“Hello, its Mark on Hotel 4, I’ve got all your times for you,” he replied.

“Hallo luvvie, Its Sue. Wotcha got for me then?”

“Well,” he replied laughing, “I have a number of things for you, but that would be telling. You can have these times if you want?”

“Oh go on then, although I am more interested in what else you have now.” Sue laughed and took the times from Mark.

Mark’s day continued and he spoke to Sue a number of times, both on the phone and the radio, both of them flirting outrageously with each other but never going too far.

When Mark finally got back to the station for a break, he went into the office and phoned control. Making an excuse he was put through to the desk, only to find that Sue was also on a break and someone else took his call.

“Oh, I was looking for Sue,” he said.

“She’s on a break, can I help?” said the voice on the other end.

“No its ok, not to worry, when’s she due back?”

“Oh about 10 minutes,” the voice replied.

“Do me a favour please, get her to ring Mark at Carsec station,” he said.

“Ok no problem, will do, bye.” The voice hurried on.

“Ok seeya,” said Mark.

Mark didn’t get a phone call for the rest of the day and if he did, he was not on station to take the call. It turned out to be a busy day and he finished late again, just missing Sue on the phone for the last job of the day. Their paths crossed often because of their shift patterns so he was not worried about catching up with her.

When Mark went into work the next day he was pleased to find that once again, it was Sue’s voice on the radio as he booked on duty.

“Hotel 4, good morning to you, King and Quinn on this vehicle again, Para and Tech, requesting a radio check.” Mark gave dispatch a cheery good morning and awaited the reply.

“Yeah, roger Hotel 4, a VERY good morning to you both, radio strength five.” Sues voice came floating back over the air.

Mark smiled and went back into the station, picking up his mug of coffee before going back out to his vehicle to finish the daily checks.

Ten minutes later, the station phone rang. “Carsec Station. Good Morning,” Mark answered.

“G’morning,” came the voice, “I hear you wanted to talk to me?”

Mark smiled, “Well good morning, if it isn’t my favourite dispatcher, how are ya?”

Sue laughed. “Didn’t think there was such a thing, I am well thanks love, just happy to be here, you know how it is.”

“Oh you lie so beautifully,” Mark laughed, “of course there is such a thing as favourites, otherwise you wouldn’t be mine.”

“Flatterer, hang on a mo, radio,” Sue said suddenly and put Mark on hold, leaving him in limbo. He drank his coffee while he listened to her on the station base set next to him. Waiting for her to continue what she was doing and come back to him, he looked through some paperwork, people wanting answers to impossible questions. The phone clicked.

“Allo?” Sue was back on the line.

“I’m still here, you haven’t sent me out yet,” Mark laughed.

“No, that’s true. Best see what I can do in the next five minutes then,” Sue replied.

“Spoilsport,” came the answer.

“So, what did you want me for the other day then?” Sue asked.

“Do you know? Now I have heard your lovely voice again, I can’t remember, but I am sure I can think of something agreeable.” They both laughed as he finished the sentence. “Ah well,” he said.

“So what did you do on your days off then?” asked Sue, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Oh this and that, trying to decorate my new flat. escort bayan I hate painting, drives me nuts,” Mark replied.

“Did mine a while back, if I had known you hate it so much I would have enlisted you to come and help me, we could have hated it together.” Sue laughed.

“Ugh, no thanks,” came the reply, “but you can always come and help me.”

Sue laughed but didn’t say no, something Mark picked up on immediately.

“Right I had better get on or I am going to get told off,” said Sue reluctantly. “Gimmie a ring on your break if you want.”

“I may just do that, be gentle with me, I ache all over,” Mark replied.

Sue laughed, “OK I’ll do my best, if not I will have to find some way to make it up to you.”

“You’re right, you will. Talk to you later,” Mark replied.

“Seeya,” said Sue and hung up.

Mark put the phone down and smiled to himself. Walking out of the office his radio bleeped. Well that didn’t take long, he thought, as he wandered out to his ambulance.

Three hours later Mark and his crew mate Pete arrived back on station and booked on their break. Mark wandered back into the office, grabbed a sandwich and dialled control.

“Control Room,” said a voice.

“Hi, can you put me through to the Carsec desk please, it’s Mark on Hotel 4.”

“Ok one moment,” the voice said and there was a click as he was put on hold. Ten seconds later, there was another click.

“Hullo treasure, got yer sarnies?” Sue laughed.

“Hello love, yeah, they’re not very good though, I need a good woman to make them for me. Mark grinned.

“Well, when I find one, I’ll let you know,” said Sue.

“Tsk, foiled again,” Mark laughed.

Sue laughed and she and Mark chatted, while Sue worked and had multiple conversations around them.

“So,” said Mark suddenly, “When are you coming to paint my living room?”

“I have NO idea,” Sue said, “When I can find my overalls.”

“Oh don’t worry about them on my account, you can wear whatever you want,” replied Mark. “I usually wear just jeans.”

“Just jeans?” Sue answered, she could feel her eyebrows rising on the other end of the phone.

“Just jeans,” Mark emphasized. “Of course you may want to wear more, but if you don’t, you won’t hear any objections on my part.”

Sue laughed, “Oh is that right? We shall see. Shall I bring lunch? Not sure I could survive ham sandwiches.”

“Well you can if you want, I’m not that bad a cook though,” Mark said. “When do you want to come over?”

“To be honest, if we leave it much longer you will never do it. I am off this weekend if you are. I think we are more or less on the same shift pattern,” Sue answered.

“Certainly seems that way, so pick a day,” Mark said.

“Ummmmmmm, what about Saturday?” asked Sue.

“Saturday is good, do you want my address?” Said Mark.

“Can do, but I have NO clue around that area,” Sue replied.

Mark laughed suddenly, “Call yourself a dispatcher? That is such a scary thought. How about I meet you here at the station and you can follow me?”

“Sounds good to me, think I will enjoy following you. And shuddup about directions and dispatching.” Sue was giggling.

“Ok what time do you want to arrive? Anytime is good for me, as long as you get here in time to make lunch.” Mark grinned.

“Oh you cheeky git,” Sue replied.

Mark laughed, “Now what …”

He never got to finish his sentence as his radio went off and Sue sighed.

“Sorry love, red call.”

“Ok will sort out a time later, seeya,” replied Mark and without waiting for an answer he hung up and disappeared out of the office.

Sue sat at her desk grinning.

“What? WHAT?” She said smiling. Her friend sat next to her and smiled, shaking her head. “Oh shush,” said Sue laughing.

It was two more shifts before they caught up again. The lead up to Christmas left little time for anything except work and night shifts were as bad as day shifts.

At 4am on her last night shift, Sue phoned Carsec station and Mark picked up the phone.

“Carsec Ambulance Station, Mark King,” he said absently as he sorted through paperwork on the desk, Bank Holiday pay sheets giving him headaches.

“Coo, that sounded official,” said the voice on the other end.

Mark laughed, “Hallo you, I was wondering when you would phone.”

“Wellll,” said Sue, “I had to phone and find out what time lunch is on Saturday.”

“I know, I didn’t have phone numbers for you or anything, I thought I might end up starving in a magnolia living room,” Mark laughed.

Sue giggled, “Silly bugger, what time shall I come over?”

“Any time you want honey, the earlier the better as far as I am concerned,” Mark answered honestly. This girl intrigued him, the voice on the radio that made him immediately listen. He had spoken to some of the guys on station and knew she was single and currently unattached, quite fun-loving but not childish, slightly younger than him, but by very little. Curvy and dark haired, attractive escort istanbul and generally a happy person.

“Well I can be there from, oh, I dunno, 8? 9?” Sue answered him. She had heard a lot abut Mark and liked what she heard. One of the girls had made her smile when she mentioned his name, she simply replied saying:

“Oh Mark, mmmmmmmm VERY nice.”

She knew he was dark-haired, tall and attractive, that was something that had been the general agreement from all the girls, and she was quietly pleased.

“8 is fine by me, you will have to leave early though, won’t you?” said Mark.

“Oh it’s ok, years of practice,” Sue laughed and Mark laughed with her.

“Well I only live a couple of minutes from station. To be honest, you could leave the car there and we could walk, the parking is better at station.”

“Yeah that’s fine,” Sue replied. “The walk will do me good.”

Mark laughed again, “It’s not a half marathon.”

“Oh I don’t walk nearly enough.” Sue laughed. “8am or 9am? I can make breakfast too.”

“Breakfast will wait,” Mark laughed, “but 8am is fine by me.”

“Ok, I’ll be there,” Sue finished.

They continued their conversation for a while longer. He was a terrible flirt but she loved every second of it. Flattery, she thought, will get you everywhere. Sue tried to give as good as she got but he got the better of her occasionally.

Both reluctant to hang up, their conversation continued, both finding things out about each other. They had been in broken relationships, both single now, she happily enough, him not so happy. Similar senses of humour spoke of an amiable day together and Sue sensed they were both looking forward to it.

Finally Sue brought the conversation to a close. “Ah well, my new crews will be signing on soon so I had better go. I will see you Saturday morning. Do you want my mobile number just in case?”

“That would be a good idea, yes,” Mark replied.

They swapped phone numbers and reluctantly brought the conversation to an end.

“See you Saturday then,” she said.

“Ok honey, sleep well,” he replied.

“You too, bye.” She put the phone down.

Later on that day Sue got the first of many text messages as they bantered back and forth, making each other laugh, finally trying to bring the conversation to a close, Sue begged a bath waiting as an excuse, but took her phone with her into the bathroom and lay in the bath texting with him for the next hour.

Finally she called a halt by saying she had to get washed. Mark replied he would happily wash her back. Sue simply replied ‘lol’ and left it buzzing while she finished and got out.

She wrapped a towel around herself and picked up her phone. ‘I’m very good, very thorough,’ said the message. She answered ‘too late lol,’ and not two minutes later her phone chimed again. ‘I’m good at drying too!’ Sue simply answered ‘maybe one day,’ and sent it. Mark came back with ‘lol, my turn for the shower.’ Sue replied, ‘I suppose you want your back scrubbed then?’ Mark simply sent a smiley face. ‘Maybe one day,’ she sent back in reply.

Once Mark got out of the shower, he replied to Sue, ‘You never know your luck.’ Sue replied, ‘You are right, YOU never know YOUR luck. I had better get some sleep, some barmy bloke has persuaded me to get up at dawn to paint his living room.’ and sent it to him.

The answer came back, ‘you silly begger, too kind hearted, taking pity on a poor old soul.’ Sue’s reply came back, ‘something like that, see ya tomorrow lol.’ Mark replied, ‘Night honey, see you tomorrow xxx’. He put the phone down and smiled, he was actually looking forward to the next day. He walked to the fridge, helped himself to a beer and sat down at his PC, catching up with friends and emails. An hour later he decided to bid everyone goodnight and get some sleep.

Sue put down her book, checked her phone, set her alarm, smiled to herself and turned off her light. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

Sue’s alarm went off at 6:30am, for once she was not reluctant to get out of bed. She got up, had a shower and got dressed. She had found a really old pair of dungarees at the back of her wardrobe and shoved a t-shirt on underneath it, not bothering with a bra. She picked up her bag of spare clothes and walked into the kitchen. Rifling through the fridge she found everything that she had bought for lunch and hoped that Mark had a wok.

Picking up her bag again, she walked out of the flat and as she walked to the car she sent Mark a text to say she was on her way. As she turned the key in the ignition her phone beeped and Mark replied that he would see her soon.

Mark got a shower and got dressed, paint covered jeans and an old t-shirt. Cup of coffee in his hand, he picked up the post and sorted through it. A bill for him, three junk mail letters, and six for the previous tenants.

Finishing his coffee, he glanced up at the clock and grabbed his jacket, patting his pockets for his keys, hearing them jangle. He walked out of the bayan escort door and down the stairs on his way to station.

As he walked into the car park, Sue swung her car in. He stopped and let her park. Hoping the woman he was watching was actually Sue, they had not even thought to exchange photos. Sue got out of the car and looked straight at him.

“Hullo you,” she said

He smiled, “How did you know it was me?” he asked.

Sue laughed, “Your jeans gave you away,” she said pointing.

“Oh yeah,” Mark said looking down sheepishly. “You look good.”

“Oh I am sure,” she said, looking at her scruffy dungarees and trainers. She opened the boot and took out the bag she had brought. Slamming the car boot down again she swung the bag onto her shoulder and locked the car doors.

“OK, I’m ready, lead on,” she said, smiling. The girls had not been wrong.

Mark took the strap from her shoulder and slung it over his own. Turning he started walking.

“Come on then,” he called laughing, “I’ve got walls with your name on.”

Sue laughed and they made their way back to the flat. As Mark opened the front door he put Sue’s bag inside the first door they came to.

“Hang on, the lunch,” Sue said as she opened the door to get her bag. She noticed he had put the bag in the bedroom. Looking around she turned to Mark.

“Done this room already?” she said.

“Yes,” Mark replied, “What do you think?”

Sue looked around the room, taking in the pale cream and deep burgundy walls. The bed dominated the room, a deep, warm red oak sleigh bed, the wood looking inviting, the quilt thick and large, with its cover matching the walls. Strong, masculine and sleek, it was definitely a man’s bedroom. She turned to Mark, her arms full of lunch.

“I love it, very male,” she said.

Mark smiled broadly and emptied Sue’s arms.

“Glad you like it. Come on, I’ll make you a coffee and we’ll get on.” Sue followed Mark down the hallway and stood at the door of the kitchen.

“Wow” she said looking at the black and chrome kitchen. “This is exactly what I want, did you do this too?”

“No, this was fitted but I chose everything.” Mark smiled, he was enjoying showing it all off. He made the coffee and handed her a mug.

“Ok, ready?” Mark asked.

“As ready as I will ever be,” grinned Sue and followed him into the living room. Half of one wall was dark blue, the rest was magnolia. Sue laughed.

“Well you got a long way with this room.” She shook her head.

“I thought I would leave it for you,” Mark said.

“Oh haha, where is the paintbrush then?” Sue turned to find Mark standing behind her with a paintbrush in one hand and a tin of paint in the other one. She laughed and took it from him. Bending to put the paint on the dustsheet while Mark walked across and switched on the IPod, music filling the room. Sue turned to talk to him and stopped, watching him take off his t-shirt, his wide shoulders and narrow waist, black well cut hair, she leant against the wall and drank in the sight of him, lean and honed, long arms and well manicured hands.

She watched as he bent down to pick up a paint brush from the floor, his jeans tightening against his long legs and nice arse, he was certainly tall, easily six feet, putting her five feet three inch frame in the shade.

She took a deep appreciative sigh and he looked over his shoulder. Spotting her standing with her arms crossed watching him, he smiled and stood straight, turning round. Sue let out the breath she had not realized she was holding and took him in again. The hairs on his chest were as dark as his head and he was, in her view, exceptionally good looking. She appraised him while he looked at her. She knew he was now watching her but she simply could not stop herself. He had a well defined face, a tinge of sadness under the sideways smile, and the dark good looks. Apart from his eyes, which she was trying to avoid looking right at now, he had incredibly full lips underneath his dark stubble and Sue wondered what it would be like to kiss them.

She looked up to find Mark watching her as intently as she was him. She blushed and he laughed.

Turning around quickly, Sue bent and dipped her paint brush into her paint pot, unaware that behind her, Mark was doing exactly as she had just done, appraising her, enjoying her. The shapeless dungarees hid a lot, but as he bent over, her backside became more defined, along with her legs. Her bum was nicely shaped, rounded, not saggy, whilst her thighs were nicely wide and curvy. Her hips held promise of being wide with a narrower waist, straight backed. She stood and started to paint the wall, her hair screwed up on top of her head, dark and straight. Feeling his stare, she turned and looked at him, letting him drink her in, her pale blue eyes looking mischievous and full of promise, button nose set in the middle of a round face, a face that seemed to have its own secret smile.

Her lips were deep pink, full but not thick. Small ears and kissable neck, average size boobs if his judgement was correct. He couldn’t see properly through the shape of the dungarees but he suspected a small stomach, not flat but just enough to make it very sexy.

Sue smiled as she followed his eyes as they toured her and she turned to continue her painting.

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