Bath Night

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This is a very short little story I wrote a while ago. I know it is not th ebest, and probably full of mistakes and typo’s and could be so much extended and improved. But it was written in a night, and was purely for fun. So just enjoy the bath.

It had quite possibly been the longest day of my working life. My boss had thrown a huge hissy fit and it had come down on my head. I had had coffee spilt all over my skirt, my blouse suffered an ink stain from the faulty printer. My feet were killing me and to top it all off I had missed my bus and got soaked in a torrential downpour. Suffice to say I wasn’t in the best of moods when I got back to the Victorian house I shared with a friend.

Slinging my handbag and coat towards the coat stand in the hall, I walked through to the kitchen and checked the water heater had come on at its designated time, then checked the post lying on the counter; the electric bill and a letter from my grandmother. Both could damn well wait until after I had had a hot bath.

Climbing the steep stairs, I shrugged off my jacket and tossed it through the doorway of my bedroom as I passed it on the way to the bathroom. Coming to a halt in front of the closed bathroom door, I sighed theatrically and knocked on the polished wood.

“Amanda, I know you like to preen and admire yourself in front of the mirror, but get the hell out of there,” I said in a low calm voice.

Bowing my head, I rapped my knuckles sharply on the wood and began to mutter imprecations against my friends life when the door opened. I stared at the overlarge feet under my nose, and then up a little at the decidedly hairy legs and knees.

“You had an operation and not told me?” my mouth asked as I raked my eyes up over the white towel and bare expanse of manly chest to the innocently enquiring gaze of the man that stood a foot taller than me.

“Only an ingrown toenail the other year, but that wasn’t much,” he answered, the hint of a smile playing on his lips. “Sass, isn’t it?”

“Sarah,” I answered coldly, the life long loathing of the name Sass uncurling for a moment. “Who the fuck are you?”
“Pete,” he said instantly.

“Who the fuck is Pete?!”

“I’m Amanda’s cousin,” he said with a slight frown. “She said I could stay for a day or two while I got my own place sorted. She said it was alright by you.”

“She did?” I asked, and then riffled hazy memories.

“Obviously not,” he said on a sigh. “I’m really sorry, I’ll get my kit together and illegal bahis go.”

“Hang on,” I said with a slowly raised hand. “Something about Australia?”

“New Zealand, actually,” he said with a relieved sigh. “I’ve been working down there 12 months. Got back today. Amanda let me in, but she seemed in some kind of rush…?”

“That would be because she was flying out to America tonight!” I said with a slap on the forehead. “I forgot she was going!”

“Long day, huh?” Pete asked as he leaned against the doorjamb, his arms folded loosely across his chest.

“You would not believe,” I replied with an exasperated roll of the eyes. “Started with the boss then snowballed from there.”

“Bummer,” Pete sympathised.

I glanced up at him, then my gaze was dragged back down to the towel around his waist. “Er, actually, I was kinda wanting a bath.”

“Me to,” he answered with a quick grin that made me too hot. “Not had a decent bath in over week, been all showers,” he explained as he stepped back and waved his hand at the full and waiting bath. “But you’ve had a worse day than me, so ladies first.”

“Oh, right, thanks,” I muttered as I squeezed past him in the doorway. My arm brushed across his stomach and we both inhaled sharply as an electric jolt shot through us. “Sorry!”

“I didn’t expect that,” Pete said with a frown as he looked down at my arm. Looking up at me, he reached out a quick hand and cupped my cheek in his large palm. Gasping at the touch, I closed my eyes and froze in place, not daring to move in case my knees buckled. “Yes, just like that,” he breathed.

Forcing my eyes open, I saw him bend his head and could not react as his lips touched mine softly. The instant they did a wild shock of energy shot through me and turned me red hot. Gripping his upper arms, I moved closer and pressed hard against his body as he slid his arms about me.

Pressing me against the doorframe, he moaned softly against my lips as my arms twined about his neck. Deepening the kiss, I had a momentary pang of guilt at the rashness of my actions, but I brushed it aside and slid a hand down to his shoulder.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered against my lips as we broke. “What the hell is it?”

I shrugged and pulled him back into the kiss, as I did so his fingers sought out the buttons of my blouse and fumbled them. After a few moments he gave up and ripped the blouse apart, the buttons coming away forcefully as he pushed the material off my shoulders and ripped illegal bahis siteleri the blouse from me.

I had a moment of regret for the blouse, but then his strong hands were on my torso, moving up to slide the edge of his palms under my bra and touch my breasts. Arching my back, I flicked open the bra and pulled it off.

“God yes,” Pete breathed as his mouth closed on my hard nipples. Gasping at the wet heat of his tongue on such a sensitive part, I guided his hands down to my backside. “You really are horny,” he commented as he moved to my other breast.

“You have no idea how much I need a fuck,” I said breathlessly as I helped him to ease my skirt up.

“About the same as me,” he said quickly. Yanking my skirt up to my waist, he slid a hand between my legs and cupped my sex in his hand. “So wet and hot already.”

“And what are you like?” I asked as I squirmed against his hand.

“Find out,” he teased as he rubbed me hard.

Reaching down, I took hold of the edge of the towel and yanked it away roughly. Gazing down at his hard cock as it stood proud of his body, my eyes widened at the size of it, but then I smiled slowly. “Fuck yes!”

Curling my fingers around his hard shaft, I had the pleasure of hearing him groan as he moved into my hand. Gripping him tight, I slowly moved my hand to the head and stroked my fingers over him until he was gasping. I smiled wickedly, and then gasped in return as he worked my wet panties into my heat and rubbed my clit hard.

“Two can play,” he warned me with a wolfish grin.

Catching him in another kiss, I wriggled awkwardly against him as I eased my panties down over his hand, then breathed heavily and leaned against the door frame as he removed them for me. I recognised my mistake instantly as his lips and tongue found my sex.

I arched back and gasped and moaned in ecstasy as all of my pent up emotions of the day ripped through me in the most earth shattering orgasm I had ever had. I felt his tongue working quickly in my pussy as I came hard, my juices flowing over his face and down my legs into my stockings as I shuddered heavily, my legs beginning to buckle as I was left drained.

Catching me as I collapsed, Pete held me on his lap and kissed me hard through the last of the shudders, his tongue tasting of my climax as he brought me back down to earth in a very enjoyable way.

“Jesus lass,” he muttered against my mouth. “Do you always come?”

I nodded against his shoulder and canlı bahis siteleri moved carefully, aware of his rock hard cock under my thigh.

“Excellent,” he breathed, and then he was kissing me again as he managed to unfasten my skirt and slide it down a little. Easing it off, I slid off his lap to complete the process and looked at his cock. It was so hard and straining that I felt a pang of remorse for coming so soon. But that was almost instantly swept away as my pussy began to make itself so wet that the merest movement made me shiver in arousal.

“I can smell you,” Pete said as he pulled me roughly to him, his hand moving down to touch me again. “You are so wet, so ready for me aren’t you?” he asked as he kissed my throat and neck, his tongue touching my hot skin in fleeting glances.

“Fuck me,” I managed to say before kissing him hotly, holding his face between my hands as I rose up and pressed myself to him.

Pulling me down, he arranged my legs either side of his thighs and his glittering gaze met mine. Widening my thighs I placed my hot wet pussy to him and then slowly came down, easing his size into me carefully. Gasping as my body at first refused to yield, my eyes narrowed as it gave way and he was sliding in, filling me more than I had ever had before.

“You feel so fucking good,” Pete whispered as he placed hot kisses down my throat and breasts before carefully nipping one of my nipples.

Raking my nails over his shoulders, I made a tentative move of my hips on him, and smiled as he groaned. He felt so damn good inside me, his cock rubbing every part of me that mattered. Moving my hips slowly, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, my fingers digging into his shoulders to hold myself steady as his hands cupped my backside.

“Harder,” Pete growled as his muscles tensed under my fingers, his body shaking.

Moving my hips faster, I tilted my hips back, driving him deeper inside my hot core. Hanging on hard, I felt my body begin to shake and shiver around him as he grew bigger and harder, his whole body clenching as he began to come.

Leaning forwards, I buried my face into the curve of his neck and held on as he began to come, my body pulsing around him as a new orgasm rippled through me. I moved closer to him as he pulled me tight, our torsos pressed tightly together as he breathed heavily, his body held still as he slowly recovered. Smiling down at him as he looked at me, I wiped his hair from his brow and placed a soft kiss to his lips.

“What are the chances of that bath now?” I asked with a lazy smile.

“Fuck,” he breathed, and that about said it all.

Amanda came home ten days later, and found Pete living in my room. And we did eventually make it into that bath.

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