Bad Influence

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OK. Here I am, week two without my boyfriend. I already cheated once and am trying really hard not to again. We do have an open relationship, but there’s something weird about “open” relationships anyway. I can’t put my finger on it!

Anyway, it was the middle of the week and I was done with my school work. I couldn’t believe how much crap I have to learn just to get this degree in Media. What does ancient South American history have to do with non-linear editing? I was doing OK in that class too.

I can honestly say that I am not attracted to anyone in my school, no matter how cute they are. I am strictly business when it comes to my school work. I do on occasion wear something “inappropriate” to class, just to get a little attention, but I really need to be taken seriously by the professors and students, so I save my antics for off campus.

My first cousin Leon was staying at the house. He was basically on “vacation” from NYC. Leon was a typical New York “thug” type 20 year old, who gets his influences from watching rap videos. He talked and looked tough, but was a real sweetheart. Tall, dark and very handsome. He had been in the Marines for a while to learn some discipline. Sent there by my mother’s brother, my Uncle. I always had a big crush on Leon, but as we got older, I rarely saw him. I only heard that he was always getting in trouble. Then, boom! He was in the Marines and then I really never saw him for years. When he came to visit, I was glad to see him and we got along fine.

It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday when I came home from a hike up and down the canyon. I was totally sweaty and hot. When I walked in, the smell of weed hit me like a ton of bricks. Leon was on the couch burning a fat one. I went directly into my room and took off my clothes. A ran a bath and threw on a tiny robe. I went out into the living room. The TV is blasting music videos from MTV. “What up Couso?” Leon says every time I see him.

“Couso” is the nickname he gives every one of his first cousins. I walk in with my robe almost open, holding it closed with one of my hands. “Damn you look good!” He says though a haze of smoke, trying not to choke. I walk over, grab the blunt that he’s smoking and take a big drag. I almost choked. “That’s that LA chronic, baby!” He yells out, trying not to laugh at me. I could tell that he was way passed being buzzed. He was high as a kite. I plopped down on the couch next to him. My robe opens up and my boobies are now exposed. He just stares and smiles. “Nice.” He says. I smile and walk away, taking my robe off as I head into my bathroom. “Where you going?” He yells out. I point towards the bathroom and walk inside.

By the time I got in the shower, I was high. I am not a weed smoker, so one hit and I’m gone. As the warm water ran over my body, I was getting horny as hell. As I showered, I shaved my pussy of all of the hair that casino oyna was growing back. It’s almost a daily routine for me to try and keep it totally bald. To be honest, it’s a real pain to do it sometimes, but I want to keep the entire area totally hair free, front and back, so the best way to keep it trained is to shave it everyday.

By the time I got out of the shower, my head was spinning. I stumbled into my room and fell onto the bed. That’s when I realized that my door was open and Leon could see me naked in my room. I laid still for a minute or so, then sat up. I looked into the living room and saw his staring at me with a huge smile on his face. To my surprise, he had his cock out and was stroking it. I didn’t care. I thought it was hot. “What cha doing?” I yelled out.

“Looking at you Couso!” He responded. I got up, walked over to him and stood over him, staring at his hard black dick.

“What’s up?” He asked, staring at his own dick. I felt a chill run through my body as I thought about what was about to happen. Without any more though, I straddled my cousin and slid down onto his lap. I started kissing him, giving in to his good looks and cocky attitude. My pussy was soaking wet. I looked down and it was literally dripping strings of my pussy juice onto his hard cock as it brushed against my pussy lips. His cock wasn’t huge, but it was really thick around. He pointed it straight up and I slid down on it. It felt so good going inside of me. I went in real easily because I was so fucking wet. Leon moaned out loud like he was about to cum right away. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. “Oh no!” I said. “Don’t you dare! Slow down cowboy!” I continued. He smiled and gripped my ass, pulling me all the way down onto his throbbing cock. “Hold on, hold on!” He kept repeating as I stood still, sitting with his cock buried deep inside of me. I felt his cock pulsating inside of my pussy. He kept repeating “Okay, Hold on!” “I am holding.” I responded. I kept quiet for a second. I moved my body forward a bit. He moaned loudly and grunted out “I said hold on Couso!” I felt his cock begin to spurt hot sperm inside of my pussy. I began to grind my hips in a circle, as my pussy milked my cousin’s cock of his cum. “Oh shit!” He whispered. I smiled as he laid his head back onto the couch. I felt him shoot his last few spurts of cum deep inside of me. “I’m not done yet, Couso!” He grunted out loud. “You better not be, Couso!” I answered. He laughed, reached for his blunt, lit it and took a pull from it. His dick was still buried inside of me and it wasn’t getting soft either.

I slowly began to ride my cousin Leon’s cock slowly, concentrating on reaching my own orgasm before his dick got soft. I mean, he did just cum and it is normal for a man to get soft after cumming. I closed my eyes and kept riding his dick. Now I was really, really wet. His juices and my juices were making slot oyna plenty of noise, that was almost drowned out from the music blasting from the TV. I actually felt his cock getting harder by the second. I looked down and his cum was slowly oozing out with every stroke I made on his cock. I wanted to cum so bad and knew what would do it. I leaned way forward and began to kiss Leon. He breathed smoke into my mouth and I began to cough. He started laughing. His dick slipped out of my wet pussy from my leaning forward and coughing. His dick was so wet and covered with his cum and my pussy juice, that the head of slid it into my ass with one quick and easy motion.

“Ooh!” I yelped out, form the width of his cock stretching my asshole. “What’s the matter?” Leon asked, not knowing that his cock was even in my ass. “Nothing.” I whispered. So, I was in control now, coming very close to reaching my first orgasm. The feeling of his thick cock sliding up and down my ass was so good, I wanted to keep this feeling going over and over and over. It was at that point that he realized that he was in my ass. “Damn Couso’, you’re so fuckin’ hot!” He groaned out and repeated. “You’re so fucking hot!” I was in heaven as his thick cock slid in and out of my stretched open ass. We stayed in that position for at least 20 minutes as Leon brought me to two strong orgasms. He was nowhere close to cumming, he told me.

I was ready for one more orgasm. I stopped humping his cock and rested for a moment. He turned the channel to the TV to a sports channel. “What! Am I boring you? I asked. He just laughed and laughed. I smiled, because I thought he was so cute, laughing with such a cocky attitude. I slowly slid forward, letting his cock slide out of my juicy ass. I held onto it and slid it directly into my wet pussy. I moaned out loud as I rubbed my engorged clitoris. Leon suddenly stood up with his cock still inside of me. He laid me back down onto the sweat drenched leather couch and began slamming into my pussy. He was going to town on me and I came within a few minutes from the direct contact on my clit. He moaned and once again he filled my pussy with his warm cum. He collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. His cock still was hard, as I felt it slowly throb deep inside of my pussy walls.

“Damn Couso’! You are so fucking hot! I can’t stop fucking you!” He moaned in my ear. I smiled and kissed his sexy face. “You can fuck me anytime you want!” I whispered in his ear. “I want more!” He responded. “I’ve always wanted you. I know you knew that.” He continued. I felt his cock beginning to soften and slip out of my come-filled pussy. I slid down and gently placed his cum soaked dick into my mouth and sucked on it, trying to get him hard again. No luck. It softened up. I looked up at him and he said “Gimme 10 minutes and I’m gonna be ready!” I walked to the kitchen and got some water for both of us. As I canlı casino siteleri walked back, his cum dripped down my leg. I passed him a bottle of water and went to wash up. I jumped back into the shower and he went into the other bathroom and closed the door.

It was about a half of an hour later that I emerged from the bathroom. I had taken another long and soothing shower, trying to cool off, as well as wash the two loads of cum that my good ol’ cousin filled me with.

Leon was watching a basketball game on TV wearing just a T-shirt. “You ready?” I asked. He nodded yes. I was still naked and slick with baby oil. His dick was rock hard and sticking out from under his T-shirt. I walked up to him and turned away from him, then sat on his lap, letting his hard dick brush up against my hot and oily ass cheeks. I proceeded to give him a lap dance, even though there was no music on. Eventually he grabbed the remote and turned off the TV’s sound and turned on the stereo. The CD player came on, blasting a rap song. I got off of him and laid onto the couch with my legs spread wide open. I pointed to my wet and hot pussy and ordered him to “eat”! He smiles and went down on me, eating out my hot box. I came within a few minutes once he started sucking on my clit.

I was back in heat again. I wanted him inside of me. My ass was ready for him and my pussy still throbbed for some more cock. I sat up and sat him back down on the couch. Once again I straddled him and slid his dick into my awaiting pussy. I started moving my hips slowly to the driving beat of the rap song. Then he started getting into the rhythm, pumping his hips upwards to meet my rhythm.

At one point we missed a stroke and his cock popped out of my pussy. We started to laugh for a minute or so. I slid it back in and continued our synchronized fucking session. He started grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart, reminding my ass that it was still yearning to be filled. I slid his cock out of my pussy and placed it inside of my ass. Slowly he pushed himself all the way inside until it was buried to his balls. We both moaned in satisfaction as I rode his stiff cock. This went on for at least 30 minutes. We would pick up pace, then slow it down when he felt as if he were going to cum. Me, on the other hand, came twice within that 30 minutes. Leon was now at that point where he was going to blow his wad any second from now. He had that look in his eyes of pure pleasure. It was such a turn on seeing him in ecstasy. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Leon spurted his hot cum deep inside my ass. I rubbed my clit frantically, trying to cum too. His cock stayed hard for a few minutes, then slowly began to slip out of my ass. I couldn’t cum that fast, so I calmed myself down by slowly kissing his handsome face. I slowly let his cock slide out of my ass. He was so buzzed from the weed, that he fell asleep within a few minutes. What a typical man!

When my brother came home, Leon was still knocked out on the couch and I played the innocent role, acting why I didn’t know why he was passed out on the couch for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32