Bad Boy Ch. 02

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Lukas moaned again. Was this some kind of crazy dream?! What the hell was happening to him? Sighing loudly, Mrs Kirkwood sat up on her knees and licked Lukas’ spunk from around her mouth with a sensuous pink tongue.

“Mmmmm…oh, little boys cum is the best taste in the world…especially when they’re virgins…”

She leant over his face, her dark hair hanging round her head and seemingly blocking out all the light.

“But don’t worry Lukas…you won’t be when you leave…”

* * * * *

She grabbed Lukas’ tie and pulled him upright so that she was straddling his legs. Tutting as she pushed her hair back from around her face, she said,

“I do hope you’re going to last longer than this…”

She grinned evilly.

“I’m not at all finished with you Lukas…not at all.”

As she said this she hiked her skirt up around her thighs, revealing her matching black lace panties to Lukas’ wild-eyed face. Letting out an exasperated moan, Mrs Kirkwood looked at his flaccid penis and closed her eyes. Opening them again she said a little more gently,

“Lukas my dear, if we’re going to do this then I’d like you to be a little more enthusiastic about fucking me. I mean…isn’t it supposed to be every little boy’s dream to sleep with his teacher? Especially when they’re…”

Here she took his dick in her hand and played with it lazily.

“As good as I am…and you’ll know how that feels soon enough.”

Lukas lay against the door absolutely spent. Going from a quick wank in his bedroom at home to THIS! And now she wanted to FUCK HIM?! His mouth sagged open. Thoughts spun in his head. Reason battled with instinct. She was a oldster! But no question – she looked bloody good. Him getting to stick a teacher? This would earn him boasting rights for years…he smiled dreamily. No question about it, he was going to enjoy this as much as she was. He looked down at her hand curled around his penis and said in a low voice,

“Mrs Kirkwood…”

She looked up at him through her glasses.

“I think I’m ready to have my lesson now.”

Lukas saw a flicker of doubt in her eyes.

“Except that I’m gonna teach you somethin’.”

As he said this, he pushed her in the chest so she fell off him and skidded backwards along the floor for a few metres. Lukas stood over her and looked down. She looked up at him fearfully, the balance of power changed in those few seconds.

“What…what’re you going to do to me Lukas?”

She whimpered seductively as her breasts heaved.

“Be gentle…”

“I’m not going to fuck you yet bitch.” Lukas growled. “First…” Here he held out a hand and helped her to her feet.

She stood up, shaking a little. He lifted her up easily and she moaned as she felt his hardening dick press into her groin. Placing her on the desk, Lukas drew up a chair and sat infront of her. Opening her legs roughly and seeing the wetness on the İstanbul Escort black lace made his penis rise to its full height. He shook his head to forget the fact of his own arousal and looked up at Mrs Kirkwood.

“I wanna taste ya.”

He wasted no time in ripping her wet panties off her firm body. Moaning under his breath he stared at how the lips of her vagina were already gaping open through her sparse pubic hair, beckoning him in. He could see the soft pink of her inner entrance, and the small drops of her excitement already beginning to gather and trickle out. Tentatively he reached forward and stroked the edge of one of her lips. She closed her eyes and began to massage one breast as he slowly explored its soft length. Then sliding his finger deep into her moistness, he heard her groan. Slowly he drew it out and then placed it in his mouth. Her juices tasted like honey, salt and vanilla. He made a guttural sound in his throat as he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the desk. Placing his head between her thighs, he lapped at the trickles of her pre-cum on her pussy lips. Mrs Kirkwood gripped the desk hard, her knuckles whitening as Lukas’ tongue penetrated her soft vadge. He delved inside her, tracing her velvety walls with every movement of his mouth. He withdrew and placed his attention on her hard clit, nipping and sucking on it until she was bucking against him and running her hands through his hair. He reached up one hand and released her breasts from the bra. Taking one in his hand, he felt the warm, soft weight of it and squeezed it tentatively. She moaned loudly as he teased her swollen clit with his tongue and pinched her large nipple with his naïve fingers.

Arching her back and thrusting her groin against Lukas’ willing tongue, Mrs Kirkwood was pleasantly surprised at her pupil’s aptitude. She cried out as he nibbled on her clit sharply and tweaked her nipple.

“Ohhhhh…Lukas!!” she groaned. “Stop…No, don’t…I’m…!!!!”

She tipped her head backward and pushed his head against her muff as she started to orgasm. Taking no notice of her pleas Lukas forced her to cum 3 times, licking up the juices of her ecstasy as it spilled out of her pussy and onto the desk, teasing her to the brink with his eager tongue. At last he stopped and pulled back. He leant back in the chair and wiped the last remnants of her orgasm from his chin.

“Like that?” He asked flippantly, trying to hide his obvious arousal at the fact he had made his headmistress cum all over her posh oak desk.

“Lukas…” Mrs Kirkwood stepped down from her desk with obvious difficulty. Her legs were sticky with her own juices and Lukas’ spit. She reached between her legs and fingered herself with a little moan.

“What’s this?” She laughed lightly at the cum on her fingertip. She sucked it off with pleasure.

“Mmm…oh Lukas…that was good. I didn’t know you would Kadıköy Escort be so forward. I’m so…” She moaned again. “Swollen…I can still feel you down there.”

She stepped forward, the light glinting off her glasses. Staring down at Lukas’ lap, where his erection was. She whispered,

“You have to fuck me now, you know that.”

Lukas smiled up at her cockily. She looked back at him, the desire apparent in her voracious gaze.

“Except I still have a few things I can teach you…”

She stepped over him, straddling his lap with her legs as his cock rubbed against her slick pussy. Lukas bit his lip.

“At last…” she placed her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. “I’m going to have you Lukas…before anyone else…you’re going to be mine.”

As she said this she gently slid over him a little, just so the glans was inside her. Mrs Kirkwood closed her eyes as Lukas placed his hands on her full, ripe bottom. Slowly…she slid further and further, taking her time and increasing his urgency. The sensation of his young, virile cock entering her so teasingly was almost too much. As she finally took his whole length into her, he cried out. She ground against him, whimpering and making small sounds like a child. Lukas could feel her soft, hot pussy completely covering him and he throbbed inside her as his balls started to tighten. Mrs Kirkwood stroked his feverish brow and whispered gently,

“Not yet Lukas, hold it…mmm…I’m gonna…” she gasped as he moved a little, “Show you one last thing…” Lukas looked at her inquisitively and then he felt her tighten over him.

He moaned as she began to move up and down over him, the muscles inside her clenching and bringing him almost to the brink.

“Do you like it?” she murmured throatily.

Lukas nodded his head vigorously, feeling as if he was gonna cum very soon and very hard. He bit his lip and managed to croak out that he was gonna cum. She kissed him gently on the forehead and stroked his hair back.

“Relax…just concentrate on the movement…” He could feel her rising almost off him before coming back down on his dick hard. He groaned.

“I can’t last much longer.”

To take his mind off his rock solid balls, he gently played his finger around her ass. Smiling mischievously, he quickly brought it to his mouth, sucked it and then slid it up her anus. She hissed and then groaned as he worked both her holes at once.

“OK Lukas…you can let go when I say…” He nodded his head thankfully. “Ready? 1…2…3.” He moaned as he felt his imminent explosion build and build. “Now!” she cried.

“Arghhhh!” He came hard inside her as she came around him.

“Lukas!!!!” she moaned. “I can feel you…so fucking deep…in me!” She ground her pelvis hard against him as he worked every drop he had out. At last they were both done and she climbed off him.

Lukas lay back Ataşehir Escort in the chair, completely spent.

“Did you like that?” she asked coyly as she wiped herself off with a tissue.

“Fuck yes.” He answered as she passed him the box. He wiped the cum and her juices off his now flaccid penis.

Stepping back into her rather ripped pants and adjusting her skirt and glasses Mrs Kirkwood sat herself back down behind her desk. She drew a pad of paper toward her and wrote something down busily as Lukas tucked himself back into his trousers. She leant over the rather messy desk.

“Must remember to clean that up.”

She said with a brisk smile as she handed him the note.

“That should do for an excuse if anyone catches you on the way out and doesn’t believe you’re ill,” she winked, “growing boys like you need to keep their strength up.”

“So…” she leaned back in the chair and flipped open her personal organiser. “I think we’ll arrange another meeting for…let’s see…next Wednesday if that’s good with you?” He nodded. “You’re obviously a very troubled boy Lukas, who needs a lot of counselling.”

She stroked her hair back with one hand. “You’re dismissed.”

Lukas gaped. After all that, just “you’re dismissed”?!

“What’re you gawking at boy? Get out!” she said gaily.

Lukas stood from his chair and walked rather awkwardly to the door.

“Oh Lukas…” she called cheerfully from behind him. He turned to face her. “Don’t forget next Wednesday, my dear, we still have a LOT to go through.” She winked sexily and in that one second Lukas saw what he’d seen in the past hour, the headmistress who liked to fuck her students. Then it was gone and he was walking along the corridor and out the gates. He had half a day left to waste. He could go and find Kev, Key and Dane! He whistled as he walked along the pavement. Whether they’d believe his tale was another story though…

Mrs Kirkwood watched Lukas as he walked cheerfully out of the school gates. A teasing smile played about her lips as she opened her personal organised. Turning to the page marked “POTENTIALS” she slid her finger down the list of names.

“Miss Jenx!” she called.

The small ginger haired secretary scurried in.

“Yes, Mrs Kirkwood?” she queried in her squeaky voice.

“Schedule an appointment with me for Lukas Eckles, next Wednesday morning would you?”

“Of course, Mrs Kirkwood. Would that be in the morning or afternoon?”

“Hmm…” Mrs Kirkwood rested her head on her hand. “I think morning Mrs Jenx…I always feel rather more capable of handling such active youngsters at that time.” She smiled sweetly. “That will be all, thank you.”

As Mrs Jenx hurried out of the room, Mrs Kirkwood lay back in her chair and let the previous hour’s ‘activities’ wash over her. Taking her organiser in one hand, she closed her eyes and jabbed at the POTENTIALS page with one perfectly manicured fingernail. Opening them, she smiled happily at her selection. Tash Hedgison – a tall, dark blonde, troubled girl if there ever was one. Mrs Kirkwood allowed herself a small laugh. Her next victim…and she only hoped that blondes really were as much fun.

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