Backseat Battle

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Big Dick

Every weekday, Brenda would come home from a long exhausting day at the office, to find her husband watering the yard. There was nothing wrong with him watering the yard mind you, as it was a task that needed to be done, but still, it angered the blonde. For every day, at that same time, the 19-year-old neighbor girl, Samantha, decided to sunbathe, in her front yard. An odd, seemingly intentional quirk if ever there was one. That little bitch would lay out there, in her chair – turning over or stretching to accentuate her assets whenever Brenda’s husband Mark would look in her direction. She knew exactly what she was doing, and Brenda, Mark’s wife, was on to her.

Now, hubby hadn’t done anything wrong – he hadn’t slept with her, or even talked to her, at least as far as Brenda knew. But it was only a matter of time, with that hot little thing out there, prancing around, trying to catch her husband’s eye. So, with that eventuality in mind, or more specifically stopping it, Brenda decided to act, intending to use her best weapon: her own body. For as hot as Samantha was, the wife of the man she was trying to lure was even hotter. Big breasts. Thin waist. Fit body. More than enough to take on that little hussy, she thought to herself as she changed into her selected attire, however little of that there was. Some hot little denim panties, and a thin silk robe was all she chose, knowing that she would need no more for the battle she intended to wage.

It was in that outfit that Mark’s wife drove home, and parked a few houses down from her own. There she waited, until her husband had finished watering and Samantha had finished her tanning. Their simultaneous cessation triggered the middle-aged blonde to start the car, and speed down the road, only slowing just before she began her tire-screeching turn into Samantha’s parent’s driveway. Having arrived at her intended destination, Brenda slid off her robe, and kicked open the driver’s door to her SUV, not feet away from Samantha, who unsurprisingly wore a look of shock on her face.

Brenda: “Get. In.” The MILF said sternly, as she made clear not only her intentions, but the contours of her body near naked body.

Samantha: “‘Bout time, grandma. I was starting to think you were just going to let me take him. And did you forget to dress today, or something? Ewe.” The young brunette said, as she walked around the car, and got in the passenger side, the effects of surprise having faded from her pretty little face.

Nothing Bostancı Escort was said as the two drove one residential street, then another, until finally they reached the top floor of the nearby parking garage, which luckily enough for they, happened to be empty at this time of day. Empty though it may have been, Brenda still drove to the absolute back of the lot, before stopping the car, putting it in park, and turning to face her rival.

Brenda: “You’re trying to seduce my husband.”

Samantha: “Uh, no… I AM seducing your husband. Trying is what you’re ‘trying’ to do, Ms. Old Body.”

Brenda: “Bitch! You WISH your body looked like mine.”

Samantha: “Yeah, maybe I will when I’m 80. Big maybe though.”

Brenda: “Sorry to break it to you, but when you’re 80, you’ll still have tiny little tits.”

Samantha: “Fuck you, my tits are perfect. More than enough to lure your husband into watching me tan every day.”

Brenda: “OoOOo, hit a nerve did I?”

Samantha: “Fucking ancient cunt, don’t make me hit you.”

Brenda: “Yeah, you’d use your fists, because you haven’t the slightest clue how to fight like a real woman.”

Samantha: “Ok, like, what does that even mean?”

Brenda: “It means you take off that skimpy fucking bathing suit top, we get in the back seat, and we fuck until one of us cums.”

Samantha: “And why would we do that? I want your husband, not his leftovers from 100 years ago. Which is me talking about you, BTW.”

Brenda: “Yeah, caught that. We do that, because if you make me cum, I’ll let you keep trying to seduce my husband, and I won’t interfere. And if I make you cum, you start tanning in your backyard, and you leave my husband alone.”

Samantha: “Uh, deal, because there is no way you’re making me cum. You’re disgusting.”

Without another word, the older blonde opened her driver’s side door. and got out, the brunette not long after followed suit. Then, after the young brunette had taken off her top, the two women opened the doors to the backseat on their respective sides of the car, and crawled in.

In the middle they met, and not a moment after getting in range for it, Samantha reared back, and after clearing her throat as best she could, spit right in Brenda face’s. The move caught the blonde entirely off-guard, causing her to close her eyes, just as the 19-year-old dove forward, and tackled her. Brenda still trying to clean phlegm from her Bostancı Escort Bayan eyes, did not resist as the brunette grabbed her leg, brought it vertical, and crossed their thighs into a scissor position. From that position the young seductress began to hump, rolling her hips back and forth, putting all of her gymnastics and cheerleading practice to good use.

Brenda, now on bottom and at her rival’s mercy, was mortified. She, being the one who demanded this engagement, and set the terms with such finality, now found herself being tribbed expertly, by a girl who clearly knew how to use her body to illicit maximum pleasure. And though she was taken by feelings of shame and frustration, she was also overcome by pleasure, as she could feel in every one of Samantha’s thrusts, their clits ramming together through their mis-matched panties. Brenda tried, desperately to rise up, using her elbows to prop, and reaching for the seat back, to complete the act, but every time she extended her arms, her rival would grab at her wrists and pry them loose, making sure she on bottom stayed there. Unable to escape her lesser position, the middle-aged blonde looked up to her rival’s eyes, to see if she was a least feeling the effects of their mutual thrusts. And though yes, it did seem as if each contact of clits was having some effect, it was certainly not close to what she was feeling. A torrent of pleasure, building within her, threatening with every roll of hips to become a sea which in waves might crash down upon her in a devastating orgasm.

Desperate for anything that might save her from a humiliating and possibly family destroying defeat, Brenda’s eyes scanned the cabin. There she found nothing, until finally it hit her. An idea which led her to reach up one more time, pretending to once again pull herself even with her rival, but this time much farther back on the leather seats. When she did, as expected, Samantha herself reached out, to thwart the move, leaning over farther than she had at any point in the battle so far. And just as her fingers began to grasp for the blonde’s wrist, Brenda altered course, and grabbed for the brunette’s head, quickly and violently pulling it down, between her own giant boobs. The move had worked exactly as she had meant it to, leaving Sam smothered between mountains of tit flesh, and distracted and terrified to such an extent that she could only barely keep up her tribbing. There in the backseat, they writhed Escort Bostancı together, the young temptress trying to escape her place buried between her enemy’s breasts before her oxygen ran out, and the loyal wife trying to angle her clit away from her rival’s, needing to avoid an orgasm which was only seconds away from taking hold.

As Samantha’s focus and consciousness began to wane, she began to forget about keeping her opponent on bottom, and how masterfully she needed to shift her weight and hips to keep her there. Brenda, sensing that failure on her rival’s part, began to shift their bodies left, and then left again, until she could turn they two in unison right, where after only the briefest of moment of them being on their side, the blonde fell with the brunette, into the intensely narrow footwell of the backseat, a feat made possible by their combined weight alone.

Once within those cramped confines, Brenda released her smother, and as Samantha began to gasp wildly for air, the blonde reached out, and moved only the seat nearest her right shoulder forward, so that she had room to maneuver and angle but her enemy did not (she having not even enough to room to sit up, even if she were allowed to do so). That circumstance in mind, Brenda grabbed her opponent’s leg, raised it into the air, and as was done to her, locked in a clit to clit scissor. From that position she began her own rolling of hips, one guided by more years of practice than her rival had even lived. Pushing hard, then rolling back soft. Bending Samantha’s clit left, and then right. Up and then down. Until her screams of forced pleasure filled not only the SUV, but the entirety of the top floor of the empty parking garage.

Brenda could see it – she could feel it. Samantha was going to cum. And so, as her screams reached a crescendo, her eyes rolled back into her head, and her toes began to curl, the blonde wife reached down, and grabbed the young seductress’ face. With it in her hands, she pulled it up to hers, forcefully opened her mouth, and spit, with even more phlegm than was sent at her when their struggle began. The maneuver caused the young woman to cough, and choke, the saliva and other going right down her throat, before she had a chance to prepare for it. As she so reacted, Brenda sat back and increased their rhythm, still drawing from the teen a vicious, Earth-shattering orgasm, whilst also reaching one herself, on the quivering, still-trapped body of her rival.

Now victorious, Brenda stood up (as only she had the room to do), and exited the vehicle, only to get back in through the driver’s door a few seconds later. Once inside, she sat down, pulled her silk robe back over her shoulders, and coo’d back:

Brenda: “Stay there, sweetie. Mommy will have you home in a minute.”

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