Aunt Cheryl’s Lesson

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Sometimes, when under the influence of legal, recreation drugs, I write the silliest shit. Heavy on the incest theme, I guess, but probably best belongs in comedy or fetish. Anyway, this is an absurd story in an absurd world, involving voyeurism, exhibitionism, free use, cfnm and incest themes. I’m not sure there’s a hero in this, and absolutely no one would behave this way in real life. Utter schlock. Hope you enjoy.


Mom was furious when she found my hidden folder on my computer. Even though I graduated university last year, she still never gave me any privacy! Now, she dragged me into the living where Aunt Cheryl was waiting. “Do I tell her, or you?” shouted Mom.

Aunt Cheryl divorced her husband a year after Mom and Dad went through theirs, and just before I went off to college. Cheryl moved in with Mom and when I came back, I got assigned to the spare bedroom, while they shared the master.

Mom sternly looked me down, before turning to Cheryl. “Max has dozens of secret videos of you in the bathroom. I found a folder on his computer.”

I was so embarrassed. And angry. How dare Mom invade my privacy! After all, I deleted all of her videos. I only watched them once or twice, before doing so. Aunt Cheryl started laughing hard, and turned to me, feigning shock. “Is this true, Max? Have you been a peeping tom?”

I looked away, ashamed. “No. I was sharing them,” I said. “We post them online and people rate them.”

Aunt Cheryl almost giggled with joy, before calming herself. “You shouldn’t have done that, Max. How did they rate?”

“Cheryl!” screamed Mom.

“Well, I want to know.”

“You rated over 4.8 in most of the videos, and one of your videos has 617 confirmed stroke-outs.”

“What’s that?”

“Guys tag a video when they finish rubbing one out, you know.”

“So 617 men have cum to my image?”

“Oh, probably more than that,” I said. “Those are just confirmed ones.”

Aunt Cheryl looked to her big tits and then to her sister, shrugging. “Alicia, you know boys will be boys. I don’t think he should have done that, but you don’t have to make such a big deal out of it.”

“WHAT? How dare my son do such a thing!”

“Pfft, I don’t mind,” waved off my aunt. How thrilled I was that she was on my side. “I mean, had I known he was filming, I probably would have put on a show.”

Then Aunt Cheryl stunned both me and Mom by pulling her tits out. “They’re just tits, Alicia. No big deal.”

“I cannot believe I am hearing this from you, sis. The breach in trust. And you’re his aunt! Why are you showing Max your tits?”

“Because I’m hot, and so are you. He doesn’t care one whit whose body these belong to. To Max, I’m just a sex object.” Now Aunt Cheryl was staring me down… and now, I was beginning to get it…

Aunt Cheryl is infamous for her innovative ways of discipline. Her two kids graduated before me, but I heard many stories about her creative was to humiliate them when they got in trouble. Now, as Cheryl started peeling off more clothes, I figured it out. She intended to torture me. To look, but never touch. And be perpetually horny and disturbed by it. It was so obvious now, that even Mom picked up on it. “I see what you’re doing, Cheryl. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“You Kars Escort should join in, too, Alicia. Let’s give your son what he wants, since he feels he is entitled. Let’s see how much he likes it after a week or two.”


“Max, I’m telling you, if you don’t soften that cock up, I am going fuck myself with this spatula. Do you want to see that!?”

My Mom was screaming at me, even more than the day she found those videos. For the past three days I had been subjected to my mother and her sister frolicking about the house naked, waving their tits and tight asses in my direction. I would get hard and rush off to my room, with them mocking me all along the way. “Think of me as a slut!” my aunt called out the last time I did it, when I slammed the door behind me.

As I beat off, that’s exactly what I did, but it pissed me off that they were winning. Had I known they would have behaved this way, I would never have taken those voyeur videos of them. I regret seeing my hot aunt naked now. Just then, Mom came barging in, tits swinging. “Max, we’re having that bridge party tonight. Do I have to remind you to stay out of our way?”

“No, ma’am,” I said, realizing I was going to be trapped in my room without a TV or PC (they’re in the living room, because I’m grounded for the time being). This was going to suck. Mom’s friends were always so loud and obnoxious, and I couldn’t stand to be around them, no matter how hot they are. They all share my mom and aunt’s spin class, I think. Considering how “active” they are, you’d think they’d do something more fun than a stupid bridge game.

About an hour before they arrived, I grabbed a two-liter from the kitchen and a bag of chips. Mom and Cheryl were setting up the table and still naked from head to toe. “Uh, you guys better get dressed before your friends show up,” I huffed.

Cheryl scoffed at me. “You don’t need to remind us. Just go on to your room and leave us be. You’re welcome to think of me as your little cum whore tonight. Whatever you need to get off.” Cheryl shook her tits at me, squeezing them, pointing them at me. “Maybe you should record this.”

“You took my computer and camera away, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Because you didn’t ask permission. Okay, well, just do your best then.” Cheryl stopped squeezing and went back to helping Mom prep the table. I was getting real tired of this game. What did she want out of me? It isn’t my fault she’s so fucking hot. Anyone would have recorded her like I did.

I picked a book off our small library shelf – something about a baseball catcher growing up on a farm or something – and headed to my room. I wasn’t quite following what was in the book (reading is boring, anyway), when I heard the others arrive. When they get together, it’s as if they all need to talk over each other. Did they have to make it so obvious they’re from Jersey?

They were still carrying on, when I realized I should have peed before they got here. I know Mom said to stay in my room, but she’d probably rather me go now, than in the middle of their game. After all, I have to traipse through the living room, just to get to the kitchen and bathroom area of the house. Stupid, cheap house. The layout here sucks. Sighing, I got up and sauntered Kars Escort Bayan out of my room, turning the corner into the living room.

“What the fuck?” I yelled, stopping in my tracks. Mom and Cheryl were just getting seated with two other ladies around the small table. All of them were completely naked. I know only four people can play bridge, so I was surprised by the additional visitor standing near the archway to the kitchen. She was as naked as the rest of them.

“WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!” screamed my mother, snapping me out of it. “I told you to stay in your room!”

“I need to pee!” I yelled back. “Why are you all naked?” I was desperately trying to refrain from getting an erection, but it wasn’t working. I was going to struggle to pee, if I made it to the bathroom at all. It’s always so damn hard to pee when you have an erection.

Cheryl stood up, approaching me. “We explained to our friends that YOU deserve to see whoever you want, naked, whenever you want… which is all the time, right? And just as we all suspected, you came out to see us, so here we are.”

“Aunt Cheryl, that is NOT true!”

“Oh, yeah? It isn’t true?”

“No, it isn’t!”

“You don’t want to always see us naked?”

“No!” I yelled.

Cheryl raced over to me, grabbing me hard my the wrist and yanked me forward, dragging me to the bathroom. I almost crashed into the lady standing near us. Once inside, Cheryl pointed to the new clock I put in the bathroom three days ago. “Explain.”



“It’s a clock. I thought it would be nice to have a clock in the bathroom, for when you guys get ready for work.”

Cheryl picked up the clock and slammed it to the ground, shattering it. The hidden camera bits exploded across the floor. I’m not sure tits can be “angry” but as I stared at Aunt Cheryl’s, while she berated me, they certainly came across that way. They were shaking and swinging and bouncing furiously with her motions. “Not ONE day after your mother busts you for filming us in the bathroom, you put another camera in here!”

“How was I supposed to know that you would know what it is?” I cried defensively. “You should be angry at yourself!”

Cheryl grabbed me by the ear this time and dragged me back into the living room. “You see, Max. The reason we are naked is so you DON’T have to do that. You believe you’re entitled to see us naked, so here it is. Take a good look!”

The lady standing near the wall stepped forward. Her tits were perky for being so old. When she was about two feet from me, she spread her legs and opened herself up down there with two fingers. “Your aunt told me all about you in spin class. Go ahead. Do like your aunt says. Take a look.” She then turned around and bent over, showcasing her glorious ass. I was hard as stone and very upset.

“You don’t have to treat me like this!” I shouted. “Can I just use the bathroom and go back to my room, please?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” said Aunt Cheryl. “Let’s go.” She started pushing me back to the bathroom, with the smashed clock on the floor, when I heard the others getting up from the table.

“Uh, what’s going on?” I asked, trying to keep up with Cheryl, as they came up behind us.

“We’re helping you go to the Escort Kars bathroom. Shut up, and hurry up!”

In a few seconds, five stark naked women, all complete MILFs, were crowded in the small bathroom waiting for me to start. “Uh, I can’t go while you’re all in here.”

“How do you know? You haven’t even tried?” Mom asked, being an ass.

I huffed and whipped out my stiff rod. I couldn’t even position myself far enough over, to aim it to the water.

“Why don’t you sit down?” asked the one lady I hadn’t met yet. Her tits were bigger than anyone’s in the room, but they sagged some. I still liked them, but having them swinging there just made my job impossible. No way was I able to pee.

“I’m telling you. I can’t go when I’m hard! Why do you have to be in here, anyway?”

“Because you’re always with us, when we go to the bathroom,” said Cheryl. “It’s only fair.”

“That’s right,” said Mom. “And we’re going naked all the time just like you want now, not just when we’re in the bathroom.”

“I don’t want this!” I almost slammed my cock against the toilet lid, I was so angry.

“Then why are you always filming us naked?”

“You’re not supposed to know about that!” I insisted.

The three strangers started giggling after I said that, with one of them pushing her way forward. She grabbed me by the dick and flipped me around, shoving me down on the seat. “Aim down, and get to business.”

I didn’t even know this lady and she was acting like my Mom? No way could I accept that. I was about to say something, when she suddenly started circling her clit with her index finger, while addressing me. “I’m just going to fuck myself while I watch you. Is that okay, ladies?” she turned to my mom and aunt.

“Of course!” said Aunt Cheryl. “He masturbates to me all the time. It’s fine. Go ahead. You know what? I think I’ll join you.”

This was so embarrassing, with five hot milfs all crowded around, propping their legs up against the cabinets, and walls, and shower glass, I couldn’t help but get even hornier. My dick was pointing to the ceiling, way past my belly button. I told Mom the truth. “You’re going to have to finish and leave, so I can pee. I’m sorry. I get very horny when I see you all like this.”

“It isn’t appropriate, is it?” asked Mom.

“No, it isn’t,” I sighed.

“And neither is filming us naked, it it?”

“I guess not.”

“And masturbating to us behind our backs?” I was blushing hard, the shame sincere. “Have you learned your lesson?” As Mom was scolding me, I noticed she drove two fingers into herself a bit deeper than she had been doing.

“I guess so. I’m sorry, Mom.” I turned to my aunt. “You, too, Aunt Cheryl. I’ll delete those videos, if you want.”

Cheryl lifted one of her tits up to her mouth and began sucking it for a moment, before responding. That was the tipping point for me, and without touching my penis in any way, a thick rope of semen escaped my cock, as I exploded into orgasm. While I was still gushing, Cheryl dropped her tit out of her mouth. “Alright, Max. Apology accepted. From now on, if you want to see me naked, you just ask.”

I dropped my head in shame, while still cumming. “Okay, ma’am.”

The room exploded in applause as my “lesson” was finally learned. The oldest woman in the group laughed the hardest, then asked, “Well, do we put our clothes back on now, ladies?”

Mom and Cheryl exchanged glances, before Mom smiled and asked me. “What do you say, son. Do you want us to put our clothes back on?”

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