At Lake Erie Bluffs

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The names, characters, places and events in this book are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. All characters are over the age of 18. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.


It was too good a day to work, Hershel thought. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been working six days a week for so long now and even on a Sunday; he mostly spent the afternoons after church catching up on paperwork as well as getting the basics done — like shopping for groceries and doing laundry. All the things that had to be done. Not that he was complaining as that was life as a self-employed contractor. But yesterday he’d finished his last job, fixing-up a foreclosure on Oakmont Lane, with a day to spare and every cell in his body cried out for rest. Anything that didn’t involve cement or plaster dust or paint. No, sir, he needed a change, a rest, a break.

He valeted his truck, an ageing Chevy with too many miles on the clock, which basically meant dumping a load of fast food and candy wrappers, useless receipts and notes, ripped gloves and the detritus that accumulates in any busy workman’s vehicle into the trash can and then giving the interior a quick vacuum and polish. Surveying the results, he didn’t fool himself that it looked like a new truck straight from the showroom but it looked a lot better than before. That got him into the holiday spirit so he threw some food and cokes into a cool bag and headed out eastwards to visit Lake Erie Bluffs Park on the other side of Cleveland. It was about eighty miles away and, apart from one or two stretches through Cleveland itself, traffic was light. As he drove, he sang along to WDOK, a classic country station, and with every mile his spirits lifted as the mercury in the thermometer rose. It had been far too long since he’d had a beach break and he remembered Lake Erie Bluffs from when his family used to visit when he was a boy.

It was just after ten when his truck pulled into the blacktop parking lot. There was plenty of space as only a few other vehicles were parked up. It was a Tuesday, after all, he thought, and school’s not yet out. He swung down from the cab and fetched his cool bag from out the truck bed. As he did so, he caught his reflection in the driver’s side window. In it, he saw a pleasant, rugged face with a square chin, not what women would call Hollywood handsome, but rugged and tanned from mostly working outdoors. He had short, sandy hair and what he called designer stubble although that was more not bothering to shave than any deliberate intent. Brown eyes crinkled with laughter lines. Not bad, he thought, but he was sorry that he was ‘free and single’ at the moment.

He was just about to walk past the picnic tables to the bluffs when he noticed a woman crouching over a tire on her Chevrolet Cruze. For a moment he thought about walking past as it was hard to approach a woman in these days of feminism without her thinking you were demeaning her or, worse, her wondering if you were about to attack her. However, he could not leave a fellow Chevy owner to struggle and it would have spoiled his day if he didn’t at least offer to help. Making sure she heard his feet coming her way he walked over.

“You okay, ma’am? Anything I can help with?” he asked.

The woman looked up and squinted up into the sun. He saw she was about his age — in her mid twenties or at most only a couple of years older. “I’m alright, thanks,” she said.

That was the response that Hershel expected so he half turned to walk to the bluffs and find a path down to the beach. But then the woman spoke again.

“Actually, I could do with a hand. I’ve gotten a flat and just can’t get this tire off. Why do they make these nuts so stiff?”

And, with some surprise, Hershel found his own nuts going stiff as the woman stood up. She was dressed to beat the heat in a pair of tight denim cut-off shorts and black bikini top beneath a loose, sleeveless white knit top. She drew the top together over her breasts simultaneously hiding yet drawing attention to her D cup boobs which filled her bikini top nicely. Her narrow waist flared out to her hips while below her shorts her long, tanned athletic legs ended in a pair of sandals which showed her painted toenails.

He took in her body with a glance and before she could think he was perving over her he quickly raised his eyes to look her in the face. She had a pretty heart-shaped face with full lips made for kissing and eyes the blue-gray color of the lake itself. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail and, from what he could see, was a light brown with blond highlights running through.

“Let me try,” he said.

She handed him the wheel nut wrench and it was his turn to crouch by the jacked-up wheel arch. The woman stood next to him, giving him a close-up of her tanned legs but he was also so aware that his face was only a foot or so away from her snatch. almanbahis Concentrate, he told himself, don’t think about it. Applying himself to the task in hand, he twisted the wrench. She was right, the nut was stuck. Using more of his arm strength he applied more pressure and felt the stubborn nut give. After that, it was the work of fifteen minutes or less to get the tire off and fit her spare. In the heat, he was sweating but it was his good deed for the day, he thought. As he was putting the old tire into her trunk, he saw a nail sticking out of the tread.

“That’s the trouble — you must’ve run over it,” he said, wiping his hands on a rag.

“Thanks for mansplaining that,” she said with a grin taking the sting from her words. “Seriously, thanks so much for doing that — I appreciate that.”

“No problems, ma’am.”

“No need to call me ma’am. My name’s Heather. Heather Dooley,” she said with a smile that lit up her face. With that she put out her hand and they shook. Her grip was quite firm and she had a good hand.

“Hershel Myler,” he said.

She looked down at his little cool bag and pulled out a cooler from the back seat of her Cruze. “I always bring far too much. Look, why don’t we head down to the beach together and we can share lunch later? Call it payback for the tire?” Her lovely smile appeared again.

“That’s a deal, ma’am — Heather.”

Chatting, starting to get to know each other, they walked over the grass then through a stand of pines and firs and down the bluffs path to the beach. The lake sparkled in the sunshine and was a slightly darker blue than the nearly cloudless sky. They walked along the beach to a sheltered spot near some limestone boulders. There were a few other people, some with dogs, on the sands. Hershel found that Heather was divorced and worked at Mohr’s Building Supplies in Cleveland. He figured he’d be paying it a visit real soon. He also listened to her chat about her little daughter, Willow, “The only good thing that useless man ever gave me,” she said.

They found a place which suited Heather and she spread out a colorful beach towel. Hershel hadn’t brought anything like that — just sitting on the sand was good enough for him. They looked at each other and smiled, suddenly shy. Hershel pulled off his T and revealed a good physique, shaped by hard work on various construction sites over the past few years. He saw that she liked what she saw. Turning her back, she shrugged out of her white top, folded it up and laid it on the towel. She then undid her shorts and wriggled them down her legs. She dropped them onto her top and turned to face him.

“Wow,” he nearly said. There was a young woman standing before him in her bikini. Her boobs were in danger of spilling out of her top and with her high-leg bottoms it was evident that she shaved or waxed down there. With difficulty, he dragged his gaze upwards and took in her smile. She knew what he had been admiring. He was so glad his trunks were loose as he was sporting quite a stiffy now. She sat on the towel and patted a spot beside her then produced two cokes, sparkling with condensation from her cooler.

They talked some more, listening to the waves gently lap the shore until Hershel felt like going for a swim to cool off and build up an appetite.

“Coming?” he asked, extending an arm.

She shook her head. “No, the water’s gonna be too cold for me. I’ll stay here and guard our things.”

He walked down to the shore where wavelets lapped against the sands. Looking back, he saw her lay down on her towel, then she unhooked her bikini top and pulled it out from beneath her. No tan lines for Heather, Hershel thought, except on her firm behind. It was such a sexy sight and he felt his cock grow even stiffer and push out the front of his trunks.

But his erection didn’t last as soon as he hit the water. Despite the day’s heat, it was so cold. The lake water felt like it had come direct from the Canadian Arctic. He half expected to see icebergs floating past, probably with polar bears and walruses sitting on them. He gasped with shock and his skin tightened and his penis shriveled to something microscopic and hid deep in his body.

“It’s freezing!” he called out.

Heather merely waved a hand in response. He swam for several minutes, more to say he’d done it and also to show Heather that he was a real man and not afraid of a little chill. But he was no Navy SEAL and enough was enough. Stay in much longer and he’d get hypothermia, he thought. Turn into a block of ice or something. He started to swim back to the shore when it happened. He felt something on his leg. Looking down he expected to see he’d snagged a piece of trash but what he saw was worse, far worse, than his worst nightmare. On his leg were five or six small jellyfish. Small translucent blobs about the size of a quarter. Immediately, his leg went into spasm and paralyzing pains seared into his brain. He cried out, stopped swimming and instantly his head went underwater, filling his lungs almanbahis yeni giriş with cold water. He splashed up to the surface, coughing and spluttering and screamed out, “Help, I’ve been stung.”

At once, Heather sat up on the beach towel. Even in his shock and terror, he saw that she hadn’t put on her bikini top from sunbathing and her full breasts swayed beautifully. Her areoles were perfectly circular and chestnut brown in color while her nipples stood out proudly. If these are my last moments; thank you, God, for that sight, he thought. An instant later, the view was hidden as she threw her arm over her boobs.

“What’s happened?” she called out in alarm.

“I’ve been stung — jellyfish,” he cried out, even as he swam and splashed his way back to shore, his leg feeling like it was on fire as venom seeped through his body. He floundered back to the safety of the beach and collapsed in front of her on the sand.

Heather looked down. “Where?”

“On my leg — look,” he cried.

They looked but the jellyfish must have washed off as there was no trace of them.

“My leg’s agony, please you’ve got to help me,” he pleaded.

“How, what do you want me to do,” Heather asked. Her voice was full of concern and worry.

“You know what’s best for jellyfish stings. You’ve got to piss on my leg.”

“No way! I’m not peeing on you!” Heather said.

“You’ve got to — I could die of anaphylactic shock or something,” Hershel stumbled over the unfamiliar word. He was so terrified of stings; it was like a phobia or something. When he was a boy in elementary school one of his friends got stung by a bee or something and if it hadn’t been for a quick thinking teacher who injected her with an adrenalin pen, the girl could have died.

Heather frowned and looked up and down the beach. As it was midweek, they were in an isolated spot and the nearest people were almost a hundred yards away and taking no notice. “Yes, I’ve heard of that. Okay — I’ll do it but you’ve got to close your eyes. And promise never to tell anyone about this — ever. Or I’ll kill you myself.”

“Yes, of course, but please be quick,” Hershel was begging now. He lay down on the sands and extended his leg. It was spasming terribly and his muscles felt like wood as the toxins took effect. He closed his eyes and heard Heather step over his calf, straddling it. A moment later he heard the rustle of cloth as she slid her bikini bottom down her thighs.

Hershel opened his eyes a tiny fraction, only the merest slit. He saw that Heather was facing away from him so opened them wider. He saw her back and the side of her bare breast. Looking down he saw the crack of her ass, deeply shadowed. Even as he watched, she pulled the saddle of her panties forward out of the way and lowered her bottom still more positioning it directly over his calf. He now had the perfect view of her firm butt and the delightful oval of her privates. Her outer lips were a beautiful piece of flesh, smooth and hairless and only slightly darker than the rest of her body. Her inner lips protruded slightly and were a dusky rose pink. Looking up a little there was the pucker of her rosebud anus hidden in the deep shadows of her behind. He couldn’t believe it, here he was with a beautiful woman completely naked over him, a woman he’d met only this morning.

Then a trickle of urine leaked out of her labia and trickled down her toned thigh before the stream strengthened and warm golden water splashed over his leg drenching where the jellyfish had been before soaking into the sand. As Heather urinated there was a slight hissing sound coming from her pussy. Eventually, the flow slowed and stopped, the last few drops glistening from her pussy lips. She took a couple of tissues and blotted herself dry. Hershel was so glad he was wearing loose, baggy trunks otherwise she’d be aware of the bulge in his groin.

Heather stood upright and pulled up her panties before stepping off him. He watched as she picked up her bikini top and then he closed his eyes. A moment later, Heather called out, “I’m done. You can open your eyes now.”

“Thank you so much, you’ve saved my life.” Although, thinking about it, he’d overreacted in panic as the pain was more likely only a cramp from swimming in cold water rather than a jellyfish sting. That was something he’d never tell her, though.

He looked at her. Even through her tan he could tell she was blushing and she’d put that loose, sleeveless top on as well, which was a shame. But he’d already seen her beautifully toned body.

“That’s alright, but just don’t tell anyone,” she muttered, looking away from him.

He promised faithfully again.

“I’d better go now, leave you to it, but thanks again,” Hershel said reaching for his cool bag, aware of the woman’s embarrassment.

“No, don’t go — unless you really want to,” she said with a shake of her head.

She looked down at the damp patch on the sands and suggested that they move further up the beach. He gathered up the almanbahis giriş cooler and towel and they found a new place where they ate lunch together. He soon found that Heather had packed enough to feed an army; filled rolls, quiche, potato chips, dinky red pepper and feta bites, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, celery sticks, salsa, melon slices, strawberries, yoghurt all came from that cooler. Hershel’s eyes widened.

“I said I always bring too much but this girl likes a choice. And I’m glad to share with you. Anything we don’t eat now, I’ll be eating with Willow later.”

They ate until they could eat no more. The afternoon passed in a pleasant tranquil drowse as the sun slid slowly across the clear blue sky. Heat reflected back of the sand and the lake shone and mirrored the sunlight. Hershel lay and admired his companion while she worked on a book of puzzles, asking for his input when she got stuck. At length, Heather yawned and stretched. Hershel admired the way her breasts moved up her chest as she did so.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time with you but I’ve got to head back now and pick up Willow from my mom’s,” she said.

Hershel dragged himself to a sitting position. “Me too, that’s been the best day I’ve had in so long, thanks.” He was so sorry that the afternoon had to end although he knew that this time was coming, a note of bitterness in an otherwise sweet day. They gathered their belongings together, she rolled up her beach towel and they walked along the beach and up the steps through the pine trees to the parking lot. He felt sad and deflated with a heavy lump in his stomach.

They were half way along the sandy path with the pines pressing close in and the air filled with a fresh piney smell from the trees brought in on the clean lakeside air. Heather dropped the cool box, turned to face him, stood on tiptoes and kissed him full on the lips. He threw his arms around her, pulling her close, feeling the warmth of her body against his. He was so aware of the firm globes of her breasts squashed against his chest. He kissed her back and was delighted when Heather opened her mouth, letting him slide his tongue into her mouth. They kissed, their tongues feeling the other’s enjoying the intimacy of the moment. She placed a hand on his chest and broke off for a moment.

“Not here on the path,” she whispered. “Can we find somewhere else?”

They set off through the woods, their feet silent over the pine duff, carefully stepping over any loose branches until they reached a small secluded clearing about fifty yards into the trees, screened from sight of the path by a low-growing holly. There she spread out her blanket and sat down. Hershel sat beside her. Heather slid his T up and over his head, tossing it away, before she reached behind his neck, drawing him to her and kissed him again, deeply and passionately, her needs evident in her eyes. Hershel responded, kissing her in return, loving the taste and feel of this amazing woman. His hand found her left breast and he stroked and caressed the bikini top and the deeper softness beneath until his hand slipped between the material and then he was stroking her smooth skin. Still kissing her, his hand slid lower over the orb until he reached her puckered, roughened areola and the firm, proud nub of her nipple itself. He rubbed it between his thumb and forefingers making her shiver beneath him.

He broke off their kiss and lowered his mouth to her reddened, engorged nipple, kissing it, suckling it, making her squirm as electric tingles surged through her. His left hand found her right breast and in a moment, that was uncovered to the air. With his greater strength, he pushed her down until she lay back on the beach towel with him on top. She lay beneath him, her firm body soft and pliant but she held him in her arms, her fingernails running up and down his muscular back.

She slid out and raised one finger, mutely asking him to pause then, before she could have any second thoughts, she unhooked her bikini top and let her perfect D cups spill free. Sunlight filtering down through the pine boughs dappled her tanned skin highlighting their beauty. Her nipples centered his gaze. She stretched her arms, inviting his admiration, as he took in her whole body from the hollow of her neck over the swells of her breasts, the gentle curve of her belly with its lovely belly-button and still down to her covered pubic mound itself.

“Oh, wow,” Hershel said.

But more was to come. She hooked her thumbs into her waistband, paused a moment, and then slid her cut-offs and bikini bottoms down her athletic thighs, past her shapely calves and stepped out of them. She was fully exposed with nothing hidden. She was completely shaved, her mound fleshy with her rosy inner lips slightly protruding.

Hershel felt overdressed so he pulled off his trunks and stood before her. He would never be some porn legend hung like a stallion but he wasn’t ashamed of his body. His penis stood fully erect, fully stiff, rock hard. It felt like it was made of steel, it was so hard. Pre-cum shone on the tip. Standing, they came together, holding each other tightly. He was so aware of his hardness pressing against the swell of her belly. Their mouths sought the other’s as they kissed and kissed with deep needs.

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