Ask You?

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“Yo, Daisy.”

Daisy-Mae froze, and then looked towards the shore. That idiot Bobby was standing there, a big smile on his face, just looking at her.

“Um, Bobby,” Daisy-Mae said hesitantly, “I’m bathing. Could you come back later.”

“I can see you’re bathing, Daisy. You’re real pretty, you know. Especially like that.”

Like that, was naked as a jaybird. The river pool at the back of her place was normally private, and she always bathed here, especially on hot days like today.

“That’s the point, Bobby. I’d rather you left and came back later,” Daisy-Mae said, wondering how to drive the request through the idiots head. Bobby could be remarkably obtuse at times. At times she thought it was deliberate. No-one should be as dumb as he was.

“But I’m here now,” pointed out Bobby, “and I was looking for you.”

“I’m not really ready for visitors, Bobby. Why don’t you go around to the house and wait until I come?”

“Why? I can talk to you like that. Actually, I think I’d rather talk to you like that,” returned Bobby, running an appreciative gaze over her.

It took an effort, but Daisy-Mae managed to stop herself from trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands. If she did, she thought, that idiot will wonder why.

“All the same, I’d rather you waited up at the house for me. I won’t be long.”

“Go away, you idiot,” she thought savagely. “Can’t you see I’m naked?”

“Um, OK, but I thought you’d want to hear about Billy-Joe. He’s looking for you.”

Daisy-Mae sighed, knowing she was fighting a losing battle. She could argue herself blind, but Bobby wouldn’t budge until he got whatever he wanted to say off his chest.

“All right, Bobby. What do you want to tell me about Billy-Joe?”

“He’s looking for you.”

Suddenly Daisy-Mae felt exposed and nervous. Billy-Joe was older than Bobby and herself and was a rather nasty piece of work. She had already had to steer clear of him on a couple of occasions when he came sniffing around.

“Why is he looking for me?” she asked Bobby.

“Birthday,” said Bobby.

Daisy-Mae looked blankly back at him.

“I didn’t quite get that?” she told Bobby.

“It’s your birthday,” explained Bobby. “Billy-Joe says you’re now eighteen and you’ll be waiting for him to give you his present.”

Butterflies were suddenly alive and well and living in her tummy, Daisy-Mae realised.

“I wasn’t actually expecting a present from Billy-Joe,” Daisy-Mae told Bobby. “Have you any idea what it is?”

Bobby nodded. “Of course. He was telling everyone. He reckons that he’s got the biggest dingas in the town and that you’ll be wanting him to give it to you, so he’s out looking.”

“Oh, shit,” thought Daisy-Mae. “At least I’ve got some warning.”

“Thank you for telling me, Bobby, but I don’t think I want anything that Billy-Joe wants to give me. You might let him know that I said no, so he won’t have to come and ask me.”

“OK,” said Bobby, and seemed to consider this for a moment. Then he spoke again.

“Ah, Daisy, I don’t think he intends to ask you. He just wants to give it to you.”

“I know that, you screaming moron,” thought Daisy-Mae. “I’ve known what’s on his mind for the past year.”

“I sort of knew that, Bobby, but if you let him know I don’t want it, maybe he won’t bother bringing it around. My father wouldn’t appreciate him giving it to me anyway.”

Bobby looked blank this time.

“Has Billy-Joe ever cared about what father’s think?” he asked curiously.

“Probably not,” sighed Daisy-Mae. “So you think he’s just going to come looking for me and give me his dingas without asking?”

Bobby nodded, smiling, pleased that Kartal Escort she seemed to have finally got the message.

“You must know that the way you look, why would he bother to ask you? I’m not going to.”

“He wouldn’t anyway, no matter how I looked. He’s just an animal,” snapped Daisy-Mae.

The rest of what Bobby had said slowly filtered through her mind, and she felt a shock run through her. Looking at Bobby with new eyes certain information that she had overlooked through familiarity suddenly came to the fore.

If she was now eighteen, Bobby was nineteen or twenty. She wasn’t sure which, but he was at least a year older than her. He had also grown into a very large man, even bigger than Billy-Joe. And he was strong. She’d seen him working on his parent’s farm sometimes, and he was strong as an ox. “And as dumb as one” she thought viciously, then the thought faltered.

‘No-one could be as dumb as him’ she remembered thinking. ‘It must be deliberate.’

Daisy-Mae looked hard at Bobby. Now that she thought about it, his face was never loose and dumb. He might be always smiling, but he was also always listening. He might talk slowly, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. He also only seemed to be obtuse when he wanted to be, but everyone accepted it as fact.

“Ah, Bobby, if I say thank you and you should go now, will you go away?” Daisy-Mae asked tentatively.

Bobby’s smile seemed to grow wider, and Daisy-Mae could practically see the glint of intelligence in his eyes. He was just playing the part, probably because it was what people expect of someone as big as him.

“I don’t think so, Daisy,” Bobby murmured, undoing his shirt.

“Bobby, let’s not do anything you might regret,” gasped Daisy-Mae.

“Oh, I won’t,” said Bobby. “I assure you, I won’t.”

His shirt hit the ground next to her clothes, and Bobby was undoing his trousers.

“I will admit,” said Bobby, “that I’m assuming you aren’t frantically hoping to meet up with Billy-Joe and his dingas?”

He laughed at her slight shudder of revulsion.

“I thought not,” he told her, while dropping his trousers on top of his shirt. “Come on over to the shore now.”

Daisy-Mae stood looking at him, her mind racing. He was big and probably slow. She should probably be able to duck past him and run to the house. “He’s very big,” a little voice whispered to her. “If Billy-Joe is bigger than that, you never want to meet Billy-Joe.”

Daisy-Mae started edging closer to the shore. As she did she noticed Bobby casually move a little to the side. She had a clean run at the path if she moved fast. Surely he knew that.

He did. Daisy-Mae just knew it. He might not be going to ask her, but he was giving her a chance to bolt if she really wanted to. The question was, did she?

Daisy-Mae edged out of the water, watching Bobby closely. She was prepared to panic and run if he made the wrong move, but he just stood there, smiling and waiting.

Daisy-Mae swallowed, feeling her nipples giving her little prickling sensations and her butterflies were fluttering their wings. Unfortunately, she thought, those fluttering wings seemed to be fanning a fire that was starting to burn down below her tummy.

The fire that was slowly starting to burn in her told her that she’d made her decision, and it was probably the wrong one. She stopped just before the grass started. She might be going to let him take her, but she wasn’t walking up to him to give it away.

Bobby seemed to understand. Without saying a word, he held out his hand to her. Daisy-Mae swallowed again and nervously placed her hand in his. A gentle pull and Daisy-Mae was drawn over to him, standing Tuzla Escort next to him. She was suddenly acutely conscious of how small she was compared to him, and his man-parts seemed to be growing larger in her mind with every second that passed.

Bobby took Daisy-Mae’s hands and pushed them behind her back, holding them there in one of his. He then ran his other hand down her front, brushing her breasts and pussy. Daisy-Mae felt that first gentle sweep that glided lightly over her as though it was curling her nerves from the inside.

The second sweep was a lot rougher, rubbing hard against her breast before dragging down to her mound and roughly rubbing it. She felt that second touch all the way to her toes, her body tingling and leaning into it.

Tommy pulled Daisy-Mae roughly forward against him, his body pressed to the full length of hers. She could feel his hairy chest rubbing against her breasts and tickling her nipples, and she found she was amazingly conscious of that large erection that was pressing against her tummy.

Daisy-Mae tilted her head to look up at him, seeking some reassurance that she was doing the right thing. She relaxed at his smile, and then he was kissing her. She could feel that kiss all over, tingling in her breasts and burning deep into her womb. She shuddered slightly and pressed harder against him.

Exactly how she came to be lying down, Daisy-Mae never knew. She just was, with Bobby’s hands wandering over her, while his mouth followed his hands, touching and tasting in places she never been touched before, let alone tasted.

Daisy-Mae was clutching Bobby’s cock, treasuring the feel of it, the heat and hardness. She could feel his fingers slipping inside her, caressing her, sometimes lightly, sometimes roughly, always excitingly.

Bobby looked down, admiring his prize, as Daisy-Mae lay there, legs slightly parted. Touching inside her knee, Bobby lightly pressed against it, with Daisy-Mae obediently moving legs further apart, and even further under Bobby’s insistent demand.

Now Bobby was kneeling between her legs, easing her lips apart while he rubbed his cock against them. Then he moved forward slightly, and Daisy-Mae gasped as he slid into her. Easing in, Bobby was quickly pressing firmly against Daisy-Mae’s hymen. Leaning harder he pressed against it, feeling its resistance.

Daisy-Mae knew what was happening. She was about to lose her virginity and Bobby was stalling, not pressing hard enough. Daisy-Mae gave an impatient jerk upwards, intending to help Bobby get over any inhibitions regarding taking her virginity.

Too late, she found it hadn’t been his reluctance, but her resistance. Her hymen gave with a sudden tear, and Daisy-Mae screamed in shock and pain.

She lay there, tears in her eyes, as she felt Bobby pushing deeply into her.

“I want to stop now,” she whispered to him.

Bobby shook his head. “No, you don’t,” he told her. “You’ve had the pain, so now you have to stay around to get the pleasure.”

Daisy-Mae lay there, feeling Bobby’s cock inside her. It wasn’t moving, it was just there, filling her, somehow or other telling her ‘hey, pay attention to me’.

The sharp stab of pain from Bobby forcing his way in had gone. Now the warmth, the excitement, the burning need were starting to make their presence known again. Bobby may not have been moving inside her, but her awareness of him there was growing by leaps and bounds. She looked at Bobby, reassured to find him still smiling at her, while the rest of her world seemed to be narrowing down to the fact that his cock was inside her.

Daisy-Mae closed her eyes and squirmed a little, feeling the cock shift Anadolu Yakası Escort slightly inside her, sending little ripples of something through her, calling for her attention. She squirmed again, feeling more of those little ripples of excitement, and heard Bobby laugh.

There was a faint whispered “now” and Daisy-Mae felt Bobby press firmly against her and then pull slowly away. Each slow movement was dragging on her nerves, making them whisper secret little messages to her. Then Bobby was plunging hard back into her, and those little whispers became a sudden shout that was promptly echoed by Daisy-Mae’s scream of surprise.

It took Daisy-Mae several wide-eyed screams to catch on to what was going on. Even then, her body caught on before she did, and when she finally understood she found that she was already thrusting her hips eagerly upwards, welcoming Bobby home.

Daisy-Mae’s screams had stopped, being replaced by eager little gasps and mewling sounds as she relished the way Bobby’s cock ravished her body. After a relatively slow start, Bobby was now hammering at her hard and fast, making sure that she received and appreciated her birthday present.

For all the pounding he was giving Daisy-Mae, Bobby was also pacing himself. It was not his intention to leave Daisy-Mae disappointed and wanting more. Wanting more, possibly, but not disappointed with his first effort.

Daisy-Mae’s eyes had closed again. She no longer needed to look to Bobby for reassurance. The feel of him moving in her was all she needed, and she happily moved with it, letting it take her where it would.

Bobby could hear Daisy-Mae’s gasps and squeaks increasing in intensity. He started pressing home harder and faster, smiling to himself as the gasps increased, with the squeaks reaching a higher and higher pitch.

Then he was coming inside her and Daisy-Mae was no longer squeaking but screaming as she bucked under him, feeling her world flooding and taking her with it.

Lying next to her, Bobby mused that it was fortunate that the river pond lay so far from the house. It could have been embarrassing if someone had come to investigate the noise.

Lying there, Daisy-Mae made an observation.

“That was fun,” she said, “and I want to do it again. Soon. But not with Billy-Joe. How can I make him leave me alone?”

“We’ll work something out,” said Bobby comfortably. “At least, he won’t bother you today. Or for the next few weeks,” he added, “now that I think about it.”

Suspicion raised its ugly head.

“Why not?” asked Daisy-Mae.

“He broke his arm this morning,” said Bobby placidly, “and had to go to hospital.”

“How did that happen,” asked Daisy-Mae.

“He was jumping around screaming, tripped on something and landed rather badly. His arm snapped just like that. It was most unfortunate.”

Daisy-Mae glared at him. “The way you were talking earlier I expected him to coming running through the wood at any second, eager to give me his present. And come to think of it, why was he jumping around screaming.”

“He had a broken arm,” pointed out Bobby. “It was hurting him.”

Daisy-Mae started to feel that confused sensation that Bobby seemed able to inspire at will.

“You said,” she explained carefully, “that he broke his arm because he was jumping around screaming. Why was he jumping around screaming in the first place?”

“I told you. He had a broken arm,” said Bobby.

Daisy-Mae thought this through.

“He had a broken arm, tripped and broke it again?” she asked.

“No such luck. He broke the other one.”

“Both arms broken, and he’ll probably be laid up for weeks,” said Daisy-Mae quietly. “You made it seem like he was on his way to rape me right then and there. How did he break his arm the first time?”

“He and his big dingas annoyed me. I did apologise afterwards.”

“Dumb as an ox, hell,” thought Daisy-Mae. “He’s as dumb as a fox, and I was the rabbit.”

She laughed.

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