Asian Massage Addiction Ch. 04

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For the next two weeks I was barely able to stay away from the Oasis Foot Spa. My last massage from beautiful Anna had been amazing, with her letting me play with her pussy while she provided me with a happy ending. I relived that again and again in my mind over my two-week period of self-induced abstinence. I had discovered something so amazing, so sensual, so appealing, and so beguiling. If not for the expense, I would have gone every three days for a sexy massage from Anna.

Finally, my two-week layoff was over. I took a long hot shower, taking special care to get my ass and balls squeaky clean. I even did a little manscaping down there so I looked appealing. I stopped by my bank and withdrew a hundred sixty in cash, then drove directly to the Oasis, parking a few shops over. I was worked up, aroused at the thought of Anna’s warm, oily hands massaging me. I wanted to feel her soft, bare pussy again while she massaged my stiff cock.

As I walked through the door there was another client in the waiting area, talking to the nice old lady behind the counter. She glanced over his shoulder and acknowledged me. It was a bit uncomfortable for both of us to be there at the same time, and when he turned to wait for his provider, we didn’t catch each other’s eye. I figured he knew why I was there, and I certainly knew why he was there. The old lady disappeared behind the curtain and moments later returned with the provider she had chosen for the other fellow. It was a thin, older woman who might have been the same one that gave me my first massage there. I thanked my stars that it wasn’t Anna who appeared to lead him back to his room.

I stepped up to the counter and the old woman greeted me with a friendly smile. “Is Anna available?” I asked.

“Anna not here. Today Judy,” she replied. I asked if Anna would be in later, but she just shook her head and repeated, “Today Judy.”

I cursed my luck but nodded and pulled sixty bucks off my bankroll and gave it to the old woman. She pocketed the money, wrote something in her book, and told me to wait. She disappeared through the curtain and while she was gone, I made a mental note to call ahead to make an appointment with Anna next time. She reappeared with Judy.

Judy was probably about 45 and very pleasant looking for a 45-year-old woman. Neither thin nor fat, she carried the little extra weight that comes with age very well. She was dressed nicely in loose fitting light cotton yoga pants and a pull-over white long-sleeved top with a V-neck. She smiled at me and gestured for me to follow her. I did so and she led me to a room about midway down on the right. Evidently the rooms on the right were smaller than the rooms on the left because this room was barely large enough for Judy to walk around the massage table in the center.

“Clothes off, face down,” Judy said as she exited the room. I quickly disrobed, noticing that there was no top sheet on the massage table, just the small towel. I lay down on the table and didn’t bother covering myself up at all, hoping to send the message to Judy that I wanted some extra service. Anna may not have been there, but I had two weeks of pent-up craving to take care of and Judy was going to be good enough.

She reentered the room and asked me if I liked soft or hard. “Hard,” I answered as she began rubbing my upper back and shoulders. She applied a bit of oil, and it was immediately evident that she was a very skilled masseuse. Her touch felt healing, her hands soft, and the pressure just how I like it.

“Okay?” she asked as she leaned over and dug into my back with her elbows and forearms. I groaned a yes, and she continued anne seks hikayeleri all up and down my back, butt, and upper legs for five or ten minutes. Then she leaned down and asked quietly, “Use feet, walk on you?”

“Yes, please,” I replied. I had never had that type of massage and the idea intrigued me. Later when I flipped over, I could see that there were two metal rails running across the top of the room, right over the table. That gave her the ability to keep her balance and not put full weight on my legs and other areas that might not bear it. I lay there naked and exposed as she massaged me with her feet. She spent time with her feet on my butt, working my glutes, and curled her toes once or twice, brushing my balls with them. I was reasonably sure it was intentional.

After about ten minutes of this, she climbed down off the table and began massaging my legs and feet. It really felt wonderful, especially each time she brushed up against the boys. She was a great masseuse and as I lay there becoming aroused by her frequent touches to the sack, I hoped that her hand-job skills were as great as her massage skills. She went up to my back and gave me some more there, then back down to the legs. She began focusing on my butt, and soon was spending half the time rubbing my glutes and the other half fondling my balls. I absently began to move my hips slowly in a slight fucking motion each time she groped at my sack. Then she began running her finger up the crack of my butt, with just a little pressure. She would fondle the boys, rubbing my sack, then starting at the taint, would run her finger right up and into the crack of my ass, right across my tight sphincter and up to where the cleft ended. I was getting harder, and continued the rocking of my hips almost non-stop. After a few minutes of ball and ass play, she gave my butt a squeeze then patted me lightly on the sack.

She stepped up to my head and whispered, “Be right back.” She left the room and returned with the hot stones. She spent quite a bit of time massaging me with the stones, but didn’t get frisky with them, just gave me a great, hot rub-down with them. She left briefly again and returned with the hot moist towels and wiped all the oil off my back, shoulders, butt, and legs. Then she very carefully wiped my balls, making sure to get every bit of oil that might be clinging there.

“Okay, over.” She was waiting with a pillow to go beneath my head. I flipped over, my cock now at half-mast. Here was someone I had met only a half-hour before and I was completely exposed to her at that moment. My cock was fully exposed and it excited, not embarrassed, me. I noticed the rails up near the ceiling as she began rubbing my chest. I looked at her and although she was wearing a mask, I could see that her Asian eyes were smiling at me. I smiled back and asked if she spoke English. “Little,” she answered and continued to rub my chest and shoulders. She moved up and began giving me a scalp massage that was very relaxing. My now-flaccid cock laid against my leg, in full view of Judy, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

“You like Judy massage?” she asked.

“Very much,” I answered as she rubbed my temples. She went back to my chest and began rubbing lower and lower until she was just above my cock. I took the opportunity to study her. Again, she was probably in her mid-40’s, neither great looking nor displeasing to the eyes. She just seemed like a super-nice lady. She wasn’t dressed in any provocative way; just dressed in normal clothes a massage therapist might choose for comfort. Average body, average breasts. As she rubbed my pelvis, stomach, and all around my cock I was getting aroused again and beginning to feel the need for release that I had borne for the past two weeks.

“I give good massage,” she said in a huskier voice. Then she tapped me on the helmet. When I looked up at her face, I could see that she was smiling again. “You want me rub here?” she asked.

“Very much,” I answered, shifting ever so slightly as she reached for her oil. She put a generous dose on her hands, then rubbed them together to distribute the lubricant. She was smiling at me the entire time and had no problem holding my gaze as she worked. No mention of a tip, no haggling or negotiating.

Still holding my gaze, she took my cock in her hand. It was about half-hard, and she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger of her left hand, then holding up the tip up with her right hand, she began moving the circle up and down on my oiled cock, keeping it tight. It felt really amazing, and Junior immediately began to grow. As he got bigger and thicker, the tips of her thumb and index finger were forced apart, but she kept the grip tight on my boy.

Once I was hard enough and he’d stand up on his own, she released the tip from her right hand and began fondling my balls with it instead, using her left hand to lightly stroke me and keep working me up to get harder. Within a minute or two I was fully erect, and she was taking full strokes on my cock. I put my hand on her back, and thought about going for her breasts. She just seemed like such a nice lady, I wasn’t sure if she’d go for it. Finally, completely aroused, I began to reach around her front and find her breasts. I did for a brief moment, but she very deftly turned her back to me just enough that they were outside my grasp.

She had the most amazing way of rubbing my cock. She would rub up, then twist her hand around the top, then come back down. She would do that for ten strokes or so, then change it up grabbing with both hands and pumping. When she sensed that I was getting close, she would grip the base of my cock tightly, and tickle it with her fingertips for a while. When I had calmed down a bit, she would continue on with the other two techniques. She would bring me up to where I was just starting to get the feeling that I was going to cum, then take me back down again.

“This is very good, Judy,” I murmured as she was in the gripping and tickling phase. I liked the fact that she seemed to be in no hurry to get me off, but was giving me maximum enjoyment and time to savor it. After what must have been almost ten minutes, she began pumping me in earnest with her left hand. I was waiting for her to change her stroke, but she just kept up stroking with two hands. It felt incredible and I was almost high from the sensations.

Then she removed her right hand from my cock but kept pumping with her left. I felt the right go to my balls and after lingering there a moment, drift down to my taint and then on further into the crack of my ass. As she pumped with her left hand, she rubbed my tight sphincter in small circles. I was getting close to cumming as she sped up with her left hand. Then, just as I was about to reach the crescendo, she jammed her index finger up my ass. I swear I saw stars as my jizz began to fly into the air. I pumped big thick ropes as she jacked my cock and had her finger up my ass to the second knuckle. I don’t think I even breathed as the incredible feeling washed over my body. Two weeks of sperm backup came flying out, freeing itself from the constraint of my bursting scrotum. I felt her finger slide out of my ass, but she kept lightly pumping my cock for another ten seconds or so. Then she carefully milked me of any remaining semen.

My eyes opened, and I resumed breathing as she milked me. I looked at her and again she smiled at me with her kindly Asian eyes. Holy Cow.

She held up her cum-coated hands and gave a chuckle. “Big mess,” she said, but didn’t seem put out by it. “Many cum.” She began wiping her hands on one of the moist towels, then began dabbing at the pools of sperm on my stomach. She left the room and came back shortly with another hot moist towel. She very slowly and very gently cleaned me up, taking a lot of time to get my cock and balls clean while seeming to study my junk intensely.

Then she walked up to my side and tapped me on my chest. “You like Judy?” she asked, her eyes smiling.

“Very much,” I answered. Then she leaned over me, lowered her head and gave me a kiss in the center of my chest. Then she turned her head so she was facing down towards my now-flaccid cock and laid it on my chest. She held it there for a moment.

“Anna gone. Ask for Judy,” she said with her head still on my chest. I was surprised.

“Anna’s not here anymore?” I asked.

She picked her head up and smiled at me. “Anna gone. Judy now. I take care you.” With that she walked out the door. I dressed and fished sixty dollars out of my wallet for a tip. When I opened the door to exit the room, Judy was waiting for me with a bottle of water. I took the chilled bottle and handed her the tip and she put it away without counting it. “You ask for Judy,” she repeated. I told her I certainly would and thanked her for a great massage. She stepped forward and gave me a brief hug.

“Next week?” she asked. Judy was marketing the hell out of me.

“If I can wait that long,” I answered without a bit of humor intended.

I walked down the corridor and reentered the waiting area. The old woman was there waiting. “You like Judy?” she asked as I took a swig of cool water. “You happy now?”

“Yes, Judy is great,” I answered. “But is Anna gone for good or just off work today?”

“No, Anna gone. Judy now for you.” I had no inkling at the time that because of the nature of their work, the providers often moved from massage parlor to massage parlor. I liked Judy, but I had really, really liked Anna. I had very little desire to play with Judy’s stuff but was intoxicated by Anna’s. Anna was young, beautiful, and exciting; Judy older, pleasant, and comforting. Out into the bright sun I walked and rode home feeling completely satisfied, yet somehow disappointed.

I returned the following week and while I didn’t ask for Judy, she was again my provider. I don’t know how she did it, but I think the old lady had a system and knew who was for who. I got the same experience, play by play, including the finger jammed up my ass at the critical moment. By the third time I was with Judy 10 days later, to be honest I had become somewhat bored with her. She just seemed to have a system, and I was figuring out the system. No mystery.

After my third visit to Judy at the Oasis Foot Spa, I began wondering what other experiences might be out there. I sat down at my computer to see if there were any other Asian massage parlors near me. I typed in “Asian Massage Near Me”, hoping to get a hit. I was shocked.

I didn’t get one hit, I got dozens of them. The Google Map was littered with icons for Asian Massage Parlors. Some were also very near my home. I began clicking on them and up popped the names, “Ocean Pearl Spa”, “Sunny Foot Spa”, “Happy Day Spa”, and many more.

I knew right then and there that I would visit all of those that were within two or three miles from my home, which was eight altogether, including Oasis. I had seven new experiences in front of me and I was excited for each one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32