As It Seems Ch. 05

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They stared at each other in confusion and anger. Their breaths heaving in unison filling the strained silence. This has to be a dream, Alexa shook her head slightly, a nightmare! This was defiantly a nightmare! Or hell! She thought frantically a screaming pushing its way up her throat. NO! NO! NO! I can’t-I can’t wake up the kids. Where’s Nathan? Did he hurt Nathan to get to me? Oh God! Bile rose from her stomach agitated by her anxiety. What was he going to do to her?

Alexa closed her eyes trying to slow her racing heart and thoughts. She had to think. She couldn’t panic. She opened her eyes expecting him to vanish, expecting this to be a cruel mind trick. Maybe even expecting Daniel and Clara to be jumping on her, trying to wake her to get breakfast.

She opened her eyes. No, no such luck. This nightmare was real. What do I do? Before she could finish asking herself the question, instinct finally kicked in. She started kicking and clawing, grunting in her efforts to break free from his vice-like grasp.

“Stop that shit,” he shook her, his voice a low warning growl. Connor glanced up the stairs, hoping the noise they were making was just loud in his ears and not loud enough to wake the kids. Alexa couldn’t stop, she had to get away, she had to get help. Connor shook her harder as her fighting became more erratic.

“Fuck!” He lost his grip on her twisting turning body. Alexa took her chance to flee. Adrenaline burned through her body, making her faster, making each sound in the house drowned out by the blood rushing in her ears.

“No!” She gasped when he grabbed her from behind one arm around her shoulders, the other going for her waist. She planted her feet on the ground, tensing her body. “Humph,” she took the arm around her shoulders using his own strength and momentum against him, she flipped him over her shoulder. He landed with a loud thud on his back. She barely heard his struggling breath, but knew she knocked the wind out of him. She looked towards the door in desperation. She had to pass him to get to it. She couldn’t think about it she just had to do run for it. She closed her eyes willing herself to move before he could make a move against her.

Connor was barely able to catch his breath before he felt Alexa moving passed him. His arm snaked out before he could think, grabbing her ankle making her fall. He dragged her to him as she kicked her leg trying to shake him off. “Let go!” He was on top of her. He couldn’t get hold of her flying fists. She punched and kicked as he held his weight on her. She couldn’t hear him telling her to calm down, that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

He caught her arms holding them above her head, making sure he was as gentle as possible with her right arm. She was only hurting herself when she hit him. He knew while her adrenalin was high she probably wouldn’t feel it, but later on he was sure she would.

“Let me go!” Connor lifted himself slightly, meeting her eyes. Her’s were glazed over, he wasn’t sure if it was him she was seeing. He struggled with his own roaring emotions. He tried to hold on to his anger, but something wasn’t right about this. He shook the thought out of his head, though he couldn’t shake the need for her to know that he wouldn’t hurt her.

“Alexa, stop it. I won’t hurt you.” He made the attempt to let her go but she kept fighting. If he let her go she was going to hurt herself. Her body trembled underneath his, her eyes a wide and wild glassy green. The same green he saw in the garage when he grabbed her.

She didn’t hear him the only sounds she heard was the pounding of her heart and the inner voice telling her to fight. She closed her eyes as memories mingled with the present, confusing and blurring her vision. “Get off me Marcus!” She wasn’t with Connor anymore…

Was it the strange clinking that made her start to wake up? No, it was the cold stinging pinch in her arm that made her shift restlessly. Her right arm was above her head prickling and stinging. She tried to bring it down, but it was stuck and the harder she pulled the more it pinched and pulled. Her breathing quickened.


“Hey Lexy you waking up?” Marcus’ voice was a low whisper against her ear. She shivered, not the good shiver she always imagined she should have gotten, but a creepy alarming shiver warning her something wasn’t right. He held her left hand, rubbing, kissing, caressing.

“My-my arm is stuck.” She panted still pulling no longer caring about the metal cutting into skin.

“Relax Ally,” he pulled her other hand towards the metal bed post. The cold of it shocking her skin making her finally pull it away.

“What are you doing?” she started slapping and hitting at him.

“What the fu-” He was about to stop but he caught on to her game. He almost believed she really didn’t want to do this.

“Let me go, Marcus!” Realization dawning. She told him she wasn’t into this. She barely liked sex let alone liked the idea suadiye escort of being handcuffed even less. The handcuff already attached was really tight. Angry tears fell as she started fighting him.

“Oh you wanna play like that?” He smiled getting turned on. He didn’t know she’d play “defenseless” role so well. He asked her for months to try bondage, at first she just said no, then he kept asking and eventually they started fighting about it. He was about to give up, then he got the idea to try it anyway from Jennifer. She said that Alexa was just afraid to let her inner freak show. He needed something because as hot as Alexa was she was frigid. She didn’t seem interested in him at all. He was almost sure she just started sleeping with him to shut him up.

He climbed on top of her and she fought harder, bucking wildly. “Relax-“

“Alexa,” a pair of large rough hands cupped her face, thumbs scraping up and down her trial of tears. Her vision focused, returning back to the present.

“Calm down, just relax,” Connor’s voice was calm and steady even if the rest of him wasn’t. He looked down at her, into her eyes. She didn’t see him; she was somewhere else with someone else. She cried out, calling him Marcus. He held her shaking head firm; kissing her forehead. Letting her fists punch him, her legs kick him. Anything if she would just stop and see him. He could feel her body getting tired; her breathing was still heavy but more controlled.

Just after he told her to relax she sobbed, a soul wrenching cry that tore into his heart.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered over and over against her forehead. He lifted himself up when her body went limp. Bile rose in his throat as she hugged her arm close, curling into the smallest ball she could manage. He watched helplessly as she regained a stumbling control over herself.

He didn’t know what to do. That was something he couldn’t afford. In his line of work he always had to know what to do, another example of how she was affecting him. She cupped herself, holding herself away from him, hiding her face as sobs shook her body. He took a step towards her, then backed away when she curled even tighter and cried even harder. He ran his hands through his hair, letting out long sigh.

“I’ll-“he gulped, pushing the dryness out of his throat. “I’ll- uh- be in the kitchen,” he cleared his throat. “When you’re- when you’re ready to talk.” Connor wanted to pull her close, kiss her tears and rock her to sleep. Then he didn’t care if she was sleeping with David, he didn’t care why she was here, he just wanted her to be alright. He shook those thoughts from his head. Why should he feel like shit? He didn’t break her wrist, this time he didn’t even touch her wrist. She surprised him, and he reacted. He pulled a bottle of Heineken out of the fridge. He pressed the cold glass bottle against his lip wincing, she smarted him good on the side of his mouth. He licked his lips but didn’t taste blood.

Connor was surprised by how strong Alexa was. He could barely hold her down, if he wasn’t used to fighting he knew she would have done a lot more damage. He sat on the counter, leaning back against the cabinet. He felt the grooves in the cherry stained wood press into his back. He closed his eyes. He heard the creaks in the house. The light thumps of her going upstairs, probably to check on the kids. He tried to muster some sort of anger, but he was still too shaken. He hurt for her and if he ever came across that Marcus motherfucker he was going to chiv his sorry ass.

He slowly calmed down. He needed answers and he was going to get them. Connor had to figure out how to get those answers with out them fighting…without me hurting her, he thought.

Why was she here? He asked himself over and over, pushing the only real reason she would be there away. He drove out the possibility that Jenny could have lied to him all this time. That was stupid, what reason would she have to lie anyway? She would had to have known that the two families would meet up eventually and she’d have to explain herself. Besides Jenny wouldn’t lie him. Connor popped the cap open on the edge of the counter. He took a long slow swallow, the cool crispness easing some of his tension. His body stiffened when he felt a pair of eyes watching him.

“Have you been drinking that shit all night?” Alexa demanded standing in the kitchen door, with her arms folded. Her voice still raw and shaky from crying.

When Connor left her in the living room she pulled herself up against the couch. She had to get control of herself, of the situation. She had to find out what he was doing here and where was Nathan? A few more sobs gasped out of her tears cooling her burning face. She took a few deep breaths before she stood. She slowly made her way upstairs; she peeked in Clara’s room first.

The little girl was cuddled close to her stuffed bunny, her thumb in her mouth. Alexa smiled sadly, wishing she yakacık escort could be the carefree little girl Clara was. People always said that Clara was just like her, demanding, bad tempered and spoiled. She let them think it, making it easier to keep anyone from looking to deep into her. She tucked the little girl in, kissing the top of her soft curls.

“Sogni d’oro, sweetie,” sweet dreams, she murmured gently pulling Clara’s hand from her mouth. She wondered if Clara could have picked that up from her. She still woke up sometimes with a finger in her mouth, like she was biting her nails in her dreams. She left and checked in on Daniel. He was such a little man, instead of a little boy. Thoughtful, serious he watched everything and everyone. He was closer to her than Jennifer, but she was more patient with him. She knew just because he acted like a grown up, he was still a little boy.

He was a wild sleeper and he slept like a rock. She tried not to laugh at his sleeping position. He was on his stomach with his knees tucked under and his butt in the air. His hands laying at his sides as snores filled the room. She debated on straightening him out but he looked so cute and comfortable so she draped his blanket over him and kissed his cheek. “Goodnight little one.”

She pulled out her phone and called her dad. She sighed, willing her voice to sound normal.

“You home?” he sounded preoccupied and she hoped that he wouldn’t want to go through their nightly walk through. She knew it had to be the case he was working on. He usually greeted her in Italian or with some pet name. Alexa was relieved. She loved her Dad with all her heart; he was her first love, but sometimes his protection was suffocating. It’s part of the reason she offered to stay with David and help Jennifer take care of the kids while he worked and went to school.

“No, I’m at David’s,” she prayed he couldn’t hear the strain in her voice. Should she tell him about Connor? There was no reason to. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t hurt her? She believed him. She didn’t know why, but she believed him. No need to worry her Dad, it would only distract him from whatever case he was working on.

“Babysitting?” she heard the rustle of papers in the background.

“Yeah, David and Jennifer went to that weekend couples thing.”

“Are you walking around the house?”

“Dad I just got off work and Jen’s brother is here.” She lied

“Let me talk to him.”

“No dad it’s late I-I’ll call you in the morning, good night papa I love you, bye.” She hung up quickly, before he could reply and rushed back down stairs.

Here she was now facing Connor. She stood in the doorway watching him lean against the cabinet. She bit her lip unsure of what to do. She watched him take a long drink. She tried not to notice how beautiful he was. His blonde hair mussed from sleep. His eyes were closed, which was good because whenever she looked into them she was trapped. Maybe it was the color, the strange dark bright solid blue that you only saw in Caribbean beach ads. Maybe it was the intensity behind the color; that moved her. She believed he could will mountains to move just by glancing at them.

She watched his throat bob as he downed the liquid. Her eyes flowed down his body like his drink, taking in his toned shoulders. She watched as shadows played on his chiseled chest. It looked like his skin was stretched over a breast plate firm and solid under smooth skin. Her lips quirked slightly at tattoo on the right of his chest; above the smooth pink nipple. Spike the dog from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, a complete contrast to the reptile on his hip. Her eyes followed down to his taut stomach. She wanted to reach out and run her fingers over the slight lines of definition. She wanted to be underneath him, his big body holding and protecting her. She winced seeing the red and green whelps over his torso mingled with old bullet and stab wounds.

Her eyes glazed back over his body meeting his eyes. He was looking at her curiously.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Have you been drinking all night?” It was more an accusation than a question. She had to regain control the only way she knew how. She had to fight with him. Anger was the easiest feeling to deal with, instead of the nervous tension in her gut. Her face was tight and itchy from the tears that dried on her face, her eyes red and swollen. She balled her fists frustrated that he saw her like that.

Connor set the beer down with a soft clank on the counter. “No,” he said simply. She started to fidget under his gaze. She couldn’t meet his eyes long enough to decipher the flickering emotions.

He hopped off the counter standing against the sink. He folded his arms across his chest and crossed his legs at the ankles. He stood there quietly studying her.

Her hair was a mass of waves flowing down her shoulders, it looked so soft and dark. It was soft he remembered stroking it out şerifali escort of her face a few minutes ago. Her eyes were more gold than green now. She must have calmed down, somewhat. He watched her lick her raw swollen lips. He wanted to kiss her; he wanted to forget everything and everyone. His eyes went to her rumpled white oxford shirt. It hugged her body showing off her small breast while still covering and her slim waist. He was sure his hands could wrap around her and touch. A pink and white plaid school girl skirt stopped mid-thigh showing off her long shapely legs. Shamefully he thought of how her legs were spread beneath him in the living room. His eyes went back to her face. She was a little pale which worried him, her wrist must hurt, he thought. Maybe I did grab it. He searched his memory, once he knew it was her he made it a point not to grip her wrist. His eyes flickered briefly to her arms. She was still holding it. He closed his eyes. Fuck!

“What the fuck are you looking at?” he shook the jumbling thoughts out of his head. “What is wrong with you? Why are you staring at me? Better yet why are you in my brother’s house?” she backed away when he made a move towards her, hiding her arm behind her back.

“What did you say?” he demanded stopping in his tracks. He didn’t hear her say that. She couldn’t be, she’s fucking lying, she fucking played me-shut up asshole you knew as soon as you saw her who she was. You just didn’t want to believe it. You wanted a reason to bully and scare her because your head is fucked.

“I said a lot, which part do you need me to repeat?” She demanded sarcastically, sitting at the large round kitchen table. She was getting dizzy and she was tired and she wanted her Dad. She should have told him about Connor. She knew she sounded like a baby but her Dad really could make everything better. It was too late now; she had to deal with this. She had to be the girl she was raised to be. The tough daughter of a tough cop. She wasn’t going to let this overgrown macho jerk scare her…again.

“You’re not David’s sister,” he sat at across from her, putting another bottle of beer in front of her.

“What do you know? You don’t know anything about my family.” She hissed tapping her finger on the table. Connor bit the side of his cheek pushing down anger; he wasn’t sure who he was mad at yet.

“You can’t be his sister?”

“WHY NOT?” Her eyes flashed.

“How stupid do you think I am?” he sighed frowning at her.

She leaned back in her seat a dark smile on her lips, “I don’t know but I’m sure you are about to enlighten me.”

“You and David don’t look anything a like.” Even that logic sounded weak in his ears.


“You’re bl-not white.” He knew he sounded like a jackass he knew her skin color didn’t matter; he needed her to be the liar.

“Great, not only are you an asshole but you’re a bigot too,” she rolled her eyes. She never got used to the funny looks she got when people met her family. That’s when she felt the most out of place. Maybe she didn’t really belong with them. Maybe that voice that told her to hide and wait was wrong.

“You’re name is Alexa.”

“Smart boy, wanna cookie?”

“His sister’s name is Zia or some shit.”

She sighed, “Zia is Italian for Aunt. It’s easier for the kids to say it in Italian than English.” He saw the flicker of hurt in her eyes. He closed his own eyes, he got played alright. She was telling him the truth. Why would Jen lie it didn’t make sense.

“Are you going to tell me what you are doing in my brother’s house?” She watched his hands knocking anxiously on the table. His jaw tightened and twitched as he help back a roar of expletives.

“Jenny asked me to baby-sit,” he said absently. His mind was moving so fast, too fast.

“Why would she ask you? What happened to Nathan?” He saw the realization dawning in her eyes even as she tried to deny it. He wasn’t the only one that got played.

His slight grin answered her question. “Your name is Connor.” He nodded wondering how long it would take for her to come to the same conclusion he did. “But her brother’s name is Nathan-“she looked up confused. She looked so sweet and innocent he wanted to laugh. Why did he ever think she was that type of girl? Why didn’t he just fucking ask her and save both of them a lot of drama. She still might be that kind of girl, she’ might be fucking Jerome.

Do you really think so? He asked himself, no.

“Nathan O’Conn-“she stopped, her eyes widening, “you’re Nathan?”

They stared at each other, digesting their new family member. The silence was long and defining, until Connor leaned forward, breaking the awkward silence.

“How’s you’re wrist?” he reached for Alexa’s hands and she tried to pull away. She couldn’t, his hold was firm with out hurting. She shrugged looking at the contrast of his pale to her dark. She didn’t like how he was making her feel. She didn’t like the tingling or the moistness in her panties. Why did he care how her wrist was? He hated her. Panic bringing justification for her wariness. “Did I hurt you?” She met his eyes briefly before looking away. They were so beautiful she wanted to keep looking into them, but she couldn’t.

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