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There isn’t a moment in my life that hasn’t been somehow touched by Marilyn. I think about her constantly. Most guys move on to other girls, but most guys don’t experience a girl like Marilyn. From the second I saw that beautiful girl, I was hooked. Line and sinker. Ball and chain.

Never in my life did I expect to make her mine. It was something I wanted, needed, and craved desperately. Every woman I dated possessed only a fraction of her innocence and grace. Shadows of the woman I wanted as my lover and wife.

It makes this moment so much richer, honestly. As I cup her creamy cheeks in my hands, I can still remember the fresh-faced little sister of my neighbor, bounding in from summer romps. I lean forward to kiss the nape of her neck, recalling her bloom from a girl to a woman, the knowing looks she began to send me, the small touches. I gather a silken knot of her hair in my hand, smiling with pleasure at the memory of the vivacious college girl running into me at a coffee shop, blue eyes shining. So beautiful.

“What are you waiting for?” she whispers softly. She peeks at me over her shoulder.

“What’s going on, George?”


“Hey! What’s going on, George?!”

I stared in open-mouthed surprise. Marilyn Decker grinned impishly at me over a steaming coffee. For a second I hardly recognized her, but spotted the small chip in her front tooth. That’s Marilyn, alright. The little minx herself, my buddy’s little sister. The fantasy come back to life. I was instantly sweaty and excited. The way she tossed her auburn hair over her shoulder made my heart speed up.

“It’s been so long. How’s it going?”

She grinned again, “Oh, great. I’m taking classes here at Easterbrook. How are you doing?”

“Good. I’m just here on my way to work…. How’s Aaron doing?”

“He’s fine. Did you know he got married this past spring?”

My eyes flickered downward for an instant and I took in the soft curve of her breasts in her shirt, her tapered waist, and shapely hips. I wanted badly to lean forward and crush her to me, to inhale the scent of her hair. Instead, I smiled.

“No way! That’s awesome news. Who’s the lucky girl?”

“Anna Lawson. I suppose it doesn’t come as a surprise to you; they dated all throughout highschool and college. It certainly didn’t surprise any of us.”

Hell, she was sweet. The benign, wide-eyed way she gazed at me, peeking over the rim of her coffee cup. I imagined kissing her rosy mouth with fervor, running my thumbs over her delicate nipples, grinding myself against her mound. This wasn’t typical of me. I was usually in good control of myself. But this girl… ankara escort She did something to me.

“Do you want to sit down for a few minutes and talk? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”

She brightened and nodded. I led her to a table and we sat. As she prattled on about her brother’s wedding, I studied every inch of her. The curve of her cheek, the long brown lashes veiling her eyes, the freckles along the tops of her breasts, and the blue veinwork under her pale skin. My cock was throbbing in my jeans, desperate to escape. It didn’t help me to look at her, but what could I do but look at the object of so many of my fantasies? Her full, pouty mouth, which she moistened often with her tongue, was as sweet and round as a berry. I longed to see it wrapped around my dick.

I groaned to myself as she recrossed her legs, the effort causing her to lean forward, giving me a quick peek at her breasts. They pressed together snugly in her light sweater.

She shook her head and smiled, “You look great, George… I haven’t seen you in years, but you look fantastic. Just like I knew you would.”

“You look great too, Marilyn. It’s lucky we ran into one another. I haven’t seen you since you were… what, 17?”

“Yes” she laughed, “17 and silly and with a huge crush on my brother’s friend, George McIntyre…”

I could hardly believe it, but she went on.

“My big brother’s best friend. You used to play basketball in my driveway with Aaron. I watched you from my window. Sweaty and so cute. You know, girls always think older boys are cute.”

Marilyn blushed and ducked her head to sip from her coffee. I shifted in my seat, conscious suddenly of how damned hot it would have been to know that when I was younger. I could have taken her in her frilly, pink bedroom and she would have liked it.

“I guess it’s stupid of me to tell you that, but seeing you again brought it to the surface.”

I smiled at her. I appreciated knowing how she’d felt about it, but wondered if she still felt the same. She did, right? Why else would she be telling me all that?

“You know, I always wanted to tell you—”

I was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone. I sipped my own cup nervously as she answered it and talked for a few minutes. My stomach felt as if it was full of rocks when I heard her call someone “baby.”

“Sorry. I’d better get going, my boyfriend is waiting for me. This has been so much fun.”

We both rose and hugged somewhat awkwardly. For a few seconds, I held her against me. Then she was gone.


How did I get so lucky? ankara eve gelen escort

She grinds her thick ass back against my cock. I feel my dick sliding against her pussy.

“Baby, you are so sexy.”

I lean forward and nuzzle her ear, reaching underneath to catch her hanging tits. She moans a little as I caress their hard peaks. Her pussy feels so hot against me, like a second mouth trying to pull me in.

“Put it in me, George. Please, get inside me now.”

She really is begging me. I hear the desperation in her voice, so I position my tip at the entrance to her love canal. She pushes back against me. I run my hand along her back, feel her spine pushing through her skin.

I’m almost there. The bulbous head of my cock pushes inside her and she gasps. We’re both silent as I push a little more inside her. Who can blame me for wanting to savor this?

I bite my lip as the tip of my cock disappears inside her. Her soft, stretchy pussy sucks me in, but I take my time. Each movement inside her little hole is deliberate and thorough.

I wrap a steely arm around her neck and pull her up against me, panting as I slide more and more inside her.

“Do you know how long I’ve thought of nothing but you? Of fucking you like this? Pushing deeper and deeper inside you?”

Marilyn gasps and rolls her head against my chin.

“That I’ve dreamt of spreading your pussy and looking into your beautiful face? Huh? Do you know how bad I’ve wanted you?”

She cries a little at this, at my cock pushing deeper inside her. I kiss the side of her face and release her, increasing my assault on her sweet little cunt.

I run my hands along her soft skin as I fuck her. She is so soft. The epitome of softness. Every inch of her is soft and velvety.

“Do you like that?” I ask, fucking inside her with hard, deliberate strokes. I grasp her slender arms, pulling them back and clasping them as I pump roughly into her, testing her. Marilyn grunts with each thrust, her head jerking.

“Do you…?” I ask, trailing off as I rut inside her, losing my train of thought. All I can do is push as deep inside her as I can.


I stood outside her window and watched as she undressed. Believe me, I wasn’t in the habit of peeping in women’s windows. But my encounter with her that afternoon left me disoriented and confused. I left work and somehow found exactly where she lived, almost as if I were following her scent.

Marilyn slathered lotion over her arms and shoulders, then her breasts. She was perfectly proportioned, çankaya escort tall and shapely, not too thin and not too thick. Her skin was creamy and fair, her nipples perfect buds. My eyes dropped to the nest of curls between her legs. To bury my head in that soft, fragrant patch, I would have sold my very soul.

She then set about brushing her hair. I watched, rubbing my cock through my pants as she ran it the through the thick mass of her hair, her breasts rising and falling with each stroke.

It was something every girl did when she got ready for bed. But it was intensely beautiful, painfully sensual coming from Marilyn. And when she set the brush down and started pinching her own nipples, I nearly lost my load right there in her flowerbed.

I watched as she closed her eyes tightly and gathered the firm mounds of her breasts in her hands, tweaking and pinching her crests. She arched back, long hair caressing her ass.

Then she rose and walked to the window in which I looked. She unlocked it and pushed it open, closing her eyes and shivering in the wind that came into the room. Could it be? Was she thinking of me? Did she somehow know I was waiting in that garden?

She sank onto her bed and curled up, one hand cupping her tit and the other sinking down into her curls. I drew closer until I could hear that the name she was articulating, so plaintively, was my own.


Her sweet, wet little honey pot tugs on my cock and I can feel my balls tightening. My body knows I am home, buried deep in her cunt, and the instinct to fill her with my cum is rising in me in thick waves. I hold off, trying to prolong the experience, trying to show her just how much I need and love her with each stroke.

“You feel so good…” she moans into her pillow, balling her small hands into fists. I lean forward to kiss her, my mouth trapping hers in a scorching kiss. My cock is buried inside her, balls deep, and I whisper into her ear.

“Everything that I am is for you. All of this is for you.”

I withdraw from her and wrap her in my arms, pulling her over me as I lay back. She maneuvers over me, finding my cock and directing it towards her opening, whimpering with need. Her cunt descends over my pole and I groan. She sighs appreciatively as she envelopes me in her wet heat, grinding down on me and gyrating her hips. Then she starts to ride me.

I watch with fascination as she rides me, up and down, leaving my dick slick and oily from her juices. Such a little pussy, I think. But she crams every last bit of my big meat inside her like a trooper.

“Cum inside me,” she instructs. Who am I to disobey? I groan aloud as I squirt inside her, coating her cervix with my spooge. Nearly ten years worth of love, devotion, and obsession empty inside her all at once.

When my cock softens and slips out of her, she smiles and plants a kiss on my forehead.

“Just like I always wanted,” she whispers, closing her beautiful eyes and falling into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32