April’s Open Pit Humiliation

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The cool fall air really lifted April’s spirits. The cool breeze raised goose bumps on her bare legs. She wore her old cheerleader shorts, a hoodie sweatshirt over a Camp t-shirt and scruffy white sneakers. She’d been coming to this Camp since she was a little girl. She and her brothers had been camp counselors in High School and she’d worked summers as a health care aid during nursing school. She’d become such a part of this place that her family came up here during the off season to do some work in exchange for use of the facilities. Today she was walking up the path with her brother to paint one of the old outhouses.

“They just put this old open pit over a new concrete pit,” Jim told her as they approached the drab looking eight hold open pit. “They don’t really use these much now that they have the big bath houses, but its way out here on the far side of camp and it beats having the kids shit on poison ivy.”

They entered the old style privy which was refreshingly free of the usual fermented shit odor you associate with these places. “Before we get to painting,” Jim said, “Dad wants us to make sure the foundation is good. He doesn’t want the pit leaking sewage into the water table.”

April nodded, it seemed reasonable. “What do we have to do?”

“We need to check the pit for cracks, make sure the concrete set OK.” Jim shined a flashlight into the clean concrete tank under the outhouse. “I can’t see the whole thing from here. You’re going to have to go down and have a look.”

“Why me,” April pouted. “I don’t want to go down there.”

“Oh, don’t be a baby,” Jim chided. “You have to go down because you’re little enough to fit through the hole. Besides, it’s not like it’s a used shitter. It’s just a big, empty concrete tank right now.”

It sounded reasonable enough, but April had doubts. Jim had a way of playing mean pranks on her. But he insisted that Dad told him to have to check out the foundations, so she lowered herself through one of the toilet ports and dropped down into the concrete bunker. She shined her penlight around the walls and called up, “I don’t see any…”

That’s when she felt the warm water hitting her back. April spun around and looked up. She felt the piss hitting her face before she saw her brother pissing on her. He cackled with bahis şirketleri demented laughter as his piss soaked April’s hoodie. “You are so gullible April! You are such a sucker! I hope you like your new home!”

April screamed every obscenity that she could think of at her sadistic brother. She jumped for the rim of the toilets, but they were out of reach. April was always the runt of the family. She was five foot nothing and just a waif of a girl. She’d been voted onto the homecoming court, but her brother always teased her saying she looked like a 12 year old.

“You’re going to like it down there,” Jim called down to her. “You’re just going to have to stay there until I let you out.” He then slammed the lids to the eight seats, turning the pit dark and lonely. She felt ashamed that she’d let her asshole brother trick her. She could yell and hope someone would here her, but she knew no one was supposed to be on this side of camp today. There were some track people down at the main lodge, but they wouldn’t be up this way. Besides, her hoodie was soaked with Jim’s pee. How would she explain that? Best to just wait for the asshole to let her out.

April huddled in the corner of the pit as time slowly dragged by. She didn’t know how long she’s been down there. She’d drifted off to sleep when she heard the door slam shut above her. She was about to yell at Jim some more when she heard unfamiliar voices.

“I dunno,” one of the voices said. “Some fuckwad with a cheery bomb is what I heard.” Two lids flipped up and April saw two white moons settle over the holes. She almost giggled at how silly the guys looked with their dicks tucked between their legs, but then the piss started spraying all over the place. April scurried to the far corner as shit logs dropped to the floor of her prison. Then the magnitude of her problem hit her as she heard one of the voices say, “the pipes are all burst in the bath house. Everyone’s gotta hike all the way up here to take a shit.”

April nearly cried in disbelief. Could her brother really be that big of a jerk? Would he sabotage the Camp’s bathhouse just to make her life hell? Maybe someone else did this. When Jim found out, he’d know things had gone too far and he’d come rescue her.

For about an hour, April sat in the cold isolation bahis firmaları of her subterranean cell with just two piles of turd and a puddle of piss for company. “At least it was too cold for flies,” she though. Then activity started picking up. More and more guys showed up to relieve themselves. April tried to avoid the falling rains and bombs, but it was getting harder. It was obviously near lunchtime and the track guys were all taking their morning shits.

Avoiding the falling turds wasn’t that hard at first. She could see where the butts were and move to avoid the target areas. She wasn’t as successful with the pee, which seemed to fill the air. Also, she could avoid the falling bombs, but it was getting harder and harder not to step on them. She felt the shit squish under her sneakers and she knew some of the shit was getting in the air holes. She could feel the crap getting in there and squishing around her toes.

It was impossible to sit down now. The floor was covered with mounds of shit and the piss was just about everywhere. There was no dry spot to sit. April was feeling a little sick from the stench of all the shit. She felt humiliated by her brother’s dirty trick. She also felt guilty that she was a little turned on from watching all the cocks. She was still coming to terms with her experience with the Latvian sailor who turned her into a toilet slave. She told herself that the hated the experience, but she still got all wet thinking about the way he commanded her to drink his piss and eat his shit. She was wondering if she was a bad person, rubbing her clit through her shorts. She was wondering if she really was a shit whore. She kicked off her shoes and walked barefoot through the piles of shit.

Then all hell broke loose.

April heard the sound of rubber soles on concrete. Then she saw lips fly up and asses start to spray. It was happening too fast. Semi-liquid shit spewed from three asses at once. Backing away from two spewing asses, April was hit in the back of the head my loose rain of brown goo. She slipped on the slippery floor and fell back on the piles of shit.

April lay in shock looking up at a Sistine Chapel of Ass. It was like the worst nightmare of Hieronymus Bosch come to life. The sky was full of male asses. Eight sphincters loosened from kaçak bahis siteleri eight holes showering her with stinking brown rain. There was nowhere to hide from this torrent to shit. The shit was in her hair; it covered her legs and had soaked through her shorts. She opened her hoodie and a layer of shit oozed away from her body.

April kneeled in the stinky piles. She looked up at the spewing assholes and gave in to her wickedest impulses. She pealed off her hoodie and t-shirt and let the shit pour over her. She picked the cutest assholes and stood under them to catch the shit on her face and tits. April rubbed the shit over her tits and rubbed her clit with her other hand. She caught turds in her mouth and chewed, savoring the wicked taste of human excrement. The pure humiliation of her situation set her free.

The torrent finally slowed, then stopped. April felt like the shit whore she’d feared she was becoming with the Latvian. She rolled in the stinking goo, rubbing the shit in her hair and smearing it across her tits. She felt sick to her stomach, but she felt wickedly sexy too. Then she heard a familiar voice.

“The place has gone to hell,” she heard her Father say. He was talking on a cell phone while lowering his pants. April positioned herself under her Father’s ass, ready to take his offering to the new shit goddess.

“Oh hell everything’s fucked,” Dad said as he let the first squirt of shit loose. April let the loose stool fall on her face. She savored the foul odor. She Let the rancid flavor seep between her lips. “Some retard spiked the Gatorade with Epson Salts; very funny stuff. Everyone’s got the shits like you wouldn’t believe. Hell, we’re sending some guys to the ER.”

Dad let loose with a massive fart, followed by a shower of feces that landed on April’s head as she assumed a prayerful pose. “It’s the second time today we’ve sent someone to the ER. That fuckwad of a son of mine went and got a face full of porcelain. The asshole blew up the fucking toilets!”

A jet of piss hit April’s forehead, washing shit off her face as she heard her Father continue, “… and that dumb cunt April has been missing all day! I bet that fucking slut is off fucking some cow fucker at the farm. I don’t know what to do with that stupid girl. The one time we really need someone with medical training and the dumb bitch is nowhere to be found. We needed a fucking nurse today! I should piss on the fucking cunt when I find her!”

In a very small voice, April said, “You already have Daddy.”

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