Ann’s nasty new nature

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When I was in elementary school, there was a girl that I couldn’t stop thinking about. She was a spritely little thing, mischievous and exciting. She had red hair, a few freckles scattered about her ever-smiling face, and a body that I found exciting when I was 10. I can’t remember what I found attractive about her; who knows how kids’ minds work. All I know is that I was devastated when she moved away after fifth grade and out of my life forever.
As all these things go, I moved on, went to high school, college, had the usual experiences. I never gave her a thought after a while, just like any number of girls that drift in and out of a man’s life. Also like most college kids, I had gotten on Facebook. One day, I received a friend request from Ann and I was delighted to stumble across that name again and gladly accepted.
When perusing her profile, I began to look at her pictures. There were pictures of her in high school, where it looked like she had been a cute little thing on the track team, sun bouncing off her red hair. She had an athletic body, with strong legs and a nice physique, not weirdly thin like a lot of high school girls think is pretty. I was impressed with what she had grown into and I wondered if I had grown into something she would be impressed with. Then I found her college pictures.
The college pictures told a completely different story than the innocent smiles of the earlier years. These latter shots showed Ann at wild parties, drinking, dancing, all the stuff that goes on at a college. Of course, she wasn’t there first girl to go from mild to wild in the college jump, but there was something different about this case. Her boobs had clearly grown exponentially since high school.
I am not stupid. These were implants; she had gone from a small B to a solid D in the space of a year. That doesn’t happen. Normally I am not a huge fan of the fake boobs, but the clothes she was wearing in these photos really knew how to show them off. In every picture it seemed, she was in some low cut shirt or dress, with her breasts pushed up and together. They were big and fantastic. They were clearly a big deal to her friends, with many of the pictures of people pointing at her boobs and everyone smiling. She had different color hair from shot to shot. There were shots of her yelling as a couple guys took shot glasses out from between her tits with their mouths. There was a Halloween picture of her as a Playboy bunny with a guy dressed as Hugh Hefner, and she leaned over, almost totally exposing her breasts, to kiss his penis through his pants. She had become completely sexualized; it appeared her new tits had given her a sexual confidence.
It was with great delight then that I got a message from her expressing her excitement over a wedding we were both invited to. I had no idea that she had been invited, and I was just going to go because I felt guilty not going. A couple friends, Adrienne and Eric, were marrying young and I didn’t know them too well; I was shocked to get the invite. I was definitely excited to go now though. Ann was all about it since she was better friends with them than I was. To me, she wrote:

Hi Will!
Oh my god, it is so good to find you! I am so excited for this WEDDING! It’s been so long, we have to catch up! SEE U SOON!

It was classic giddy college girl speak. I was looking forward to it myself.

When the day came, I found myself pretty nervous. I was a single guy in college and I went with a friend who had also been invited, Jon. The couple had had a quiet service for just family, which was fine with me. I didn’t really want to go anyway, the service isn’t where the fun is. The bride’s family was quite rich and the banquet hall they had rented out was lavish. It was in one of the more swanky hotels in the area. I scoured the people milling about for Ann, but didn’t find her. Settling that we had arrived before she did, Jon and I found our way to our assigned table. He knew what was going on with me; I hadn’t made any effort to hide it. He teased me about it a bit, but I blew it off. It might turn out to be well worth the drive.
We were at a table with a bunch of high school friends, so it was great to catch up with them. Though Ann had moved away before high school, she had been assigned to the seat right next to me, a move that was incredibly lucky. Hers was the only seat not taken at our table. After about 20 minutes of catching up and reminiscing with the people at the table, Jon elbowed me sharply in the side and pointed his head towards the door. There stood Ann, flanked on either side by her parents, family friends of the bride. They too were wealthy and Ann had dressed as such. She looked incredible in her sleek little black dress. She was short and still had the athletic body, about 5’5” I would guess (hard to tell with her black heels) and 110 lbs or so. Her dress was very tight and her form left little to the imagination. There was barely room for a thong in there. Her ass stuck out from the back of the dress delectably, a very nice white girl booty. She walked over to our table greeted everyone and sat down next to me. She gave me a big hug and started talking to me.
This part of the story is a little blurry for me. The first time I saw Ann’s new tits was an experience that left me conscious of little else. They were more amazing in person than I could have ever guessed from the photos, and the photos looked pretty damn good. Her dress clung to her hips and was backless while the front cupped her tits and tied around behind her neck. Being able to see all of her neck and back proved she wore no bra, yet her D-cup tits stuck out high on her chest, pushed together beautifully like I had seen on the online photos. She wore a necklace with a small rectangular pendant at the end which hung down fairly far between her boobs, daring you to look there. Her hair, now a reddish blonde, fell lightly upon the upper part of her tits. The dress was designed masterfully, cupping the breasts and pushing them up and together while still exposing almost everything above and to the inside of the nipple. I was floored.
“Ann, you look so different,” I said, adding that I remembered her as a redhead when I realized people might think I was talking about her implants. I was, of course.
“Yeah, I dye it all the time. Plus I got these!” she exclaimed and grabbed on to her boobs. Everyone laughed, relieved that it wasn’t something we couldn’t talk about. Ann was clearly very proud of them and had brought her a lot of attention. We had a delightful dinner, everyone enjoying themselves, getting tipsy, buzzed, then drunk on the open bar. After dinner and a few drinks, Ann asked me to dance.
The song was slow so we danced close. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we swayed back and forth. With her arms lifted over her head, her boobs were pushed closer together and lifted higher than they were before. I couldn’t help but look down and ask.
“So what made you do it?” I asked, a question she must Sex hikayeleri have answered a thousand times.
“Well, my old boyfriend thought mine were too small and it pissed me off. Do you like the new ones?” she asked, looking up at me.
I laughed nervously and looked around the dance floor. “I suppose I do,” I said.
She moved a little closer. “Do you want to see more?”
I had been waiting for a line like that. I had always been to shy to say lines like that myself, but I had been hoping that the ice would be broken between us. There had been a childhood spark that had come back quickly tonight and now that we were older, there were certain actions we could take that were out of range before. I answered that I was quite curious.
“We have a room here,” she said, which didn’t surprise me because they had come from a pretty good distance. “We can just get on the elevator and go up.”
“I’ll go up if you go down,” I said, the kind of line I would never say when I was sober. In this case, I wasn’t.
She raised her eyebrows and smiled. We walked over to the elevator and went up. In the elevator, she started telling me what she was going to do.
“When we get in there, I am going to show you what I can with my tits. I got them for a reason and I am going to show you what that is. Then I am going to let you fuck me anywhere you want. I’ve taken it everywhere and I like everything. You’re going to make me cum. I can’t wait to get in that room.” She said all this as she leaned over and rubbed my cock through my suit pants, which had gotten a lot tighter in the last 20 seconds. I reached down and rubbed her ass, which she also liked. She started rubbing her own tits in anticipation. We hit her floor and walked to her hotel room, where she swiped the key and we entered.
She didn’t waste any time. As soon as the door shut, she untied her dress behind her neck and let the halter top fall down, exposing her huge tits. They were magnificent, just as I had suspected while she was clothed. The shape was perfectly round and the nipples were long and pink. They matched exactly, not always the case with implants and had very little bounce to them, two perfect mounds. She let the dress hang at her waist and put her tongue to her left nipple.
“What do you think now?” she asked.
I walked over to her and put my hands on them. They felt incredible in my hand and I told her that I had been waiting to do that since she first walked in the banquet hall downstairs. I massaged them and she made little moaning noises and felt around with her hands, over my cock and ass. Her breasts were certainly her magic button; she loved talking about them, loved having people look at them, touch them. Her little necklace still hung between them. I leaned over and put my mouth between her boobs and hooked a finger into each side of her dress. Leaning over further, I slid her dress down to the floor, leaving her standing there in only necklace, high hells, and a tiny black G-string. Her heels had a band that went over the top of her ankle so they wouldn’t slide off. She bent over to remove them, but I stopped her.
“Leave them on,” I said.
“Ooh, kinky,” she replied. “You’re in charge.”
“In that case, why don’t you show me why you really got those big beautiful jugs?” I requested.
“I’d love to, but we are going to have to get you naked first.”
Normally, I like the woman to take my clothes off for me. I enjoy knowing that the woman is excited to get me naked and is willing to do a little work for it. In this case, I was so excited and anxious to see what she could do that I just took off my own clothes as fast as I could. My 7” cock pointed out straight ahead, as if a lightning rod directing me to Ann’s willing body.
“So what is your big trick?” I asked.
“Well, my old boyfriend didn’t like my little tits and gave me shit about it, so I broke up with him. To get back at him, I got these, and I got to be known on campus for giving really good titty fucks,” she answered. “Want me to show you how I do them?”
“Fuck yeah I do,” I said.
“I do it two ways. First I do the work, then you do the work. Stay right there.”
With that, she got on the floor and crawled over to me, still in her high heels. I could see her G-string, accentuating her full ass. When she reached me, she got up on her knees which put her tits perfectly at cock level.
“The key to give a good titty fuck,” she began, “is a lot of spit.”
I thought she was going to keep explaining her methods, but she stopped and started working her jaw. I saw what she was doing in a minute when she drooled out a huge gob of spit, moving head back and forth so the spit worked its way all over my cock, from the tip to the base and all over the shaft. She worked it all around with her hands and kept spitting on it, enough that a lot of it dripped off onto the carpet. There was actually standing spit on my dick.
When she felt I was sufficiently lubed up, she said, “You’re all slick now, now get me slick,” and held out her chest, imploring me to get it as wet as she got me. Gathering a bunch of spit myself, I soaked her tits and rubbed it all over them. They got a nice shine to them and she told me that they were ready. She reached behind her head and removed her necklace and placed it on the desk behind her. She reached out and touched my dick lightly on the head. I flinched and my dick sprung back towards me and she laughed.
“A bit,” I laughed. “But don’t be gentle.”
I reached down and ran my hands through her sandy hair and looked down at her, her big tits looming over her tiny panties. She scooted forward on her knees and pressed her chest against my dick. Her hands positioned themselves on either side of her boobs and squeezed them together, the top of my dick completely covered. It was warm and slick between her tits as she began to move them slowly up and down. The moist rubbing gave an incredible sensation on the tender underside of my cock, which pumped slowly between her fantastic D breasts. She told me to do no work, to just stand there and let her do everything.
Ann started to get her body more into it as she moved her upper body up and down. My cock was totally covered when she went up but when she pushed herself down, the tip of my cock and a small portion of the shaft became exposed. Making sure all of her bases were covered, she would lean her head down and greet my cock with her lips briefly as it shot up towards her face. She pushed her tits together even harder, squeezing my cock tightly between them, and took her thumb and index finger and wrapped them to her nipples where she began tweaking them gently. I had been wanting to do that myself so I reached down, moved her hands out of the way and took her job
“You want to do the work for a while?” she asked and put her hands under her ass, shoulders back, thrusting her breasts out. I still worked her tits in my hand and she closed her eyes to fully enjoy the sensation.
“Yeah I do, but I want you on the bed, you slut.” I was Sikiş hikayeleri getting into it now.
“You better watch your mouth,” she said, looking up,” or I might just have to act like one.”
She got up from her knees to move towards her bed. Her parents had been in one and she in the other, which prompted me to start worrying that they would come back. Not enough to stop what I was doing though. She took a firm hold on my cock and led me over. “How do you want me?” she asked.
“On your back and put your head over the edge,” I commanded.
She did as she was told and positioned herself as such, her head draped over the edge, reaching towards the ground. Her hair actually reached to the floor. I moved myself over her and put my dick between her tits once again, my ass right over her face, straddling her. Ann wrapped her arms around my thighs and lifted her face, tongue roaming around my taint and ass. I reached down and pressed her tits together around my cock and started pumping. Her perfect breasts bounced slightly up and down though the firmness of the implants kept them more or less in place. The firmness of her breasts coupled with the softness of her skin felt great as I slid.
Ann had decided that she couldn’t work her mouth on me while I was pumping so she had lowered her head and was moaning as I worked. Her head bounced against the edge of the bed, which I thought would hurt her neck but she seemed to be enjoying it. Apparently unable to hold herself back anymore, she lifted her head up and jammed her face into my ass with her arms. She was really forcing herself deep and I could feel her tongue running around my anus, putting her mouth on it, sucking and flicking it, the wetness of her mouth. She really was being a total slut. I slid my hand down her stomach, onto the top of her little black panties and smacked her pussy, quickly and lightly, throwing in a hard one every now and then to keep her guessing. She squirmed and moved her legs around.
Leaning over her in order to reach her pussy, I took my dick out from between her tits and moved it towards her mouth. She had yet to really take me in and I wanted to see how well she could handle it. I put both hands on her ripe tits and squeezed them as I entered her awaiting lips. She put her hands on the front of my thighs as a method to stop me in case I went in too far. I could feel her lips right on the tip of my cock and she swirled her tongue around the tip, glancing lightly. She sucked gently and the light suction felt inviting. I moved a little further down and she took it easily. I wanted to feel the warmth of her mouth on my entire cock. I fondled her tits as I plunged deeper, groping them and kneading them with my hands.
I asked her if she was ready for more. With my cock still in her mouth, she nodded quickly and I pushed further. Having been unable to swallow for about a minute now, spit began to sneak its way out of Ann’s mouth onto her face. Head hanging upside down, the spit ran from the corner of her mouth, down her cheek and onto the beginning of her hair. Perhaps focusing on the task at hand (or in mouth), she didn’t wipe it away. Taking my hands off her tits and putting them on either side of Ann’s head, I forced my shaft deep into her throat. I could hear her throat straining. Getting into the dominant mindset, I smacked her on the face a few times. Her face got red and she opened her bugged eyes and I pulled out. Spit flew out with my cock, dumping more spit onto her face. She lay gasping for air and I plunged back in, pumping back and forth, face fucking her. Her throat made little high pitched noises as my sac smacked against her nose and eyes. I reached out and groped her tits again, which made her arch her back and move her legs restlessly.
After a minute, I stopped, thinking she couldn’t take too much more of this. I pulled out of her mouth and the strands of spit between her mouth and my dick were heavy. They fell down onto her face and joined the substantial quantity of spit that had accumulated there. Her mascara had run and her face was just a mess. After taking a second to compose herself, she smiled and went into the bathroom, still in her delicious heels and G-string, and I heard the water running, no doubt washing her face off. I climbed onto the bed on my back, head on the pillow.
The water shut off and a minute passed. She came out of the bathroom and climbed on top of me and I was stunned to see that her makeup was redone.
“Did you reapply your makeup?” I asked, laughing.
“I wanted to look nice,” she replied in a dignified manner.
In a less than dignified manner, she reached down and took my dick in her right hand and guided it to her slit, her left hand moving the front of her G-string out of the way and showing me her little pussy. She lifted herself up and with a little adjustment, fit me inside. She was surprisingly tight for a girl I thought of as promiscuous as she, and I told her that she felt really that way.
“I have been travelling around with my parents for the last couple weeks,” she said,” haven’t even been able to touch myself.”
She started to buck her hips and slide up and down. I slid my hands over her smooth thighs to her ass and squeezed. Ann bit her bottom lip and began bucking harder. Her tits bounced up and down firmly and orderly, kept in the same general area by the implants. She cupped her tits with her hands and threw her head back, gently massaging them and the nipples. She stopped bucking and fell forward onto me with her mouth right by my ear. She nibbled on it delicately and whispered, “Your cock feels so good inside me.”
I told her she felt good, too and added: “Show me your ass.”
She lifted herself slowly off my cock, painfully slowly, letting me feel her pussy slide all the way from the base to the tip. When she finally removed herself, she turned around on all fours and showed me her ass. It was without a blemish and separated beautifully by the black string, which came around and connected at the top with a tiny silver ring. Her pussy hung a few inches above my cock and she worked her ass for me, bouncing it up and down and even a little bit of clapping. I reached out and smacked her ass, leaving a red mark. She turned around and scolded me jokingly and began to lower herself.
Once again, I entered her delicious pussy. Her G-string pushed aside, she began to move up and down, her panties rubbing against the side of my cock as she worked. Her ass bounced hypnotically in front of and I reached out and smacked it again. Ann looked over her right shoulder back at me, her sandy reddish blonde hair pushed out of the way by her hand running through her hair. Unable to contain myself anymore, I started pushing up into her and she lowered her head at the increased sensation. I started to smack her ass more frequently, once every couple thrusts, and she would make a high pitched grunt with every slap. Her ass continued to bounce masterfully in front of me as her whole body bounced with it, propelled by my Porno Hikayeleri pounding.
In a devilish moment, I licked my finger and ran it down the crack of her ass until I found her asshole. I started to explore and traced the edge of her hole around and around. She started moaning even harder, giving the okay for me to proceed. Shoving a finger into her, I started pumping it hard. Her moans got louder and louder until she was completely screaming. She bucked wildly, her ass bouncing wildly along too, with my finger forcing its way inside. I moved my finger powerfully around, scraping the top of her walls and rubbing my finger along the bottom. Her hair flew around, swinging from side to side. The energy stayed high with her doing all the work until she reached her breaking point.
“I’m cumming!!!” she yelled.
She didn’t give me much warning. In a second, she stopped and I could see her trembling. My cock had a very warm and wet sensation and, though I couldn’t see down there with her lying on top of me, I could feel her juices running down my sac, hips and thighs and onto the bed. I pulled my finger out of her ass and ran both hands all over her ass and lower back. I mashed her cheeks together.
After a couple minutes, she had gathered herself enough to press on. She lifted herself slowly off my cock which now glistened in her own cum. Seeing that I had lost a bit of my erection, she stayed down there and put my cock back in her mouth.
“How does your cum taste?” I asked, reaching down and rubbing the back of her head.
“I taste good,” she cooed, pulling my dick out to answer my question. She continued suck on me and massaging my balls, lapping up her juices, until I was once again hard. She worked so erotically that it didn’t take long.
When I was ready to go, she lay down next to me, but with her back to me. I came up behind her in the spoon position, my arms wrapped around her and my dick sliding between her thighs, up against her taint. I pumped slowly, just enjoying the sensation of the warmth coming from her body and the lubed friction of our sweaty bodies. She put her right hand up and wrapped it around the back of my head and I cupped her stretched right breast. She turned around and whispered, “Stick it in my ass. I want to feel you in there.”
I had been thinking she was going to request it since she had so enjoyed my finger in there earlier; in fact, it was what seemed to push her over the edge. I moved back slightly to free my cock and guided the tip of my dick to her rim. She gasped quickly upon contact and I entered fairly easily. She had clearly taken it in the ass before, though it still felt tight as she had excellent control of her anus, proving this as she clenched around my dick, squeezing it. I could feel her tight ring moving up and down my cock as I slid in and out of her, faster and faster. She still reached around to the back of my head, her hair brushing against my neck and face as we writhed together. Her ass would flatten when I penetrated and return to full when I pulled out. I worked her breasts roughly with my hands. My right hand slid down to her hood and started rubbing. I stuck it inside her to get it wet and then slid it all around.
I kept going faster and faster and her wails became more and more high pitches. Soon, she was thrusting against me, boobs jiggling in front, her body getting more tense. I could feel her building up inside, getting ready for another squirt. I squeezed her as tight as I could and jammed it into her hard. I pressed my face into the back of her neck and started kissing her all over her neck and shoulders.
“Cum for me again,” I said.
“I am going to get the bed all wet, my parents will know,” she protested with mixed emotions.
“Do it, I want to see it,” I persisted, thrusting harder and harder, rubbing her clit.
Her desire to hold it in was overcome by the physical stimulation and with another scream and tremble, she shot her juices out onto the bed. With no dick in her this time to plug the hole, the cum gushed from her open pussy onto the quilt in front of her and off the side. She kept pumping her ass back and forth as she came, my hand working her clit all the while and getting cum all over it. When she was all finished, she was still quite manic and I moved my hand to her mouth, which she sucked on voraciously, not a finger neglected. She was acting like a wild animal.
“Give me your nut!” she ordered frantically. She lay on her back at the edge of the bed just like before. “Jerk off on me!”
I got up and stood by her, cock in hand, working feverishly. I hung my sac over her face and she took as much as she could in her mouth. As I pulled on my cock, coaxing my jizz to shoot all over her, I could feel her tongue darting against my balls, lapping at them and making circles around them, encouraging them to release. I looked down at Ann’s body, sprawled out on the bed, massive tits heaving and tiny little black panties covering her hospitable snatch.
“Give it to me!” she yelled.
I gave it to her. With a mighty tug, my jizz began to fly. It was a huge load and landed on her tits and stomach. As the warm goo touched down, her noises became intense though still muffled with my balls in her mouth, which she hadn’t given up on. I closed my eyes and just let it go wherever it would. When I opened my eyes, I saw that her tits and stomach were completely drenched and there was even a bit on the front of her panties. I reached down and pushed her tits together and loved the thick, stringy cum hanging between them when I let go. I backed away to admire the scene and Ann went to work gathering up my deposit. She took the cum off her panties and scraped it off of her stomach, pulling it all up to her tits. Clearly enjoying the effect her cum play was having on me, she rubbed them into her tits, giving her tits a nice shine. She took some in her hand, made a circle with her thumb and middle finger and let some drip from arm’s length into her mouth. Some dribbled onto her chin. She did this a couple times until her mouth was full, then blew out. The cum oozed of her mouth and dribbled down onto her cheeks and chin. I was floored and aroused but completely spent; there was nothing left in the tank.
With a few big gulps, Ann took care of what I had given her. Both of us completely drenched in sweat and sticky in each others’ cum, we took a shower together and talked about the old days and caressed each other. When we got out, we called housekeeping and requested clean bedding. I can only imagine how nasty that job must have been, as we were back downstairs before they ever got there. We told people that we had been outside taking a walk and catching up when they asked us where we had been. I said hello to her parents and shook hands her father using the same hand that had been all over and inside his daughter’s body just a few minutes before.
At the end of the night, I discovered she was moving to the city where I had my apartment. Perhaps the sun didn’t have to set on this after all.

Do you think I should write another story having Ann and I living in the same city? Please give me your thoughts and don’t forget to write your reviews. Thanks for your input.

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