Ann’s Induction Ch. 02

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Note: To my loyal and patient readers… thanks again for all the great feedback. It has been very helpful. Thanks to the women who responded following my request. Please continue to identify yourselves as women(anonymous is fine). It really helps to get a woman’s perspective. Sorry it has taken so long to complete this. Hopefully the next chapter won’t take so long.

Ann was waiting in a small comfortable room for Laura Newman to collect her and continue with the induction. She was feeling really wonderful. The massage and caring treatment she received from Sue had her glowing, looking a picture of youthful good health. She still felt very aroused. She remained just a little apprehensive but a lot more relaxed than when she arrived that morning.

Everyone had made her feel quite special. They had so much respect for the induction process. She felt she was privileged to be part of it. It was an amazing feeling really. Allowed to be so naughty, so sexy, so erotic. Yet it all seemed so good and right, like she was being such a good girl for her parents.

She’d never had those feelings before; when she’d masturbated at home in bed at night she always felt a little guilty and ashamed. Ashamed of the sexy thoughts she’d allowed to fill her head as she played with her lovely young pussy. Don’t get it wrong though, it never stopped her from her delicious masturbating because she loved it so much. She was a frequent little masturbator.

As she sat there she looked so young and beautiful, younger than her eighteen years. The simple cotton dress helped of course. The CEO would be so happy with her. That was just the look he liked so much. It wasn’t all that common either. Many girls of eighteen seemed to look actually older these days, but she was quite the exception. Those innocent big blue eyes: trusting, loving, a little shy but a look of eagerness and enthusiasm just the same. There was a charming naivety in face.

She was starting to get a little impatient as time slipped by. Impatient but increasingly more aroused as she had time to think about what was going to happen.

Mr. Cromwell would be her first time. The first time a penis had entered her young vagina. Goodness knows she’d thought about it often enough at night in bed as she touched herself. But thinking and doing were two different things. It also made it more exciting for her because Mr. Cromwell was old enough to be her father.

The experiences she’d had with boys her own age had not been really satisfying. As they tried to get into her pants they had been so clumsy and awkward and it had led her to resist, even though she was aroused and wanting sex. It had proven quite frustrating for her. Those pent-up feelings were now coming out and adding to her excitement and arousal level. Sue and the other staff were experts at tapping into these feelings that so many of the young inductees had. They got the girls so well prepared for Mr Cromwell.

Laura Newman entered the room and Ann’s heart skipped a beat. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. She was very aroused and wet. Laura came over to her and kissed her very softly on the lips, lingering for some time. Her hand was on Ann’s thigh. Laura was aroused herself at the thought of this youngster being inducted. The thought of Mr Cromwell having his complete way with her was delightful.

She looked deep into Ann’s eyes and said, “Your time has come dear. You look so pretty and sexy, Mr Cromwell will love you. (Sue had already reported to Mr Cromwell that Ann had been shaved and was ready).

“Sorry about the delay, Mr Cromwell has been very busy.”

Laura took her little charge by the hand and led her to Mr Cromwell’s executive suite. They were met at the reception area by Mary, Mr Cromwell’s personal assistant. She was a fine motherly looking woman in her early forties. Laura said, “Ann dear I’ll leave you in Mary’s capable hands. Have a wonderful induction.” She kissed Ann again softly on the lips and patted her young bottom affectionately.

Ann said, “Thanks so much Laura.”

Mary gave Ann a re-assuring motherly hug and said, “Hello Ann. I’ve heard so much about you, from Sue today and from your dad when we first started planning this. Sue told me and Mr Cromwell how well you have been responding so far.”

“I have felt wonderful Mary,” Ann replied, a little embarrassed when she realised everyone had been informed how aroused and excited she was.

Mary added, “Now dear I’m the last one to prepare you before Mr Cromwell sees you. I know just how you are feeling, my own daughter has even been through the process. Don’t be embarrassed about being so wet and hot, it is what we all love to see. It helps make the induction so much more successful. Just remember how proud your mother and father are going to be when you are successfully inducted.”

“I hope I am a success Mary, I know how important it is for my dad’s career,” Ann responded.

“Now dear come over to me. Let me show you Bayan Eskort how you will be expected to kiss Mr Cromwell. He is very particular about it.”

Mary put her arms around Ann and hugged her to her big motherly breasts and then took Ann’s face in her hands. Looking deeply into Ann’s eyes she told her how pretty she was and kissed her gently on the lips. Then Mary’s tongue licked all around Ann’s lips. She licked her and licked her, getting Ann’s lips and face quite wet. Then Mary’s tongue worked its way right into Ann’s mouth , licking all around inside, finding Ann’s tongue and licking and sucking that too.

Ann was thrilled by it. She’d never been kissed like that by anyone. Intuitively Ann started doing the same to Mary. She was a natural. She licked and licked her so sensually, getting Mary very aroused. Underneath their apparent innocence Mary found these young inductees were driven by such powerful sexual urges, particularly when they had been stimulated for hours before by experts like Sue.

Mary loved this part of her job, and in recent times loved it more and more. She was reaching new and deeper feelings of arousal as she introduced the young ones to Mr Cromwell’s desired kissing style.

These heightened states of arousal during preparation sessions had been occurring since Mr Cromwell had her prepare her own daughter. It had been difficult for Mary to do this. She’d resisted and tried to get a replacement but Mr Cromwell had insisted, and had, in fact, demanded that she prepare her own daughter. So she’d had no choice. She just had to do it…and do it well and enthusiastically. Mr Cromwell would tolerate nothing less.

The excitement of it blew Mary away. She still masturbated frequently thinking about it and she wanted to take things further with her daughter. Mr Cromwell often asked her about her daughter when she was alone with him in the privacy of his office. But more of that later.

Mary and Ann were both wet and hot. Mary whispered in Ann’s ear, “Dear you are hot and ready for the CEO. Come with me.”

Mary took Ann in without delay. Mr Cromwell loved them looking flushed and hot and a little dishevelled. They entered his office. Ann’s heart was pumping and she was even shaking a little from the nerves and excitement. Mary took her by the hand right up to Mr Cromwell who was standing in front of his desk. Ann thought what an impressive looking man he was. He reminded her a little of her father but was more authoritative looking.

“Mr Cromwell this is Ann and she is ready for you.”

He said, “So pleased to see you Ann. I’ve been hearing so many good reports about you. Just take a seat there on the couch for a moment I have something to discuss with Mary. I should only be a minute.”

Mary was wondering what it could possibly be. Mr Cromwell looked a little concerned. He took Mary aside to an adjoining room.

” Mary she looks so very young. Are you sure she is eighteen? I want to see her birth certificate.”

“Oh she is Ed. No question about it. I’ll get it for you though.”

It wasn’t until he saw the certificate for himself that Ed Cromwell felt relaxed. He’d been worried because Ann looked so young. He couldn’t believe she was eighteen. Now he was very happy to have this lovely innocent girl to take for his own for as long as he liked.

Mary left the room and Ann was with the CEO all alone.

He said, “Ann come over and stand in front of me here.”

She walked over very nervously. Nothing could have prepared her for this. It was very very daunting. Her hands were shaking and her mouth trembling. But she was more aroused than before….something she didn’t think was possible. She could feel the wetness between her legs. Her young nipples were very hard and she could feel them rubbing against the fabric of her cotton dress.

She stood right in front of the CEO…her head bowed slightly from nerves and shyness. He stood close to her and gently took hold of her chin, lifting her head up so that he could see into her beautiful blue eyes. He could tell how nervous she was. That was very obvious. But his experience in inducting many girls also told him that she was extremely aroused…more than any he had inducted before. This thrilled him and he thought to himself, “This is going to be a long induction.”

He was more aroused than usual too. It was her innocence and youthfulness and even her nerves that seemed to affect him more.

He kissed her gently on the lips. The softness of the kiss surprised and thrilled her. His lips lingered softly on hers and then his tongue licked her lips, just like Mary’s had. She responded by opening her mouth. His tongue went inside, finding hers and licking. She responded by licking his. His hand all the while was running lightly over her young bottom. She could feel his touch through the thin fabric of her panties and dress. She shook now nore with arousal than with fear.

It had the CEO Anadolu Yakası Escort as hard as a rock. He could sense her heat. This dear youngster was so excited. It was so beautiful. He stood back from her and looked at her. They both smiled. They knew it was special. He had his arm around her slight waist and pulled her close to him.

“My you are such a pretty young woman Ann. You are another beauty like your sister. You know I was so happy with her. She’s now pregnant I hear. That is such a lovely thought. Has her appearance changed much? I can imagine her breasts are so large now.”

As he asked her this his hand was under her dress going up her thigh towards her panties. He stopped just short of them but could feel the heat coming from her young vagina. What lovely smooth skin she had. He thought how smooth her shaven mound would be. He had such enthusiatic reports about it from Sue. It was so girlish and soft Sue had said.

Ann replied, a little embarrassed,” Nina looks so healthy and happy and her breasts are now huge.”

“Oh Ann that is so nice. Are her nipples larger too?”

Now the CEO’s hand was just touching the fabric of her panties. “Wow,” he thought she is soaking wet.”

“Her nipples are much larger Mr Cromwell and darker too. She let me touch them. They were so swollen and hard and warm. We are very good friends you know but it was the first time I’d ever done anything like that with her. I just touched them but it gave me a sexy tingle.”

The CEO’s fingers were now wet from Ann’s juices. He ran them over her clothed mound very gently. She shivered and opened her legs ever so slightly. The tiny movement was not lost on the CEO though. It thrilled him.

“Thank you for sharing that with me Ann. I love girls who volunteer such delicious little facts like that. Always be open with me. I want to know all about your family and your feelings. I will tell you about mine too. It makes the whole process so much better and more exciting.”

“Thank you Mr Cromwell. Nina loved her time with you but she didn’t tell me how sexy the induction would be.”

“Ann it is so nice to hear how well you and your sister get along. You know I’ve been thinking of having her back. I love the idea of seeing her nude and pregnant. It really excites me.”

He was now rubbing her through her soaking panties but was conscious of the fact that she was getting close to cumming. He didn’t want that happening yet. It thrilled him talking to her about her pregnant sister as he touched her intimately.

She was surprised how aroused it made her feel. She pictured her sister nude and ready after being prepared, imagining how beautiful and sexy she would look with her large full breasts and big tummy…and wet shaved pussy.

“Ann it’s time for me to take a really good look at you dear.”

He turned Ann around. She now had her back to him. How beautiful she looked from every aspect. He put his arms around her, pulling her close to him. He whispered in her ear, “You pretty little baby. My little baby.”

The words sent a shudder through her and her spine tingled. They were the words her daddy often used when he cuddled her. It was a delicious feeling. She felt protected and aroused all together.

The CEO was pressing himself up against her. His hard cock was right up against her young bottom, between her lovely girlish cheeks. She could feel it through the thin material of her panties and dress. The warmth and strength of the CEO, even his cologne, all made her feel as if her daddy was against her. She edged back just a fraction to push her little bottom into the CEO’s cock more. It delighted the CEO.

He put his arms more tightly around her. The feel of her young bottom against his cock was incredible. He was going to possess this little darling. To be her first. His hands were now cupping her young firm breasts through her dress.

“Ann my dear little girl…for this induction you are going to belong to me. You will be my very own.”

She almost whispered, “Yes daddy,” but just cut herself short in time, and said, “That will be lovely Mr. Cromwell. It will be an honour.”

He now began unzipping her pretty girlish cotton dress, slipping it over her shoulders. It dropped to the floor. She stood with her back to him in her delightful white cotton panties and bra. He ran his hands down her shoulders. When they reached her waist he ran them over her bottom. It felt so warm and firm. He could feel her heat. He turned her around and stood back and looked at her.

She looked so innocent and sexy. What a lovely combination. The little white panties and bra looked so fresh and virginal…..until you saw the big wet patch in front of her panties. The light panties clung to her girlish vagina, “stuck” might be a better word. Her shaven smooth mound and girlsh lips were clearly visible. She was so wet. She was dripping with her honey juices. The wetness had spread over a wide area, Pendik Escort so everything was visible.

“My you are excited my pretty little one,” the CEO said as he looked at her lovely smooth mound.

“I’m sorry Mr. Cromwell, I just could’nt help it,” said a very embarrassed and red-faced Ann.

“Darling no need to be embarrassed, you look beautiful,” said the CEO as he touched the wet warm panties and felt Ann’s vagina through the wetness. His fingers were wet with her juices.

He now undid her bra and her little perky breasts sprung out. Little cup cakes. The nipples pointy and hard. He touched them lightly, fingering them. They got even harder and she shuddered. He licked her lips and kept fingering her nipples.

As he did this he said to her, “Your mummy and your daddy will be so proud of you. I will tell them all about their sexy little girl.”

He kept fingering her nipples and continued, ” I loved touching your sister’s nipples. I would like to feel mommy’s too. It would be nice to compare all your nipples, especially with your sister pregnant. She may even ooze some milk. And mommy has such beautiful maternal breasts.”

To hear about her sister and mother as her nipples were touched was so deliciously kinky for her. She was having thoughts she’d never had before. He kissed her again and again and licked her lips, tongued her. She responded as Mary had instructed her. They were licking each other’s faces. Their tongues began exploring each other’s mouth.

“This dear little girl is so amazingly hot. I can feel her heat and deep passion,” he thought.

As he kissed her his hand went down the back of her panties, feeling her bare bottom, cupping it. It was divine. His finger traced her crack right down to her girl’s anus. He fingered her little secret hole, pushing his finger slightly in. She loved the sensation. She shuddered. Today was the first time she’d been touched like that there. Sue had prepared her for this now.

It thrilled her earlier but was even hotter and kinkier when Mr. Cromwell did it, especially when he talked about her family as he did, and especially because she felt so secure with him. The fact that he was old enough to be her daddy somehow made it kinkier too.

“If only your mummy could see you now. I’d like her to see her little girl so hot. It would be so sexy for me. I’m sure she’d find it like that too.”

The CEO was now sucking on her little pointy nipples and continuing to feel down the back of her panties. Her little pointy breasts were getting harder. Having them sucked and licked had her reaching a new level of arousal.

“Time to see all of you dear,” said the CEO. He had Ann stand up straight and was now removing her wet white cotton panties. He pulled them down very slowly.

His face was close to her pussy. What a sight! A beautiful smooth girl’s pussy. Young, innocent and so hot looking. Her sex scent permeated the whole room as the panties were released. She was more than ready. Ripe, slippery and eager for her induction. The CEO’s cock stiffened even harder with the glorious sight and her lovely sex scent. Her sex scent was quite pronounced and so special. The scent of a young, lovely virginal girl’s heat.

He held her hand and led her into the adjoining room. She followed along with him as if she were a little girl being taken to see a special surprise.

“Ease yourself down onto the bed on your back, Ann dear. Open your legs wide so I can see all of your pretty girl’s pussy while I undress. I want you to display yourself.”

“Yes Mr. Cromwell,” she said in a suddenly more nervous voice, realising it was now not long before she would lose her virginity.

But she displayed herself beautifully for the CEO. Her legs were as wide as she could get them. Her girl’s pussy was wide open and glistening. It was swollen and redder than it had ever been. The lips had a puffy look about them.

When she was standing in the nude before they had been quite neat looking but now they looked beautifully prominent, caused by her extreme arousal and possibly all the masturbating she’d been doing secretly in bed at night. She was as ready for sex as any girl could be.

The CEO was now nude. He was quite fit and muscular looking for a man of his age. He had a huge erection. He was thrilled and even somewhat humbled to think he was going to penetrate this little darling….to be her first.

There was a little precum dribbling from the opening of his penis. Ann took it all in and gulped a little at the size of the CEO’s rampant cock. But this little innocent girl really wanted to be taken. She was getting even wetter, and would be wonderfully slippery.

“My what a dear girl you are. You have displayed yourself so well. Not all girls do that at first. They often need to be instructed closely.”

He came over and kissed her very gently again. He licked her face and lips, his tongue soon finding its way inside her mouth. She licked him enthusiastically and passionately now. She was losing herself in her arousal. She surprised him with how hard she kissed him. She was almost out of contol. She kissed him and kissed him, harder and harder. She licked all over his face. It was soon wet with girl’s saliva.

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