An Wild Experience In Mexico

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We had been alone in the hotel room in Mexico for about an hour and then we heard the knock on the door. We had been drinking wine to ease into this sexual encounter. Our encounter would take place with Greg which we met in Mexico while on vacation. We had been to the poolside lounge with him and his wife on many occasions. I brought up the idea while fairly under the influence of alcohol and he wholeheartedly agreed in participating in our sexual fantasy. The main condition was if my wife wanted to quit at any time we would stop. We lit all of the candles and put the music on… There was sexual tension in the air.

You were blushing at the site of this man as he entered the suite and was about to devour you sexually in front of your loving husband. Your heart was racing as he complimented you on your beauty. We had spent most of the time looking at each other and wondering if what we were doing would be the right thing. I had read that a husband’s favorite fantasy is having his wife being seduced and having intercourse while watching. This really turned me on as I wondered how she would behave with another man and another cock. We had talked of fantasies and her favorite was to have two men at the same time while I watched her being taken. I remember how apprehensive we were at first but now you hardly could wait to have both of us under your sexual control as I watched and participated in this fantasy.

You were sitting on the bed with your legs dangling over the sides of the satin sheets on the king size bed in the suite. Your blonde hair flowing over your shoulders and your tan trim body yearning for this new man as your breasts started to become flushed under the nightgown which was partially open revealing your red satin bra and matching panties. You felt a light dampness in your panties as you became extremely aroused. Greg removed his shirt and you stared at his remarkable body. He was tan and fit and could probably be a centerfold in that woman’s magazine Playmate. He than removed his shorts and all he had remaining was his white silk bikini underwear. You looked in awe as you could see his semi erect cock through his white bikini underwear and a small wet spot appearing near the tip of his coiled cock. You tenderly reached out with your hand to lightly trace the outline of his manhood. You hesitated and than placed your finger on the wet spot longing to see him in the nude. You could tell he was real proud of his body and how he would perform for you this evening. He was straining at your touch wanting to free his semi erect cock from the restraints of his silk underwear. You continued to trace the outline of his massive cock with your fingers running them up and down the shaft from his constrained testicles to the tip. You uttered an ummm as he continued to ooze some male lubricant from his penis .

As Greg began to remove his underwear my wife just looked in utter amazement. His semi erect cock was about 8 inches long and the head looked like a small plum. I could tell the way she looked at him that she was extremely aroused as she was about to make love to another man’s cock as I, her husband watched. I would guess that he was in his early thirties as well as his good looking wife. He began to kiss your neck and I was behind stroking your hair. You reached up to me asking in whispers for my approval in which I nodded my head. My cock was the largest and most erect it had ever been. The head was so sensitive I couldn’t touch it or I would begin to come and I didn’t want to eliminate myself just yet. My erection was about 2 inches less than Greg’s and she never had another cock like this. I was hoping that as he mounted and entered her that it wouldn’t hurt her. It was absolutely huge.

Greg could have starred in porno movies as he was extremely endowed as well as good looking. She has only known my cock for many years. You were only in your red gown and matching panties and bra and looked magnificent with your tan and enlarged and sensitive breasts. You lay back as Greg and I began caressing you. I watched your eyes gazing at his body in front of you. I continued rubbing your shoulders and I moved forward on the bed and he pressed my erect cock up and down your back. I was massaging you slowly and deliberately paying special attention to move my fingertips across the tops of your aroused breasts. I don’t think there was any turning back at this point. Our fantasy had now become reality. Greg’s cock was now fully erect as he stood in front of you. You gasped as you looked at his cock which now was completely erect and almost touching his belly button as he stood in front of you his erect manhood longing to be caressed by you.

His cock was inches away from your mouth and standing straight up and out from his muscular body and fully erect throbbing at you. You couldn’t take your eyes off this incredible man before you. Your eyes stared intensely at his cock as it was very thick. I saw your eyes widen as you stared with admiration at his large cock. I felt a twinge of embarrassment looking at my wife that was about suadiye escort to make love to this large erect cock. He had the largest cock that she had ever seen and you longed to be touched and mounted by this man. He had a little patch of triangular light brown hair at the base of his cock and his testicles the size of small lemons were shaved. I continued while kneeling behind you to kiss your neck and nuzzle your ears as you sat up on the bed. I saw you sigh at the sensation as he slid his arms around your sides and held you close to him. He moaned with delight as he caressed your stomach and slowly undid your gown, pulling it down over your arms in one very gentle movement. Greg than reached for my wife’s hand and placed it on his swollen cock. She toyed with his massive cockhead and you ran your hand up and down the base to the bluish throbbing head. He asked her to take her other hand and play with his now swollen balls. You than took the other hand and it looked really small as you lovingly squeezed his engorged balls. He laid his head back for a little while and he was in sexual heaven at the sight of my petite wife long flowing blonde hair holding and caressing his manhood. He knelt down and slowly kissed her and probed her with his tongue as she opened her mouth to receive him. You began to reciprocate the sexual favor by leaning up and kissing his nipples. You kissed each nipple and then slowly worked your way down his chest.

You had started to moan softly yourself as he I began to slowly unsnap your bra and your luscious breasts fell out. Your bare breasts were now exposed and Greg looked down to stare at your beautiful breasts and compliment you. Your hard nipples were very obvious and we took delight in staring at them. Greg than began to suck each of your nipples and they became swollen and you began to moan. Greg than backed away as I continued to caress your breasts from behind your back, holding them and cupping them so your nipples stood erect and swollen like a teenager at her first sexual experience. Your pink nipples were puffy as the aroused sexual state that you now found yourself in and they were swollen and hurt a little bit. His pace quickened as he began working all of your sexual tension up to your nipples. You let your head fall back as I continued to caress those magnificent swollen nipples. They were so swollen. Than Greg reached down with his hand and held this massive cock at the base and slid his hand up the shaft to his engorged cockhead to deposit droplets of pre-ejaculate on you right nipple. Then you reached out and led his cock to the other nipple and you squeezed the head and milked his penis so more drops of the whitish fluid would drip onto your other enlarged nipple.

He reached over and squeezed your nipples and began to suck each one. Kissing each breast and flicking his tongue over your aroused nipples tasting his own manhood, suckling your breasts as you squirmed in delight. I continued from the back on my knees kissing and caressing your neck at this wonderful sight. I had never seen your nipples so large and puffy before. They looked as though milk was going to be released at any minute. I than kneaded each nipple in my fingers pulling, massaging and taunting and you cried out loud in sexual ecstasy.

Than you began to squeeze and caress his semen filled balls and a small amount of pre-cum began to ooze out at the top of his purple helmeted cock. You looked intense as you opened your mouth and began to lick his cock to taste his warm premature ejaculate. His cock was all shiny and the head glistening from his arousal as well as your saliva as you sucked and caressed his manhood. I than stood up and was fully erect after watching this sensual experience and wanted my cock to be held and kissed by my beautiful wife. My cock is about 7 inches when fully erect. Tonight due to this sexual aroma it looked as though it was 9 inches. You than released his penis from your mouth an engulfed my erection and squeezed my testicles to receive my sperm. Than the mood quickened as you pulled my throbbing penis from your mouth and the room became more intense as Greg kneeled down beside you and parted your legs slightly and gently. You looked a little frightened but I gave you a look of approval as this was to be a memorable time for both of us.

Greg than leaned forward to remove your panties and he pulled your panties completely off and remarked how beautiful your pussy looked all swollen and red. It was moist and a little wet as you were so aroused. The lips were swollen and you could see the little nubbin beginning to peak out between the lips. Greg than spayed your legs and touched his tongue on your inner thighs. I could hear your breathing becoming heavier and your hips started to involuntarily move up and down as he caressed and kissed your inner thighs just stopping at the entrance to your womanhood. You were longing to have your throbbing clit and outer lips kissed at this moment as you moaned and moaned as you continued to suck and kiss my enormous cock and testicles savoring yakacık escort all of the pre-cum. You stopped for a moment sucking my manhood but you continued to caress my swollen balls as the new treat was to unfold with Greg.

I than had you get on your hands and knees as I wanted to enter you from behind to prepare your luscious body for the ultimate treat of your new fantasy lover. As his cock was quite larger than mine I would prepare your pussy for the intercourse that you would experience as he mounted and made love to you. I slowly penetrated your lovely vagina as you squirmed and thrust back to impale my entire penis into your love canal. As you bucked back and forth on the largest penile erection that I had ever experienced, I could see your head bobbing up and down on Greg’s enormous penis. You were crying out in joy as you were experiencing two lovers at once. Your little anus puckered as I tickled it as I rode you as fast as I could. I thrust in and out stopping at the outward thrust to look at your lips tighten down on the head of my cock. Than I would thrust completely in to your pussy all the way to my balls slapping against your little bottom. I felt the semen rise in my swollen balls just longing to escape and satisfy you as I know you would watch as I would have an extreme orgasm. I couldn’t hold on any longer and began to have spasms throughout my entire body. You then released Greg’s cock from your mouth sensing that I was about to explode in an explosive orgasm unlike any that I had never had before. You looked up and reassured me as I pulled out of your pussy and my swollen manhood began to erupt and squirt on your breasts and lovely nipples. Your right hand continued to milk my cock and your left hand squeezed my testicles to get every drop of my hot semen released from my quaking and shuddering body. You looked at me and placed my throbbing cock in your mouth as we both watched intently as I was now enjoying the ultimate pleasure with my wife as Greg watched in envy.

I had an enormous erection but not near as large as Greg’s cock which was now completely erect and engorged with blood filling his manhood to the breaking point. I saw you study his erect cock closely and then close your eyes and lean forward opening your lips and placing his large cockhead in your mouth. He groaned aloud as you moved forward to take more of his manhood between your lips. You reached up and held his large erect penis with your hand stroking the shaft completely encircling the massive head with your mouth. I could barely watch as you continued to pull more and more of his cock into your mouth and you continued to stroke up and down his long shaft with your delicate fingers. You couldn’t possibly take it all in but you were taking as much as you were comfortable with while stroking and caressing his balls and shaft. He moved back and you tried to kiss his cock but he held it out of reach so he wouldn’t erupt into an orgasm at this point. He was now holding back and you wanted his massive cock in your mouth.

Then he moved forward and began to kiss your vagina ever so slightly to have you cry out in sheer delight. He looked at your beautiful slim tummy and large breasts giving him full access to lean up and suck on each nipple occasionally. I saw you arch your back as Greg stared between your legs at your quite moist vagina. You could see traces of my remaining pre-ejaculate and semen now escaping and dripping out of the pouty lips of your vagina His mouth opened up and he began to kiss your outer lips. I heard you sigh aloud and watched you continually move your hips up to reach his mouth which was tenderly kissing your pussy up and down the open slit of your now lubricated outer lips. Your hips began to buck wildly up and down as he continued to kiss and tenderly lick your swollen lips. He than kissed your tummy and continued down to your little mound of pubic hair. Kissing and biting at the wisp of hair above your womanhood. You than let you hands slide down your hips and with each index finger opened the lips of your womanhood for Greg to have better access to the innermost regions of your soul. Your vagina opened up like a flower as your engorged swollen clitoris beckoned to be caressed and tenderly sucked and kissed.

Greg than opened his mouth and his tongue darted and split the swollen lips of your womanhood and with a gasp you arched your back. The little swollen clitoris looked as though it was beginning to squirt a little fluid at your sexual arousal. You closed your eyes and groaned and cried out through one enormous orgasm while Greg continued caressing and licking your swollen lips and labia. Your hand was now stroking Greg’s cock and you were stroking faster and faster causing the remaining pre-cum to ooze from the tip. You slowed down your hand, masturbating him, carefully squeezing more of his fluids out to the surface and you ran your fingers over the head of his now throbbing cock. As his slightly watery looking milky white pre-cum oozed out you began running your tongue over the head and the underside şerifali escort of his penis as you swallowed his warm sexual semen pre-ejaculate.

Greg moved his kisses up to your stomach and began kissing your tummy and just above your pubic mound. You had become very wet between your legs and your clitoris was very enlarged and red against your light brown wispy pubic hair which was now becoming matted with your sexual arousal and excitement. He asked if you were ready to take him and make love and you nodded your approval with total excitement and a little bit of apprehension. Greg kissed you passionately and than stood up. Your eyes widened in intensity as he walked back from the dresser, his cock standing almost at attention and pointing at his belly button with a condom in his hand. Your head was spinning as his cock was so big at this point that you didn’t know if he could enter you all the way even though I prepared you as best I could for your new lover.

He told you to open the condom and you began to mentally prepare yourself for what was to come, an event of a lifetime while your husband watches you in total sexual abandon. He than told you to slide it on his aching enormous cock. You immediately opened it your hands trembling at the sexual excitement you felt. You again glanced over at me for to be assured and I indicated my approval to you. I told you to just relax and enjoy this awesome sexual experience. As you opened the condom you began to roll it down the head of his cock as the condom expanded to fit over the purplish blue helmet that you created with all of your lust. You than with both hands continued to unroll the clear Trojan condom down the huge shaft of his well lubricated erection.

You studied and appreciated his enormous penis that would soon be making love to you as the condom would not go to the base of his massive erection. It stopped about 2 inches from the base of his cock and you were in wonderment as to how you would be able to enjoy all of his sexual pleasures. You exclaimed what a beautiful cock you thought he had.

You also wondered if it could possibly come off and he could impregnate you with his semen. Your husband was one thing but you knew if the condom burst inside of you there would be a tremendous amount of semen deposited in your pussy. Then you thought he was so big and the condom so tight around his penis it couldn’t possibly come off. There was an added intensity in the room now as I had watched him continue to become intimate with you. He was now about to take you and penetrate your lovely body which had been all mine…

I knew that you were now thinking about his penis and especially the fact that he was now about to enter you. I was on the edge of the bed contemplating this well endowed handsome man that was about to penetrate my wife. He than kissed you deeply as you held him in your arms. Your hands were stroking his muscular stomach and you began to reach anxiously for his penis which was just out of reach. He than smiled and arched his back so you couldn’t reach his cock as yet. He then kissed you and laid you back on the bed. Your legs were still hanging over the side of the bed your bare feet almost touching the floor. Then he parted your legs and held them in the air. His rock hard penis was inches from your extremely lubed wet vagina as he stood up and leaned forward. You could see the tip of the condom he was wearing becoming filled with pre-cum at his aroused state. You didn’t know if you could take his entire cock once he mounted you. You continued trembling with anticipation and how it would feel to have this large penis deep inside your womb.

I reached into the nightstand and got the largest vibrator we brought on our vacation to further stimulate and open you to prepare for his entry. This vibrator was a mold of a porn star and it wasn’t nearly as thick as his penis. I inserted it into your pussy for a few seconds and stroked it in and out as you writhed in pleasure and agony. I than pulled it out and you lay on the bed with your legs open and inviting for him to now mount you. I could see the large cockhead sliding up and down the outer lips of your vagina rubbing against your now visible enlarged clitoris and your hips began to gyrate and to thrust upward to meet his swollen massive erection.

He played with your nipples and inserted a finger into your mouth as you began to suck it like his cock as he all the while hesitating to enter your swollen vagina. He was now going over the brink as you caressed his cock and testicles held in his large sac as you asked and pleaded and actually begged for him to mount you and make love. Without having to hold his massive penis he began to push the swollen head inside and parted the lips as you moaned and cried out very loud. Very loud in fact. He would put in about 3 to 4 inches and than lightly go in and out and then he would pull completely out as I watched your lips open and gaping for him to return. He would return as you cried out for more. He continued to tease you and let you have several more inches of his glistening cock and then would pull out and massage your pussy lips with the enormous head. He would let it go up and down the slit and then enter a few inches and than back out and up and down caressing you pussy lips with his manhood.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32