An Unusual Day For Cynthia Ch. 03

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Thank you to everyone who has responded so wonderfully to this story. Please feel free to keep sending me your comments as well as any and all story ideas you would like me to explore.

As Glenn followed me to the bathroom I could feel his eyes on me and it suddenly occurred to me that what I didn’t feel was embarrassed or shy or self conscience. I knew that he found me attractive despite my flaw which, god bless him, he didn’t see as a flaw. The parts of my body that I saw as too big he saw as juicy and succulent.

The bathroom was part of the house that I had not seen yet. When we first walked into the bedroom I noticed the door off to the right but, after that I was a bit occupied and didn’t get a chance, nor did I want one at that moment, to explore it. The bedrooms simple elegance was reflected in the bathroom as well. It was floor to ceiling tile with a plat formed garden tub (more than big enough for two) and door less walk-in shower. The tub was in one corner of the large room with windows on both sides.

Glenn squeezed my ass as he walked by to turn on the water for the tub. “You tease!” I said jumping in surprise.

“Baby, I am not a tease. With you I am a SURE THING!” As the water rushed in a waterfall shape into the huge tub I moved up behind him taking in the shape of his perfect ass. He was lighting some candles on the window ledge next to the tub and pressed back against me as I pressed my naked tits against his back.

“Hey, do you have any bubbles for this tub?” I said as he stood up right again.

Glenn turned around and sat on the tub ledge, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back against his body. “I really hate to do anything to change the way you smell right now.” With this he pressed his face into my cleavage and inhaled deeply.

“Ugh! Sweetie I must smell awful.” I sighed touching his hair as his face mauled my breasts.

“Umm…not at all! You smell like sex. You smell like a woman. Perfume and woman’s sweat and pussy juices. If they ever figured out how to bottle this smell I would never leave the house. I would end up staying at home and jerking off all day ..SNIFFING!” Glenn looked up at me and smiled.

I grabbed his hair and tilted his face up to mine. “You are crazy. Did you know that? Do you think your clients know that you are just a pervert under all of those suits and smiles?”

“Probably not. Who knows maybe it would increase business!” Reaching behind him he grabbed a bottle of liquid off of an open shelf. Taking the lid off he poured out a large portion of it into the tub and pressed the lid back on. He reached his hand into the half full tub and mixed it into the water. The smell of lavender filled the room.

“Mmmmm…. That is wonderful! Did you know that I liked lavender before this or was it just a guess?” I squinted my eyes looking at him suspiciously.

“Actually it was just a guess. I love lavender and I was hoping you would too. So.. feel like joining me in the tub?” he asked moving his legs around to get in.

“Sure!” following his example I stepped up and sat on the ledge. I squealed a bit with the feel of the cold tile on my warm ass. As Glenn watched me I slowly moved first my left leg into the water. This gave him an unobstructed view of my pussy. Before he could look long I moved my right leg around and placed both feet in the water. Turning my head I gave him my most wicked grin. One of those grins that says, ‘I’m just fucking with you!!!’ “Ready?” I said with a smile.

Glenn looked up at my face. “You were saying I AM A TEASE?!?!” he snorted, “Yeah right!”

He slide into the tub and I followed suit. The water felt wonderful on my tired muscles. Fucking can be hard work, REALLY GOOD WORK, but still hard on some of the ankara escort bayan muscles. The water enveloped me as Glenn and I arranged our bodies to fit into the tub in the most comfortable way. “AHHHHH… this is nice sweetie.”

“I’m glad you like it. Just relax and enjoy.” Glenn and I soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes, chatting a bit but mostly just enjoying being together and relaxing. His right hand had been moving over my calf as we lay there and suddenly I felt a hand on my foot and about came out of my skin.

“YOW!!” I jumped up.

“Holy shit,” he said. “What was that! I just touched your foot.”

My face was now bright red, “I’m sorry. I have very sensitive feet. Especially the arches.”

“Oh really?” Glenn gave me the evil eye and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

Seeing this I move my feet away from him immediately. “Don’t you even think about it.” I said.

My face must have looked funny because Glenn started laughing. “Ok… ok I promise not to screw with your feet.. YET!”

He reached under the film of bubbles and grabbed my ankles dragging me toward his lap. I was now straddling his hips with his slightly hard cock pressing against my pussy. Once again we started making out like a couple of high school kids again.

Breaking off out kiss, Glenn touched my hair and said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Leaning back a bit I looked at his face, “You do?”

Sliding us around Glenn pressed me against the side of the tub. Reaching under me I moved something and then slide his hand along the top of the tub deck and pressed a button.

“YIKES!” I said as a sudden burst of warm water jetted against my pussy. It felt so unbelievable and then Glenn moved me back a bit and now it was spraying directly on my clit. I grabbed him by the shoulders and hung on for dear life. Looking into his smiling face I could not have been happier.

Glenn’s hands started to roam my body as I rode the wave of water pulsing on my pussy. The oily bubbles in the tub made his hands glide over my soft skin. I could feel my pussy swell and my natural wetness mixing with the water. Kissing me Glenn moved his fingers under my ass and fingered my opening, making sure not to block the spray of water. I gasped at the feel of his finger sliding in and out of my pussy.

“What do you want Cynthia?” he said. “I want you to tell me everything you like.”

Kissing him back I held him to me and said with a gasp, “I want you to do to me what you have been imagining doing to me. Ohhhh ..yes! I will do anything for you Glenn.” I raked my nails over his shoulders as he shuddered.

Reaching between us Glenn adjusted his cock so that is was sliding between my pussy lips and getting a nice pulse from the jet there. He held me tighter as we humped against each other. Sliding his hands back under my ass again he trailed his fingers up and down my slit. One hand was fingering my pussy and the other was …hmmm?.. suddenly I felt his forefinger pressing and circling my asshole.

I gasped as he continued playing with my privates in the most delightful way. This guy is definitely not the old basic missionary kind of man. By this point I was so close to cumming it was absurd.

I leaned back a little still holding on with one hand grasping his shoulder. Kissing his lovely lips I slide my hand down his chest, across his abs and through the bubbles. My finger tips touched and squeezed the head of his cock and he shuddered. At this moment all I wanted was for him to fuck me but, I also knew that the condoms were in the bedroom and I was not willing to stop to get them.

Gasping as my fingers played with his wet soapy cockhead, his fingers dove deeper into my pussy and slowly he started to insert the tip of his finger etimesgut escort into my ass.

I plunged my hand into the water and grasped his cock by the shaft. We both went crazy masturbating each other and racing to see who could make the other cum first. Glenn, cheated and shoved his finger up my ass and started fucking me with it. The double penetration of the finger he had up my as and the multiple fingers of his other hand that he was fucking my pussy with was TOO MUCH….

“Glenn?” I said pulling and jerking and stroking his cock. “Glenn, I’m so close baby. Oh god, I am so close.”

Looking into his eyes, I could see the lust and heat in them. I never closed my eyes as I came that time.. I just vibrated there as he finger fucked me and pinched my clit and stared at me as my vagina pulsed on his fingers. The orgasm was probably the one of the best I have ever had.

Slumping against his body as mine tried to get control of itself was so comforting. Glenn held me against him and waited. After a couple of minutes passed I realized that he had still not cum and his hard cock was still wedged between us. Without lifting up my head off of his shoulder I began to move my hand again over his shaft. Once again he gasped.

“You didn’t really think I would forget did you?” I said lifting my head to look at his sweat damp face. “You can’t possibly thought that I would leave you with a hard, throbbing cock and blue balls did you?”

Kissing his mouth again I felt his lips smile at me. His hands had moved out of my privates to my hips. His left hand trailed up my side tickling me and around to cup my right breast. “Mmmmm! God you are so soft Cynthia. How is it possible for something to be so silky?” He whispered against my lips.

An idea came to me. I stood up in the tub with my legs on either side of his knees. “Stand up baby.. I’m going to make you feel so nice.” I grabbed both my tits in hand as he struggled to stand. His painfully hard erection was thrust out in front of him. “Okay.. I am at your mercy. Do with me what you will.”

“Sit down on the side of the tub.” I stepped forward, backing him up against the end of the tub. Tossing a towel down I pushed him down onto the deck with his ass on the soft towel. He leaned back against the wall and moved his hand down to his cock and lightly touched it. “What are you planning Cynthia?” he said.

“Ever had a lap dance?” I reached over to the open shelf and found a radio station with some funky club music.. the kind you can feel in your crotch when you dance to it. Turning around I started moving my hips. I looked over my shoulder at him and started to back up a bit. The rhythm was taking me over as I danced to the throbbing beat. I slowly turned around and found him slowly stroking his dick.

“Uh..uh. baby. That belongs to me… trust me and I promise it will be so much nicer than you jerking off.” With this I tipped my face down and flicked my tongue at his nipple. I was rewarded with a moan from him. I moved my foot up onto the deck beside his thigh and pressed my pussy against his dick. Humping at him I slide his cock between my pussy lips and was essentially masturbating him with my pussy lips. Looking down I could see his cockhead peeking out during my down strokes and disappearing during the up. I leaned over and began to suck his nipples. His chest heaved with excitement as I nipped and sucked them. I turned around and pressed my ass against his dick.

I could feel his hands on my hips as I started a thrusting grind with the beat of the music. Leaning over Glenn’s hands roamed over my back, hips and ass as I did a lap dance grind that any professional stripper would be proud of. Reaching between both of our legs I wiggled my fingers against kızılay escort his balls as his cock slide between my wet ass cheeks.

“Oh god.” I heard Glenn say softly.

I moved back and leaned against him and continued to grind. His hands slide up and around me as I lifted my arms, turned my head and kissed his open lips. My hands moved up, holding his head as our tongues collided. I could feel his big hands molesting my breasts, fingers pinching the nipples.

“Are you ready to cum Glenn?” I asked as he humped me.

“Oh yes. I’m so ready to cum.” He said kissing my neck and lightly gasping for control.

Untangling myself from him I kneeled down in the tub grabbing handfuls of bubbles and smearing them over my big breasts. I grabbed his legs and pulled him forward. Kneeling up a bit I pressed my body against him and slide his cock between my tits. I pressed them together around his cock and slide up and down. “Fuck my tits baby.” I looked at his face as he moved his hands back to support himself and began thrusting up and down.

“Let me know when you are ready baby.” I said.

He furiously fucked my boobs and I licked at his cockhead as it moved in and out of my cleavage. “I’m ready sweetie.. get ready.”

Right at that moment I moved my right hand down, got it nice and soapy and shoved a finger up his thrusting ass.

With a shout he came. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! JESUS!”

The first shot of cum hit me right under the chin. After that I lost track. I could feel his anal muscles clamping down on my finger as I wiggled it around a bit. By the time he was finished my chest and a bit of my face were covered in his cum. His abdomen had random streaks of it everywhere.

I moved up and held him as his body shuddered and shivered. Leaning forward as I stood up, he wrapped his arms around my naked body and panted into my breasts. “So what do you think, better than jerking off?” I said holding his head and shoulders in my arms.

I could feel his laughter before I heard it and I laughed with him.

After we calmed down, he said. “Yes, that was so much better than jerking off could ever be.”

Reaching around behind him I grabbed one of the fluffy oversized towels and wrapped it around his shoulder. Without speaking we both moved to get out of the tub. I flipped the diverter to empty the water as he pressed the button to turn off the forgotten water jets. We stepped out and quietly dried each other off.

Wrapping a dry towel around both of us Glenn took me in his arms and lead my tired body to the bed. I stood next to it as he tucked the towel around me and naked, pulled down the sheets and rumpled comforter. Removing the towel from around me he helped me under the soft sheets. I slide over and held the sheets up as he moved under them with me.

“Tired baby?” he asked, knowing the answer was yes.

“Uh huh.” I looked at his beautiful sleepy face, kissing his lips softly. “I should warn you that I snore.” I said smiling at him.

He grinned and kissing me back said, “Don’t worry. I sleep like the dead. I’m sure I wont even hear it. Turn over sweetie.”

I rolled over onto my side facing away from him as he spooned up against me. I could feel everything from his nipples that were hard from the cool air in the room, to the inviting feel of his soft cock pressing into the junction where my legs, ass and pussy meet, to the soft manly hair on this thighs rubbing against the back of mine. At any other moment I would have been more than turned on but, at this moment.. I was somehow comforted as he wrapped his big arms around me and wove his fingers in mine.

And then we slept.

Note to readers: Let me know if you want me to continue the story or stop it here. I am more than happy to continue it but I would love some ideas regarding where this will go. I was thinking possibly that they might go out to dinner and have a bit of fun at the restaurant.. or possibly explore his back yard. Any Ideas or comments would be great.

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