A Naked Hike

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August. Your mom and her boyfriend joined us on a little camping trip that we conveniently booked in the Eastern Townships, in Weedon to be exact. We even expected your best friend Evelyn to join us later in the evening with a rental car after she was done handling some work matters. It was going to be a great family getaway. Weedon was a peaceful little town, deep in the country with a gorgeous scenery known to that region. The sun had been striking from a cloudless sky for a few weeks now, but we weren’t to complain at all. The kids could get a good balance of play time and rest time while your mom was there. Everything was under control, everyone was happy, even Jack, whom you were still breastfeeding, healthy and growing like wildfire. So we decided to book ourselves a little escapade while your mom and Curtis watched the kids. That early morning, you managed to pump a few ounces of your breastmilk for your mom to use in case the baby needed it. It was hard to tell how long that “hike” was going to take, but you didn’t take the risk. Plus I was secretly hoping that the two of us could get down and busy and not feel so rushed to come back.

We were to go out of town a little and take a hike up a hill that distinctively popped in the horizon. It seemed to be the highest in the area, and still looked fairly close to the campgrounds. It didn’t seem like any particular mountain, park or official trail, and I was positive the land even belonged to some farmer around. Yet, that single possibility made the idea of trespassing kind of thrilling to me, but I kept the idea to myself, in case it would make you back off.

We packed some supplies and water in my backpack and we were off. I got behind the wheel and we waved the kids goodbye, which barely noticed us as they were throwing water balloons with Curtis. They won’t miss us, we thought. Oddly, you seemed a little jollier than usual. I mean, I love you, you’re pretty, but you seem even prettier and more attractive when you’re finally all mine, when we get some time alone together. You were wearing the kind of apparel you wear in a 35 degree weather: straightforward shorts, running shoes and a blue camisole. The latter was exposing a very good amount of cleavage which I still had difficulty getting used to, since your breasts had expanded so much after Jack’s birth. That nursing bra you had on still packed the whole thing together nicely, I guess enough to be comfy for a hike under a scorching sun. It didn’t take long before we were on the backroads, although still not too sure of how to get to our destination. We were having fun, chatting and giggling like two lovebirds. I was tickling your thigh, and your shoulder, and you were leaning against your seat, looking away from me, allowing me to feast my eyes on your body. You were definitely a little flirty, but I still wanted to play it cool and casual. As we got deeper in the dirt roads, away from civilization, you sat closer and closer to the edge of your seat, suddenly alert, and focused.

‘I think that’s as far as we can go.’ you said. ‘We’re almost at the foot of the hill and this fence seems to go for miles ahead. We’ll just park here.’

‘Well good, because I can’t go any further. This is not much of a road, anymore, I was almost afraid I’d get stuck in the dirt.’

‘Stop fussing, you big baby. This is perfect!’

And you stepped out of the car with a big grin on your face.

‘Listen to this…’ you whispered. ‘Nothing but little birdies chirping.’

‘Yeah.’ I replied. ‘And there’s almost no wind, either. Damn, it’s brutally hot, and it’s only, what, 10 a.m.?’

You didn’t answer. You were rummaging in the backpack for the sunscreen apparently, and that’s when I remembered we didn’t apply any before leaving the tent site.

‘Oh, I know, and I just love it.’ you said as you stood up, finally answering me. ‘And today, you and I are getting a good tan.’

You walked up to me, with that same big grin on your face, and I was starting to think something was up. I could usually read a lot from your eyes, but it was hidden behind those big sunglasses of yours.

‘Um…honey?’ I asked, hesitantly.

As I said so, you grabbed the bottom hem of your top, pulled it swiftly over your head and dropped it on the car. The camisole was pretty tight, especially around your bust, so your big boobs sprung forward a little as they were released from that one layer. But you carried on, and slowly reached behind your back to untie your bra.

‘What?’ you asked, innocently, almost pouting. ‘I’m sorry, you were saying something? You want to put lotion on me? Sure, baby, I’ll let you apply it all over me, actually, every square inch of my skin. But… let me take this off, first.’

Then the bra sprang forward with a twang, slipped off your arms and dropped to the ground almost instantly, as your big breasts almost seemed to push against it. Now, with the view of your bare tits in full display in nature like this, my cock sure started to stir in my shorts. I licked my lips, anticipating where this was heading. I had the reflex ataşehir escort to turn around and make sure nobody was looking (although it was a view worth sharing), but I almost forgot that we were so deep in the wild.

‘Wow.’ I stammered. ‘This is crazy, you’re crazy. I thought we were here to take a hike, honey.’

‘Good, good, you’re starting to catch on. Well, this is my idea of a hike, you see? Getting some tan, enjoying the nature and walking around naked with my lover. So you better start taking off some clothes, too, mister.’

As I reached for my shirt, I shook my head, smiling, trying to grasp the words that were coming out of your mouth. But a little sun wouldn’t hurt, after all. This was promising, I thought. As I pulled my shirt off, I saw that you had other kinds of plan in mind: you were now pulling down your shorts and panties all at once, purposefully and casual, without even feigning a strip tease. It seemed you were still only getting ready to go on that hike… I was confused. You put your clothes aside and looked at me, through your sunglasses with an expectant smile, fists on your hips, striking a pose, stark naked… except for the shoes and socks.

‘When I say naked, I mean naked.’ you said, pointing your chin at my shorts.

What were first feelings of excitement and naughtiness now lead the way to awkwardness. At that moment, I had the strangest boner. But I was definitely hard, at the light of this conceit. Not too sure how to feel, how to act, I said:

‘Okaaaayyy… let me take this off then.’

You nodded. So I simply complied. I welcomed the idea of giving more room to my raging erection, anyway.

Now with the both of us completely exposed to the sun, I stepped in a little closer to you. My cock pushed against your pubis, but you grabbed that intruder gently and started stroking it.

‘Mmmmmh, my mind is racing right now, baby!’ I said, breathing harshly. ‘I mean, if we’re gonna do what I think we’re gonna do, it might be very hard for me not to jump on you during our little trip. Even though we’re just hiking, I don’t think my cock’s ever gonna come down.’

‘I know.’ you said, just holding the suspense. ‘Just see this as motivation, and, who knows, if you’re a good boy, we can take a break or two on our way to the top. For now, can you just rub me up with that sunscreen, please.’

You handed me the bottle.

‘Sure, just… wow… let me do something first, before your skin tastes like coconut.’

I leaned down and reached for your left breast. Your fingers were still stroking my shaft, titillating. I moved the flesh of your breast around slowly, as I knew they were very sensitive these days. I pushed it up slightly and let it fall back down, just to check the sheer weight and density of it. I was baffled, as always. It must have triggered something in you, as I heard you breathe in through your teeth. You were letting me explore and have a bit of fun, and I knew you were also getting worked up to the idea of that nudist hike. I moved in my face closer and wrapped your nipple with my mouth, softly. I didn’t dare to suck on it, given their sensibility you mention sometimes, so I simply moved my tongue around and flickered the nipple until I felt it stiffen up. I was starting to taste your yummy sweet milk, it was inebriating. You were pushing at the back of my head and your other hand was getting quite busy with my shaft. As much as I would have like to keep going, I let go of your breast after a few minutes and shook my head, trying to regain some composure.

‘All right, baby, do I just do your back for the sunscreen?’

‘No, silly, I want your hands on my whole body.’ you said, masturbating me harder.

‘Mmmmh, you’re gonna get me in trouble. Ok, let’s do it like that, then.’

I turned you around, and you placed your hands on the car and spread your legs. I felt like a cop preparing for a body search. As I moved closer to you, my dick locked itself in your ass crack, as it always does. I turned down the bottle and poured sunscreen over your ass and my cock all at once. You felt it instantly slip against your skin. I started rubbing in the lotion thoroughly as I rocked my hips up and down. My member was slick with the greasy lotion, it was giving no resistance at all when it rubbed against your ass crack. It felt like a rolling thunder, the sensation was incredible: I was going nuts as I felt myself sliding against every inch of you. From that position, I did the rest of your body as I grabbed on to it, including your tits that I obscenely kneaded from behind as you were still grinding my cock with your ass. Your breathing was getting louder and I was drooling, feeling that familiar tingling in my balls from an impending orgasm.

‘Ok, ok, ok, I can’t take this anymore.’ I yelped as I pulled off. ‘We’d better get going or we’re never gonna make it.’

You turned around and smiled mischievously, clearly enjoying torturing me once again. I had just finished putting sunscreen on me, with a bit of your help, when I reached ataşehir escort bayan for our clothes so I can put them in the backpack. That’s when you stopped me.

‘No, no, no.’ you said. ‘We’re leaving the clothes here. The hike is going to be some much more fun with the thought that we can’t put our clothes back on, whatever happens.’

I couldn’t believe it. Your exhibitionist side was truly coming out in full force today. We were going on this hike completely naked and it was bound to be the ultimate sensory experience. The elements against our skins, the tall grass tickling our genitalia, perpetual arousal from the view of my life and sex partner naked. It was a great day. An awesome day!

So with nothing but your shoes, you led on. I followed, carrying the backpack. (I didn’t mind about the tan lines too much.) The first steps I took already felt awkward. It was strange walking with this huge erection between my legs. It would bounce at every step and tug the skin down a little, almost hurting me, but it definitely kept it hard. Ahead of me, you were keeping a good and confident pace: your hips were smoothly going from left to right and that made your ass cheeks roll against each other sensually, which made it even harder for me to stay passive. They were still gleaming from the sunscreen, reflecting the sun upon me. I could see your juicy tits jutting out from every side of your torso, just swaying freely with the rhythm of your pace. We tried to maintain a casual conversation but with difficulty. I could only imagine how much your breasts can be stimulated at that moment, how they bounced as you walked, feeling the breeze caressing your nipples and the sun just roasting them, like two big loaves of bread.

We eventually got to cross a fence and the vegetation drastically changed, though we had no idea what it was, if it was some sort of grain or cereal, if it was part of someone’s crop. The ends looked like little cat-tails, or grains of wheat, and they had tiny soft bristles that just tickled and caressed our skin. I could see them, popping back up from under your legs as you walked over them. They sure looked like they touched you in some sensitive spots: you seemed to want to touch yourself every step you took. It did feel great at the base of the head of my dick, and against my balls. I was still hard. Rock hard. In all honesty, I did reach for my cock occasionally to try and keep it down a little, since the view of your naked body in front of me was constantly arousing me. Despite the wind, the tip of my dick was wet, oozing with pre-cum.

We could see a patch of forest after we crossed that fence. It was rather small and wondered if we should go around it, but we noticed in the fields surrounding us that there must have been a spring going right through it. We thought it would be the perfect spot to take a break in the shade, freshen up and maybe cuddle a little. I told you that was my only reason I would have want to take a break.

So we strolled on, headed for the woods, until you stopped dead in your tracks. Startled, I stopped too and I knew you must have heard something. We were indeed far in the countryside, but there were still risks. And so, we heard a faint, distant rumbling, that sounded like an engine.

‘Shit…’ we said simultaneously.

We broke into a run, hoping it wasn’t some sort of tractor coming our way. And if it was, we hoped we could reach the forest on time to take cover. We were panicking a great deal, all the lust gone from us (sort of), running for our lives the best we could, given that our genitalia was bouncing up and down uncomfortably. We were almost at the edge of a patch of trees, about 100 meters away, out of breath, when we saw it: a big green tractor, turning the corner over to our right. The sound had confirmed our fears, and it became loud, almost deafening, echoing against the hills. The engine was headed in our direction, but did the driver really see us? We finally reached a bush and dove in, almost like two professional baseball players. Feeling like two animals with hounds on our tracks, we kept going, looking for shelter. I was sort of relieved that we managed to hide in time, hoping that the driver didn’t get to see two naked people running on his property. I looked down and I noticed I had some scratches on me from our fall in the branches. Same thing on you: your arms and thighs had some minor scratches that didn’t seem to bleed.

After running what we thought was a safe distance, we crashed behind a big rock, waiting for the tractor to leave. We were still hyperventilating, side by side. We grabbed each other’s hand and exchanged a look. We started laughing hysterically. This sure had turned out to be an unexpected factor in our little trip, not the less exciting. We heard the engine getting closer, and closer, until it turned slower, as if the driver put the tractor on idle. He must be right at the edge of the woods. He must have seen us.

‘Shit!’ we went again.

Even the birds seemed to have fled the noise. All we heard was the rumbling of the tractor and the suspense was unbearable. We tried holding our breaths in. Then we heard a voice.


Startled, you grabbed my hand even tighter, as if you saw your life flash before your eyes, as if you thought we’d get caught, taken downtown to the police station and watch our lives turn to shambles. So much for that camping trip…

You turned your head and whispered:

‘Kiss me.’

I smiled back and said:

‘I love you too, honey.’

You seemed confident that this would turn out all right, and that, in turn, reassured me enough. We exchanged a deep and passionate kiss. I felt your hot tongue dance with mine, I tasted your lips, salty with sweat. The heat was still engulfing me, even in the shade of the trees and breathing was still hard. My wild lust made my senses come alive again, engorging my penis. You felt it push against your thigh and grabbed it almost instantly. Happy that it was still there, that it would bring you comfort again, you clenched it tight, the same way you gripped my hand. You stroked it gently, passionately, as you expected me to be extremely aroused at the moment, on the verge of shooting my load. You were biting my lips during your kiss, and started moaning softly.

We heard the voice again.

‘Is anyone there?’

It sounded like an older man. Silently, we hoped that he was old enough to not bother going through the trouble of finding us, willing to bet that two naked people can’t possibly cause harm to his crops. I was kneading your right breast and your nipple, covered in goosebumps, was trapped between my fingers. My other hand was holding your neck, and my face was still sunken in yours, giving you the frenchest of french kisses ever made, heavy with passion. Your fingers ran around the tip of my cock like you pressed some sort of fruit, with its juices sticking to your hand. I tried pulling off, trying to last longer, although lasting longer was quite unwise, when there’s a stranger calling for us within 20 feet from here. Plus, you were holding my hips, keeping them close to you, as if it meant that it was okay to let go, which I was about to. I whispered in your ear:

‘I’m gonna cum, baby. I want to, but there’s an old geezer over there that I’m afraid might hear me explode.’

‘It’s okay baby. Here, bite into this.’

You grabbed a branch off the ground and shoved it in my teeth. Surprised, I stood up a little, laughing at your spontaneity, but there was no stopping the rush of semen that was about to come out of me. With no way out of this, you stroked my shaft faster and pulled your arms together along your sides, making your breasts swell up even higher.

‘Cum on my big tits.’

So I did. Your hand like a blur, I saw shots and shots come out of my shaft and landed in big globs of white glue on your skin. I splattered your tits, your neck and stomach. You were trying to distribute it evenly as you watched my member erupt, fascinated. I couldn’t breathe anymore, couldn’t scream, and I held on to that branch in my mouth which I felt was about to crack. The shock was so intense, I was about to crash down on you, but I was not even done cumming. Big drops were still coming out as you squeezed the pleasure out of me.

We hadn’t heard the man calling for a while, and eventually, the engine shifted gear and the sound went away. I spat out the branch and laughed out loud:

‘Fuck, that was fun!’

‘Tell me about it.’ you said, looking down your body. ‘Look at the mess you’ve made. You sure had a whole lot in you today.’

Then you started rubbing my load into your skin, going around every angle, through every crevice, massaging your bosom. There was so much of it, you even spread it all the way down your tummy and around your pussy. I noticed that every time you came across your nipples, your milk started to run down your boobs, all the way to the ground.

‘I know.’ you said, looking down. ‘This is getting raunchy. I’m all sticky with milk and cum, dirty, scratched and sweaty, but I’m loving this! I never felt so free, I just love what the atmosphere does to my body. It’s the best sensation ever.’

‘I don’t know where you got the idea, but I’m glad we’re on the same wave length. Though you almost got us in trouble, today, young lady.’

‘Oh yeah. Well, it was worth it. It made it that much more exciting to jerk you off… But now, that was just our little break. I hope that we do find that spring, so I can… wash up a bit, you know?’

As you went to stand up, you got on all four and stuck your ass up in the air.

‘So tell me this: are you coming?’

‘Well, maybe not yet, but if you keep showing me your heine like that, I can promise that you will hear from me again.’

Instinctively, I crept toward you, as if your ass was calling me, and I decided to check the state of your pussy. I started massaging your cheeks and my fingers brushed past your lips, which were soaking wet. You felt it instantly and rocked your hips against my hand, in hopes that my pinky would slip inside you a little bit. That familiar warm and velvety texture made my sex manifest itself again with a solid erection. But I figured you’d want me to wait so we can get to our destination. I tapped on your bum and said, standing up:

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