An oral reprimand

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An oral reprimand

A female boss proposes an alternative punishment

As the Blackhawk helicopter touched down at Camp Victory in Baghdad, I could feel the knot in my stomach begin to tighten. Unlike my last visit to Baghdad, for a day of R simply telling him I was drinking alone and had thrown the bottle over the perimeter wall.

Because I did not belong to his battalion, he promptly called my battalion headquarters in Baghdad and informed them of the situation. I had violated General Order number one which, among other things, prohibited U.S. soldiers from consuming alcohol in Iraq. Now, I would have to face the consequences of my actions which would likely be punishment through an article 15 with reduction in rank and forfeiture of pay for a couple of weeks. By the next morning, I was on a helicopter flight to Baghdad to face my punishment.

After getting off the helicopter, I took a shuttle bus to the Al Faw palace, where our battalion headquarters was located. Al Faw had formerly been Saddam Hussein’s main palace in Baghdad. As I walked inside the palace, I was impressed by the extensive use of marble on both the floor and stairs. I slowly walked up the large staircase as I made my way to battalion headquarters on the third floor. As I walked down the hall, I looked at the names of other unit headquarters located at the palace. Finally, I arrived at my battalion headquarters office. I pulled open the heavy wooden door.

As I walked into the office, I saw empty desks with various name placards on them. I immediately recognized the names of the battalion Sergeant Major, Executive Officer and other key headquarters’ staff. However, at the moment, the only person in the office was the battalion administrative sergeant. She looked up as I entered the office but didn’t say anything. I stood in the position of at ease and told her I was there to see the Colonel. She then picked up the phone and informed the Colonel that I had just arrived. After she hung up the phone, she told me to have a seat until the Colonel was ready to see me.

As I sat there, I looked around the office. I had to admit they had life pretty good here in Baghdad. Truthfully, I resented the Battalion Commander and the headquarters staff. They had almost every amenity available and were mostly immune to the dangers of the war. As I sat there enjoying the nice air conditioning, my anger soon gave way to fatigue and I found myself dozing off in my chair. After a short while, the administrative sergeant woke me up and told me the Colonel was ready to see me. I slowly got up, composed myself and walked towards the Colonel’s office. The door was closed, so I slowly I pulled it open and entered the office.

My battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Blackburn, was seated behind a large wooden desk looking at her computer screen and typing on her keyboard. I walked over to the front of her desk, stood at attention, saluted and reported to her. She returned my salute and I stood at ease.

Prior to today I had had not had any direct interaction with my her. I had not even spoken to her; having only seen her in passing during my pre-deployment training months earlier. I had been cross leveled to this battalion and she had taken very little interest in getting to know myself or the escort ankara dozen or so other soldiers who had been transferred into her battalion.

Despite not knowing anything about her, my first impression of Lieutenant Colonel Blackburn was that she gave off a comforting motherly aura. Although she was somewhat attractive, I would not consider her a MILF. She was in her mid- to late 40s, had fair white skin, dirty blond hair, which she wore in a loose bun, and blue eyes. I estimated she was about 5’8 and weighed about 150 pounds. The first time I saw her, during the pre-deployment training, I thought she looked slightly overweight. Perhaps that was due to her very distinctive childbearing hips, which I concluded from some of the pictures that adorned her office walls, had in fact bore her three college age children. There were also pictures of her and her husband taken on various trips. Further accentuating her motherly aura, she wore thick black rimmed glasses. As I stood there sizing her up, it hit me that she reminded me of the actress Connie Britton, from the movie Friday Night Lights which I’d seen with my girlfriend right before I deployed.

After about a minute, Lieutenant Colonel Blackburn turned away from her computer, took off her glasses and faced me. I could tell she was sizing me up. She then opened a file folder on her desk, briefly looked at the papers inside, before returning her attention to me.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Private,” she said in a distinctive southern accent.

I nodded.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“I’m 21, ma’am,” I replied.

“You know I could almost be your mother?” she said condescendingly.

I nodded.

“What do you think I would do to my own children if they disobeyed me?”

“I’m sure you would punish them, ma’am,” I replied.

“I would want them to learn their lesson, so they didn’t do it again,” she said.

I nodded. I was a bit caught off guard by her condescending attitude as she continued berating me. It only made me resent her even more.

“Sergeant Major Baker, who caught you throwing up, said you refused to tell him where you got the alcohol or who you were drinking with.”

I nodded.

“I cannot condone this blatant violation of general order one,” she said.

I nodded.

“This leaves me few options,” she said.

I nodded.

“How do you think it makes me look when another battalion commander calls me and tells me one of my soldiers is violating a general order?” she said.

“Not good ma’am,” I sheepishly replied.

“In accordance with the commanding General’s directives, I should punish you with an article 15, reduce you in rank and dock your pay for two weeks.”

“I understand ma’am,” I replied.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself as I consider your punishment, Private?” she said.

I thought for a few seconds.

“Ma’am, all I can say is that it’s been a rough deployment, I was trying to blow off some steam, I made a mistake and I promise this won’t happen again.” I said.

She looked at me with a stern expression and thought for a few moments.

“Have you ever been with a woman, Private?” she asked.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” I replied.

“Are you a virgin, Private?” she asked.

I was suddenly a bit caught off guard mamak escort and flustered.

“No ma’am. I have a girlfriend,” I replied.

“Good,” she said with a grin.

She continued looking at me, sizing me up.

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do Private. I’m going to give you a choice,” she said.

I nodded.

“I can give you an article 15, demote you one rank and dock your pay for two weeks, which would further delay your promotion to Specialist… or you can do something for me? She said.

I thought about it for a moment.

“Ma’am what do you mean by do something for you?” I asked.

She slowly stood up and walked around to the front of her desk until she stood directly in front of me. We were roughly the same height. I could smell the faint scent of what I assumed was her perfume.

She then leaned in a spoke in a low voice.

“I have some needs that have not been met in a long time,” she said.

“I’m confused ma’am,” I said.

“Do I have to spell it out for you, Private?” she said with a sigh.

“Ma’am?” I replied, still confused.

“Private, if you give me oral sex, I will make this whole mess go away,” she said.

I let her words sink in.

“Ma’am, with all due respect…” I said before she cut me off.

“Private, do you realize I’m offering you a way out of your predicament without any consequences?”

“Yes ma’am, but…” I replied before she cut me off again.

“I could have you busted down to E-1 if I wanted to.” She said.

“Yes ma’am, but this is…” I said before she cut me off yet again.

“That’s my offer. Take it or leave it.” She said.

I thought for a moment. I was so close to being promoted to Specialist and had even told my parents I expected to be promoted soon. I certainly didn’t want an article 15 on my record either. On the other hand, her proposition was totally out of line. This was a miserable situation. As I contemplated my options, I briefly closed my eyes. I couldn’t bear to return home from the deployment having been demoted one rank and with an article 15 on my record. I would always be ashamed of that.

Fuck it, how bad can it be? I thought to myself.

I opened my eyes and looked at Lieutenant Colonel Blackburn.

“Ok, ma’am you win,” I said.

She grinned at me.

She then slowly unbuckled her belt and let her pants drop down to her ankles. As she did, I noticed the sizeable diamond on her wedding ring. After that, she unbuttoned her uniform top and took it off. Once her uniform top was off, I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra because the nipples of her b cup breasts were poking through her t-shirt. I also noticed she was wearing a set of black lace panties. As she lowered her panties, I immediately noticed a surprisingly large amount of pubic hair. Gross, I thought to myself. I assumed she made no effort to groom since she had deployed. I also noticed her pubic hair was darker than her hair color which made me think she died her hair blond. Once she was sufficiently undressed, she leaned back against her desk and spread her legs, placing her hands on the edge of the desk. I looked down at her hairy mound. I had accepted my fate but was still reluctant to comply with her commands. Under any other circumstance, the site of a somewhat attractive yenimahalle escort nude women, standing right in front of me would have made me very aroused! However, right now, I couldn’t have managed an erection if my life depended on it. I was too angry. She could sense my hesitation.

“It’s not going to lick itself, Private,” she said.

I slowly knelt on one knee in front of her. The last woman I had gone down on was my twenty-year-old college girlfriend. I remembered the moment vividly. We were both very aroused and excited. Now it was different.

I gently placed my thumb on her mound. My face was about six inches away from her sex and I immediately noticed differences between her and my girlfriend. Aside from the large amount of pubic hair, her vaginal lips were much bigger and the skin sagged, likely a result of giving birth to three children. My girlfriend was clean shaven and tight. She was also twenty years younger than the Colonel.

As I gently inserted a finger inside of her, I noticed she was not wet. I realized then that this was going to be a chore. I moved my face forward while parting her hairy vaginal lips with my fingers, I then gently began to lick the inside of her folds, while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She started to moan quietly and began to gently rock her hips back and forth. After a few minutes her juices began to flow but they had a bit of an acidic taste; unlike the sweet nectar of my college girlfriend. Every now and then I had to stop licking her to remove a strand of her hair from my mouth. I tried not think about it or I knew I’d puke.

After a little while, I removed my thumb and began licking her clit. At the same time, she caressed her own breasts with her hands, squeezing her erect nipples. She continued rocking her hips back and forth as I continued licking her. I couldn’t see her face, but imagined her eyes were closed as she fantasized about being back home with her husband. The more she got into it, the more she moaned and her breathing gradually picked up. With my other hand, I caressed and squeezed her firm butt. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. I briefly debated sticking my finger in her butt and imagined the surprised and upset reaction she might have. I just wanted this to end so I decided not to do it. Before long, she was on the verge of erupting. With both of her hands, she pulled my face into her hairy mound and arched her back. As she came, she continued to hold my head as I continued licking her. Once she was done, she slowly released her grip. We were both out of breath.

I slowly stood up and wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my uniform shirt. I desperately wanted to get the taste of her out of my mouth.

As I stood there, I could tell she was still flustered. Sweat glistened off her body and she wiped her hair out of her face. Neither of us spoke. I assumed that was the first orgasm she had had in a long time.

She slowly bent down and pulled up her panties. She then pulled up her pants, buckled her belt and put on her uniform top. After that, she walked back around her desk and sat in her chair as she composed herself and drank from a bottle of water on her desk.

All the while, I stood at ease with my hands folded behind my back. Finally, she looked up at me.

“Ok, you’re dismissed Private.” She said.

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied.

As I turned to walk out, she called after me.

“Oh, and Private, I don’t mind telling you that your girlfriend is a lucky woman.” She said before turning towards her computer screen.

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