An Evenig Drive

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It just past dusk, as we are rolling down a country road in South Central Indiana, the radio playing softly, and talking about different things, happy and content. I reach out and pat your inner thigh, and we both feel the electricity start to build. You catch my hand, bringing it to your mouth, and I feel your sweet lips across the back. You reach over and rub my neck, and I lean toward you. Our lips meet, grazing at first, then start to deepen. I spy a turnout, and pull in and stop, setting the brake, and slide over into your seat. I take you into my arms and my lips begin to devour you. Deep long kisses, arms enfolding each other, I feel your breasts mold against my chest, the nipples hardening like they had a mind of their own. I nibble on your neck, my hands fisting your hair, my tongue ravishing your mouth. Your hands on my back, holding me tight, our breath rasping, panting. We break apart, and looking into your eyes, see the passion, desire, need, as you see it in mine.

“Oh shit Gail, I need you.”, I hoarsely whisper. “Now.”

“God, Steve, so do I, but where, honey.” You return, “find somewhere.”

I look around at the deserted country side, and take your hand, lead you pull you between the seats of the Bronco.

“Oh baby I couldn’t, not here…what esenyurt escort if someone came.” You whisper, excited none the less.

I sit you on the back seat, and lay on you, our lips locking together, our tongues in sweet combat. I nibble at the base of your throat, and feel your body start to quiver. As you feel my hardness riding over your clothed mound. I move my hands under your shirt, and you feel me at the fastening of your bra, as you lean forward to assist me, and your breasts fall free, into my trembling fingers. My other hand trails lower, unbuttoning your shorts, and then plunging into your panties. We are past finesse, deep into need. You arch your fanny, pushing your mound over my exploring fingers, and I find your bud, hot and wet. I slid a finger into you, as my thumb makes tight circles over the tip of your clit. Your breath is gasping, your hips rocking, arching to my hands, and I slid your panties down over your knees, and pull you forward on the seat, launching my face toward your quivering cookie. My tongue finds the tips of your bud, and I suck you into my mouth., my finger buried deep in your pussy. Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man” starts playing, as you explode into my face. Crying out, your sobbing release gebze escort echoes in the Bronco, as your hips thrust your mound over my face. You hands pushing my head deep into your throbbing pulsating pussy. Finally you slump back, totally spent, and take your hands and gently lift my head and pull me to you. I reach and pull your panties and shorts up and you lift your ass and pull them on. You put your arms around me, and thrust your tongue into my mouth, running your hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples, while you taste your juices on my mouth…”and now it’s your turn”, as you caress my swollen hard penis outside my pants.

You reach down and start to unzip my pants, and feel the hardness and heat of me filling your hand. Our mouths crushed together, , I feel you running your hand over the raging purple head, your finger gently caressing the hole. You hear me moan into your mouth, and thrust my cock against your hand. You leave my cock, and lower it to my bursting balls. And slide your mouth down my body, listening to the sharp intake of my breath, as your tongue just grazes the tip of the head. I look down and see your beautiful lips form an “O” and slide over the top. I feel your tongue exploring the tip, tasting the precum, kartal escort as your hand slides around the shaft. Covering my red forest. I watch throw passion clouded eyes as you take more of me, and you feel my cock strike the back of your throat, and the fiery hardness against your tongue, as it strokes the shaft. I feel your mouth sucking and see your head moving, my cock sliding deep and shallow. You take your mouth off, and lick it like and ice cream cone, and then bury me inside your hot sucking mouth, your hand pumping me. I cannot control my hips, thrusting into you, and you hear me moan, my cock filling. I feel you sucking, moving up and down, stroking.

You hear me gasp, feeling me swelling, and take my head to the back of your throat, and suck hard. I thrust blindly, all control gone, given to you, and you know I am there. You feel the head swell and then…I cry out my release, and you feel my burning cum explode from my balls into the back of your throat. Molten jet after Molten jet, filling your mouth and I feel you swallow, your mouth sucking all my juices, as your hand kneads the rest from my pulsating balls, until Jake has nothing left to give, and I slide from your lips. I see you give the head a soft kiss, and I pull you up and hold you, kissing the top of your head, and trying to breath. You gently take my sticky cock and pull up my shorts, snapping them in place and we smile, contented and at peace, listening to the sounds of the night, and the Radio softly playing. I lift your head and kiss you, and let you know how wonderful and special I know you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32