An Amazing Discovery Ch. 14

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Even if I do say so myself I managed OK for a first timer, little Phoebe had a smile on her face again so she was happy. Although the bathroom looked like a bomb had hit it, there was talc and wipes and all kinds of stuff everywhere. Clare laughed like mad when she saw me, there was nearly more talc over me.

I put phoebe to bed and joined the others; Lisa was still fast asleep, obviously tired out after the last couple of days.

I lifted her from the couch and carried her to her room, Stacy and Clare proceeded to strip her and put her to bed.

Clare suggested that we have Phoebe in our room to give Lisa a rest; I agreed and carried out the cot.

The next morning I was woken up by little Phoebe; she wanted some breakfast, but neither Clare nor I could supply what she needed so I headed out to Lisa’s room.

“Lisa, Lisa wake up darling.” I whispered, Lisa responded in a very slow morning stretch which resulted in the sheet covering her dropping off her chest, revealing her gorgeous breast’s to me for the second time in two days.

“Morning Dave, It would appear that I’m flashing you again!” She said with a grin.

“Lisa, I’m sorry to wake you up, you looked so peaceful sleeping there, but little Phoebe has other idea’s she needs a feed.” I said.

Lisa proceeded to climb out of bed, to my surprise she was totally naked and did not seem the slightest bit bothered that I was there. In fact she walked straight out of her room to mine and Clare’s room and proceeded to feed little Phoebe without another word.

For the first time, we all sat around the table eating breakfast. I had to admit Clare had done a wonderful job furnishing the penthouse, even if she did spend a little more than I had originally planned.

“Dave, are you sure that it’s ok for me and Lisa to stay here?” Stacy asked.

“Of course it is Stacy; I would not have told you that you could stay if we didn’t mean it.” I replied.

“But we can’t really afford to pay much rent, what with little Phoebe and everything.” Lisa chimed in, thankfully now wearing some clothes.

“Oh yeah, the rent I forgot to mention the rent. I was thinking that obviously this is the Penthouse and it is very well appointed. The property alone cost $750,000. I was thinking of asking around $1 a year.” I said with a large grin.

“Fuck Me! A $1! Are you kidding me?” Lisa asked, rather stunned.

“You won’t need to ask him twice, so be careful.” Claire said laughing.

“No Lisa, I’m not kidding. I know that sounds stupidly low, but there are other costs that you will need to cover yourselves. Electric, Gas and also the building maintenance fee. I know you two, sorry three will love it here and I’m sure you will look after the place.” I said.

Stacy and Lisa both hugged me. That was the first part of the trip taken care of, just need to see the realtor and sort out the sale of our old house. I rang Frank Keel and arranged an appointment for later in the day.

Clare and Stacy decided we needed more food and some other bits and pieces and went to the local store to stock up. Just then the internal phone rang; it was the building security officer. “Mr. Phillips, this is Jake from security.”

“Hi, what can I do for you?” I answered. Jake continued “Just to let you know, some joker has parked a beet up Toyota in one of your allocated spaces, the recovery company will be hear soon to tow it. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too much.”

I had to laugh, it was Stacy’s car. “Jake, no that’s fine, it belongs to a friend of mine, the dealers will come and take it away. It’s only a temporary car.” I replied.

“Oh sure, that’s fine Mr. Phillips. I’ll drop off a couple of parking permits for you.” Jake said.

I had not really thought about it before, but there was going to have to be a few changes to allow Lisa and Stacy to fit in to the building. And the rather old Toyota Stacy drove was going to be first. I was due to see Frank Keel in about three hours. I rang an old friend of my dad’s and asked if I could meet up with him.

“Hell boy, of course you can. It’s been too long since you came and visited uncle red.” Red said. Red Baker was one of my Fathers oldest friends and as such had become Uncle Red. Red just happened to own the local Toyota dealership.

When I arrived at the dealership Red came bounding out to meet me, grabbed my hand and continued to shake it like he was trying to kill a rattle snake.

“Dave, god damn your looking well son, but I should kick your ass for not visiting before now.” Red said laughing.

“I’m sorry Red, but what with the accident and everything I’m only just getting back on my feet.” I replied.

“Sure I know, what can I do for you today?” Red said getting straight to the point as usual.

“I need to buy a new Toyota, for a friend of mine, but I’ll need you to take care of everything on the car, all the maintenance and even down to detailing it now and again. All costs will be met Gümüşhane Escort by me.” I said.

“Ok, no problem Dave, what you looking for? Anything in particular?” Red asked.

“Yeah, a family sized car maybe a corolla? It doesn’t need to be anything grand. But I need it delivered this afternoon.” I replied.

“OK let’s take a look see, yeah this should fit the bill, come take a look.” I followed Red out of his office to the lot out back; he pointed me towards a lovely baby blue model.

“That will do nicely, can you deliver it about 3pm? I need you to scrap her old Junker as well if that’s ok.”

“Sure Dave, no problem at all. But you better not leave it so long before you visit me again.” Red said.

I was really happy that Red was able to help me out — there is now way that Stacy would have been able to afford a new car, especially on the money that she earned. I arrived at Frank Keel’s office a couple of minutes late, but he was running a little late anyway.

“Dave, Good to see you. What can I do for you?” Frank asked as I sat at his desk,

“Frank, I need a few things taken care of. First Mom wants to sell the old family house; we have decided to move out West.” I answered,

“Well isn’t the world a funny place?” Frank continued “I had a call from some people the other day that just missed out on a property around the corner from your house, asking if there was anything in the pipeline. They need to move in a hurry to start new jobs.”

“Well give them a call Frank; we need to sell the place pronto.” I said.

“On top of that, I need you to contact Copper Reese, I need to get myself some work and I would like to start up my own garage out west. I need some land to build or an existing garage.”

Frank replied” Sure Dave, I guess you need to look to your future. I’ll get onto them as soon as I can. I’ll give you a call in a couple of days.”

I said goodbye to Frank and made my way back to the Penthouse. When I got back the place was empty — all quiet. Lisa had left a note saying that she had gone to visit some friends with Phoebe.

Stacy and Clare had not returned either so I took the chance to take a nice long soak in the huge Jacuzzi bath. I had the music blaring and some bear on the side, sheer bliss. I must have drifted off to sleep, but I was certainly woken up in a very nice way.

Clare and Stacy had returned from their shopping spree, hearing the music they realized that I was in the Jacuzzi, they decided to join me. They stripped off and slid into the water Clare then proceeded to rub my limp cock between fingers and thumb until it began to rise to attention. Stacy started kissing me, all over my body. As I became fully aroused and awake Stacy kissed me fully on the lips, her tongue darting from her mouth to gain entry, we kissed for what seemed an eternity.

As we kissed I fondled Stacy’s breasts, tweaking her nipples as they grew.

“Hi lover” Clare purred as she too kissed me.

“Did you miss us?” Stacy asked

“Yes, I did and what a wonderful way to be woken up.” I continued “I take you’ve been proper shopping not just food shopping?”

“Oh yeah, you better believe it baby. We got a surprise for you too.” Clare continued “I’ll be right back.” With that she jumped out of the Jacuzzi, and ran out of the room her gorgeous arse shining in the light.

She came back seconds later with one hand behind her back. “I bet you can’t guess what it is.” Clare said.

“Oh let me see, a bath sponge?”


“Ok, bath salts?”


“Oh I got it, a rubber ducky.”

Clare laughed “Close, it is rubber.”

“OK Enough, I give in what it is Clare.” I asked.

With that Clare brought her arm around to reveal a double ended dildo, it was huge! At least eighteen inches end to end.

“What do you think you’re going to do with that?” I asked.

“That’s rather simple baby, I’m going to fuck Stacy with it whilst you fuck me. I want to see what it feels like to be double fucked, but I don’t want to share you with another man, this is the best way I can think of.” Clare replied.

“Wow” was all I could muster as Clare got back into the Jacuzzi and proceeded to work the dildo up and down Stacy’s pussy. As she did so she manoeuvred herself over my now very hard prick. She rubbed my prick up and down her moist slit, gradually lowering herself onto me.

The sensations of the Jacuzzi jets and Clare’s hot pussy were driving me wild, but then Clare started to work her half of the dildo against my prick and it to slowly slipped in. All three of us were fucking each other. Stacy was between Clare and I facing me, her tits were in my face, and she was rubbing them against me as she bucked against the dildo.

With the Jacuzzi, Clare and Stacy I was not going to last long, but the way Clare was responding to my finger probing her arse I didn’t think she would last long either.

Just as my orgasm hit the bathroom door opened and in walked Lisa, I couldn’t stop and shot jet after jet of red hot jism into Clare’s pussy. Clare Gümüşhane Escort Bayan was not far behind me and her body stiffened as her orgasm hit her. Stacy came last, but seemingly the hardest as she passed out, her body dropping across me as she did so.

Lisa had a look of total shock on her face; she blushed as she turned around and left.

“Hmm, that was great” Clare said as she eased herself off my still hard cock.

“Down boy! Jees, there’s no satisfying you is there.” Clare said laughing. Stacy was in a world of her own, still coming down from the high she had just experienced, although she looked kind of funny with the dildo still stuck up her twat.

“It’s not my fault; you two drive me wild, what am I supposed to do with this?” I said.

Stacy soon decided what was too be done.

She lifted herself and started playing with the dildo, as she did so she maneuvered herself so that my prick was pushing against her arse. She kissed me again, and as she did she gradually lowered herself.

I was amazed that I was able to enter her without any lube, as I slipped deeper into Stacy’s arse she started working the dildo harder and harder. I could feel another orgasm approaching, Stacy must have been able to sense this as she slowed down her movement to a more relaxed pace. As soon as I felt her orgasm strike I could hold back no longer and shot a load deep into her bowels, this time I started to go limp almost immediately; something I was glad of as the tightness of Stacy’s arse was starting to hurt.

We shared a shower, cleaned ourselves up and went and joined Lisa in the family room. Just in time for the delivery.

My cell rang, it was Red.

“Dave, I got that car for you, can you come down and sign me in at the security lodge?”

“Sure Red, we’ll be right down.”

“Ok you lot, come with me I’ve got a surprise for you.” I said.

All four of us headed downstairs to the security lodge. True to his word, Red had brought the new car.

“Who’s that Dave?” Stacy asked.

“Uncle Red” Clare replied giving me a strange look.

“Hi Red, Thanks for delivering the car it looks brilliant, your guys certainly did a great job of preparing it.” I said.

“Ok who’s gonna take the keys for this little baby?” Red bellowed.

I turned to Stacy and told her that she had better take the keys as the car was hers. Stacy ran to Red and grabbed the keys, gave him a big hug and ran over to the car, closely followed by Lisa and Clare.

I handed the keys to Stacy’s old car to Red. He took one look at it and threw the keys to his driver.

“Straight to the Junkyard with that one.” Red said,

We both joined the girls at the car, Stacy was in shock playing with all the controls while Lisa was running her hands over the bodywork.

Clare came over to me and gave me a huge hug. “Your such a nice guy Dave, I don’t think I deserve you.” Clare said.

“I’ve told you before Clare I love you with all my heart, but I would be lying if I said that I don’t love Stacy as well.” I replied.

Clare grinned and said “What about Lisa? Do you love Lisa as well.”

“Come on Clare, that’s not a fare question. I’ve only just met Lisa and she is a heap younger than we are.” I replied.

“Hmm we’ll see” Claire said,

“We’ll see what?” Lisa said as she came back over to us.

I quickly replied before Clare could get me in any more trouble. “I was just asking whether we will get a chance to drive the car.”

I’m not sure that Lisa was convinced but she said “I don’t see why not, after all you bought it!”

Lisa decided that she wanted to go back upstairs with Phoebe, Clare joined them.

I joined Stacy in the car.

“Dave, I don’t know what to say” Stacy said as I climbed into the passenger seat.

“Well I couldn’t leave that old Junker in the parking lot, The neighbours would have been in uproar.” I answered.

“Come on then Stacy, how about a run around the block?” I asked.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Stacy replied,

Stacy drove us away from the penthouse, and headed onto the main road that runs through the town. At first I thought she was heading for our old house, but then I realised that we were heading out of town.

After about twenty minutes Stacy pulled off the road onto a track, Stacy drove down the track for a short distance and stopped the car.

“OK Mister, get out of MY car.” Stacy shouted.

I was surprised by her sudden outburst, and obviously wasn’t moving quick enough for Stacy.

“Get the fuck out of my car.” She screamed.

I was confused not sure what was going on, but I did as I was told. As soon as I got out of the car Stacy drove off up the track at speed.

I stood there in the middle of the track, choking on the dust that Stacy had left in her wake. What the fuck is going on I thought to myself. It was at this point that I realised that I was stranded, I had no money, no phone and no credit cards with me.

I decided to hang around for a while, perhaps Stacy will come to her senses Escort Gümüşhane and come back for me. An hour passed and there was still no sign of Stacy coming back.

About 15 minutes later I heard a car coming down the track, thinking it was Stacy coming back I headed for the middle of the track. Sure enough it was Stacy, driving far too fast for the road but somehow she managed to stop before hitting me.

For the second time today I was choking on a dust storm created by Stacy.

As the dust cleared, I was presented by one of the sexiest sites I’ve ever seen. Between dumping me and coming back Stacy had stripped naked. She was stood in front of the car legs stretched and her arms on her hips.

“Did you miss me baby?” Stacy asked with a pout.

“I should be mad with you, but how could I ever be mad with someone as gorgeous as you.”

“I thought you might like to help me christen the back seat of the car.” Stacy said.

I scooped Stacy up in my arms kissing her deeply as I did so, As she stretched across the back seat I kissed down her body from her neck to her navel.

Stacy dragged my head up to hers and we kissed, our tongues duelling with each other. Our passions were building quickly and Stacy soon had other idea’s. She ripped my shirt open and pulled it off my shoulders and grabbed my belt buckle and released it.

I decided to speed things up and pulled my jeans and shorts off, as I did Stacy sank to my groin and proceeded to suck my rapidly stiffening dick into her mouth. Stacy is very skilled at oral and knows precisely how to control my orgasm, she held me off twice before finally allowing me to cum. She swallowed my entire load, or so I thought Stacy climbed back up my body and kissed me, as she did so I soon realised that she had not swallowed all of my cum. To my surprise I soon had a mouthful of my own cum, but without thought I swallowed it as Stacy continued to kiss me.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Stacy said as she broke for air,

“What’s amazing?” I asked

“You swallowed your own cum, I’ve never known a guy who would swallow his own cum.”

“If you’d asked me before hand I would have said no, but it was ok I suppose.” I replied.

I hugged Stacy to me and we kissed again, I could feel Stacy’s nipples pressing against my chest. I was soon hard again, as my prick was rubbing against Stacy’s pussy lips, it didn’t take long for us to join as one. Our love making was very slow and passionate, in fact some of the most loving sex I’d ever had.

Suddenly Stacy said “Your going to fuck her aren’t you?” ” I know you want to stick this hard dick of yours up her young cunt, and fill her up with your seed.” She continued.

Although Stacy had not called Lisa by her name I knew who she was talking about, my prick suddenly seamed to grow in size I had not really thought about Lisa in a sexual way, but my body’s response was all the answer Stacy needed. We both reached orgasm within seconds of each other, I could feel Stacy milking my prick with all her might. We lay there for a while just enjoying the closeness we were sharing. After a few minutes Stacy said that we should get back to the penthouse.

To my surprise she got out of the back of the car and straight into the drivers seat.

“It’s just as well this car has leather seats we can wipe down.” She said.

I joined her in the front of the car, surprised that she had not made any attempt to get dressed.

“Are you sure we should be driving back naked?” I asked Stacy as she drove us down the track back towards the main road.

“Not scared are you?” Was her reply.

Within twenty minutes we were back in the parking lot below the Penthouse. Luckily there was nobody around, so Stacy and I walked the short distance to our lift. Once in the lift Stacy dropped to her knee’s and took my limp cock into her mouth again, just before we reached the Penthouse she stood up and kissed me.

The lift opened on the Penthouse level and hand in hand Stacy and I walked into the apartment, we were met by Clare and Lisa both looking a little shocked to see us both naked and me with a very large hard on.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what you two have been up to.” Clare said with a smirk.

“Well we had to christen the new car.” Stacy said with a grin. “But it would appear that Dave needs a little more relief.” as she said it she grabbed my prick and wanked it a few times just to bring it back to full flight so to speak.

“Well I think you need some help with that lover, and I think I know just the person.” Clare said. As she did so she walked over to Lisa kissed her and took her by the hand and led her over to me. As they stood in front of me Clare took Lisa’s hand and placed it on my prick. As she did so my prick jumped in anticipation.

I sensed Stacy behind me, she lent into me and kissed my neck then whispered “Please be gentle with her.”

Lisa had started to rub my prick and the sensation of this and the fact that my two lovers were watching was driving me crazy. Lisa was wearing a simple dress that buttons up the front, I slowly unbuttoned her dress and it fell to the floor. Lisa’s beauty was on display but my attention was drawn to her breast’s and I proceeded to gently massage both breasts, as I did so her nipples stiffened and to my amazement a small amount of her mothers milk leaked forth.

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